Stash is a locally hosted web-based app written in Go which organizes and serves your porn.



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Stash is a locally hosted web-based app written in Go which organizes and serves your porn.

  • It can gather information about videos in your collection from the internet, and is extensible through the use of community-built plugins for a large number of content producers.
  • It supports a wide variety of both video and image formats.
  • You can tag videos and find them later.
  • It provides statistics about performers, tags, studios and other things.

You can watch a SFW demo video to see it in action.

For further information you can read the in-app manual.

Installing stash

via Docker

Follow this in the docker directory.

Pre-Compiled Binaries

The Stash server runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Download the latest release here.

Run the executable (double click the exe on windows or run ./stash-osx / ./stash-linux from the terminal on macOS / Linux) and navigate to either https://localhost:9999 or http://localhost:9999 to get started.

Note for Windows users: Running the app might present a security prompt since the binary isn't yet signed. Bypass this by clicking "more info" and then the "run anyway" button.


If stash is unable to find or download FFMPEG then download it yourself from the link for your platform:

The ffmpeg(.exe) and ffprobe(.exe) files should be placed in ~/.stash on macOS / Linux or C:\Users\YourUsername\.stash on Windows.


Quickstart Guide

  1. Download and install Stash and its dependencies
  2. Run Stash. It will prompt you for some configuration options and a directory to index (you can also do this step afterward)
  3. After configuration, launch your web browser and navigate to the URL shown within the Stash app.

Note that Stash does not currently retrieve and organize information about your entire library automatically. You will need to help it along through the use of scrapers. The Stash community has developed scrapers for many popular data sources which can be downloaded and installed from this repository.

The simplest way to tag a large number of files is by using the Tagger which uses filename keywords to help identify the file and pull in scene and performer information from our stash-box database. Note that this data source is not comprehensive and you may need to use the scrapers to identify some of your media.


Stash runs as a command-line app and local web server. There are some command-line options available, which you can see by running stash --help.

For example, to run stash locally on port 80 run it like this (OSX / Linux) stash --host --port 80


Stash can run over HTTPS with some additional work. First you must generate a SSL certificate and key combo. Here is an example using openssl:

openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:4096 -sha256 -days 7300 -nodes -keyout stash.key -out stash.crt -extensions san -config <(echo "[req]"; echo distinguished_name=req; echo "[san]"; echo subjectAltName=DNS:stash.server,IP: -subj /CN=stash.server

This command would need customizing for your environment. This link might be useful.

Once you have a certificate and key file name them stash.crt and stash.key and place them in the same directory as the config.yml file, or the ~/.stash directory. Stash detects these and starts up using HTTPS rather than HTTP.


Themes and CSS Customization

There is a directory of community-created themes on our Wiki, along with instructions on how to install them.

You can also make Stash interface fit your desired style with Custom CSS snippets and CSS Tweaks.

Support (FAQ)

Answers to other Frequently Asked Questions can be found on our Wiki

For issues not addressed there, there are a few options.

  • Read the Wiki
  • Check the in-app documentation (also available here
  • Join the Discord server, where the community can offer support.

Compiling From Source Code


  • Go
  • Revive - Configurable linter
    • Go Install: go get
  • Packr2 - Static asset bundler
  • Yarn - Yarn package manager
    • Run yarn install --frozen-lockfile in the stash/ui/v2.5 folder (before running make generate for first time).

NOTE: You may need to run the go get commands outside the project directory to avoid modifying the projects module file.





  1. Download and install Go for Windows
  2. Download and install MingW
  3. Search for "advanced system settings" and open the system properties dialog.
    1. Click the Environment Variables button
    2. Under system variables find the Path. Edit and add C:\Program Files\mingw-w64\*\mingw64\bin (replace * with the correct path).

NOTE: The make command in Windows will be mingw32-make with MingW.


  • make generate - Generate Go and UI GraphQL files
  • make build - Builds the binary (make sure to build the UI as well... see below)
  • make docker-build - Locally builds and tags a complete 'stash/build' docker image
  • make pre-ui - Installs the UI dependencies. Only needs to be run once before building the UI for the first time, or if the dependencies are updated
  • make fmt-ui - Formats the UI source code.
  • make ui - Builds the frontend and the packr2 files
  • make packr - Generate packr2 files (sub-target of ui. Use to regenerate packr2 files without rebuilding UI)
  • make vet - Run go vet
  • make lint - Run the linter
  • make fmt - Run go fmt
  • make fmt-check - Ensure changed files are formatted correctly
  • make it - Run the unit and integration tests
  • make validate - Run all of the tests and checks required to submit a PR
  • make ui-start - Runs the UI in development mode. Requires a running stash server to connect to. Stash port can be changed from the default of 9999 with environment variable REACT_APP_PLATFORM_PORT.

Building a release

  1. Run make generate to create generated files
  2. Run make ui to compile the frontend
  3. Run make build to build the executable for your current platform

Cross compiling

This project uses a modification of the CI-GoReleaser docker container to create an environment where the app can be cross-compiled. This process is kicked off by CI via the scripts/ script. Run the following command to open a bash shell to the container to poke around:

docker run --rm --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)",target=/stash -w /stash -i -t stashappdev/compiler:latest /bin/bash


Stash can be profiled using the --cpuprofile command line flag.

The resulting file can then be used with pprof as follows:

go tool pprof

With graphviz installed and in the path, a call graph can be generated with:

go tool pprof -svg >

  • Stash rating system

    Stash rating system

    Doesn't need to merge into this branch (can wait until files-refactor goes in) but this allows the pr to be reviewed now.

    EDIT: No longer relevant now

    Resolves #1962

    opened by skier233 77
  • Tag hierarchy

    Tag hierarchy

    I'm currently working on adding support for a hierarchy to tags where one tag could have multiple children and/or parents. This feature seems to have been requested a couple of times before, and with 0.8 adding support for tag aliases I might just as well try to add this as well and I guess tags would then have most of the desired features, or at least from management purposes.

    As stated this branch is a work-in-progress, so I will list the things which I already implemented:

    • [X] DB migration
    • [x] Management
      • [x] Adding parent(s) / child(ren)
        • [x] Validation that no loops are created (i.e.: A => B, B => A should fail, and A => B, B => C, C => A should fail as well etc)
      • [X] Listing parent(s) / child(ren)
      • [x] Merging parents/childs when merging tags
    • [X] Filters
      • [X] Scenes.Tags
      • [X] Scenes.PerformerTags
      • [x] SceneMarkers.Tags
      • [x] SceneMarkers.SceneTags
      • [X] Images.Tags
      • [X] Images.PerformerTags
      • [X] Galleries.Tags
      • [X] Galleries.PerformerTags
      • [X] Performers.Tags

    For the management part (adding parent or child tags) I'm open to suggestions to how to add this to the UI. This applies to both the actual management, as listing the parents and children

    opened by gitgiggety 58
  • Files refactor bug reports

    Files refactor bug reports

    This is intended as a catch-all issue to report bugs with the files-refactor alpha branch.

    Known issues are as follows:

    • ~~import/export functionality is currently disabled. Needs further design.~~
    • missing covers are not currently regenerated. Need to consider further, especially around scene cover redesign.
    • ~~deleting galleries is currently slow.~~
    • ~~Don't include file extension as part of the title scan flag is not supported.~~
    • ~~Set name, date, details from embedded file metadata scan flag is not supported.~~
    • ~~Draft submissions to stash-box currently give an already in transaction error.~~

    Other notable changes:

    • Object titles are now displayed as the file basename if the title is not explicitly set. The Don't include file extension as part of the title scan flag is no longer supported.
    • Set name, date, details from embedded file metadata scan flag is no longer supported. This functionality may be implemented as a built-in scraper in the future.

    Please report issues with the files-refactor build here.

    bug report 
    opened by WithoutPants 53
  • Caption support

    Caption support

    Fixes #495

    This pull request adds caption support for DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, and PT VTT files. As far as I'm aware those are the only languages that are captioned in adult content. This pull request only adds support for VTT files since video.js only supports VTT files but we could support SRT files later by converting the files to VTT on the fly, see


    opened by Teda1 45
  • [RFC] Proposal For Configuration Section Refactor

    [RFC] Proposal For Configuration Section Refactor

    ### Scope Rework the config page for better organization.

    Long Form

    As #1548 is moving scrapers to its own page, I think it would be good to take a look at the configuration section overall.

    My suggestions are as follows:

    Separate pages into collapsible sections, expanded by default

    (like this: ) Screenshot 2021-07-02 16 57 22

    Move stuff around

    (in no particular order)

    Content Section

    The purpose of the Library section is to show configuration settings related to WHICH CONTENT IS INDEXED OR NOT INDEXED


    • Video Extensions
    • Image Extensions
    • Gallery Zip Extensions
    • Excluded Video Patterns
    • Excluded Image/Gallery Patterns


    • Auto Tag (Rename "Detect Tags From Filenames")
    • Scan (Rename "Add To Library...."). Also rename "Scan" and "Scan Selected" to "Scan All" and "Scan Folders..."
    • Generated Content (Rename "Generate Interface Files....")

