Simple Proof of Concept REST event logger.


REST Event Logger PoC

I am working on this project intermittently. I have set myself a time limit of ~3hrs which includes the time to acquire and adapt to Golang. This is an extremely quick Proof of Concept for demonstration purposes only. It shall additionally serve as a refresher to Golang.

Gorilla MUX library is used for concurrent multiplexed HTTP request handling.

Live demo

Please note that Heroku wipes all stored files every hour so updates to logs might vanish at the top of the hour.

Local host testing will attempt to read the environment variable PORT, and if not found will set the listening port to 45456.

E.g.: http://localhost:45456

TODO's and Shortcuts

  • Git Flow: No development branching for features. This is not good in a production environment.
  • Test Suite: Since this is not meant for production and is a very quick exercise I have not had the time to build a test suite. This is a poor practice and does not fly in production environments.
  • Code Coverage: Time constrained.
  • Benchmarking: Time constrained.
  • Profiling: Time constrained.
  • HTTP Codes: Appropriate HTTP response codes should be sent for errors and success.
  • Write Chunking: Log entries should be buffered and then written to disk to improve performance.
  • Error Handling: Better and more careful error handling.
  • Request Validation: Validate the inbound requests and reject any that are malformed.

Event Tuple

  • ServiceName: Reporting service's name.
  • ServerID: Server's unique identifier.
  • Date: Date of event. ddmmyyyy
  • Time: Time of event. hhmmss
  • Level: Level of event: Critical, Warn, Info, etc.
  • EventType: Type of event is specific to service.
  • Description: Details of the event.



The design outlined below is not stateless which will lead to high availability and fault-tolerance issues. One solution to this issue is to use a NoSQL database like Cassandra for data storage as this is a write-intensive service. Another solution is to use object stores (Ceph or AWS S3) or NFS as the backing storage. This might require local storage replicated and then written at time intervals to object stores.


Events are tail appended to files stored on disk in the file structure service_name/server_id/date.log.

Using a file on a disk that is tail appended too will improve memory consumption but result in reduced performance due to writes to disk. Ideally, writes would be chunked in blocks and tail-appended to files on disk. Tail-appending in blocks also improves concurrency as we will not require implicitly locking of the file to append. This is a similar scheme to that which is used in Apache Kafka.

The file structure above is efficient for ETL/ELT jobs (Spark etc.) when moving the logs to a data warehouse (OLAP) for analysis. Loglines are comma seperated and contain the service name, server name, and date despite it being contained in the folder structure; this is for big data jobs.

Event Logger Server Logs

You may view the activity of the Event Logger by visiting /logs




Events are submitted to the server via the body of an HTTP: put with the details of the event structured in JSON. The url would be server_address/append/.

curl -X POST http://localhost:45456/append \
   -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
   -d '{"service_name": "serviceA", "server_id": "server001", "date": "09022022", "time": "000102", "level": "INFO", "event_type": "Account Created", "description": "New user Bilbo Baggins"}'
curl -X POST http://localhost:45456/append \
   -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
   -d '{"service_name": "serviceD", "server_id": "server045", "date": "09022022", "time": "000102", "level": "SEVERE", "event_type": "Hullaballoo", "description": "Some strange stuff happened here."}'


Events are retrieved via an HTTP: get on the url structure server_address/service_name/server_id/date/. This will return all events on the specific date for a specific service's server. In a production system the log would be read and written back to the client in chunks as they can get very large.



Saad Ur Rahman
Distributed & Data Systems.
Saad Ur Rahman
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