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Id Name Description Star Counts Topics/Tags Last Updated
1 coreutils Cross-platform Rust rewrite of the GNU coreutils 9001 rust, coreutils, gnu-coreutils, busybox, cross-platform, command-line-tool 29-9-2021
2 schedule Python job scheduling for humans. 9023 26-6-2021
3 howdoi instant coding answers via the command line 9115 25-9-2021
4 awesome-algorithms A curated list of awesome places to learn and/or practice algorithms. 10079 7-7-2021
5 terminals-are-sexy ๐Ÿ’ฅ A curated list of Terminal frameworks, plugins & resources for CLI lovers. 10114 terminal, curated-list, awesome-lists, cli-lovers 13-12-2020
6 awesome-flask A curated list of awesome Flask resources and plugins 10161 flask, flask-resources, awesome 17-9-2019
7 awesome-microservices A curated list of Microservice Architecture related principles and technologies. 10423 awesome, microservices, microservices-architecture, cloud-native, cloud-computing 20-8-2021
8 awesome-readme A curated list of awesome READMEs 10464 awesome-list, awesome, list, readme 28-9-2021
9 gods GoDS (Go Data Structures). Containers (Sets, Lists, Stacks, Maps, Trees), Sets (HashSet, TreeSet, LinkedHashSet), Lists (ArrayList, SinglyLinkedList, DoublyLinkedList), Stacks (LinkedListStack, ArrayStack), Maps (HashMap, TreeMap, HashBidiMap, TreeBidiMap, LinkedHashMap), Trees (RedBlackTree, AVLTree, BTree, BinaryHeap), Comparators, Iterators, Enumerables, Sort, JSON 10535 go, golang, data-structure, map, tree, set, list, stack, iterator, enumerable, sort, avl-tree, red-black-tree, b-tree, binary-heap 18-11-2020
10 chaosmonkey Chaos Monkey is a resiliency tool that helps applications tolerate random instance failures. 11238 30-10-2020
11 dockerfiles Various Dockerfiles I use on the desktop and on servers. 11264 dockerfiles, bash, docker, dockerfile, linux, shell, containers 27-3-2021
12 mypy Optional static typing for Python 3 and 2 (PEP 484) 11404 python, types, typing, typechecker, linter 30-9-2021
13 click Python composable command line interface toolkit 11428 python, cli, click, pallets 26-9-2021
14 salt Software to automate the management and configuration of any infrastructure or application at scale. Get access to the Salt software package repository here: 11953 python, configuration-management, remote-execution, infrastructure-management, zeromq, event-stream, event-management, cloud-providers, cloud-management, cloud-provisioning, infrasructure, infrastructure-automation, infrastructure-as-code, infrastructure-as-a-code, iot, edge, cloud 27-9-2021
15 awesome-sysadmin MOVED/ARCHIVED A curated list of amazingly awesome open source sysadmin resources. 12154 awesome, awesome-list, sysadmin, list 15-11-2020
16 awesome-macOS ๏ฃฟ A curated list of awesome applications, softwares, tools and shiny things for macOS. 12308 macos, mac, awesome-list, apple, awesome-lists, awesome, list 10-9-2021
17 nginx-admins-handbook How to improve NGINX performance, security, and other important things. 12370 nginx, nginx-proxy, nginx-configuration, security, performance, http, https, ssllabs, notes, cheatsheet, reference, handbook, best-practices, hacks, snippets, tengine, openresty 18-8-2021
18 wtf The personal information dashboard for your terminal 12780 golang, dashboard, terminal, tui, cui, go, devops, wtf, wtfutil 27-9-2021
19 http-api-design HTTP API design guide extracted from work on the Heroku Platform API 13496 10-9-2021
20 goaccess GoAccess is a real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems or through your browser. 13813 goaccess, c, real-time, data-analysis, analytics, nginx, apache, webserver, web-analytics, monitoring, dashboard, command-line, gdpr, privacy, cli, tui, google-analytics, ncurses, terminal 1-10-2021
21 ultimate-go The Ultimate Go Study Guide 14454 golang, computer-systems, programming, ebook, study-guide 17-9-2021
22 learnopencv Learn OpenCV : C++ and Python Examples 14735 computer-vision, machine-learning, ai, deep-learning, deep-neural-networks, deeplearning, computervision, opencv, opencv-python, opencv-library, opencv3, opencv-cpp, opencv-tutorial 24-9-2021
23 awesome-pentest A collection of awesome penetration testing resources, tools and other shiny things 14839 awesome, awesome-list 27-3-2021
24 Gooey Turn (almost) any Python command line program into a full GUI application with one line 14875 12-6-2021
25 ipython Official repository for IPython itself. Other repos in the IPython organization contain things like the website, documentation builds, etc. 14997 ipython, jupyter, data-science, notebook, python, repl, closember, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
26 pace Automatically add a progress bar to your site. 15336 pace, progress-bar, pace-js, loading-bar, loading-indicator, loading-animation 28-7-2021
27 bokeh Interactive Data Visualization in the browser, from Python 15566 bokeh, python, interactive-plots, javascript, visualization, plotting, plots, data-visualisation, notebooks, jupyter, visualisation, numfocus 30-9-2021
28 system-design-interview System design interview for IT companies 15806 interview, interview-questions, interview-preparation, design-systems, system, system-design 23-12-2020
29 gotty Share your terminal as a web application 15822 tty, terminal, browser, web, go, websocket, javascript, typescript 13-12-2017
30 professional-programming A collection of full-stack resources for programmers. 15831 read-articles, programmer, professional, scalability, concepts, documentation, lessons-learned, engineer, programming-language, learning, architecture, computer-science 19-9-2021
31 fasthttp Fast HTTP package for Go. Tuned for high performance. Zero memory allocations in hot paths. Up to 10x faster than net/http 16120 20-9-2021
32 poetry Python dependency management and packaging made easy. 16515 python, dependency-manager, package-manager, packaging, hacktoberfest 19-9-2021
33 locust Scalable user load testing tool written in Python 17212 locust, python, load-testing, performance-testing, http, benchmarking, load-generator 27-9-2021
34 Public-APIs ๐Ÿ“š A public list of APIs from round the web. 17374 13-9-2021
35 awesome-deep-learning A curated list of awesome Deep Learning tutorials, projects and communities. 17750 deep-learning, neural-network, machine-learning, awesome, awesome-list, recurrent-networks, deep-networks, deep-learning-tutorial, face-images 30-11-2020
36 my-mac-os List of applications and tools that make my macOS experience even more amazing 18208 macos, curated, alfred, macros, personal, applications, karabiner, mac-setup, ios, nix, awesome 27-8-2021
37 osquery SQL powered operating system instrumentation, monitoring, and analytics. 18280 security, monitoring, intrusion-detection, sql, hacktoberfest 29-9-2021
38 fd A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find' 19076 command-line, tool, filesystem, search, regex, rust, cli, terminal 3-9-2021
39 awesome-vscode ๐ŸŽจ A curated list of delightful VS Code packages and resources. 19382 visual-studio, vscode, vscode-theme, vscode-extension, awesome, awesome-list, list, visualstudio, visual-studio-code, visual-studio-code-extension, visual-studio-code-theme 3-7-2021
40 profile-summary-for-github Tool for visualizing GitHub profiles 19456 kotlin, webapp, github-api, javalin 13-9-2021
41 python-fire Python Fire is a library for automatically generating command line interfaces (CLIs) from absolutely any Python object. 20186 python, cli 17-6-2021
42 engineering-blogs A curated list of engineering blogs 20326 engineering-blogs, tech, programming-blogs, software-development, lists 2-7-2021
43 jq Command-line JSON processor 20363 7-9-2021
44 ngrok Introspected tunnels to localhost 20833 31-5-2016
45 mattermost-server Open source Slack-alternative in Golang and React - Mattermost 20952 collaboration, mattermost, golang, go, react, react-native, hacktoberfest 29-9-2021
46 hub A command-line tool that makes git easier to use with GitHub. 21242 go, homebrew, git, github-api, pull-request 4-9-2021
47 awesome-shell A curated list of awesome command-line frameworks, toolkits, guides and gizmos. Inspired by awesome-php. 22204 awesome-list, awesome, list, zsh, fish, bash, cli, shell 31-8-2021
48 black The uncompromising Python code formatter 22523 python, code, formatter, codeformatter, gofmt, yapf, autopep8, pre-commit-hook 29-9-2021
49 nprogress For slim progress bars like on YouTube, Medium, etc 23424 19-4-2020
50 linux-insides A little bit about a linux kernel 23663 linux-kernel, linux-insides, linux 14-8-2021
51 python-guide Python best practices guidebook, written for humans. 23670 python, guide, book, kennethreitz 3-8-2021
52 interactive-coding-challenges 120+ interactive Python coding interview challenges (algorithms and data structures). Includes Anki flashcards. 23790 python, algorithm, data-structure, development, programming, coding, interview, interview-questions, interview-practice, competitive-programming 5-8-2020
53 gitbook ๐Ÿ“ Modern documentation format and toolchain using Git and Markdown 24022 27-12-2018
54 pyenv Simple Python version management 24693 30-9-2021