    System Section

    The purpose of the System section is to show configuation options and settings related to BACK-END SETTINGS

    Paths Menu

    • Database Path
    • Generated Path
    • Cache Path

    Logs Menu

    • Log File
    • Log Level
    • Current contents of "Log" page

    Maintenance Menu

    • Clean Database
    • Backup
    • Metadata Export

    Indexing Section

    The purpose of the System section is to show configuation options and settings related to THE INGESTION OF CONTENT

    • Hashing
    • Parallel Scan/Generation
    • Preview Generation

    Playback Section

    The purpose of the Playback section is to show configuration options and settings related to VIDEO PLAYBACK

    Playback Menu

    • Auto-Start Video
    • Maximum Loop Duration

    Conversions Menu

    • Transcoding options

    DLNA Menu

    • Existing DLNA Menu (Possible future additions: Global playback speed, video player selection, etc)

    Users Section

    The purpose of the Users section is to show configuration options and settings related to USER LOGIN

    • (contents of Authentication section)
    • Handy Connection Key

    Appearance Section

    The purpose of the APPEARANCE section is to show configuration options and settings related to USER INTERFACE

    Interface Menu

    • Language
    • Menu Items (Rename "Enable/Disable sections")
    • Wall Settings
    • Slideshow Delay

    Theme Menu

    • Page showing "Currently Active Theme" with source and link to themes index on wiki (or native display of that page)

    Extensions Section

    Plugins Manu

    The purpose of the Plugins section is to show configuration options and settings generated by PLUGINS

    • "Installed Plugins", current "plugin" page but refactored as a table with Name, Description, Version, Link.
    • "Refresh Plugin List" to replace "Reload Plugins" (at some point in the future, an "Add plugins" page)

    Scrapers Menu

    (as described in #1548 )

    Tools Menu

    • Existing "Tools" section
    help wanted ui 
    opened by jeremymeyers 39
  • [Feature] Play Counter

    [Feature] Play Counter

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. I'd love for Stash to track the play count for scenes, so I can get a better sense of what's getting watched and what isn't.

    Describe the solution you'd like I would suggest presenting the play counter next to the o_counter in the Details tab of the Scene page and on the Scene card. On the Edit tab, the functionality to decrease or reset the count would work the same as the o_counter. Instead of manually tracking this count though, Stash would automatically track every time someone plays a scene. Hit play on a scene and the count goes up.

    If we wanted to get fancy, there could also be a setting for the minimum play duration required for a play to be counted, but that may be more complex than is.

    Describe alternatives you've considered I think the the o_counter is the best model for the to be presented. This could also be shown as a section in the details tab, with the playcount and last play date/time show but that the o_counter style seems cleaner.

    Additional context It can be hard to keep track of so many scenes, particularly when continuously adding new more. Having access to more data to use in pruning the collection is so helpful for making decisions to manage the size of the collection.

    opened by velzy00 38
  • Settings UI refactor

    Settings UI refactor

    • makes all settings pages auto-save when changing options
    • made settings menu fixed to the left edge of the screen and centred content panel
    • restructured and reordered pages based on discussion in #1549
    • change checkboxes to switches


    Still to be done:

    • [x] add a saving/saved indicator instead of using Toast notification
    • [x] restructure and restyle Tasks page
    • [x] readd some missing help links
    improvement bounty ui 
    opened by WithoutPants 37
  • Transcode stream refactor

    Transcode stream refactor

    This is a significant refactor of the transcode streaming code.

    The forceMKV and forceHEVC flags have been removed, and is_streamable has been removed from the scene graphql type. Instead, there is a new IsSceneStreamable graphql query that accepts a list of supported video codecs. Similarly, the stream.mp4 route has been changed to accept a list of codecs as well. The supported video codecs are obtained using a custom Modernizr build that only tests for video support. There is an additional test for mkv support, but it is hard-coded to check if the client browser is Chromium-based.

    On the backend, the transcode code is changed so that it chooses the codec to use based on the supported codecs sent to the request. It is currently hard-coded to prefer VP9, VP8, HEVC then H264. This should probably be further refined to accept the supported codecs in order of preference.

    ~~This doesn't fix the Safari bug referenced in #600 but is a decent first step.~~ This obsoletes a lot of the changes in #522 which will need to be reworked if we go ahead with this.

    Fixes #600

    opened by WithoutPants 30
  • Add indexes for path and checksum to images

    Add indexes for path and checksum to images

    The scenes table has unique indexes/constraints on path and checksum colums. The images table doesn't, which doesn't really make sense, as scanning uses these colums extensively which warrents an index, and both should be unique as well.

    Adding these indexes thus heavily improves the scanning tasks performance. On a database containing 4700 images a (re)scan of those 4700 files, which thus shouldn't do anything, took 1.2 seconds, with the indexes added this only takes 0.4 seconds. Taking the same test on a generated database containing 4M images + the actual 4700 images took 26 minutes for a rescan, and with the index existing also only takes 0.4 seconds.

    opened by gitgiggety 28
  • [RFC] Refactor main navbar

    [RFC] Refactor main navbar

    This is the current navbar.


    This is as narrow as I can get the Window before it has to collapse to a menu button. With Audio and Text items in the roadmap, plus Playlists and such, we're going to run out of room in the navbar. We need to think about reworking it.

    Some design considerations:

    • we need to maintain single-click navigation for at least the most used buttons. I know that I will be bothered if I suddenly need to do two clicks to go to Scenes, Performers and Studios.
    • the navitems fit into categorical groups. Scenes, Markers and Movies would fall under a Video group, and Images and Galleries would fall under an Image group, and the rest could go under Metadata.
    • saved queries are in the roadmap and should ideally be accessible from the navbar.
    • we should consider that on desktops, there is a lot more horizontal real estate than there is vertical
    • we should ensure consistency between desktop and mobile views

    Possible designs:

    • on desktops, group navitems into the groups mentioned above (Metadata probably wouldn't need to grouped). The groups would be implemented as a hover dropdown button. Pornhub does something like this, as does xhamster: image
    • we could potentially save some horizontal realestate by increasing the height of the navbar and placing the icons above the text, with a squarer button - like how Sonarr/Radarr do it: image

    This would mean a loss of vertical real estate which I'm loathe to lose.

    • move the items into a clickable menu like how the mobile view is currently. I'd rather not do this since it adds an extra click to all those top-level objects.
    • move the items into a sidebar. Plex has this, for example: image

    Said sidebar is collapsible to it's icons, with the More > button only accessible when not collapsed. On most widescreens, we'd probably be losing less proportional real estate horizontally than vertically, and definitely less when collapsed. It would mean that some of our screens would need to be redesigned (the scene detail page for example).

    • show only the first x items that will fit and put the rest into a More... menu button. Menu item configuration would then be order as well as inclusion.
    feature help wanted investigate 
    opened by WithoutPants 28
  • ffmpeg error when generating sprites and previews

    ffmpeg error when generating sprites and previews

    When I generate previews and spites, I get this kind of error on some vids:

    ERRO[3587] ffmpeg error when running command </usr/bin/ffmpeg -v quiet -ss 1180 -t 0.75 -i /home/user/Desktop/sort/Goga-Huxley ++.wmv -y -c:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -profile:v high -level 4.2 -preset veryslow -crf 21 -threads 4 -vf scale=640:-2 -c:a aac -b:a 128k -strict -2 /home/ziggy/stash/generated/tmp/preview010.mp4>

    I ran the command manually from bash, and it does work if I add the option "-max_muxing_queue_size 400" to ffmpeg.

    bug Hacktoberfest 
    opened by rudi123github 26
  • [Feature] Update Rating Shortcuts for Decimals

    [Feature] Update Rating Shortcuts for Decimals

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. After the update of the rating system, keyboard shortcuts doesn't reflect the behaviour for the decimal system

    Describe the solution you'd like Make that, i.e., r 9 puts a 9,0 rate

    feature request 
    opened by apache202119 0
  • [Feature] Search Aliases when Scraping or updating a Scene

    [Feature] Search Aliases when Scraping or updating a Scene

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Some performers have different variations of their name across different sites meaning sometimes when scraping or editing a scene, there will not be a match as only the Name is searched.

    Describe the solution you'd like Using the new alias structure in Performers, search aliases for matches when scraping or editing a scene.

    Describe alternatives you've considered Not sure there are any alternatives. The only way I have be able to overcome this is by manually adding the Performer when matching doesn't work.

    feature request 
    opened by ltgorman 0
  • [Feature] Import disambiguated names on update to 0.19

    [Feature] Import disambiguated names on update to 0.19

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. If users already have a makeshift disambiguation field in their name field, it might be helpful to detect it, purge it, and add it to the new disambiguation field.

    Describe the solution you'd like

    • Detect disambiguated strings in the name field
      • Where we will assume a disambiguated string is any string in the name field between parentheses
      • If detected, purge this string from the name field
    • Add the detected string to the new disambiguation field
    feature request 
    opened by echo6ix 0
  • Deathdate gets set to 0001-01-01 instead of null when blanking

    Deathdate gets set to 0001-01-01 instead of null when blanking

    Describe the bug If you accidentally set the death date of a performer, then blank it out, the filter 'death date is not null' returns that performer.

    To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Edit and save a death date for a performer.
    2. Blank out the death date and save it for a performer.
    3. Filter performers to 'death date is not null'. They will show up.

