🚀 Backend for Online Courses Builder | SaaS Product


Backend app for Online Course Constructor Platform

Build & Run (Locally)


  • go 1.15
  • docker
  • golangci-lint (optional, used to run code checks)

Create .env file in root directory and add following values:


Use make run to build&run project, make lint to check code with linter.

TODO: Describe project architecture

  • Refactor/path


    Ребят, привет! Предлагаю часто повторяющиеся пути вынести в константу, обычно статические анализаторы реагируют на подобное - как дубликат. Так же предлагаю - отказаться от слеша вначале. Код будет немного почище

    opened by sashamelentyev 6
  • Graceful shutdown

    Graceful shutdown

    Ребят, привет! https://github.com/zhashkevych/courses-backend/blob/93261b2403c8198ec1f123b883481be30e5ff1d6/internal/app/app.go#L120 - здесь прилетает ошибка http.ErrServerClosed - и это нормально - потому что сервер реально закрывается - может добавить еще проверку?

    opened by sashamelentyev 4
  • Domain model Question

    Domain model Question



    Пытаюсь реализовать похожую структуру у себя в проекте

    Скажи плиз в этом есть какой то сакральный смысл чтобы хранить пользователей разных типов по разным моделям? Использование ролей как то ломает бизнес логику или усложняет реализацию?

    opened by boskiv 2
  • Student Lessons

    Student Lessons

    • GET /students/lessons/{id} returns lesson by id and sets lastOpened to the lessonId
    • POST /students/lessons/{id}/finished sets lessons as finished
    • Added new collection studentLessons
    • Added tests for the new endpoints
    • Added new method GetByLesson for ModuleService
    • Added new methods GetLesson and SetLessonFinished for StudentService
    • Added new private helper method isLessonAvailable for StudentService
    • Regenerated swagger
    opened by alyakimenko 1
  • Tests


    • Refactored services -> handlers injection
    • Added make targets to initialize testing DB container w/ initial data & run integrational tests
    • Added integration testing framework totests/
    • Covered student sign up logic w/ test
    opened by zhashkevych 1
  • Can not launch it localy

    Can not launch it localy

    Hello @zhashkevych I've tried to launch your project locally but did not succeed . Have this error : level=error msg="Endpoint: does not follow ip address or domain name standards." Do you what can cause this problem?

    Thanks in advance :)

    opened by ainkhm 0


    Add CONTRIBUTING.md to explicitly state contibution guidelines for this project: what can other people suggest, work on, how can we participate in the development

    opened by SealOfTime 0
Maksim Zhashkevych
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Maksim Zhashkevych
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