55 python-cheatsheet Comprehensive Python Cheatsheet 25231 cheatsheet, python, reference, python-cheatsheet 30-9-2021
56 cli GitHubโ€™s official command line tool 25590 github-api-v4, cli, git, golang, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
57 awesome-macos-command-line Use your macOS terminal shell to do awesome things. 25599 macos, macosx, shell, terminal, awesome-list, awesome, list 2-9-2021
58 drawio Source to 25796 30-9-2021
59 leveldb LevelDB is a fast key-value storage library written at Google that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values. 26582 12-9-2021
60 the only cheat sheet you need 27176 cheatsheet, curl, terminal, command-line, cli, examples, documentation, help, tldr 25-4-2021
61 awesome-awesomeness A curated list of awesome awesomeness 28037 28-6-2021
62 styleguide Style guides for Google-originated open-source projects 28823 cpplint, styleguide, style-guide 13-9-2021
63 rich Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal. 29544 python, python3, python-library, terminal, terminal-color, markdown, tables, syntax-highlighting, ansi-colors, progress-bar-python, progress-bar, traceback, rich, tracebacks-rich, emoji, hacktoberfest 24-9-2021
64 og-aws ๐Ÿ“™ Amazon Web Services โ€” a practical guide 30077 24-6-2021
65 kong ๐Ÿฆ The Cloud-Native API Gateway 30299 api-gateway, nginx, luajit, microservices, api-management, serverless, apis, iot, consul, docker, reverse-proxy, cloud-native, microservice, kong, devops, servicecontrol, kubernetes, kubernetes-ingress-controller, kubernetes-ingress 29-9-2021
66 PayloadsAllTheThings A list of useful payloads and bypass for Web Application Security and Pentest/CTF 30423 pentest, payload, bypass, web-application, hacking, vulnerability, bounty, methodology, privilege-escalation, penetration-testing, cheatsheet, security, enumeration, bugbounty, redteam, payloads, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
67 design-patterns-for-humans An ultra-simplified explanation to design patterns 31699 design-patterns, architecture, software-engineering, engineering, principles, computer-science 22-11-2020
68 pi-hole A black hole for Internet advertisements 32713 pi-hole, ad-blocker, shell, blocker, raspberry-pi, cloud, dnsmasq, dhcp, dhcp-server, dns-server, dashboard, hacktoberfest 29-9-2021
69 github-cheat-sheet A list of cool features of Git and GitHub. 33246 awesome, awesome-list, list, github, git 6-10-2020
70 brackets An open source code editor for the web, written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. 33729 18-3-2021
71 discourse A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple. 34162 discourse, javascript, rails, ruby, ember, forum, postgresql 1-10-2021
72 tldr ๐Ÿ“š Collaborative cheatsheets for console commands 34507 shell, man-page, tldr, manpages, documentation, cheatsheets, terminal, command-line, console, examples, help, manual, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
73 caddy Fast, multi-platform web server with automatic HTTPS 34762 go, web-server, caddyfile, http, http-server, reverse-proxy, https, tls, automatic-https, privacy, security 29-9-2021
74 algorithm-visualizer ๐ŸŽ† Interactive Online Platform that Visualizes Algorithms from Code 35524 algorithm, data-structure, visualization, animation 1-5-2021
75 awesome-scalability The Patterns of Scalable, Reliable, and Performant Large-Scale Systems 36031 system-design, backend, scalability, interview, architecture, devops, design-patterns, interview-questions, awesome-list, big-data, awesome, resources, lists, web-development, programming, system, interview-practice, computer-science, distributed-systems, machine-learning 21-9-2021
76 awesome-courses ๐Ÿ“š List of awesome university courses for learning Computer Science! 38215 computer-science, courses, awesome-list, awesome 2-12-2020
77 learn-regex Learn regex the easy way 38930 1-5-2021
78 face_recognition The world's simplest facial recognition api for Python and the command line 41629 machine-learning, face-detection, face-recognition, python 14-6-2021
79 scrapy Scrapy, a fast high-level web crawling & scraping framework for Python. 41697 python, scraping, crawling, framework, crawler, hacktoberfest 27-9-2021
80 awesome-interview-questions :octocat: A curated awesome list of lists of interview questions. Feel free to contribute! ๐ŸŽ“ 43492 awesome-list, awesomeness, interview-questions, interviewing, interview-practice, ruby, javascript, awesome, list, python-interview-questions, rails-interview, javascript-interview-questions, angularjs-interview-questions, android-interview-questions 4-8-2021
81 every-programmer-should-know A collection of (mostly) technical things every software developer should know about 45194 cc-by, computer-science, educational, novice, collection 19-4-2021
82 core ๐Ÿก Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. 45796 python, home-automation, iot, internet-of-things, mqtt, raspberry-pi, asyncio, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
83 requests A simple, yet elegant HTTP library. 46111 python, http, forhumans, requests, python-requests, client, humans, cookies 21-9-2021
84 echarts Apache ECharts is a powerful, interactive charting and data visualization library for browser 48214 echarts, data-visualization, charts, charting-library, visualization, apache, data-viz, canvas, svg 29-9-2021
85 frp A fast reverse proxy to help you expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet. 48737 proxy, reverse-proxy, tunnel, nat, go, firewall, frp, expose, http-proxy 29-9-2021
86 nocode The best way to write secure and reliable applications. Write nothing; deploy nowhere. 49012 21-1-2020
87 free-for-dev A list of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that have free tiers of interest to devops and infradev 49076 30-9-2021
88 papers-we-love Papers from the computer science community to read and discuss. 49620 computer-science, read-papers, meetup, papers, programming, theory, awesome 22-9-2021
89 the-book-of-secret-knowledge A collection of inspiring lists, manuals, cheatsheets, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools and more. 49674 awesome, awesome-list, lists, manuals, resources, howtos, hacks, search-engines, one-liners, cheatsheets, guidelines, sysops, devops, pentesters, security-researchers, linux, bsd, security, hacking 18-8-2021
90 protobuf Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format 50969 protobuf, protocol-buffers, protocol-compiler, protobuf-runtime, protoc, serialization, marshalling, rpc 29-9-2021
91 awesome-machine-learning A curated list of awesome Machine Learning frameworks, libraries and software. 51485 7-9-2021
92 httpie As easy as /aitch-tee-tee-pie/ ๐Ÿฅง Modern, user-friendly command-line HTTP client for the API era. JSON support, colors, sessions, downloads, plugins & more. 52125 http, cli, client, terminal, web, json, development, rest, debugging, python, usability, httpie, developer-tools, http-client, curl, devops, api, api-client, rest-api, api-testing 30-9-2021
93 markdown-here Google Chrome, Firefox, and Thunderbird extension that lets you write email in Markdown and render it before sending. 53239 30-9-2018
94 interviews Everything you need to know to get the job. 54049 java, interview, interview-questions, interview-practice, interview-preparation, interview-prep, algorithm, algorithm-challenges, algorithms, algorithm-competitions, technical-coding-interview, leetcode, leetcode-solutions, leetcode-java, coding-interviews, coding-interview, coding-challenge, coding-challenges, leetcode-questions, interviews 6-6-2020
95 hugo The worldโ€™s fastest framework for building websites. 54447 go, hugo, static-site-generator, blog-engine, cms, content-management-system, documentation-tool, hacktoberfest 23-9-2021
96 atom :atom: The hackable text editor 56081 atom, editor, javascript, electron, windows, linux, macos 30-9-2021
97 elasticsearch Free and Open, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine 56657 elasticsearch, java, search-engine 30-9-2021
98 bitcoin Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree 57327 bitcoin, c-plus-plus, p2p, cryptocurrency, cryptography 1-10-2021
99 tech-interview-handbook ๐Ÿ’ฏ Curated interview preparation materials for busy engineers 59359 interview-questions, coding-interviews, interview-practice, interview-preparation, algorithm, algorithms 24-9-2021
100 realworld "The mother of all demo apps" โ€” Exemplary fullstack clone powered by React, Angular, Node, Django, and many more ๐Ÿ… 60522 25-9-2021
101 awesome-selfhosted A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers 64444 selfhosted, awesome, awesome-list, privacy, hosting, cloud, self-hosted 29-9-2021
102 awesome-go A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software 68566 golang, golang-library, go, awesome, awesome-list, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
103 computer-science ๐ŸŽ“ Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science! 96004 computer-science, awesome-list, courses, curriculum 16-9-2021