    Expected behavior Performers with blank death dates should not show up in this filter.

    Stash Version: (from Settings -> About): v0.18.0-1-gd2395e57

    Additional context I checked GraphQL and it returns null for the deathdate of these performers but checking the database itself when you blank it out it gets set to '0001-01-01' instead of null. I'm guessing the filter doesn't see '0001-01-01' as null, which it's not, but it also doesn't show '0001-01-01' in the UI which is confusing.

    bug report 
    opened by DampToast 0
  • [Feature] Undo Button

    [Feature] Undo Button

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Often when tagging new items added to stash, I'll be quickly typing partial tags and hitting Enter from muscle memory. However, if the tag has already been applied to the scene/gallery/etc, then it will not be in the dropdown list (which makes sense), and this results in me accidentally creating new nonsense tags that I have to delete by going to the Tags page. This commonly occurs because I would have already used a scraper to fill in some of the scene/gallery information, which typically includes at least a few tags. For example, if I want to apply the tag "Blonde" to a scene, I know that I can type "blo" followed by Enter, without needing to type out the full tag. But if that tag is already present for the scene and I don't realize or my typing is ahead of my brain, then I'll end up creating a new tag called "blo" and getting a helpful green popup saying so.

    Describe the solution you'd like An "undo" button on the popup would allow me to reverse my mistake. The standard time that this message is already visible is probably a good amount of time for an undo button as well. If the button disappears, I can always delete the tag the way I normally do, but I usually realize my mistake as soon as I hit enter and see that message appear, because I know that I wasn't intending to create a new tag.

    Describe alternatives you've considered Disabling the creation of new tags from the dropdown is a viable option, and one that I've considered. However, this is not my preference because I do occasionally create new tags and it's extremely convenient to be able to do so without leaving the scene/gallery/image/performer/etc that I'm currently tagging. I have a tendency to get quite detailed and specific with tags, so I always want convenient ways of creating new ones. For new users especially, they will not want to enable this option because they likely haven't created all of the tags that they want yet.

    Additional context I believe this could be applied to many other areas as well. All other dropdowns with similar behaviour are the obvious example (e.g. performers/studios), but it might also be helpful to Undo saved changes to a scene or deletion of an item (though there's already a confirmation step there so it's probably overkill).

    Screenshot of the popup when creating an erroneous tag: Screenshot 2022-11-30 104536

    And mockup of the suggested button: Undo-Mockup

    feature request 
    opened by bdbenim 0
  • v0.18.0(Nov 30, 2022)

    Release Notes

    v0.18.0 - 2022-11-30

    ✨ New Features

    • Added ability to track play count and duration for scenes. (#3055)
    • Scenes now optionally show the last point watched, and can be resumed from that point. (#3055)
    • Added ability to select rating system in the Interface settings, allowing 5 stars with full-, half- or quarter-stars, or numeric score out of 10 with one decimal point. (#2830)
    • Support creation of scenes without files. (#3006)
    • Added ability to reassign files to other scenes. (#3006)
    • Added ability to split and merge scenes. (#3006)
    • Added Director and Studio Code fields to scenes. (#3051)
    • Added custom javascript option. (#3132)
    • Added support for filtering stash ids by endpoint. (#3005)
    • Added filter criteria for Birthdate, Death Date, Date, Created At and Updated At fields. (#2834)
    • Added selector for Country field. (#1922)
    • Added tag description filter criterion. (#3011)

    🎨 Improvements

    • Jump back/forward buttons on mobile have been replaced with double-tap gestures on mobile. (#3120)
    • Added shift- and ctrl-keybinds for seeking for shorter and longer intervals, respectively. (#3120)
    • Limit number of items in selector drop-downs to 200. (#3062)
    • Changed Performer height to be numeric, and changed filtering accordingly. (#3060)
    • Improved performance viewing galleries with many images. (#3183)
    • Generated heatmaps now only show ranges within the duration of the scene. (#3182)
    • Added File Modification Time to File Info panels. (#3054)
    • Added counter to File Info tabs for objects with multiple files. (#3054)
    • Added file count in Scene Duplicate Checker for scenes with multiple files. (#3054)
    • Also show imperial units for performer height and weight. (#3097)
    • Added Estonian and Russian Language translations. Added in-progress Languages for Persian, Ukrainian, Bengali, Thai, Romainian, Hungarian, and Czech. (#3024)

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fixed database is locked errors when performing operations while running a scan. (#3153)
    • Fixed hang when deleting scene when video has started playing in Firefox. (#3169)
    • Fixed database backup in incorrect directory during migration when database location is an absolute path. (#3140)
    • Fixed autotag error when tagging a large amount of objects. (#3106)
    • Scene Player no longer always resumes playing when seeking. (#3020)
    • Fixed error when editing paths when metadata directory is overridden. (#3212)
    • Fixed sort direction sometimes not being set when selecting a saved filter. (#3206)
    • Fixed gallery create post hook not being fired during gallery creation. (#3134)
    • Fixed Gallery title being incorrectly marked as mandatory for file- and folder-based galleries. (#3110)
    • Fixed Saved Filters not ordered by name. (#3101)
    • Fixed space bar sometimes no playing/pausing the scene player. (#3020)
    • Fixed scrubber thumbnails not disappearing when seeking on mobile. (#3020)
    • Fixed path filter behaviour to be consistent with previous behaviour. (#3041)
    • Fixed index.html not correctly served from custom mapped folders. (#3168)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(431 bytes)
    stash-linux(35.68 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v6(33.39 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(33.21 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(33.98 MB)
    stash-macos-applesilicon(37.22 MB)
    stash-macos-intel(38.32 MB)
    stash-win.exe(35.39 MB)
  • v0.17.2(Oct 25, 2022)

    Release Notes

    v0.17.2 - 2022-10-25

    Please view the release notes for 0.17.0 if you are upgrading from a version prior to 0.17.0.

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix file rename detection on case-insensitive file systems. (#3047)
    • Fix size calculation for symlinks. (#3046)
    • Use file base name as title if title is empty in scraper operations. (#3040)
    • Fix error when submitting fingerprints from deleted scene. (#3039)
    • Fix moved zip file creating duplicate galleries. (#3036)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(431 bytes)
    stash-linux(35.59 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v6(31.70 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(31.53 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(34.79 MB)
    stash-macos-applesilicon(38.61 MB)
    stash-macos-intel(38.86 MB)
    stash-win.exe(35.64 MB)
  • v0.17.1(Oct 20, 2022)

    Release Notes

    v0.17.1 - 2022-10-20

    Please view the release notes for 0.17.0 if you are upgrading from a version prior to 0.17.0.

    🎨 Improvements

    • Added Ukrainian language option.

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix Windows exporting incompatible zip files. (#3022)
    • Fix migration error handling various NULL values. (#3021)
    • Updated translations missed during release.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(431 bytes)
    stash-linux(35.58 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v6(31.69 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(31.52 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(34.77 MB)
    stash-macos-applesilicon(38.59 MB)
    stash-macos-intel(38.85 MB)
    stash-win.exe(35.64 MB)
  • v0.17.0(Oct 18, 2022)

    Release Notes

    v0.17.0 - 2022-10-19

    For best results, ensure that zip-based gallery paths are correct by performing a scan and clean of your library using v0.16.1 prior to updating.

    This release includes a migration that significantly changes the way that stash stores information about your files.

    To prevent timeout errors, please run the migration with a direct connection and not via reverse proxy.

    The migration can take a long time on larger systems. Please view the log file for progress updates.

    After migrating, please run a scan on your entire library to populate missing data, and to ingest identical files which were previously ignored.

    💥 Known issues and other changes

    • Import/export schema has changed and is incompatible with the previous version.
    • Set name, date, details from embedded file metadata scan flag is no longer supported. This functionality may be implemented as a built-in scraper in the future.

