Cross-platform client for PostgreSQL databases



Web-based PostgreSQL database browser written in Go.

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Pgweb is a web-based database browser for PostgreSQL, written in Go and works on OSX, Linux and Windows machines. Main idea behind using Go for backend development is to utilize ability of the compiler to produce zero-dependency binaries for multiple platforms. Pgweb was created as an attempt to build very simple and portable application to work with local or remote PostgreSQL databases.

See application screenshots


  • Cross-platform support OSX/Linux/Windows 32/64-bit
  • Simple installation (distributed as a single binary)
  • Zero dependencies
  • Works with PostgreSQL 9.1+
  • SSH Connections
  • Multiple database sessions
  • Simple database browser
  • Execute and analyze custom SQL queries
  • Table and query data export to CSV/JSON/XML
  • Query history
  • Server bookmarks

Visit WIKI for more details

Pgweb Pro

Pgweb Pro is the next major version of Pgweb and includes features like:

  • Table structure editing
  • Data editing (update row content)
  • Charting
  • History persistence
  • Multiple tabs

Please get in touch via:


Visit to see pgweb in action.



Start server:


You can also provide connection flags:

pgweb --host localhost --user myuser --db mydb

Connection URL scheme is also supported:

pgweb --url postgres://user:[email protected]:port/database?sslmode=[mode]
pgweb --url "postgres:///database?host=/absolute/path/to/unix/socket/dir"

Multiple database sessions

To enable multiple database sessions in pgweb, start the server with:

pgweb --sessions

Or set environment variable:

SESSIONS=1 pgweb

Deploy on Heroku

Heroku Deploy


Before running tests, make sure you have PostgreSQL server running on localhost:5432 interface. Also, you must have postgres user that could create new databases in your local environment. Pgweb server should not be running at the same time.

Execute test suite:

make test

If you're using Docker locally, you might also run pgweb test suite against all supported PostgreSQL version with a single command:

make test-all


  • Fork this repository
  • Create a new feature branch for a new functionality or bugfix
  • Commit your changes
  • Execute test suite
  • Push your code and open a new pull request
  • Use issues for any questions
  • Check wiki for extra documentation


The MIT License (MIT). See LICENSE file for more details.

  • AngularJS ?

    AngularJS ?

    I was thinking of angularifying the app, I think it would scale better. Would you be opposed ?

    opened by abourget 23
  • Error: Database does not have any tables ... but it does

    Error: Database does not have any tables ... but it does

    I am trying to connect to a database running on another machine on the network. When I connect with pgAdmin it works perfectly, so I know that it should work.

    I try to run pgweb with the following command:

     pgweb_windows_amd64.exe /url:"postgres://vagrant:[email protected]/mydbname"

    Here is the error that it returns:

    Connecting to server...
    Checking tables...
    Error: Database does not have any tables

    I turned on connection logging on the server, and here is what I got:

    2014-10-29 01:11:30 GMT 54503ec2.7ee9 vagrant mydbname LOG:  statement: SELECT table_name FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema = 'public' ORDER BY table_schema,table_name;
    2014-10-29 01:11:30 GMT 54503ec2.7ee9 vagrant mydbname LOG:  could not receive data from client: Connection reset by peer

    When I run that query (SELECT table_name FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema = 'public' ORDER BY table_schema,table_name;) in pgAdmin, it returns the list of tables, as expected.

    What is causing this?

    Is there any other information that can be used to troubleshoot?

    opened by kohenkatz 22
  • Integrate with an existing website

    Integrate with an existing website

    Hi, I'm trying to integrate pgweb with an existing website (hosted on aws beanstalk with nodejs, within a load balanced environment). I want to have a button on the website which opens up the "database explorer", bypassing the pgweb login page as I already have those credentials in the nodejs server hosting the website (and in fact, the user might not even know the credentials to the database, only the credentials to the website).

    Currently, the only way for bypassing the login page, from what I understand, is by specifying it in the command line when spinning up the pgweb server, right? Which means that I'll need to spin up a server by demand for each user, and on a different port for each user? So this is not a practical solution (especially with regards to configuring all of the port forwarding rules).

    Is there any better way for supporting this scenario?