104 the-art-of-command-line Master the command line, in one page 97202 bash, unix, documentation, linux, macos, windows 7-9-2020
105 youtube-dl Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites 100752 1-7-2021
106 build-your-own-x ๐Ÿค“ Build your own (insert technology here) 118492 programming, tutorials, tutorial-code, tutorial-exercises, free 29-6-2021
107 gitignore A collection of useful .gitignore templates 123752 gitignore, git 18-8-2021
108 system-design-primer Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards. 145543 programming, development, design, design-system, system, design-patterns, web, web-application, webapp, python, interview, interview-questions, interview-practice 9-5-2021
109 public-apis A collective list of free APIs 160654 api, public-apis, free, apis, list, development, software, public, resources 30-9-2021
110 awesome ๐Ÿ˜Ž Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics 170322 awesome, awesome-list, unicorns, lists, resources 22-9-2021
111 developer-roadmap Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2021 172930 computer-science, roadmap, developer-roadmap, frontend-roadmap, devops-roadmap, backend-roadmap, study-plan, engineering 7-9-2021
112 free-programming-books ๐Ÿ“š Freely available programming books 207059 education, books, list, resource, hacktoberfest 1-10-2021
113 miniserve ๐ŸŒŸ For when you really just want to serve some files over HTTP right now! 2679 serve, http-server, server, static-files, cli, command-line, command-line-tool 29-9-2021
114 gitui Blazing ๐Ÿ’ฅ fast terminal-ui for git written in rust ๐Ÿฆ€ 5765 rust, tui, terminal, git, command-line-tool, command-line-interface, async, hacktoberfest, bash 30-9-2021
115 wuzz Interactive cli tool for HTTP inspection 9776 curl, golang, cli, http, inspector, http-inspection, go 22-1-2021
116 mdBook Create book from markdown files. Like Gitbook but implemented in Rust 7692 26-9-2021
117 behave BDD, Python style. 2427 20-9-2021
118 grex A command-line tool and library for generating regular expressions from user-provided test cases 4562 command-line-tool, tool, regex, regexp, regex-pattern, regular-expression, regular-expressions, rust, cli, rust-cli, terminal, rust-library, rust-crate 15-9-2021
119 loguru Python logging made (stupidly) simple 9892 python, logging, logger, log 9-9-2021
120 semgrep Lightweight static analysis for many languages. Find bug variants with patterns that look like source code. 5324 static-analysis, static-code-analysis, java, go, sast, semgrep, r2c, c, python, ruby, javascript, typescript 1-10-2021
121 swagger-ui Swagger UI is a collection of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS assets that dynamically generate beautiful documentation from a Swagger-compliant API. 20752 swagger, swagger-ui, swagger-api, swagger-js, rest, rest-api, openapi-specification, oas, openapi, openapi3, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
122 graphene-django Integrate GraphQL into your Django project. 3680 graphene, django, python, graphql 11-6-2021
123 nginx-module-vts Nginx virtual host traffic status module 2470 c, nginx, nginx-module, nginx-vhost-traffic-status, vozlt-nginx-modules, monitoring 10-2-2021
124 json-server Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously) 56630 23-9-2021
125 fucking-algorithm ๅˆท็ฎ—ๆณ•ๅ…จ้ ๅฅ—่ทฏ๏ผŒ่ฎคๅ‡† labuladong ๅฐฑๅคŸไบ†๏ผEnglish version supported! Crack LeetCode, not only how, but also why. 96591 leetcode, algorithms, interview-questions, data-structures, kmp, dynamic-programming, computer-science, dynamic-programming-algorithm 8-7-2021
126 askgit Query git repositories with SQL. Generate reports, perform status checks, analyze codebases. ๐Ÿ” ๐Ÿ“Š 2596 git, sql, sqlite, golang, go, cli, command-line 25-9-2021
127 archivy Archivy is a self-hosted knowledge repository that allows you to safely preserve useful content that contributes to your own personal, searchable and extendable wiki. 2675 elasticsearch, knowledge, productivity, python, knowledge-base, note-taking, digital-brain, cli 26-9-2021
128 htop htop - an interactive process viewer 2800 process, viewer, console, terminal, linux, macos, bsd, c, hacktoberfest 29-9-2021
129 scalene Scalene: a high-performance, high-precision CPU, GPU, and memory profiler for Python 4529 python, profiling, performance-analysis, cpu-profiling, memory-management, profiler, python-profilers, gpu-programming, scalene, profiles-memory, performance-cpu, cpu, memory-allocation, gpu, memory-consumption 30-9-2021
130 lazydocker The lazier way to manage everything docker 18375 24-3-2021
131 kb A minimalist command line knowledge base manager 2745 knowledge, cheatsheets, procedures, methodology, pentest-tool, knowledge-base, rtfm, notes, notes-management-system, cli, notebook 24-6-2021
132 duf Disk Usage/Free Utility - a better 'df' alternative 7030 hacktoberfest, disk-space, disk-usage, df, linux, macos, freebsd, openbsd, windows, user-friendly 24-8-2021
133 mycli A Terminal Client for MySQL with AutoCompletion and Syntax Highlighting. 9905 database, python, syntax-highlighting, mysql, mycli, auto-completion 9-5-2021
134 gping Ping, but with a graph 5335 12-9-2021
135 k6 A modern load testing tool, using Go and JavaScript - 13993 golang, load-testing, load-generator, javascript, es6, performance, hacktoberfest 27-9-2021
136 typer Typer, build great CLIs. Easy to code. Based on Python type hints. 6318 cli, click, python3, typehints, terminal, shell, python, typer 30-8-2021
137 Depix Recovers passwords from pixelized screenshots 20095 27-3-2021
138 ImHex A Hex Editor for Reverse Engineers, Programmers and people who value their retinas when working at 3 AM. 11016 hex-editor, reverse-engineering, ips, ips32, pattern-highlighting, dear-imgui, disassembler, analyzer, mathematical-evaluator, pattern-language, dark-mode, nodes, data-processor 30-9-2021
139 litestream Streaming replication for SQLite. 3549 sqlite, replication, s3 21-9-2021
140 github1s One second to read GitHub code with VS Code. 20201 22-9-2021
141 outrun Execute a local command using the processing power of another Linux machine. 2975 22-3-2021
142 ntopng Web-based Traffic and Security Network Traffic Monitoring 4188 ntopng, realtime, network, sflow, ipfix, traffic-monitoring, packet-analyser, packet-processing, netflow, snmp, ebpf, docker, kubernetes 30-9-2021
143 processhacker A free, powerful, multi-purpose tool that helps you monitor system resources, debug software and detect malware. 5203 administrator, windows, system-monitor, performance-monitoring, performance-tuning, performance, c, debugger, benchmarking, security, profiling, realtime, monitoring, monitor-performance, process-manager, process-monitor, processhacker, monitor 14-9-2021
144 Notepads A modern, lightweight text editor with a minimalist design. 5267 fluent, notepad, texteditor, uwp, markdown, diff-viewer, windows, app 19-5-2021
145 watchman Watches files and records, or triggers actions, when they change. 10359 1-10-2021
146 hey HTTP load generator, ApacheBench (ab) replacement, formerly known as rakyll/boom 12065 23-3-2021
147 gotty Share your terminal as a web application 1250 4-7-2021
148 ytfzf A posix script to find and watch youtube videos from the terminal. (Without API) 2038 youtube, cli, terminal, posix, fzf, dmenu, ueberzug 29-8-2021
149 pyWhat ๐Ÿธ Identify anything. pyWhat easily lets you identify emails, IP addresses, and more. Feed it a .pcap file or some text and it'll tell you what it is! ๐Ÿง™โ€โ™€๏ธ 4522 cyber, security, hacking, cybersecurity, malware, re, python, pcap, malware-analysis, malware-research, tryhackme, hacktoberfest 28-8-2021
150 textual Textual is a TUI (Text User Interface) framework for Python inspired by modern web development. 5038 terminal, python, tui, rich 26-9-2021
151 age A simple, modern and secure encryption tool (and Go library) with small explicit keys, no config options, and UNIX-style composability. 8591 built-at-rc, age-encryption 30-9-2021
152 htmlq Like jq, but for HTML. 4658 30-9-2021
153 sqlc Generate type safe Go from SQL 4010 go, postgresql, sql, orm, code-generator, mysql 30-9-2021
154 tv ๐Ÿ“บ (tv) Tidy Viewer is a cross-platform CLI csv pretty printer that uses column styling to maximize viewer enjoyment. 1105 cli, terminal, csv, pretty-printer, pretty-print, command-line-tool, data-science, rust, command-line, tabular-data, tibble, dataframe, datatable, csv-viewer, csv-visualization, csv-pretty-print, csv-cat, cat, column, csv-column 30-9-2021
155 aws-eks-kubernetes-masterclass AWS EKS Kubernetes - Masterclass DevOps, Microservices 268 kubernetes, kubernetes-pods, kubernetes-deployment, kubernetes-services, kubernetes-secrets, aws-eks, aws-eks-cluster, aws-ebs, aws-rds, aws-alb, aws-alb-ingress-controller, aws-fargate, aws-codebuild, aws-codecommit, aws-codepipeline, fluentd, aws-cloudwatch, docker, yaml 16-5-2021
156 dotfiles Configs for apps I care about 19 dotfiles, zsh, neovim, vscode, git, sqlite, sqlite3 9-9-2021
157 azure-cli Azure Command-Line Interface 2736 azure, azure-cli, cloud 30-9-2021
158 starred-repo-toc Generate Markdown table for starred repo for a user. 2 starred-repositories, starred 1-10-2021