    ✨ New Features

    • Added support for identical files. Identical files are assigned to the same scene/gallery/image and can be viewed in File Info. (#2676)
    • Added support for setting primary file for scenes, images and galleries. (#2790)
    • Added support for deleting secondary files from scenes, images and galleries. (#2790)
    • Added support for filtering and sorting by file count. (#2744)
    • Added description field to Tags. (#2708)
    • Added Interface option to abbreviate counts on cards and details pages. (#2781)
    • Added Interface options to include sub-studio/sub-tag content in Studio/Tag pages. (#2832)
    • Populate name from query field when creating new performer/studio/tag/gallery. (#2701)
    • Added backup location configuration setting. (#2953)
    • Allow overriding UI localisation strings. (#2837)
    • Added release notes dialog. (#2726)

    🎨 Improvements

    • Object titles are now displayed as the file basename if the title is not explicitly set. The Don't include file extension as part of the title scan flag is no longer supported.
    • Optionally show Tag card when hovering over tag badge. (#2708)
    • Show default thumbnails for scenes and images where the actual image is not found. (#2949)
    • Added unix timestamp parsing in the parseDate scraper post processor. (#2817)
    • Improve matching scene order in the tagger to prioritise matching phashes and durations. (#2840)
    • Encode reserved characters in query URLs. (#2899)
    • Moved Changelogs to Settings page. (#2726)

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix live transcoded videos hanging at end. (#2996)
    • Fix display of scene markers when title is empty. (#2994)
    • Fix tag marker count sorting. (#2993)
    • Fix studio/tag alias and caption null filtering. (#2990)
    • Fix generated file naming algorithm being set incorrectly in certain circumstances. (#2496)
    • Fix continue queue checkbox value not persisting. (#2895)
    • Fix autostartVideoOnPlaySelected option not applying when navigating from scene queue. (#2896)
    • Fix incorrect gallery value in Scene edit tab after navigating from scene queue. (#2897)
    • Fix https schema not being used over some https connections. (#2900)
    • Fix scene files not deleting correctly when streaming over https. (#2900)
    • Fix panic when custom performer image location is invalid. (#2894)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(431 bytes)
    stash-linux(35.57 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v6(31.68 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(31.52 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(34.77 MB)
    stash-macos-applesilicon(38.58 MB)
    stash-macos-intel(38.84 MB)
    stash-win.exe(35.63 MB)
  • v0.16.1(Jul 26, 2022)

    Release Notes

    v0.16.1 - 2022-07-26

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix New button not being localised correctly. (#2772)
    • Fix scene player losing focus when playing next/previous scene. (#2758)
    • Fix UI crash when % character used in tag names. (#2757)
    • Fix keyboard shortcuts not working after selecting an object. (#2750)
    • Fix UI crash on session timeout. (#2755)
    • Fix incorrect scene metadata being set when video has cover art. (#2752)
    • Fix incorrect image being displayed when first previewing image. (#2754)
    • Fix issues with multi-edit behaviour. (#2754)
    • Fix UI crash after upgrading with pending fingerprints. (#2754)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(431 bytes)
    stash-linux(33.56 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v6(30.00 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(29.83 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(32.84 MB)
    stash-macos-applesilicon(36.32 MB)
    stash-macos-intel(36.48 MB)
    stash-win.exe(33.57 MB)
  • v0.16.0(Jul 5, 2022)

    Release Notes

    v0.16.0 - 2022-07-05

    ✨ New Features

    • Added hotkeys to scrub scene by 10% duration. (#2678)
    • Added support for customizing recommendations on home page. (#2592)
    • Support submitting stash-box scene updates for scenes with stash ids. (#2577)

    🎨 Improvements

    • Moved Filter and Saved Filters buttons out of the query input field. (#2668)

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix fields disappearing after creating missing objects in the scrape dialog. (#2702)
    • Fix saved filters with uppercase characters not appearing in filtered results. (#2698)
    • Fix query results not updating when clearing search query field. (#2686)
    • Fix incorrect field name in movie export json. (#2664)
    • Fix ffprobe showing window on some systems. (#2685)
    • Fix portrait videos orienting incorrectly in full-screen mode. (#2665)
    • Fix scene scrubber stopping scrolling after editing scene or marker. (#2600)
    • Fix folder-based galleries not auto-tagging correctly if folder name contains . characters. (#2658)
    • Fix scene cover in scene edit panel not being updated when changing scenes. (#2657)
    • Fix moved gallery zip files not being rescanned. (#2611)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(431 bytes)
    stash-linux(33.56 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v6(30.00 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(29.83 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(32.85 MB)
    stash-macos-applesilicon(36.32 MB)
    stash-macos-intel(36.49 MB)
    stash-win.exe(33.57 MB)
  • v0.15.0(May 18, 2022)

    Release Notes

    v0.15.0 - 2022-05-18

    ✨ New Features

    • Show Handy status on scene player where applicable. (#2555)
    • Added recommendations to home page. (#2571)
    • Add support for VTT and SRT captions for scenes. (#2462)
    • Added option to require a number of scroll attempts before navigating to next/previous image in Lightbox. (#2544)

    🎨 Improvements

    • Added Handy server sync button to Interface settings page. (#2555)
    • Changed playback rate options to be the same as those provided by YouTube. (#2550)
    • Display error message on fatal error when running stash with double-click in Windows. (#2543)

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix gallery zip files being rescanned unnecessarily. (#2594)
    • Fix long Handy initialisation delay. (#2555)
    • Fix lightbox autoplaying while offscreen. (#2563)
    • Fix playback rate resetting when seeking. (#2550)
    • Fix video not starting when clicking scene scrubber. (#2546)
    • Update vtt files when scene hash changes. (#2554)
    • Don't break up preview video into segments for shorter scenes. (#2553)
    • Fix parsing query URLs when query string contains special characters. (#2552)
    • Fix crash when cancelling pending tasks. (#2527)
    • Fix markers not refreshing after creating new marker. (#2502)
    • Fix error when submitting scene draft to stash-box without performers. (#2515)
    • Fix incorrect video player positioning on touch-enabled devices. (#2501)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(431 bytes)
    stash-linux(33.67 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v6(30.11 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(29.94 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(32.96 MB)
    stash-macos-applesilicon(36.43 MB)
    stash-macos-intel(36.60 MB)
    stash-win.exe(33.68 MB)
  • v0.14.0(Apr 11, 2022)

    Release Notes

    v0.14.0 - 2022-04-11

    💥 Note: Image Slideshow Delay (in Interface Settings) is now in seconds rather than milliseconds and has not been converted. Please adjust your settings as needed.

    ✨ New Features

    • Add Ignore Auto Tag flag to Performers, Studios and Tags. (#2439)
    • Add python location in System Settings for script scrapers and plugins. (#2409)

    🎨 Improvements

    • Added support for Handy APIv2. (#2193)
    • Added support for bulk editing most performer fields. (#2467)
    • Changed video player to videojs. (#2100)
    • Maintain lightbox settings and add lightbox settings to Interface settings page. (#2406)
    • Image lightbox now transitions to next/previous image when scrolling in pan-Y mode. (#2403)
    • Allow customisation of UI theme color using theme_color property in config.yml (#2365)
    • Improved autotag performance. (#2368)

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix existing performers being lost when setting performers in the scene tagger. (#2478)
    • Fix scene fields being overwritten with empty values when saving from the scene tagger. (#2461)
    • Fix Is Missing Date filter not including null date values. (#2434)
    • Fix Open Stash systray menu item not opening stash when Skip Opening Browser was enabled. (#2418)
    • Fix error saving a scene from the tagger when the scene has stash ids. (#2408)
    • Perform tag pattern exclusion on stash-box sources. (#2391)
    • Don't generate jpg thumbnails for animated webp files. (#2388)
    • Removed warnings and incorrect error message in json scrapers. (#2375)
    • Ensure identify continues using other scrapers if a scrape returns no results. (#2375)
    • Continue trying to identify scene if scraper fails. (#2375)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(431 bytes)
    stash-linux(33.08 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v6(29.57 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(29.41 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(32.37 MB)
    stash-macos-applesilicon(35.73 MB)
    stash-macos-intel(35.90 MB)
    stash-win.exe(33.15 MB)
  • v0.13.0(Mar 8, 2022)

    Release Notes

    v0.13.0 - 2022-03-08

    ✨ New Features

    • Added title, rating and o-counter in image lightbox. (#2274)
    • Added option to hide scene scrubber by default. (#2325)
    • Added support for bulk-editing movies. (#2283)
    • Added support for filtering scenes, images and galleries featuring favourite performers and performer age at time of production. (#2257)
    • Added support for filtering scenes with (or without) phash duplicates. (#2257)
    • Added support for sorting scenes by phash. (#2257)
    • Open stash in system tray on Windows/MacOS when not running via terminal. (#2073)
    • Optionally send desktop notifications when a task completes. (#2073)
    • Added button to image card to view image in Lightbox. (#2275)
    • Added support for submitting performer/scene drafts to stash-box. (#2234)

    🎨 Improvements

    • Removed generate options from Tasks -> Generate. These should be set in System -> Preview Generation instead. (#2342)
    • Added gallery icon on Image cards. (#2324)
    • Made Performer page consistent with Studio and Tag pages. (#2200)
    • Added gender icons to performers. (#2179)
    • Added button to test credentials when adding/editing stash-box endpoints. (#2173)
    • Show counts on list tabs in Performer, Studio and Tag pages. (#2169)

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix Scrape All button not returning phash distance-matched results from stash-box. (#2355)
    • Fix performer checksum not being updated when name updated via batch stash-box tag. (#2345)
    • Fix studios/performers/tags with unicode characters not being auto-tagged. (#2336)
    • Preview Generation now uses defaults defined in System settings unless overridden in the Generate options. (#2328)
    • Fix scraped performer tags being incorrectly applied to scene tags. (#2339)
    • Fix performer tattoos incorrectly being applied to Twitter URL during batch performer tag. (#2332)
    • Fix performer country not expanding from code when tagging from stash-box. (#2323)
    • Fix image exclude regex not being honoured when scanning in zips. (#2317)
    • Delete funscripts when deleting scene files. (#2265)
    • Fix regex queries incorrectly being converted to lowercase. (#2314)
    • Fix saved filters with URL encoded characters being incorrectly converted. (#2301)
    • Removed trusted proxies setting. (#2229)
    • Fix preview videos causing background media to stop on Android. (#2254)
    • Allow Stash to be iframed. (#2217)
    • Resolve CDP hostname if necessary. (#2174)
    • Generate sprites for short video files. (#2167)
    • Fix stash-box scraping including underscores in ethnicity. (#2191)
    • Fix stash-box batch performer task not setting birthdate. (#2189)
    • Fix error when scanning symlinks. (#2196)
    • Fix timezone issue with Created/Updated dates in scene/image/gallery details pages. (#2190)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(431 bytes)
    stash-linux(32.85 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v6(29.37 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(29.20 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(32.11 MB)
    stash-macos-applesilicon(35.41 MB)
    stash-macos-intel(35.62 MB)
    stash-win.exe(32.90 MB)
  • v0.12.0(Dec 28, 2021)

