Go based HTTP server with 2FA based on OTP (One-Time Password) manager like Google Authenticator


Go based HTTP server with 2FA based on OTP (One-Time Password) manager like Google Authenticator, etc.

The server contains the following end-points:

  • /authenticate to authenticate user and return a valid JWT token via HTTP POST request
  • /verify-otp performs OTP authentication with OTP provider (Google Authenticator) and return a valid OTP token
  • /protected provides authorized user access to protected data

You should install Google Authenticator or similar OTP authenticator on your smart phone.

To build and run server just do the following:

# build server code
go build

# run server, by default it runs on port 12345 and use static area

# to customize your server create JSON configuration file
cat > server.json << EOF
{"port":12345, "static": "/my/path/static"}
# and now you can run it as following
./2fa-server -config server.json

The server stores user data into SQLite DB (basically user's name/secret pairs) and generate QR code image file(s) in user's static area.

The data flow can be represented as following:

# Step 1: install Google Authenticator on your phone

# Step 2: visit our server to get QR code for specific user=UserName
# here code should be imporved to provide user's registration, so far
# any user name is accepted, please change UserName to whatever you like

# Step 3: scan QR code and open URL. It will add new entry into Google Authenticator
# now we are ready to use it with our app

# Step 4: get token
curl -X POST "http://localhost:12345/authenticate?user=UserName"
# it returns server token in JSON format

# Step 5: now visit Google Authenticator to obtain new code

# Step 6: authenticate with our server using OTP (One-Time Password) code
# obtained from a previous step
curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" -H "Content-Type: application/json" "http://localhost:12345/verify-otp?user=UserName" -d '{"otp":"383878"}'
# it returns new token from otp secure code generated by Google Authenticator

# Step 7: call protected API using new OTP token
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $otpToken" "http://localhost:12345/protected?user=UserName"
# if everything is fine you'll see the following data with proper password for the user


Valentin Kuznetsov
Data Scientist Programmer Researcher
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