159 pongo2 Django-syntax like template-engine for Go 2058 template, go, django, template-engine, pongo2, templates, template-language, golang, golang-library 22-3-2021
160 iris The fastest HTTP/2 Go Web Framework. AWS Lambda, gRPC, MVC, Unique Router, Websockets, Sessions, Test suite, Dependency Injection and more. A true successor of expressjs and laravel ่ฐข่ฐข 21238 go, framework, server, middleware, router, performance, iris, web-framework, mvc, golang, expressjs, laravel 22-9-2021
161 blackfriday Blackfriday: a markdown processor for Go 4799 27-10-2020
162 goldmark ๐Ÿ† A markdown parser written in Go. Easy to extend, standard(CommonMark) compliant, well structured. 1721 markdown, commonmark, golang, go 12-9-2021
163 netdata Real-time performance monitoring, done right! 56191 monitoring, iot, notifications, docker, statsd, kubernetes, cncf, prometheus, containers, netdata, analytics, devops, time-series, observability, alerting, graphing, influxdb, grafana, graphite, dashboard 1-10-2021
164 go-github Go library for accessing the GitHub API 7803 go, github-api 29-9-2021
165 pytest The pytest framework makes it easy to write small tests, yet scales to support complex functional testing 7796 unit-testing, test, testing, python, hacktoberfest 28-9-2021
166 devops-exercises Linux, Jenkins, AWS, SRE, Prometheus, Docker, Python, Ansible, Git, Kubernetes, Terraform, OpenStack, SQL, NoSQL, Azure, GCP, DNS, Elastic, Network, Virtualization. DevOps Interview Questions 17131 devops, aws, linux, ansible, python, docker, prometheus, containers, git, kubernetes, interview, interview-questions, terraform, azure, openstack, sql, coding, sre, production-engineer 30-9-2021
167 terrascan Detect compliance and security violations across Infrastructure as Code to mitigate risk before provisioning cloud native infrastructure. 2479 security-tools, infrastructure-as-code, devsecops, devops, security, terraform, aws, cloudsecurity, cloud-security, terrascan, infrastructure, security-violations, architecture, kubernetes, iac, sast, azure-security, aws-security, gcp-security, scans 22-9-2021
168 yaspin A lightweight terminal spinner for Python with safe pipes and redirects ๐ŸŽ 465 spinner, terminal, cli-utilities, python, loader, unix, easy-to-use, python-library, awesome, console, cli, utilities 14-8-2021
169 ora Elegant terminal spinner 7192 13-9-2021
170 cli-spinners Spinners for use in the terminal 1839 7-5-2021
171 halo ๐Ÿ’ซ Beautiful spinners for terminal, IPython and Jupyter 2495 halo, spinner, python, jupyter, ora, ipython, async 9-11-2020
172 pendulum Python datetimes made easy 4549 python, datetime, date, time, python3, timezones 11-2-2021
173 python-prompt-toolkit Library for building powerful interactive command line applications in Python 7319 14-9-2021
174 microsoft-authentication-library-for-python Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) for Python makes it easy to authenticate to Azure Active Directory. These documented APIs are stable If you have questions but do not have a github account, ask your questions on Stackoverflow with tag "msal" + "python". 312 msal-python, azure, sdks, microsoft-identity-platform 30-9-2021
175 terminalizer ๐Ÿฆ„ Record your terminal and generate animated gif images or share a web player 11961 terminal, record, capture, shot, bash, powershell, gif, animated, generate, theme, colors, font, repeat, command-line, shell, zsh, bash-profile, render, tty, pty 18-4-2020
176 doitlive Because sometimes you need to do it live 3034 command-line, presentations, python, live-coding, cli, click, bash, zsh, ipython, script, hacktoberfest 24-5-2021
177 forcediphttpsadapter A requests TransportAdapter allowing to force a specific IP for HTTPS connections. 35 4-8-2021
178 MQTT-Explorer An all-round MQTT client that provides a structured topic overview 1436 mqtt, mqtt-explorer, homeautomation, mqtt-client, mqtt-smarthome, mqtt-tool 11-8-2021
179 google-maps-services-python Python client library for Google Maps API Web Services 3362 python, client-library 29-7-2021
180 faker Faker is a Python package that generates fake data for you. 13108 python, fake, testing, dataset, fake-data, test-data, test-data-generator 24-9-2021
181 onedev Super Easy All-In-One DevOps Platform 4595 git, devops, docker, kubernetes, continuous-integration, continuous-deployment, issue-tracker 30-9-2021
182 flamethrower a DNS performance and functional testing utility supporting UDP, TCP, DoT and DoH (by @ns1labs) 235 dns, performance, functional-testing 20-9-2021
183 haproxy HAProxy Load Balancer's development branch (mirror of 2310 haproxy, load-balancer, reverse-proxy, proxy, http, http2, cache, fastcgi, high-availability, https, ipv6, proxy-protocol, ddos-mitigation, tls13, high-performance, caching 30-9-2021
184 slate Beautiful static documentation for your API 33180 slate, api-documentation, api, static-site-generator 27-8-2021
185 zuul Zuul is a gateway service that provides dynamic routing, monitoring, resiliency, security, and more. 11357 14-9-2021
186 pygradle Using Gradle to build Python projects 541 gradle, python, linkedin 3-3-2020
187 boulder An ACME-based certificate authority, written in Go. 4015 boulder, go, acme, certificate-authority, tls, lets-encrypt, ca, pki, rfc8555 30-9-2021
188 guacamole-server Mirror of Apache Guacamole Server 1816 guacamole, c, network-client, java, network-server, javascript 10-9-2021
189 gloo The Feature-rich, Kubernetes-native, Next-Generation API Gateway Built on Envoy 3135 gloo, envoy, api-gateway, serverless, api-management, kubernetes, kubernetes-ingress-controller, microservices, hybrid-apps, legacy-apps, grpc, cloud-native, envoy-proxy 30-9-2021
190 emissary open source Kubernetes-native API gateway for microservices built on the Envoy Proxy 3489 ambassador, kubernetes, gateway-api, microservice, cloud-native, api-gateway, docker, api-management, kubernetes-ingress, envoy-proxy, envoy, kubernetes-annotations 29-9-2021
191 tokei Count your code, quickly. 5441 tokei, cloc, badge, rust, windows, linux, macos, statistics, code, cli 24-9-2021
192 brooklin An extensible distributed system for reliable nearline data streaming at scale 719 distributed-systems, data-streaming, scalability, kafka-mirror-maker, kafka, change-data-capture, java, linkedin 28-9-2021
193 http2smugl - 312 27-9-2021
194 is a REST+JSON framework for building robust, scalable service architectures using dynamic discovery and simple asynchronous APIs. 2151 28-9-2021
195 flower Real-time monitor and web admin for Celery distributed task queue 4953 celery, task-queue, monitoring, administration, workers, rabbitmq, redis, python, asynchronous 24-9-2021
196 flask-celery-example This repository contains the example code for my blog article Using Celery with Flask. 983 12-9-2021
197 iris Iris is a highly configurable and flexible service for paging and messaging. 629 paging, escalation, messaging, automation 13-9-2021
198 hubot-slack Slack Developer Kit for Hubot 2263 hubot-adapter, hubot, coffeescript, slack, slack-app, bot 25-8-2021
199 trafficserver Apache Traffic Serverโ„ข is a fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 compliant caching proxy server. 1355 proxy, cdn, cache, apache 29-9-2021
200 azure4everyone-samples - 130 5-1-2021
201 azure-sdk-for-python This repository is for active development of the Azure SDK for Python. For consumers of the SDK we recommend visiting our public developer docs at or our versioned developer docs at 2162 python, azure, azure-sdk, microsoft, hacktoberfest 1-10-2021
202 wtfpython What the f*ck Python? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ 27388 python, wats, snippets, wtf, gotchas, documentation, pitfalls, interview-questions, python-interview-questions 9-8-2021
203 falcon The no-nonsense REST API and microservices framework for Python developers, with a focus on reliability, correctness, and performance at scale. 8576 python, framework, rest, microservices, web, api, http, hacktoberfest 3-8-2021
204 awesome-gcp-certifications Google Cloud Platform Certification resources. 1941 google-cloud-platform, certification, gcp, cloud 26-9-2021
205 python-telegram-bot We have made you a wrapper you can't refuse 16494 python, telegram, bot, chatbot, framework, hacktoberfest 15-9-2021
206 predictive-horizontal-pod-autoscaler Horizontal Pod Autoscaler built with predictive abilities using statistical models 154 predictive-analytics, kubernetes, autoscaler, cpa, custompodautoscaler, custom-pod-autoscaler, horizontal-pod-autoscaler, predictions, statistical-models, replicas, autoscaling, hacktoberfest 31-8-2021
207 octodns Tools for managing DNS across multiple providers 2045 dns, workflow, infrastructure-as-code 29-9-2021
208 benten Chatbot Development Framework (with Slack integration for Jira and Jenkins) 123 31-3-2021
209 kubetools Kubetools - Curated List of Kubernetes Tools 252 hacktoberfest, hacktoberfest2020, kubernetes, helm, helmpack, helmcharts, jenkins, iot, monitoring, monitoring-tool, prometheus, thanos, grafana, kubernetes-clusters, kubernetes-operational, kubernetes-resource, k8s-cluster, kubernetes-cli 11-9-2021