    Release Notes

    v0.12.0 - 2021-12-29

    ✨ New Features

    • Changed query string parsing behaviour to require all words by default, with the option to or keywords and exclude keywords. See the Browsing section of the manual for details. (#1982)
    • Show heatmaps and median stroke speed for interactive scenes on the scenes page. (#2096)
    • Added selective clean task. (#2125)
    • Added option to force generation of transcodes for selected scenes. (#2126)
    • Save task options when scanning, generating and auto-tagging. (#1949, #2061)
    • Added forward jump 10 second button to video player. (#1973)

    🎨 Improvements

    • Overhauled, restructured and added auto-save to the settings pages. (#2086)
    • Added keyboard shortcuts to hide scene page sidebar and scene scrubber. (#2099)
    • Added support for setting scrapers path in the settings page. (#2124)
    • Made scene phash field in File Info tab a link to show duplicate scenes. (#2154)
    • Rollback operation if files fail to be deleted. (#1954)
    • Prefer right-most Studio match in the file path when autotagging. (#2057)
    • Show Created/Updated dates in scene/image/gallery details pages. (#2145)
    • Include path and hashes in destroy scene/image/gallery post hook input. (#2102)
    • Added plugin hook for Tag merge operation. (#2010)

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Don't include audio in marker previews if Include Audio option is unchecked. (#2101)
    • Include performer aliases when scraping from stash-box. (#2091)
    • Remove empty folder-based galleries during clean. (#1954)
    • Select first scene result in scene tagger where possible. (#2051)
    • Reject dates with invalid format. (#2052)
    • Fix Autostart Video on Play Selected and Continue Playlist default settings not working. (#2050)
    • Fix "Custom Performer Images" feature picking up non-image files. (#2017)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(410 bytes)
    stash-linux(32.24 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(28.68 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(31.53 MB)
    stash-osx(34.87 MB)
    stash-osx-applesilicon(34.67 MB)
    stash-pi(28.85 MB)
    stash-win.exe(32.09 MB)
  • v0.11.0(Nov 15, 2021)

    Release Notes

    v0.11.0 - 2021-11-16

    💫 Help Shape the Future of Stash!

    The Stash developers would greatly appreciate if you take a short, anonymous survey. It would help us out a great deal to make yourself heard, let us know how you use Stash, and tell us what you'd like to see in the future.

    ✨ New Features

    • Added Identify task to automatically identify scenes from stash-box/scraper sources. See manual entry for details. (#1839)
    • Added support for matching scenes using perceptual hashes when querying stash-box. (#1858)
    • Generalised Tagger view to support tagging using supported scene scrapers. (#1812)
    • Added built-in Auto Tag scene scraper to match performers, studio and tags from filename - using AutoTag logic. (#1817)
    • Add options to auto-start videos when playing from selection and continue to scene playlists. (#1921)
    • Support is (not) null for multi-relational filter criteria. (#1785)
    • Optionally open browser on startup (enabled by default for new systems). (#1832)
    • Support setting defaults for Delete File and Delete Generated Files in the Interface Settings. (#1852)
    • Added interface options to disable creating performers/studios/tags from dropdown selectors. (#1814)

    🎨 Improvements

    • Added Italian 🇮🇹, French 🇫🇷, and Spanish 🇪🇸 translations (#1875, #1967, #1886)
    • Added stash-id to scene scrape dialog. (#1955)
    • Reworked main navbar and positioned at bottom for mobile devices. (#1769)
    • Show files being deleted in the Delete dialogs. (#1852)
    • Added specific page titles. (#1831)
    • Show pagination at top and bottom of page. (#1776)
    • Include total duration/megapixels and filesize information on Scenes and Images pages. (#1776)
    • Optimised generate process. (#1871)
    • Added clear button to query text field. (#1845)
    • Moved Performer rating stars from details/edit tabs to heading section of performer page. (#1844)
    • Optimised scanning process. (#1816)

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix tag hierarchy not being validated during tag creation. (#1926)
    • Fix tag hierarchy validation incorrectly failing for some hierarchies. (#1926)
    • Fix exclusion pattern fields losing focus on keypress. (#1952)
    • Include stash ids in import/export. (#1916)
    • Fix tiny menu items in scrape menu when a stash-box instance has no name. (#1889)
    • Fix creating missing entities removing the incorrect entry from the missing list in the scrape dialog. (#1890)
    • Allow creating missing Studio during movie scrape. (#1899)
    • Fix image files in folder galleries not being deleting when delete file option is checked. (#1872)
    • Fix marker generation task reading video files unnecessarily. (#1871)
    • Fix accessing Stash via IPv6 link local address causing security tripwire to be activated. (#1841)
    • Fix Twitter value defaulting to freeones in built-in Freeones scraper. (#1853)
    • Fix colour codes not outputting correctly when logging to file on Windows. (#1846)
    • Sort directory listings using case sensitive collation. (#1823)
    • Fix auto-tag logic for names which have single-letter words. (#1817)
    • Fix huge memory usage spike during clean task. (#1805)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(410 bytes)
    stash-linux(49.18 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(45.66 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(48.48 MB)
    stash-osx(51.76 MB)
    stash-osx-applesilicon(51.71 MB)
    stash-pi(45.82 MB)
    stash-win.exe(49.02 MB)
  • v0.10.0(Oct 24, 2021)

    Release Notes

    v0.10.0 - 2021-10-11

    💥 Note: Please check your logs after migrating to this release. A log warning will be generated on startup if duplicate image checksums exist in your system. Search for the images using the logged checksums, and remove the unwanted ones.

    💥 Note: The system will now stop serving requests if authentication is not configured and it detects a connection from public internet. See this link for details.

    ✨ New Features

    • Added support for Tag hierarchies. (#1519)
    • Revamped image lightbox to support zoom, pan and various display modes. (#1708)
    • Added support for Studio aliases. (#1660)
    • Added support for querying scene scrapers using keywords. (#1712)
    • Added native support for Apple Silicon / M1 Macs. (#1646)
    • Support subpaths when serving stash via reverse proxy. (#1719)
    • Disallow access from public internet addresses when authentication is not configured. (#1761)
    • Added options to generate webp and static preview files for markers. (#1604)
    • Added sort by option for gallery rating. (#1720)
    • Added Movies to Scene bulk edit dialog. (#1676)
    • Added Movies tab to Studio and Performer pages. (#1675)
    • Support filtering Movies by Performers. (#1675)

    🎨 Improvements

    • Optimised image thumbnail generation (optionally using libvips) and made optional. (#1655)
    • Improved image query performance. (#1740, #1750)
    • Support setting metadata import/export directory from UI. (#1782)
    • Added movie count to performer and studio cards. (#1760)
    • Added date and details to Movie card, and move scene count to icon. (#1758)
    • Added date and details to Gallery card, and move image count to icon. (#1763)
    • Support scraper script logging to specific log levels. (#1648)
    • Added sv-SE language option. (#1691)

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Disabled float-on-scroll player on mobile devices. (#1721)
    • Fix video transcoding process starting before video is played. (#1780)
    • Fix Scene Edit Panel form layout for mobile and desktop. (#1737)
    • Don't scan zero-length files. (#1779)
    • Accept svg files in file selector for tag images. (#1778)
    • Optimised exclude filter queries. (#1815)
    • Fix video player aspect ratio shifting sometimes when clicking scene tabs. (#1764)
    • Fix criteria being incorrectly applied when clicking back button. (#1765)
    • Show first page and fix order direction not being maintained when clicking on card popover button. (#1765)
    • Fix panic in autotagger when backslash character present in tag/performer/studio name. (#1753)
    • Fix Scene Player CLS issue (#1739)
    • Fix Gallery create plugin hook not being invoked when creating Gallery from folder. (#1731)
    • Fix tag aliases not being matched when autotagging from the tasks page. (#1713)
    • Fix Create Marker form on small devices. (#1718)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(410 bytes)
    stash-linux(47.24 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(43.84 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(46.56 MB)
    stash-osx(49.70 MB)
    stash-pi(44.00 MB)
    stash-win.exe(47.05 MB)
  • v0.9.0(Sep 6, 2021)

