Create a gRPC server from code generated by sqlc

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Create a gRPC Server from the generated code by the awesome sqlc project.


  • Go 1.16 or superior
  • protoc
  • sqlc, protoc-gen-go and protoc-gen-go-grpc
go install[email protected]
go install[email protected]
go install[email protected]


go install[email protected]


  1. Create a queries.sql file:

CREATE TABLE authors (
  name text      NOT NULL,
  bio  text,
  created_at TIMESTAMP

-- name: GetAuthor :one
SELECT * FROM authors
WHERE id = $1 LIMIT 1;

-- name: ListAuthors :many
SELECT * FROM authors
ORDER BY name;

-- name: CreateAuthor :one
INSERT INTO authors (
  name, bio, created_at
  $1, $2, $3

-- name: DeleteAuthor :exec
WHERE id = $1;
  1. Create a sqlc.yaml file
version: "1"
  - name: "db"
    path: "internal/db"
    queries: "./queries.sql"
    schema: "./queries.sql"
    engine: "postgresql"
  1. Execute sqlc
sqlc generate
  1. Execute sqlc-grpc
sqlc-grpc -m "my/module/path"
  1. Enjoy!
  • Proto reflect

    Proto reflect

    This is really a nice database first approach .

    do you think it’s possible to extend it to use proto reflect ?

    It would essentially be pulling the dB meta data and holding it in memory and then using reflection at run time to provide a GRPC service

    opened by gedw99 1
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Walter Wanderley
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