210 diagrams ๐ŸŽจ Diagram as Code for prototyping cloud system architectures 15232 diagram, diagram-as-code, architecture, graphviz 21-8-2021
211 driftctl Detect, track and alert on infrastructure drift 1580 infrastructure-drift, iac, terraform, aws, drift, infrastructure-as-code 30-9-2021
212 cloud-custodian Rules engine for cloud security, cost optimization, and governance, DSL in yaml for policies to query, filter, and take actions on resources 3798 aws, compliance, cloud, rules-engine, cloud-computing, management, serverless, lambda, gcp, azure 23-9-2021
213 truffleHog Searches through git repositories for high entropy strings and secrets, digging deep into commit history 6005 entropy, secret, entropy-checks, regex, trufflehog 23-6-2021
214 x509-certificate-exporter A Prometheus exporter to monitor x509 certificates expiration in Kubernetes clusters or standalone 118 prometheus-exporter, kubernetes, monitoring-tool, certificates, expiration-monitoring, dashboard, grafana-dashboard, certificates-focusing, alert 31-8-2021
215 pulumi Pulumi - Modern Infrastructure as Code. Any cloud, any language ๐Ÿš€ 10063 infrastructure-as-code, serverless, containers, aws, azure, gcp, kubernetes, cloud, cloud-computing, iac, csharp, typescript, javascript, golang, go, dotnet, fsharp, python 1-10-2021
216 envoy Cloud-native high-performance edge/middle/service proxy 18047 cats, rocket-ships, cars, more-cats, cats-over-dogs, nanoservices, corgis, cncf 1-10-2021
217 ohmyzsh ๐Ÿ™ƒ A delightful community-driven (with 1800+ contributors) framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 300+ optional plugins (rails, git, OSX, hub, docker, homebrew, node, php, python, etc), 140+ themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community. 133565 shell, zsh-configuration, theme, terminal, productivity, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
218 kubectx Faster way to switch between clusters and namespaces in kubectl 11339 kubernetes, kubectl, kubectl-plugins, kubernetes-clusters 19-8-2021
219 gcsfuse A user-space file system for interacting with Google Cloud Storage 1338 13-9-2021
220 google-api-python-client ๐Ÿ The official Python client library for Google's discovery based APIs. 5091 30-9-2021
221 google-cloud-python Google Cloud Client Library for Python 3692 29-9-2021
222 python-container - 22 30-9-2021
223 helmfile Deploy Kubernetes Helm Charts 3383 kubernetes, helm, chart 14-9-2021
224 pipenv Python Development Workflow for Humans. 22313 pip, python, packaging, virtualenv, pipfile 31-8-2021
225 crouton Chromium OS Universal Chroot Environment 7855 chroot, shell, crouton, minecraft, ubuntu, debian, kali, linux, chromeos 8-9-2021
226 nativefier Make any web page a desktop application 28626 nodejs, electron, linux, windows, macos, desktop-application 25-9-2021
227 checkov Prevent cloud misconfigurations during build-time for Terraform, Cloudformation, Kubernetes, Serverless framework and other infrastructure-as-code-languages with Checkov by Bridgecrew. 3260 terraform, static-analysis, aws, gcp, azure, aws-security, azure-security, gcp-security, cloudformation, scans, compliance, kubernetes, kubernetes-security, devsecops, helm-charts, policy-as-code, infrastructure-as-code, devops, terraform-security, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
228 terraform-switcher A command line tool to switch between different versions of terraform (install with homebrew and more) 732 terraform, go 13-9-2021
229 python-slack-sdk Slack Developer Kit for Python 3251 python, slack, slackapi, asyncio, aiohttp-client, aiohttp, websockets, websocket, websocket-client, socket-mode 21-9-2021
230 django-health-check a pluggable app that runs a full check on the deployment, using a number of plugins to check e.g. database, queue server, celery processes, etc. 724 19-4-2021
231 django The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. 59915 python, django, web, framework, orm, templates, models, views, apps, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
232 ssl-cert-check Send notifications when SSL certificates are about to expire. 487 29-9-2021
233 strimzi-kafka-operator Apache Kafka running on Kubernetes 2636 kafka, kubernetes, openshift, docker, messaging, enmasse, kafka-connect, kafka-streams, data-streaming, data-stream, data-streams, kubernetes-operator, kubernetes-controller, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
234 chartmuseum Host your own Helm Chart Repository 2558 helm, charts, kubernetes, chartmuseum 30-9-2021
235 terraformer CLI tool to generate terraform files from existing infrastructure (reverse Terraform). Infrastructure to Code 5792 cloud, terraform, terraform-configurations, gcp, google-cloud, hcl, golang, infrastructure-as-code, aws, kubernetes 30-9-2021
236 professional-services Common solutions and tools developed by Google Cloud's Professional Services team 1829 google-cloud-platform, google-cloud-dataflow, google-cloud-ml, google-cloud-compute, gke, bigquery, solutions, tools, examples 29-9-2021
237 python-docs-samples Code samples used on 5216 python, samples 30-9-2021
238 kafka-monitor Xinfra Monitor monitors the availability of Kafka clusters by producing synthetic workloads using end-to-end pipelines to obtain derived vital statistics - E2E latency, service produce/consume availability, offsets commit availability & latency, message loss rate and more. 1796 kafka-monitor, kafka-cluster, monitor-topic, partition, broker, partition-count, leader, latency, cluster, metrics, kmf, kafka-broker, xinfra-monitor, monitor-single-clusters, reassigns-partition, jmx-metrics, clusters, xinfra, monitor, topic 19-8-2021
239 cost-model Cross-cloud cost allocation models for Kubernetes workloads 1548 kubernetes, kubecost 27-9-2021
240 flask The Python micro framework for building web applications. 56766 python, flask, wsgi, web-framework, werkzeug, jinja, pallets 22-9-2021
241 awesome-sanic A curated list of awesome Sanic resources and extensions 470 14-7-2021
242 metallb A network load-balancer implementation for Kubernetes using standard routing protocols 4114 kubernetes, bgp, load-balancer, bare-metal, arp, vrrp, keepalived 30-9-2021
243 auto Generate releases based on semantic version labels on pull requests. 1320 release, auto-release, github, slack, jira, releases, publishing, hack, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
244 cruise-control Cruise-control is the first of its kind to fully automate the dynamic workload rebalance and self-healing of a Kafka cluster. It provides great value to Kafka users by simplifying the operation of Kafka clusters. 1969 kafka, cluster-management 21-9-2021
245 k2tf Kubernetes YAML to Terraform HCL converter 595 terraform, kubernetes, yaml, hcl, tool, utility, command-line-tool, converter, hashicorp, hashicorp-terraform 30-7-2020
246 chaos-mesh A Chaos Engineering Platform for Kubernetes. 4005 chaos, chaos-engineering, chaos-testing, kubernetes, operator, golang, microservice, site-reliability-engineering, fault-injection, cncf, cloud-native, chaos-mesh, chaos-experiments, crd, hacktoberfest 29-9-2021
247 awless A Mighty CLI for AWS 4802 aws, cli, cloud, aws-cli, cloud-management, awless, golang, devops, devops-tools 10-12-2018
248 thefuck Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command. 64064 python, shell 5-9-2021
249 udemy-downloader-gui A desktop application for downloading Udemy Courses 5366 electron, nodejs, udemy, udemy-dl, udemy-downloader-gui, windows, mac, macos, linux, downloader 11-8-2020
250 moto A library that allows you to easily mock out tests based on AWS infrastructure. 5202 boto, aws, ec2, s3 30-9-2021
251 nuclei Fast and customizable vulnerability scanner based on simple YAML based DSL. 5329 cve-scanner, subdomain-takeover, nuclei-engine, vulnerability-detection, vulnerability-assessment, vulnerability-scanner, hacktoberfest 18-9-2021
252 school-of-sre At LinkedIn, we are using this curriculum for onboarding our entry-level talents into the SRE role. 4992 sre, linux, networking, git, python, mysql, nosql, hadoop, system-design, security 13-8-2021
253 redis-datasets A Curated List of Sample Redis Datasets 20 dataset, sample-dataset, redis-modules, redis-datasets 2-8-2021
254 snyk Snyk CLI scans and monitors your projects for security vulnerabilities. 3403 security, monitor, snyk, vulnerabilities 30-9-2021
255 learn-python3 Jupyter notebooks for teaching/learning Python 3 4255 teaching-materials, python3, jupyter-notebook, learning-python, python-exercises 2-8-2020
256 learn-python ๐Ÿ“š Playground and cheatsheet for learning Python. Collection of Python scripts that are split by topics and contain code examples with explanations. 10854 python, python3, learning, programming-language, learning-python, learning-by-doing 8-7-2020
257 30-Days-Of-Python 30 days of Python programming challenge is a step-by-step guide to learn the Python programming language in 30 days. This challenge may take more than100 days, follow your own pace. 7557 30-days-of-python, python 10-7-2021
258 grumpy Kubernetes Validation Admission Controller example 17 24-7-2020