    Release Notes

    v0.9.0 - 2021-09-06

    ✨ New Features

    • Support setting a fixed funscript offset/delay. (#1573)
    • Added sort by options for image and gallery count for performers. (#1671)
    • Added sort by options for date, duration and rating for movies. (#1663)
    • Allow saving query page zoom level in saved and default filters. (#1636)
    • Support custom page sizes in the query page size dropdown. (#1636)
    • Added between/not between modifiers for number criteria. (#1559)
    • Support excluding tag patterns when scraping. (#1617)
    • Support setting a custom directory for default performer images. (#1489)
    • Added filtering and sorting on scene marker count for tags. (#1603)
    • Support excluding fields and editing tags when saving from scene tagger view. (#1605)
    • Added not equals/greater than/less than modifiers for resolution criteria. (#1568)

    🎨 Improvements

    • Added support for loading TLS/SSL configuration files from the configuration directory. (#1678)
    • Added total scenes duration to Stats page. (#1626)
    • Move Play Selected Scenes, and Add/Remove Gallery Image buttons to button toolbar. (#1673)
    • Added image and gallery counts to tag list view. (#1672)
    • Prompt when leaving gallery and image edit pages with unsaved changes. (#1654, #1669)
    • Show largest duplicates first in scene duplicate checker. (#1639)
    • Added checkboxes to scene list view. (#1642)
    • Added keyboard shortcuts for scene queue navigation. (#1635)
    • Made performer scrape menu scrollable. (#1634)
    • Improve Studio UI. (#1629)
    • Improve link styling and ensure links open in a new tab. (#1622)
    • Added zh-CN language option. (#1620)
    • Moved scraping settings into the Scraping settings page. (#1548)
    • Show current scene details in tagger view. (#1605)
    • Removed stripes and added background colour to default performer images (old images can be downloaded from the PR link). (#1609)
    • Added pt-BR language option. (#1587)
    • Added de-DE language option. (#1578)

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix SQL error when filtering for Performers missing stash IDs. (#1681)
    • Fix Play Selected scene UI error when one scene is selected. (#1674)
    • Fix race condition panic when reading and writing config concurrently. (#1645)
    • Fix performance issue on Studios page getting studio image count. (#1643)
    • Regenerate scene phash if overwrite flag is set. (#1633)
    • Create .stash directory in $HOME only if required. (#1623)
    • Include stash id when scraping performer from stash-box. (#1608)
    • Fix infinity framerate values causing resolver error. (#1607)
    • Fix unsetting performer gender not working correctly. (#1606)
    • Fix is missing date scene criterion causing invalid SQL. (#1577)
    • Fix rendering of carousel images on Apple devices. (#1562)
    • Show New and Delete buttons in mobile view. (#1539)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(344 bytes)
    stash-linux(42.81 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(37.91 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(40.87 MB)
    stash-osx(45.72 MB)
    stash-pi(38.08 MB)
    stash-win.exe(42.09 MB)
  • v0.8.0(Jul 2, 2021)

    Release Notes

    v0.8.0 - 2021-07-02

    ✨ New Features

    • Added filter criteria for name, details and hash related fields. (#1505)
    • Added button to open scene in external player on handheld devices. (#679)
    • Added support for saved and default filters. (#1474)
    • Added merge tags functionality. (#1481)
    • Added support for triggering plugin tasks during operations. (#1452)
    • Support Studio filter including child studios. (#1397)
    • Added support for tag aliases. (#1412)
    • Support embedded Javascript plugins. (#1393)
    • Revamped job management: tasks can now be queued. (#1379)
    • Added Handy/Funscript support. (#1377)
    • Added Performers tab to Studio page. (#1405)
    • Added DLNA server. (#1364)

    🎨 Improvements

    • Allow navigation to previous/next image in carousel by clicking left/right side of image. (#1516)
    • Include Host in input to plugins. (#1514)
    • Added internationalisation for all UI pages and added zh-TW language option. (#1471)
    • Add option to disable audio for generated previews. (#1454)
    • Prompt when leaving scene edit page with unsaved changes. (#1429)
    • Make multi-set mode buttons more obvious in multi-edit dialog. (#1435)
    • Filter modifiers and sort by options are now sorted alphabetically. (#1406)
    • Add CreatedAt and UpdatedAt (and FileModTime where applicable) to API objects. (#1421)
    • Add Studios Performer filter criterion. (#1405)
    • Add subtractDays post-process scraper action. (#1399)
    • Skip scanning directories if path matches image and video exclude patterns. (#1382)
    • Add button to remove studio stash ID. (#1378)

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix scene query not being cached correctly when navigating using back. (#1533)
    • Fix query with multiple table joins causing invalid query SQL. (#1510)
    • Fix file move detection when case of filename is changed on case-insensitive file systems. (#1426)
    • Fix auto-tagger not tagging scenes with no whitespace in name. (#1488)
    • Fix click/drag to select scenes. (#1476)
    • Fix clearing Performer and Movie ratings not working. (#1429)
    • Fix scraper date parser failing when parsing time. (#1431)
    • Fix quotes in filter labels causing UI errors. (#1425)
    • Fix post-processing not running when scraping by performer fragment. (#1387)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(344 bytes)
    stash-linux(46.71 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(41.65 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(44.74 MB)
    stash-osx(49.69 MB)
    stash-pi(41.82 MB)
    stash-win.exe(46.02 MB)
  • v0.7.0(May 15, 2021)

    Release Notes

    v0.7.0 - 2021-05-15

    ✨ New Features

    • #1277 Added stash-box performer tagger.
    • #1345 Auto-tagger now tags images and galleries.
    • #1308 Added rating field to performers and studios.
    • #1299 Support serving UI from specific directory location.
    • #1274 Added details, death date, hair color, and weight to Performers.
    • #1337 Added lbToKg post-process action for performer scrapers.
    • #1274 Added details to Studios.
    • #1158 Added perceptual dupe checker.
    • #1254 Add various count filter criteria and sort options.
    • #1266 Add URL filter criteria for scenes, galleries, movies, performers and studios.
    • #1264 Add HTTP endpoint for health checking at /healthz.
    • #1250 Add random sorting option for galleries, studios, movies and tags.
    • #1241 Support access to system without logging in via API key.
    • #1214 Added scene queue.

    🎨 Improvements

    • #1316 Improve sprite generation performance when using network storage.
    • #1338 Remove duplicate values when scraping lists of elements.
    • #1324 Improved performance of the auto-tagger.
    • #1332 Clean generation artifacts after generating each scene.
    • #1332 Log message at startup when cleaning the tmp and downloads generated folders takes more than one second.
    • #1325 Sort movie scenes by scene number by default.
    • #1273 Support http request headers in scrapers.
    • #1294 Sort performers by gender in scene/image/gallery cards and details.
    • #1293 Add popover buttons for scenes/images/galleries on performer/studio/tag cards.
    • #1224 Add slideshow to image wall view.
    • #1279 Support API key via URL query parameter, and added API key to stream link in Scene File Info.
    • #1190 Revamped setup wizard and migration UI.
    • #1270 Scroll to top when changing page number.
    • #1261 Support today and yesterday for parseDate in scrapers.
    • #1247 Disable sounds on scene/marker wall previews by default.
    • #1227 Improve Movie UI.
    • #1236 Change performer text query to search by name and alias only.

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • #1359 Fix image/gallery title not being set during scan.
    • #1340 Reverted video previews always playing on small devices.
    • #1357 Fix performer/studio being cleared when skipped in scene tagger.
    • #1324 Fixed error when auto-tagging for performers/studios/tags with regex characters in the name.
    • #1321 Fix scraped performer image not updating after clearing the current image when creating a new performer.
    • #1301 Fix error preventing adding a new library path when an existing library path is missing.
    • #1263 Fix whitespace in query string returning all objects.
    • #1275 Fix hang on Login page when not connected to internet.
    • #1249 Fix Clear Image button not updating image preview.
    • #1248 Fix processing some webp files.
    • #1237 Fix incorrect performer age calculation in UI.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(344 bytes)
    stash-linux(43.20 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(38.63 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(41.43 MB)
    stash-osx(45.81 MB)
    stash-pi(38.80 MB)
    stash-win.exe(42.51 MB)
  • v0.6.0(Mar 29, 2021)

    Release Notes

    v0.6.0 - 2021-03-29

    ✨ New Features

    • #1132 Added Performer tags.

    🎨 Improvements

    • #1198 Improve performer scraper search modal.
    • #1195 Add galleries tab to Tag details page.
    • #1193 Allow scene/performer/studio image upload via URL.
    • #1176 Add button to hide unmatched scenes in Tagger view.
    • #1169 Hide create option in dropdowns when searching in filters.
    • #1166 Add scrape gallery from fragment to UI
    • #1168 Improved performer details and edit UI pages.
    • #1156 Resolve python executable to python3 or python for python script scrapers.
    • #1150 Add url field to URLReplace, and make queryURLReplace available when scraping by URL.
    • #1130 Make logging format consistent across platforms and include full timestamp.
    • #1105 Remember gallery images view mode.
    • #1120 Add option to skip checking of insecure SSL certificates when scraping.
    • #1104 Auto-play video previews on mobile devices.
    • #1104 Replace hover menu with dropdown menu for O-Counter.
    • #1122 Support random strings for scraper cookie values.
    • #1119 Added Rescan button to scene, image, gallery details overflow button.

