A tool to aggregate and mine data from JSON reports of Go tests.

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A tool to aggregate and mine data from JSON reports of Go tests.


Mature Go projects often have a lot of tests, and not all of them are implemented in the best way. Some tests exhibit slightly different behavior and fail randomly.

Such unstable tests are annoying and kill productivity, identifying and improving them can have a huge impact on the quality of the project and developer experience.

In general, tests can flake in these ways.

Dependency on the environment

Tests would pass on one platform and fail on another.

Dependency on the initial state

Tests would pass on first invocation and fail on consecutive invocations.

Such tests can be identified by running suite multiple times.

go test -count 5 .

In some cases, this failure behavior is expected and desirable, though it reduces the usefulness of go test tool by noising -count mode. You would need to run the test suite multiple times with -count 1 and compare results to identify cases that flake on first invocation.

Dependency on undetermined or random factors

Tests would pass or fail randomly.

Such behavior almost always indicates a bug either in test or the code, and it needs a fix. Instability can be caused by data races which lead to subtle bugs and data corruption.

Running tests with race detector may help to expose some issues.

go test -race -count 5 ./...

Same as for data races, there is no guaranteed way to expose flaky tests that depend on random things. Running tests multiple times increases chances to hit an abnormal condition, but one can never be sure all issues have been found.

One data race can affect many test cases and "spam" the test output, this can be solved by grouping data races by tails of their stack traces, teststat accepts -race-depth int flag to perform such grouping. The bigger race depth value, more race groups are reported.

Go test tool offers machine-readable output with -json flag, teststat tool can read such output and determine racy, flaky or slow tests.

go test -race -json -count 5 ./... | teststat -race-depth 4 -

Another way of using it can be by running test suite multiple times and analyze reports together. This can help to expose tests that flake on first invocation.

go test -json ./... > test1.jsonl
go test -json ./... > test2.jsonl
go test -json ./... > test3.jsonl
teststat test1.jsonl test2.jsonl test3.jsonl

Resulting report can be formatted with -markdown to make it more readable as issue/pr comment.


go install github.com/vearutop/[email protected]

Or download the binary from releases.


Usage: teststat [options] report.jsonl ...
        Use `-` as file name to read from STDIN.
  -buckets int
        number of buckets for histogram (default 10)
        render output as markdown
  -race-depth int
        stacktrace depth to group similar data races (default 5)
  -slow duration
        minimal duration of slow test (default 1s)
  -slowest int
        limit number of slowest tests to list (default 30)
        show version and exit


Read from multiple files

Once you've collected JSONL test report, you can analyze it with this tool.

teststat -race-depth 4 -buckets 15 -slowest 7 ./flaky.jsonl ./test.jsonl 
Sample report.
Flaky tests:
github.com/acme/foo/core/affiliate/networks.TestBarSuite/TestOisGetReinvented: 2 passed, 8 failed
github.com/acme/foo/core/affiliate/networks.TestBarSuite/TestOisGetReinstallCallbacks: 2 passed, 8 failed
github.com/acme/foo/core/affiliate/networks.TestBarSuite: 2 passed, 8 failed
github.com/acme/foo/core/kafka.TestClose_Graceful_Pooled: 15 passed, 1 failed
github.com/acme/foo/core/kafka.TestClose_ClosePause: 14 passed, 2 failed

Slowest tests:
pass github.com/acme/foo/manipulation_services/api_server TestCreateLeafTracer_Ok 1m26.4s
pass github.com/acme/foo/manipulation_services/api_server TestCreateTracer_Ok 1m16.55s
pass github.com/acme/foo/manipulation_services/api_server TestCreateTracer_Ok/D4 1m16.45s
pass github.com/acme/foo/manipulation_services/api_server TestCreateLeafTracer_Ok 1m3.28s
pass github.com/acme/foo/manipulation_services/refresh_worker TestConsumeImpression_Success 52.85s
pass github.com/acme/foo/manipulation_services/api_server TestCreateLeafTracer_Ok 31.58s
pass github.com/acme/foo/manipulation_services/refresh_worker TestSubscriptionConsumer_DifferentEventSubtypes 30.39s

Events: map[cont:2368 fail:196 flaky:32 output:1805716 pass:660182 pause:2336 run:780596 skip:120154 slow:863]
Elapsed: 1h36m1.129999952s 
Slow: 40m34.649999952s

Elapsed distribution (seconds):
[  min   max]   cnt total% (37862 events)
[ 0.01  0.10] 32284 85.27% .....................................................................................
[ 0.11  0.24]  3383  8.94% ........
[ 0.25  0.52]   814  2.15% ..
[ 0.53  1.05]   574  1.52% .
[ 1.06  2.03]   552  1.46% .
[ 2.04  3.21]   122  0.32%
[ 3.30  4.90]    37  0.10%
[ 4.99  6.22]    36  0.10%
[ 6.40  8.68]    27  0.07%
[ 8.69 11.41]    22  0.06%
[12.48 14.30]     3  0.01%
[17.92 17.92]     1  0.00%
[30.39 31.58]     2  0.01%
[52.85 63.28]     2  0.01%
[76.45 86.40]     3  0.01%

Read from STDIN

go test -count 5 -json -race ./... | teststat -
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