259 python-concurrency Code examples from my toptal engineering blog article 138 python, python-concurrency, asyncio, multiprocessing 1-3-2021
260 badges ๐Ÿ“ Markdown code for lots of small badges ๐ŸŽ€ ๐Ÿ“Œ (, etc) ๐Ÿ˜Ž . Contributions are welcome! Please add yours! 2829 forthebadge, badges, markdown, markdown-cheatsheet, meta-badge, forthebadge-cc, restructuredtext, pokemon, python, awesome, markup 28-9-2021
261 DataStructures-Algorithms The best library for implementation of all Data Structures and Algorithms - Trees + Graph Algorithms too! 2039 algorithms, data-structures, interview-prep, interview-preparation, competitive-programming, cpp, cpp-library, leetcode, leetcode-solutions 13-6-2021
262 vector Vector is an on-host performance monitoring framework which exposes hand picked high resolution metrics to every engineerโ€™s browser. 3571 10-10-2020
263 atlas In-memory dimensional time series database. 2998 30-9-2021
264 nicstat Fork of to fix bugs 52 9-5-2018
265 FlameGraph Stack trace visualizer 11933 31-8-2021
266 perf-tools Performance analysis tools based on Linux perf_events (aka perf) and ftrace 7791 14-1-2020
267 linux Linux kernel source tree 118898 30-9-2021
268 interview Interview questions 9981 30-7-2018
269 fastapi FastAPI framework, high performance, easy to learn, fast to code, ready for production 36283 python, json, swagger-ui, redoc, starlette, openapi, api, openapi3, framework, async, asyncio, uvicorn, python3, python-types, pydantic, json-schema, fastapi, swagger, rest, web 27-9-2021
270 pipeline A cloud-native Pipeline resource. 6552 tekton, pipeline, kubernetes, cdf 29-9-2021
271 backstage Backstage is an open platform for building developer portals 13155 infrastructure, dx, developer-experience, developer-portal, service-catalog, microservices, cncf, backstage, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
272 argo-events Event-driven workflow automation framework 1173 kubernetes, event-driven, cloudevents, workflows, triggers, automation-framework, cloud-native, argo, pipelines, event-source, workflow-automation 29-9-2021
273 what-happens-when An attempt to answer the age old interview question "What happens when you type into your browser and press enter?" 30996 7-4-2021
274 service-fabric Service Fabric is a distributed systems platform for packaging, deploying, and managing stateless and stateful distributed applications and containers at large scale. 2872 cloud-native, containers, orchestration, distributed-systems, cloud-computing, microservices 9-9-2021
275 vuls Agent-less vulnerability scanner for Linux, FreeBSD, Container, WordPress, Programming language libraries, Network devices 8707 vuls, vulnerability-scanners, golang, go, linux, freebsd, vulnerability-detection, security, security-tools, cybersecurity, security-vulnerability, security-scanner, security-hardening, security-automation, security-audit, vulnerability-assessment, vulnerability-management, vulnerability-scanner, vulnerabilities, administrator 1-10-2021
276 clair Vulnerability Static Analysis for Containers 8173 containers, static-analysis, go, kubernetes, docker, oci, oci-image, vulnerabilities, clair 30-9-2021
277 pulsar Apache Pulsar - distributed pub-sub messaging system 9673 pulsar, pubsub, messaging, streaming, queuing, event-streaming 30-9-2021
278 kubernetes Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management 81409 kubernetes, go, cncf, containers 1-10-2021
279 Resumes generated using the GitHub informations 49743 5-8-2016
280 resume-cli CLI tool to easily setup a new resume ๐Ÿ“‘ 3931 cli, javascript, resume, json 19-6-2021
281 aws-cloudformation-user-guide The open source version of the AWS CloudFormation User Guide 561 aws, aws-cloudformation, cloudformation 24-9-2021
282 blockly The web-based visual programming editor. 9604 28-9-2021
283 personal website 404 10-5-2021
284 30-Days-of-Code ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป 30 Days of Code by HackerRank Solutions in C++, C#, F#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Swift & TypeScript. PRs Welcome! ๐Ÿ˜„ 600 hackerrank, java, swift, python, csharp, fsharp, cplusplus, solutions, 30, days, of, code, typescript, go, ruby, kotlin, javascript 17-8-2021
285 geeksforgeeks.pdf Topic wise PDFs of Geeks for Geeks articles. (Last updated in October 2018) 486
286 python-patterns A collection of design patterns/idioms in Python 29335 python, idioms, design-patterns 7-7-2021
287 wrk2 A constant throughput, correct latency recording variant of wrk 3188 24-9-2019
288 wrk Modern HTTP benchmarking tool 30257 7-2-2021
289 mux A powerful HTTP router and URL matcher for building Go web servers with ๐Ÿฆ 15192 mux, go, gorilla, router, http, middleware 14-9-2021
290 sanic Async Python 3.7+ web server/framework Build fast. Run fast. 15468 python, framework, asyncio, api-server, web, web-server, web-framework, asgi, sanic 30-9-2021
291 awesome-sre A curated list of Site Reliability and Production Engineering resources. 7375 site-reliability-engineering, production, availability, monitoring, post-mortem, reliability-engineering, capacity-planning, service-level-agreement, scalability, reliability, alerting, on-call, site-reliability, postmortem, incident-response, sre, awesome, awesome-list, devops, list 25-9-2021
292 sre-interview-prep-guide Site Reliability Engineer Interview Preparation Guide 2186 study, preparation, sre, sre-interview, interview-preparation, site-reliability-engineer 24-9-2021
293 vscode-debug-visualizer An extension for VS Code that visualizes data during debugging. 7030 vscode-extension, hacktoberfest, visualization 19-8-2021
294 sops Simple and flexible tool for managing secrets 8299 security, secret-distribution, devops, aws, pgp, gcp, secret-management, azure, sops 8-4-2021
295 GoCasts Companion Repo to 1400 25-8-2017
296 golang-web-dev - 2775 13-12-2019
297 GolangTraining Training for Golang (go language) 7655 4-12-2018
298 kube2iam kube2iam provides different AWS IAM roles for pods running on Kubernetes 1735 kubernetes, aws 10-3-2021
299 k8s-conformance ๐Ÿงช CNCF K8s Conformance Working Group 601 cncf, kubernetes, conformance 30-9-2021
300 sonobuoy Sonobuoy is a diagnostic tool that makes it easier to understand the state of a Kubernetes cluster by running a set of Kubernetes conformance tests and other plugins in an accessible and non-destructive manner. 2375 kubernetes, kubernetes-cluster, kubernetes-setup, kubernetes-deployment, discovery, bugreport, heptio, tanzu, sonobuoy, conformance, conformance-tests, cncf 23-9-2021
301 terraform-provider-restapi A terraform provider to manage objects in a RESTful API 510 6-9-2021
302 terratest Terratest is a Go library that makes it easier to write automated tests for your infrastructure code. 5625 devops, testing, testing-library, aws, terraform, packer, docker, golang 29-9-2021
303 terraform Terraform enables you to safely and predictably create, change, and improve infrastructure. It is an open source tool that codifies APIs into declarative configuration files that can be shared amongst team members, treated as code, edited, reviewed, and versioned. 29130 graph, infrastructure-as-code, terraform, cloud, cloud-management 29-9-2021
304 pre-commit-terraform pre-commit git hooks to take care of Terraform configurations 1249 git-hooks, terraform, code-style, hooks, pre-commit, automation 30-9-2021
305 terraform-aws-devops Info about many of my Terraform, AWS, and DevOps projects. 213 terraform, infrastructure-as-code, aws, aws-community, antonbabenko 13-5-2021
306 terraform-best-practices Terraform best practices (constantly updating) 1075 terraform, terraform-configurations, best-practices, free, terraform-modules 17-1-2020
307 linkedin-skill-assessments-quizzes Full reference of LinkedIn answers 2021 for skill assessments, LinkedIn test, questions and answers (aws-lambda, rest-api, javascript, react, git, html, jquery, mongodb, java, css, python, machine-learning, power-point) linkedin excel test lรถsungen, linkedin machine learning test 5454 linkedin, quiz-questions, answers, assessment, quiz, linkedin-questions, free, hacktoberfest, hacktoberfest2020, exam, skills, stargazers 30-9-2021
308 terraform-multi-account Some example how toadress multiple aws accounts with Terraform 20 12-6-2018
309 Terraform-012 Code for the Terraform course 39 6-7-2020
310 terraform-course Course files for my Udemy course about Terraform 1127 31-8-2021
311 awesome-python-applications ๐Ÿ’ฟ Free software that works great, and also happens to be open-source Python. 13067 python, application, video, audio, graphics, gui, productivity, education, science, game 11-9-2021
312 Python-Sample-Application - 349 9-3-2015
313 grequests Requests + Gevent = <3 3864 5-4-2020
314 opencv Open Source Computer Vision Library 57015 opencv, c-plus-plus, computer-vision, deep-learning, image-processing 30-9-2021
315 opencv-python Automated CI toolchain to produce precompiled opencv-python, opencv-python-headless, opencv-contrib-python and opencv-contrib-python-headless packages. 2225 opencv, python, wheel, python-3, opencv-python, opencv-contrib-python, precompiled, pypi, manylinux 20-9-2021