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • #1208 Fix SQL error when filtering nullable string fields with regex.
    • #1192 Fix incorrect folders being excluded during scanning.
    • #1187 Filter out streaming resolution options that are over the maximum streaming resolution.
    • #1144 Fix cover.jpg not being detected as cover image when in sub-directory.
    • #1154 Fix scan re-associating galleries to the same scene.
    • #1147 Fix SQL error when filtering galleries excluding performers or tags.
    • #1142 Fix version checking for armv7 and arm64.
    • #1137 Change "Is NULL" filter to include empty string values.
    • #1104 Prevent scene card previews playing in full-screen on iOS devices.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(344 bytes)
    stash-linux(42.64 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(38.17 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(40.92 MB)
    stash-osx(45.19 MB)
    stash-pi(38.33 MB)
    stash-win.exe(41.94 MB)
  • v0.5.0(Feb 22, 2021)

    Release Notes

    v0.5.0 - 2021-02-23

    Note: After upgrading, all scene file sizes will be 0B until a new scan is run.

    New Features

    • #1057 Add support for multiple galleries per scene, and vice-versa.
    • #1069 Add backup database functionality to Settings/Tasks.
    • #1008 Add gallery wall view.
    • #988 Add organized flag for scenes, galleries and images.
    • #974 Allow configuration of visible navbar items.


    • #1117 Added Donate button to top navbar.
    • #1082 Add directory selection to auto-tag task.
    • #1082 Add string matches/not matches regex filter criteria.
    • #1079 Added configuration option for import file size limit and increased default to 1GB.
    • #1081 Add dry-run option for Clean task.
    • #1073 Refresh UI when changing custom CSS options.
    • #1053 Add batch deleting of performers, tags, studios, and movies.
    • #1048 Reset cache after scan/clean to ensure scenes are updated.
    • #1036 Add more video/image resolution tags.
    • #1022 Add option to strip file extension from scene title when populating from scanning task.
    • #1008 Pagination support and general improvements for image lightbox.
    • #827 Add mouse click support for CDP scrapers.
    • #969 Add gallery tabs to performer and studio pages.
    • #969 Add gallery scrapers to scraper page.
    • #934 Add support for setting cookies in scrapers.
    • #932 Truncate long text and show on hover.
    • #965 Show scene studio as text where image is missing.
    • #943 Use natural sort for titles and movie names.
    • #820 Support optional preview and sprite generation during scanning.
    • #820 Support configurable number of threads for scanning and generation.

    Bug fixes

    • #1133 Fix error when unsetting image studio.
    • #1133 Fix input fields being wiped when an error occurs creating a performer.
    • #1112 Fix edit data being lost when clicking the O-Counter, Organized or Favorite buttons.
    • #1118 Exclude media in generated directory from the library.
    • #1106 Prevent cover image from being incorrectly regenerated when a scene file's hash changes.
    • #1103 Fix version check sometimes giving incorrect results.
    • #1098 Fix stash potentially deleting downloads directory when first run.
    • #1035 Fix sprite generation when generated path has special characters.
    • #1051 Prevent studio from being set as its own parent
    • #1050 Fixed performer scraper select overlapping search results
    • #1048 Fix tag/studio images not being changed after update.
    • #1036 Fixed resolution tags and querying for portrait videos and images.
    • #994 Corrected file sizes on 32bit platforms
    • #989 Fixed login redirect to remember the current page.
    • #1014 Fixed scene tagger config saving
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    CHECKSUMS_SHA1(344 bytes)
    stash-linux(42.12 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(37.68 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(40.41 MB)
    stash-osx(44.68 MB)
    stash-pi(37.84 MB)
    stash-win.exe(41.43 MB)
  • v0.4.0(Nov 24, 2020)

    Release Notes

    v0.4.0 - 2020-11-24

    Note: After upgrading, please verify your stash library settings and perform a scan to populate gallery images and the file modification times in the database.

    New Features

    • #940 Add selective scan.
    • #770, #873 Add selective export of all objects.
    • #454 Add stash-box tagger to scenes page.
    • #826 Add filters tab in scene page.
    • #790 Add selectable streaming quality profiles in the scene player.
    • #862 Add gallery metadata scraping.
    • #833 Add scrapers list setting page.
    • #813 Add support for individual images and manual creation of galleries.
    • #813 Add various fields to galleries.
    • #812 Add partial import from zip file.


    • #917 Add equals/not equals string criteria.
    • #904 Increase page size limit to 1000 and add new page size options.
    • #878 Add support for query URL parameter regex replacement when scraping by query URL.
    • #852 Include empty fields in isMissing filter
    • #849 Show static image on scene wall if preview video is missing.
    • #834 Add path filter to scene and gallery query.
    • #838 Add button to hide left panel on scene page.
    • #835 Add link to parent studio in studio page.
    • #800 Add missing scenes movie filter.
    • #799 Add gallery icon to scene cards.
    • #795Add country query link to performer flag.
    • #793 Improved gallery layout.
    • #787 Add hover delay before scene preview is played.
    • #787 Re-show preview thumbnail when mousing away from scene card.

    Bug fixes

    • #937 Changed startup behaviour to only set libraries from STASH_STASH environment variable if not already set.
    • #887 Don't set default studio image during studio creation.
    • #881 Update Freeones scraper for website update.
    • #836 Fix invalid date tag preventing video file from being scanned.
    • #832 Fix error when creating movie from scene scrape dialog.
    • #807 Fix incorrect date timezone.
    • #802 Fix search filters not persisting for studios, markers and galleries.
    • #784 Fix pending thumbnail on wall items on mobile platforms.
    • #814, #824 Fix downloading and permissions for ffmpeg/ffprobe.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    stash-linux(41.20 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(36.82 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(39.51 MB)
    stash-osx(43.73 MB)
    stash-pi(36.99 MB)
    stash-win.exe(40.51 MB)
  • v0.3.0(Sep 2, 2020)

    Release Notes

    v0.3.0 - 2020-09-02

    Note: After upgrading, the next scan will populate all scenes with oshash hashes. MD5 calculation can be disabled after populating the oshash for all scenes. See Hashing Algorithms in the Configuration section of the manual for details.

    New Features

    • #741 Show and allow creation of unknown performers/tags/studios/movies in the scraper dialog.
    • #709 Add support for scraping movie details.
    • #717 Add support for JSON scrapers.
    • #651 Add support for plugin tasks.
    • #667 Add oshash algorithm for hashing scene video files. Enabled by default on new systems.
    • #672 Support (re-)generation of generated content for specific scenes.
    • #641 Add tag thumbnails, tags grid view and tag page.
    • #644 Add post-scrape dialog.
    • #637 Add various keyboard shortcuts (see manual).
    • #630 Support deleting multiple scenes.
    • #628 Add in-app help manual.
    • #620 Add support for custom served folders.
    • #595 Add support for parent/child studios.


    • #774 Support cbz galleries.
    • #745 Improve sprite generation performance.
    • #725 Make preview generation more fault-tolerant.
    • #722 Allow clearing of images and querying on missing images.
    • #721 Allow free-editing of scene movie number.
    • #663 Allow adding performers and studios from selectors.
    • #625 Add support for chrome dp in xpath scrapers.
    • #673 Allow customisation of preview video generation.
    • #609 Add support for live transcoding in Safari.
    • #616 Add mapped and fixed post-processing scraping options.
    • #666 Add random sorting for performers.
    • #650 Search for files which have low or upper case supported filename extensions.
    • #637 Add dialog when pasting movie images.
    • #642 Allow click and click-drag selection after selecting scene.
    • #630 Added multi-scene edit dialog.
    • #618 Moved images to separate tables, increasing performance.
    • #622 Add gallery grid view.
    • #622 Add is-missing scene filter for gallery query.
    • #622 Don't import galleries with no images, and delete galleries with no images during clean.
    • #614 Show pagination at top as well as bottom of the page.
    • #579 Add split xpath post-processing action.
    • #562 Improved the layout of the scene page.
    • #567 Show rating as stars in scene page.
    • #592 Add reload scrapers button.

    Bug fixes

    • #745 Fix directories with video name extensions being detected as files to be scanned.
    • #745 Fix issues moving generated files between file systems.
    • #681 Fix formatted dates using incorrect timezone.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    stash-linux(38.30 MB)
    stash-linux-arm32v7(34.70 MB)
    stash-linux-arm64v8(36.44 MB)
    stash-osx(41.08 MB)
    stash-pi(34.75 MB)
    stash-win.exe(38.35 MB)
  • v0.2.1(Jun 10, 2020)

  • v0.2.0(Jun 6, 2020)

    Release Notes

    v0.2.0 - 2020-06-06

    Note: After upgrading performance will be degraded until a full scan has been completed. Note: Language has been set to English (United States) by default, which affects number and date formatting.

    New Features

    • #338 Movies are now supported.
    • #357 Responsive layout for mobile phones.
    • #370 Add support for image scraping.
    • #376 Allow user to regenerate scene cover based on timestamp.
    • #405 Autoassociate galleries to scenes when scanning.
    • #409 Configurable scraper user agent string.
    • #415 Backup database if a migration is needed.
    • #412 Add modes for performer/tag for bulk scene editing.
    • #371 Add gender support for performer.
    • #418 Add SVG studio image support, and studio image caching.
    • #437 Enable sorting for galleries.
    • #432 Add scene rating to scene filename parser.
    • #440 Replace basic auth with cookie authentication.
    • #384 Add detection of container/video_codec/audio_codec compatibility for live file streaming or transcoding.
    • #477 Move image with cover.jpg in name to first place in Galleries.
    • #497 Add "reshuffle button" when sortby is random.
    • #489 Implement clean for missing galleries.
    • #500 Add parser support for 3-letter month.
    • #526 Add is-missing tags filter.