    2 potential solutions:

    1. Support passing connection bookmarks in the url for an existing pgweb server, and not just on startup. So I'll be able to spin up a single pgweb server in advance. Related to #204 .
    2. Ideally, I would want to have pgweb as a library in my existing server, and not to spin up an additional server. So for a specific sub-domain I will forward the request to pgweb (with an option for me to hook to the output before rendering, for example for giving better matching colors for my website).


    opened by tzachshabtay 22
  • one-click Heroku deploy support

    one-click Heroku deploy support

    So this is semi/totally bullshit, but I figured I'd open the PR for the purpose of further conversation.

    The primary problem is (I think) the vendoring of bindata.go. Obviously idomatic go provides no guidance on how to manage an asset pipeline today, and the popular kr buildpack doesn't know about how to use your Makefile.

    Adding a Procfile, app.json and vendoring godeps all seem more-or-less reasonable to me.

    Oh, I also stopped checking if there were any tables and crashing if not. pgweb should probably work on empty databases. I mean... why not?

    A logo which isn't your picture for the app.json would be cool too, but with this branch you can hit the deploy button and get a working app.

    opened by pvh 20
  • Updating values from rows view?

    Updating values from rows view?

    Is it possible to execute a SQL update query from changing the text and hitting enter or similar?


    opened by RONNCC 17
  • Not able to view text columns

    Not able to view text columns


    Apologies ahead of time if this is not the proper forum but I didn't see any pgweb questions on StackOverflow. I am trying to use pgweb to view the contents of a table with a text column. Anytime I see the results it always displays the results as some numeric value like "41006". All other columns render perfectly. I know the contents are something other than "41006" because the application I am working on renders the contents correctly. I know that the contents of the column are JSON, in case this has any effect.

    Thanks, Rex Sheridan

    opened by rex-sheridan 16
  • schema support?

    schema support?

    I can 'set search_path= schema' and run the query through the browsers, but the tables names show in the left do not change.


    opened by swuecho 16
  • Add AWS RDS instance discovery

    Add AWS RDS instance discovery

    This PR adds the possibility to automatically discover AWS RDS instances and offer them in a dropdown to prefill the host and port fields.

    • discovery is disabled by default
    • region and credentials can be automatically discovered from EC2 metadata or the usualy AWS SDK config methods (~/.aws/config, env variables, ...)
    • in read-only mode the endpoint for RDS clusters returned is the reader endpoint
    opened by bsx 15
  • deploy pgweb as a container alongside postgres in a docker-compose setup?

    deploy pgweb as a container alongside postgres in a docker-compose setup?

    Hello! This looks terrific. For my use case, I'd love to run this container alongside my postgres container, link them together, and have pgweb available at some port on my URL. Is that an idea that's been had before?

    opened by alexlenail 15
  • Error: pq: schema

    Error: pq: schema "dbms_alert" does not exist

    > docker run -p 8082:8081 -e DATABASE_URL='postgres://xxxxx:[email protected]:5444/xxxxx?sslmode=disable' sosedoff/pgweb
    Pgweb v0.11.6 (git: 3e4e9c30c947ce1384c49e4257c9a3cc9dc97876) (go: go1.13.7)
    Connecting to server...
    Connected to  
    Checking database objects...
    Error: pq: schema "dbms_alert" does not exist

    When I launch without DATABASE_URL and then login to the same db http://localhost:8081/api/objects responds with:

    {"error":"pq: schema \"dbms_alert\" does not exist","status":400}

    My other database tool is Intellij IDEA. I don't see dbms_alert in any part of the db object browser in IDEA.

    opened by gabrieljones 14
  • Use bookmarks' name to connect

    Use bookmarks' name to connect

    This avoid to send the connection data back and forth. This also allow to not expose sensitive data like passwords.

    The idea is to have a configuration on server-side which is unknown from the user on client-side.

    opened by erdnaxeli 0
  • try to reconnect when connection broke

    try to reconnect when connection broke


    In our use case we configure pgweb to connect with a given database by setting DATABASE_URL in the environment. This saves the end user the trouble of entering connection details in the UI.

    After a while however it is possible that the connection to the database breaks, causing the UI to prompt for connection details. Ideally this would not be needed since this pgweb instance is only meant to be used for a single database, for which connection details are available in the environment.

    This PR introduces a change that allows automatically reconnecting in such cases.