316 game_control - 749 19-7-2020
317 Python All Algorithms implemented in Python 118906 python, algorithm, algorithms-implemented, algorithm-competitions, algos, sorts, searches, sorting-algorithms, education, learn, practice, community-driven, interview, hacktoberfest 29-9-2021
318 managers-playbook ๐Ÿ“– Heuristics for effective management 4425 management, one-on-ones, feedback, advice, coaching, meetings, decision-making 3-8-2021
319 tqdm A Fast, Extensible Progress Bar for Python and CLI 19592 progressbar, progressmeter, progress-bar, meter, rate, console, terminal, time, progress, gui, python, parallel, cli, utilities, jupyter, tkinter, discord, telegram, pandas, keras 20-9-2021
320 admiral Admiral provides automatic configuration generation, syncing and service discovery for multicluster Istio service mesh 364 admiral, service-mesh, istio, k8s, multi-cluster, automation, configuration, service-discovery, multicluster, microservices, clusters 30-6-2021
321 schema Schema validation just got Pythonic 2438 12-3-2021
322 cheatsheets.pdf ๐Ÿ“š Various cheatsheets in PDF 183 pandas, keras, python, django, deep-learning, scikit-learn, skipy, numpy, python3, django-framework, r, jupyter, jython, ipython, cheatsheet, apache-spark, cheat-sheets, cheatsheets, jquery, php 19-3-2021
323 fortio-operator Load Testing Operator within the Kubernetes cluster and outside of it. 29 18-3-2019
324 argo-rollouts Progressive Delivery for Kubernetes 1143 gitops, canary, bluegreen, kubernetes, argoproj, deployments, experiments, argo-rollouts, progressive-delivery 29-9-2021
325 argo-cd Declarative continuous deployment for Kubernetes. 7016 argo, kubernetes, continuous-deployment, gitops, continuous-delivery, docker, cd, cicd, pipeline, devops, ci-cd, argo-cd, ksonnet, helm 30-9-2021
326 argo-workflows Workflow engine for Kubernetes 9356 workflow, kubernetes, argo, dag, knative, airflow, machine-learning, argo-workflows, workflow-engine 1-10-2021
327 sceptre Build better AWS infrastructure 1243 aws, cloudformation, infrastructure, python, devops, cloud, sceptre 27-9-2021
328 go-leetcode A collection of 100+ popular LeetCode problems solved in Go. 1665 10-3-2021
329 fortio Fortio load testing library, command line tool, advanced echo server and web UI in go (golang). Allows to specify a set query-per-second load and record latency histograms and other useful stats. 2081 golang, golang-library, golang-application, performance, performance-testing, performance-visualization, http, grpc, proxy, go 13-8-2021
330 ansible Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy and maintain. Automate everything from code deployment to network configuration to cloud management, in a language that approaches plain English, using SSH, with no agents to install on remote systems. 49992 python, ansible, hacktoberfest 1-10-2021
331 Python-for-Algorithms--Data-Structures--and-Interviews Files for Udemy Course on Algorithms and Data Structures 1873 26-12-2017
332 coding-interview-university A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer. 193943 computer-science, interview, programming-interviews, study-plan, data-structures, algorithms, software-engineering, algorithm, coding-interviews, interview-prep, coding-interview, interview-preparation 30-9-2021
333 katran A high performance layer 4 load balancer 3298 1-10-2021
334 xdp-tutorial XDP tutorial 967 xdp, bpf, libbpf, tutorial 8-7-2021
335 bcc BCC - Tools for BPF-based Linux IO analysis, networking, monitoring, and more 12650 30-9-2021
336 fish-shell The user-friendly command line shell. 17443 30-9-2021
337 ace Ace ( Cloud9 Editor) 23648 30-9-2021
338 bat A cat(1) clone with wings. 29580 command-line, tool, syntax-highlighting, git, terminal, cli, rust, hacktoberfest 29-9-2021
339 awesome-hyper ๐Ÿ–ฅ Delightful Hyper plugins, themes, and resources 9605 hyper, hyperterm, zeit, terminal, awesome, awesome-list 13-7-2021
340 hyper A terminal built on web technologies 36868 terminal, javascript, html, css, react, terminal-emulators, hyper, macos, linux 27-9-2021
341 troposphere troposphere - Python library to create AWS CloudFormation descriptions 4556 aws-cloudformation, cloudformation, python, python3 5-9-2021
342 kubernetes-the-hard-way Bootstrap Kubernetes the hard way on Google Cloud Platform. No scripts. 28348 2-5-2021
343 sanic-prometheus Prometheus metrics for Sanic, an async python web server 66 python, prometheus, sanic, monitoring 12-10-2020
344 traefik The Cloud Native Application Proxy 35200 microservice, docker, marathon, mesos, consul, etcd, kubernetes, load-balancer, reverse-proxy, zookeeper, letsencrypt, golang, go 29-9-2021
345 aws-load-balancer-controller A Kubernetes controller for Elastic Load Balancers 2467 kubernetes-ingress-controller, aws, ingress-resource, kubernetes, ingress, k8s-sig-aws 28-9-2021
346 project-based-learning Curated list of project-based tutorials 56375 tutorial, project, beginner-project, webdevelopment, python, javascript, cpp, golang 14-9-2021
347 istio Connect, secure, control, and observe services. 28097 microservices, service-mesh, lyft-envoy, kubernetes, api-management, circuit-breaker, polyglot-microservices, enforce-policies, proxies, microservice, envoy, consul, nomad, request-routing, resiliency, fault-injection 1-10-2021
348 typing Python static typing home. Contains the source for typing_extensions and the documentation. Also hosts a user help forum. 1026 python, types, typing, static-typing, gradual-typing 16-9-2021
349 statsd Daemon for easy but powerful stats aggregation 16031 statsd, graphite, javascript, metrics, nodejs 27-8-2020
350 chef Chef Infra, a powerful automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code automating how infrastructure is configured, deployed and managed across any environment, at any scale 6694 chef, devops, cfgmgt, infrastructure, automation, deployment, hacktoberfest 1-10-2021
351 kapacitor Open source framework for processing, monitoring, and alerting on time series data 2077 kapacitor, monitoring, time-series 29-9-2021
352 telegraf The plugin-driven server agent for collecting & reporting metrics. 10633 telegraf, monitoring, time-series 30-9-2021
353 grafana The open and composable observability and data visualization platform. Visualize metrics, logs, and traces from multiple sources like Prometheus, Loki, Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, Postgres and many more. 44115 grafana, monitoring, analytics, metrics, influxdb, prometheus, elasticsearch, alerting, data-visualization, go, dashboard, business-intelligence, mysql, postgres, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
354 cobra A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions 23344 cobra, cobra-library, cobra-generator, posix-compliant-flags, command-cobra, cli-app, command-line, commandline, command, cli, go, golang, golang-library, golang-application, subcommands, posix 26-8-2021
355 viper Go configuration with fangs 16907 22-9-2021
356 helm The Kubernetes Package Manager 20345 cncf, chart, kubernetes, helm, charts 15-9-2021
357 ami-query Provide a REST interface to your organization's AMIs 36 31-8-2020
358 awesome-python A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources 103056 awesome, python, collections, python-library, python-framework, python-resources 25-7-2021
359 keras-yolo2 Easy training on custom dataset. Various backends (MobileNet and SqueezeNet) supported. A YOLO demo to detect raccoon run entirely in brower is accessible at (not on Windows). 1689 convolutional-networks, deep-learning, yolo2, realtime, regression 31-12-2019
360 hygieia CapitalOne DevOps Dashboard 3647 devops, dashboard, hygieia, delivery-pipeline, visualization, continuous-delivery, continuous-deployment, continuous-integration 23-9-2021
361 cli53 Command line tool for Amazon Route 53 1699 17-1-2021
362 vegeta HTTP load testing tool and library. It's over 9000! 18338 load-testing, go, benchmarking, http 11-10-2020
363 A pure Unix shell script implementing ACME client protocol 23721 acme, acme-protocol, letsencrypt, certbot, shell, ash, bash, posix, posix-sh, zerossl, buypass, acme-client 29-8-2021
364 aws-cli Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services 11489 aws, cloud, aws-cli, cloud-management 30-9-2021
365 rundeck Enable Self-Service Operations: Give specific users access to your existing tools, services, and scripts 4346 rundeck, devops, deployment, scheduler, automation, orchestration, ansible, audit, sre, operations, ops, devops-tools, devops-team, runbook, hacktoberfest 30-9-2021
366 boto3 AWS SDK for Python 6719 python, aws, cloud, cloud-management, aws-sdk 30-9-2021
367 upterm A terminal emulator for the 21st century. 19471 tty, terminal, terminal-emulators, console, pty, typescript, electron, react, terminals, shell 20-5-2019
368 ecs-refarch-service-discovery An EC2 Container Service Reference Architecture for providing Service Discovery to containers using CloudWatch Events, Lambda and Route 53 private hosted zones. 435 25-7-2016
  • Add install instructions to the README

