Signum Explorer Telegram Bot - it's a simplified version of the web Signum Explorer


🚀 Signum Explorer Telegram Bot @signum_explorer_bot

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Signum Explorer Telegram Bot - it's a simplified version of the web Signum Explorer. Bot allows you to easily monitor the status of your account and to receive notifications about new transactions and blocks.

@signum_explorer_bot - message /start to him and send any Signum Account to explore it

Account Menu Screenshot

@signa_price_bot - child bot for public groups to display only the current price of SIGNA and BTC.
Add to a group and text /p@signa_price_bot to view the prices:

Signa Price Screenshot


  • Show balance:
    • SIGNA
    • Commitment
    • Available
    • USD / BTC equivalents
  • Show last transactions:
    • Ordinary Payments
    • Multi-Out Payments
    • Multi-Out Same Payments
    • Notify about new transactions
  • Show last blocks:
    • Notify about new blocks
  • Show actual prices:
    • SIGNA/USD (+ daily percentage change)
    • BTC/USD (+ daily percentage change)
  • Mining rewards calculator
    • Basic rewards
    • Rewards for the entire commitment range
    • Reinvestment calc
  • Show network info
    • Current values of difficulty and commitment
    • Average values during the last 7 days
  • Check plots for crossing



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