    • #384 Performance improvements and improved video support.
    • #574 Support for localized text, dates and numbers.
    • #357 Replace Blueprint with react-bootstrap.
    • #429 Add image count to gallery list.
    • #427 Add library size to main stats page.
    • #460 Add slim endpoints for entities to speed up filters.
    • #475 Export performance optimization.
    • #491 Add random male performer image.
    • #438 Added various missing filters to performer page.
    • #490 Add index/total count to end of pagination buttons.
    • #508 Add flags for performer countries.
    • #527 Overhaul look and feel of folder select.
    • #496 Add cache for gallery thumbnails.
    • #531 Add changelog to start page.
    • #554 Include subdirectories when searching for scraper configurations.
    • #555 Add debug logging for xpath scraping to assist scraper development.
    • #560 Encode pasted images to jpeg.
    • #510 Allow selection of wall preview type: video, animated image and static image.
    • #574 Localize dates and numbers.

    Bug fixes

    • #389 Update performer image in UI when it's replaced.
    • #388 Fix performer height filter.
    • #395 Fix error when viewing scenes related to objects with illegal characters in name.
    • #431 Make ethnicity freetext and fix freeones ethnicity panic.
    • #446 Delete marker preview on marker change or delete.
    • #488 Include scene o-counter in import/export.
    • #501 Make image extension check in zip files case insensitive.
    • #541 Fix incorrect stash directory setting when directory has spaces.
    • #509 Update built-in Freeones scraper for new API.
    • #549 Fix redirect loops in login, migrate and setup pages.
    • #556 Make studio, movies, tag, performers scrape/parser matching case insensitive.
    • #586 Fix files with special characters in filename not being scanned.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    stash-linux(39.62 MB)
    stash-osx(37.81 MB)
    stash-pi(36.20 MB)
    stash-win.exe(53.64 MB)
  • v0.1.1(Feb 25, 2020)

  • v0.1.0(Feb 24, 2020)

    Release Notes

    v0.1.0 - 2020-02-24

    New Features

    • #203, #333 Configurable custom performer scrapers
    • #230 Support looping of short videos.
    • #230 Optionally auto-start videos.
    • #204 Add scene auto-tagging from filename
    • #255 Add Play random button to scenes and scene markers page
    • #262 Allow uploading of custom scene covers
    • #236, #285, #333 Configurable custom scene metadata scrapers
    • #265 Add "Open Random" to performer list
    • #280 Add scenes tab to performer page
    • #296 Add version check
    • #334 Add "O-" (or "splooge-") counter
    • #369 Add external_host option


    • #218 Improve scene wall layout
    • #225 Read config from current working directory before user profile directory
    • #165 Upload pull request builds to
    • #230 Save interface options
    • #242 Change marker time input to mm:ss
    • #246 Allow pasting image into performer/studio
    • #232 Scene UI improvements
    • Update JWPlayer to 8.11.5
    • #252 Beautify scene list table
    • #257 Add responsive menu
    • #259 Make scene metadata from file metadata optional
    • #268 Add transcode seeking support to JWPlayer and remove video.js
    • #253 Allow exclusion patterns for scanning
    • #269 Support scraping from other stash instances
    • #300 Display both server address and listening address in log
    • #313 Add scene duration filter
    • #322 Add useful links to about page
    • #328 Generate a new order when selecting random sorting
    • #326 Maintain filter parameters in session
    • #336 Change thumbnail default size and resize algorithm
    • #337 Improve caching of static files and performer images
    • #358 Improve position and cropping of performer images
    • #366 Improve stats page

    Bug fixes

    • #215 Fix importing on Windows
    • #231 Fix previews sometimes taking a long time to generate
    • #251 Fix input fields losing focus when switching between windows
    • #263 Fix VTT for chapter display in scene players
    • #295 Fix usage of Box.Bytes causing depreciation message
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    stash-linux(32.40 MB)
    stash-osx(30.63 MB)
    stash-pi(29.29 MB)
    stash-win.exe(45.33 MB)
This service provides authenticated access to a static website hosted in an s3 bucket.

website-openid-proxy This service provides OpenID authenticated access to a static website hosted in an s3 bucket. It is designed to be a simple way t

Mark Wolfe 22 Jan 19, 2022
Go middleware for monetizing your API on a per-request basis with Bitcoin and Lightning ⚡️

ln-paywall Go middleware for monetizing your API on a per-request basis with Bitcoin and Lightning ⚡️ Middlewares for: net/http HandlerFunc net/http H

Philipp Gillé 133 Nov 25, 2022
A simple and lightweight encrypted password manager written in Go.

A simple and lightweight encrypted password manager written in Go.

null 32 Jun 16, 2022
Go (golang) library for creating and consuming HTTP Server-Timing headers

HTTP Server-Timing for Go This is a library including middleware for using HTTP Server-Timing with Go. This header allows a server to send timing info

Mitchell Hashimoto 843 Nov 19, 2022
Redcon is a custom Redis server framework for Go that is fast and simple to use.

Redcon is a custom Redis server framework for Go that is fast and simple to use. The reason for this library it to give an efficient server front-end for the BuntDB and Tile38 projects.

Josh Baker 1.9k Dec 1, 2022
👄 The most accurate natural language detection library in the Go ecosystem, suitable for long and short text alike

Its task is simple: It tells you which language some provided textual data is written in. This is very useful as a preprocessing step for linguistic data in natural language processing applications such as text classification and spell checking. Other use cases, for instance, might include routing e-mails to the right geographically located customer service department, based on the e-mails' languages.

Peter M. Stahl 802 Dec 3, 2022
GoatCounter is an open source web analytics platform available as a hosted service or self-hosted app

GoatCounter is an open source web analytics platform available as a hosted service (free for non-commercial use) or self-hosted app. It aims to offer easy to use and meaningful privacy-friendly web analytics as an alternative to Google Analytics or Matomo.

zgoat 2.9k Nov 28, 2022
A dead simple cli utility to help you manage your git stash

A dead simple cli utility to help you manage your git stash.

Fadi Khadra 3 Aug 2, 2022
Chat backend which serves REST APIs

Chat backend which serves REST APIs

Vignesh kumar Dharmalingam 1 Nov 24, 2021
Stash large datasets on GitHub for free, quick, and easy download 🐿

squirrel Stash large datasets on GitHub for free, quick, and easy download ?? Install To install squirrel, run the following: curl ... Usage Create a

wwm 0 Dec 31, 2021
Go-ipfs-pinner - The pinner system is responsible for keeping track of which objects a user wants to keep stored locally

go-ipfs-pinner Background The pinner system is responsible for keeping track of

y 0 Jan 18, 2022
A Simple Application written in go-lang that serves the index.html

go-web server A Simple Application written in go-lang that serves the index.html Running the Application, Well, make sure you have go installed to con

Aelpxy 1 Nov 24, 2021
Test your API gateway routed lambdas locally and in CI

Lambo Test API Gateway wrapped lambda functions locally. Lambo can also be used to test API GW lambdas in CI without needing docker-in-docker. It will

Liam Galvin 8 Jun 22, 2022
EggContractor is a self-hosted contract monitoring web app + CLI client for Egg

EggContractor is a self-hosted contract monitoring web app + CLI client for Egg, Inc.. It allows you to easily monitor all your contract progress, as well as peeking into prospective coops you may want to join.

Z. Wang 40 Nov 23, 2022
Self-hosted web app for encoding files to a target format using distributed computing.

What is Encodarr? Encodarr is a self-hosted web application that encodes video files to a target format using distributed computing to spread the work

Brenek Harrison 31 Nov 22, 2022
A basic file server automatically generates self certificates and serves the given folder.

A basic file server automatically generates self certificates and serves the given folder.

Ahmet ÖZER 4 Jul 20, 2022
The Zuri Core is an open-source API that serves as the backend and backbone of Zuri Chat

The Zuri Core is an open-source API that serves as the backend and backbone of Zuri Chat

Zuri Chat 129 Nov 17, 2022
記帳-PWA-web-app (Bookkeeping-PWA-web-app)

GoKeep (bookkeeping web app) 記帳-PWA-web-app (Bookkeeping-PWA-web-app) demo link : 測試用帳密 : tester002 , tester002 (亦可

Yu-Zhuang Lin 5 Jan 31, 2022
A net.http.Handler similar to FileServer that serves gzipped content

net.http.handler.gzip: a FileServer that serves gzipped content. Usage: import "net/http/handler/gzip" base := "/path/to/website/static/files" http

Joao da Silva 15 Mar 14, 2022
Statigz serves pre-compressed embedded files with http in Go

statigz statigz serves pre-compressed embedded files with http in Go 1.16 and later. Why? Since version 1.16 Go provides standard way to embed static

Viacheslav Poturaev 40 Nov 28, 2022