    Add install instructions to the README

    How do I install this? go install?

    opened by bbkane 2
  • Add goreleaser CI/CD with Homebrew integration

    Add goreleaser CI/CD with Homebrew integration

    I did this with grabbit and kvcrutch and it's been super nice to use and install - see

    opened by bbkane 1
  • XDG config standards

    XDG config standards

    it looks like the default config directory is $HOME :

    From :

    $XDG_CONFIG_HOME defines the base directory relative to which user-specific configuration files should be stored. If $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is either not set or empty, a default equal to $HOME/.config should be used.

    This avoids cluttering up the HOME directory. No biggie either way :)

    opened by bbkane 1
  • Grammar: List of Starred Repository

    Grammar: List of Starred Repository

    Perhaps Starred Repositories instead

    opened by bbkane 1
  • Make it parallel

    Make it parallel


    opened by gagandeepsingh-dev 0
  • Other output formats

    Other output formats

    I'd love to see this in CSV or SQlite for example :)

    opened by bbkane 0
  • Date format

    Date format

    Would it be possible to let the user format the data?

    I prefer YYYY-mm-dd for instance

    opened by bbkane 0
Yogesh Sharma
Yogesh Sharma
The telegram bot for reading and synchronizing notes in markdown format

notesbot The telegram bot for reading and synchronizing notes in markdown format.

null 0 Nov 17, 2021
๐Ÿค– Chegg answers requested and sent by the Discord BOT to the targeted user.

"I believe that open-source resources are a must for everyone around. Especially in the field of education. As Chegg costs some money monthly, unfortunately, not all of us are capable of to charge ourselves that cost, which ends up blocking all those valuable resources to us. That is why, I have developed this bot, which unblurs the blurred question answers and sends them to you. I will develop it to a next level in the upcoming days, whereas, it will send the images/text, answers in short, directly through the Discord server you are in, or just DM/PM."

Vusal Ismayilov 33 Aug 20, 2021
Light JSON API for storing user ratings of NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD).

nasa-apod-api-go Light JSON API for storing user ratings of NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). To run this server you must have access to a N

null 1 Oct 26, 2021
go-macos-pkg was built out of a desire to generate and sign macOS pkgs on non-macOS OSs.

About go-macos-pkg was built out of a desire to generate and sign macOS pkgs on non-macOS OSs. Caveats Right now most of the heavy lifting is done by

Kory Prince 0 Nov 13, 2021
๐Ÿ”— Generate a temporary login URL for the AWS Console

AWS Console ?? Generate a temporary login URL for the AWS Console Installation Prebuilt binaries for several architectures can be found attached to an

Josh Komoroske 2 Nov 9, 2021
A simple script to generate rent receipts

Rent Receipt Generator A simple script to generate rent receipts Requirements Golang Chrome Installation go get -u Config File la

Hysem Saleem 0 Dec 3, 2021
๐Ÿšฉ TOC, zero configuration table of content generator for Markdown files, create table of contents from any Markdown file with ease.

toc toc TOC, table of content generator for Markdown files Table of Contents Table of Contents Usage Installation Packages Arch Linux Homebrew Docker

Yagiz Degirmenci 79 Nov 17, 2021
๐Ÿ›ฐ๏ธ Clone all your starred GitHub repos

solar ??๏ธ Clone all your starred GitHub repos solar โ“ What is solar? ?? Install ?? macOS ??๏ธ Linux and Windows ?? Commands ??๏ธ solar download ?? Contr

Matt Gleich 26 Nov 28, 2021
Easily to convert JSON data to Markdown Table

Easily to convert JSON data to Markdown Table

่›ฎๅ‰ๆ˜ฏ้ญๆ‹” 1 Nov 13, 2021
A test repo to demonstrate the current (go1.17.2) issue when trying to use retractA test repo to demonstrate the current (go1.17.2) issue when trying to use retract

test-go-mod-retract This is a test repo to demonstrate the current (go1.17.2) issue when trying to use retract in go.mod to retract a version in a non

Yuxuan 'fishy' Wang 0 Oct 16, 2021
Schedule daily tweets from markdown files in your repo, posted via github actions.

markdown-tweet-scheduler Schedule daily tweets from markdown files in your repo, posted to twitter via github actions. Setup Fork this repo Get your t

reid j sherman 49 Nov 5, 2021
Parse awesome-go README file and generate a new README file with repo info.

Awesome Go Extra All data are from awesome-go and GitHub API. Audio and Music Libraries for manipulating audio. Name Description Star Open Issues Crea

Wendell Sun 18 Nov 26, 2021
A simple cli tool for switching git user easily inspired by Git-User-Switch

gitsu A simple cli tool for switching git user easily inspired by Git-User-Switch Installation Binary releases are here. Homebrew brew install matsuyo

Masaya Watanabe 187 Nov 17, 2021
Changelog management tool, avoid merge conflicts and generate markdown changelogs.

chalog This is chalog, a changelog management tool. With chalog you can manage your project's changelog in a simple markdown format, split across mult

Jamie Thompson 5 Apr 19, 2021
Automation Tool to auto generate markdown notes from online classes/talks/presentations.

autonotes Automation tool to autocapture screenshots and join them with a supplied .srt or .txt file and output a notes file in markdown. Problem? Wat

Marcos Soares 3 Aug 29, 2021
Generate a global index for multiple markdown files recursively

markdown index Markdown-index is a library to help you generate a global index for multiple markdown files recursively in a directory, containing a su

Mateus Miranda 12 Nov 25, 2021
Generate markdown from go-flags

goflags-markdown -- generate markdown from a go-flags parser TODO Commands/sub-commands/etc Custom formatting Usage package main import ( "os" fla

Liam Stanley 1 Nov 4, 2021
Generate markdown formatted sprint updates based on the Jira tickets were involved in the given sprint.

Generate markdown formatted sprint updates based on the Jira tickets were involved in the given sprint.

Gรกbor Boros 2 Nov 15, 2021
crowdsec 4.1k Dec 2, 2021
A fast data generator that's multi-table aware and supports multi-row DML.

If you need to generate a lot of random data for your database tables but don't want to spend hours configuring a custom tool for the job, then datage

Coding Concepts 44 Nov 30, 2021
Golang struct-to-table database mapper

Structable: Struct-Table Mapping for Go Warning: This is the Structable 4 development branch. For a stable release, use version 3.1.0. Structable deve

null 236 Nov 26, 2021
ASCII table in golang

ASCII Table Writer Generate ASCII table on the fly ... Installation is simple as go get Features Automatic Padding

Oleku Konko 3.1k Dec 2, 2021
periodic table on the command line

element The periodic table on the command line Installation โ€ข Usage Installation Go get it! go get -u -v Usage Usi

Gennaro Tedesco 44 Nov 18, 2021
CLI tool for manipulating Ceph's upmap exception table.

pgremapper When working with Ceph clusters, there are actions that cause backfill (CRUSH map changes) and cases where you want to cause backfill (movi

DigitalOcean 16 Nov 18, 2021
Simple SQL table fuzzing

SQLfuzz Load random data into SQL tables for testing purposes. The tool can get the layout of the SQL table and fill it up with random data. Installat

Ferenc Fabian 140 Nov 22, 2021
Data Structures in Go: Hash Table

Data Structures in Go: Hash Table he time has come to implement one of the most commonly used data structures in software development - the Hash Table

Milad Samani 3 Oct 20, 2021
skiptable is a jump table that mimics redis' zset using go, and implements most of the features of redis zset

skiptable is a jump table that mimics redis' zset using go, and implements most of the features of redis zset

Qx 1 Oct 25, 2021