Lightweight Middleware for net/http



MuxChain is a small package designed to complement net/http for specifying chains of handlers. With it, you can succinctly compose layers of middleware without introducing large dependencies or effectively defeating the type system.


muxchain.Chain("/", logger, gzipHandler, echoHandler)
http.ListenAndServe(":8080", muxchain.Default)

This specifies that all patterns matched should be handled by the logger, then gzip, then echo. Since we're chaining to the default MuxChain, we can just pass that to http.ListenAndServe. You can see a more complete example in the "sample" directory.


BSD 3-clause (see LICENSE file)

  • A way of passing variables between middlewares.

    A way of passing variables between middlewares.

    Which way of passing values between middlewares do you suggest?

    In case you do not want to have a global vars (e.g.. gorilla-*) but want something specific to the request itself.

    e.g.: goji uses a modified version of handler with a context.

    opened by lindemannrichard 2
  • not go getable

    not go getable

    go get
    package unrecognized import path ""
    go get
    package unrecognized import path ""
    package unrecognized import path ""
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  • Fix function comments based on best practices from Effective Go

    Fix function comments based on best practices from Effective Go

    Every exported function in a program should have a doc comment. The first sentence should be a summary that starts with the name being declared. From effective go.

    I generated this with CodeLingo and I'm keen to get some feedback, but this is automated so feel free to close it and just say "opt out" to opt out of future CodeLingo outreach PRs.

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  • Apply middleware to all routes

    Apply middleware to all routes

    Hello, I'm completely new to golang, so my question could be quite silly.

    Is there a way to apply a middleware to all routes? Of course, I can do something like:


    I'm wondering if there's a way to avoid the handler duplication. thanks

    opened by zontafil 1
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    Use CodeLingo to Address Further Issues

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