    • I think that ideally the connect/disconnect buttons would get hidden if e.g. DATABASE_URL was configured, since this means we just want to run this pgweb for a single database - I haven't gone this far in this PR
    • with this patch the user can disconnect (resulting in the connect screen being shown to them). if they next refresh the page they are again connected - this might be unexpected. (but no functionality is lost to them)

    Would you be interested in this change, or is there anything I can do to make it (more) acceptable?

    opened by domsj 0
  • Explain analyze dropdown button (issue #518)

    Explain analyze dropdown button (issue #518)

    Addresses the issue I raised in #518. Happy to explore different UX directions and/or button labels if the current design is not desirable.

    I have had to bring in the bootstrap 3.2.0 dropdown plugin from here. Code is licensed under MIT and retains its attribution.


    opened by tim-ings 0
  • arm64 version of Docker image?

    arm64 version of Docker image?

    Any plans on making arm64 version of Docker image?

    opened by xtovski 1
  • Connect-backend feature has limitation(no way to authenticate) when opening pgweb in iframe

    Connect-backend feature has limitation(no way to authenticate) when opening pgweb in iframe

    Hi. We want to use pgweb's connect-backend feature. In our web-app we embed pgweb iframe to access the database for a user. We have configured pgweb with these params as mentioned in docs here


    The way we want to use the connect backend feature is using the pgweb url like https://<pgweb-url>/connect/<resource-id> . The resource id is something that that will uniquely identify a database in our system.

    The issue here is in an iframe there is no direct way to pass headers directly, so we have no way to authenticate our user(i.e. passing access_token as header with /connect/ request).

    For passing iframe in header, on googling i found some answers but they mainly ask to make the request using some JS library like axios, XMLhttpRequest and then use the info returned, in iframe. From what i understood, when we use pgweb connect backend in browser(without any headers for auth), it makes a request to backend, get credentials and from https://<pgweb-url>/connect/<resource-id> redirects us to base pgweb url https://<pgweb-url>/ setting the session id in session storage of browser and let's us access the database. Since the part of setting the session id is done by pgweb's web interface and for iframe usecase we are making call to https://<pgweb-url>/connect/<resource-id> via axios, the session id can't be set(in pgweb domains session storage) and hence the pgweb web-app opened in the iframe remains unauthenticated.

    Secondly we saw that we can pass header x-session-id in GET request for /connect/<>, then this session id can be used to connect to the database, but this session id needs to be set in pgweb-domains session storage and browsers don't allow cross domain access to browser storage i.e. from our https://<my-org-web/ i can't set session id of https://<pgweb-url>/.

    Any help or suggestion is appreciated. If anything is unclear in my explanation, please feel free to tag and comment. Thanks in advance.

    opened by bhupixb 0
  • Write Cursor/Prompt displays on the wrong position on waterfox (possibly also firefox and other mozilla browsers)

    Write Cursor/Prompt displays on the wrong position on waterfox (possibly also firefox and other mozilla browsers)

    The issue displays itself when im trying to do a query and the cursor/prompt is way too ahead of where the actual position is. On the console theres a warning stating This page uses the non standard property “zoom”. Consider using calc() in the relevant property values, or using “transform” along with “transform-origin: 0 0”. This however doesn't happen on chromium making me have to use a completely different browser to use it, currently im using Arch linux with OpenBox as the display manager and the version i installed was the 64 bit amd one, although im using a lenovo y520, which comes with integrated intel graphics and nvidia one although i don't believe hardware to be the issue since everything runs smoothly on chromium

    This can be hard to explain so heres an image to explain it there are no space's or blank characters in the image, as you can see the cursor/prompt is way ahead of its position image here is me on the second character position(or the first character, that being the f) as you can see im a bit too offset to the right image its "zero" is well set thought heres be on the very first character position image

    opened by Imeguras 0
  • Explain Query button is potentially misleading

    Explain Query button is potentially misleading

    Hey, just wanted to bring up that the "Explain Query" button is potentially misleading and could cause accidental loss of data as it actually runs EXPLAIN ANALYZE not just EXPLAIN as the button label initially suggests.

    Relevant code here:

    Version v0.11.7


    opened by tim-ings-vgw 2
  • Client certificate support

    Client certificate support

    Hello, there is already one closed ticket about this topic to use a certificate in login process. is there any chance your tool would support this? we use standard way with user/pass to dbmachine/port and a certificate as an extra layer of security. cheers PB.

    opened by wepecko 1
  • Request: Push docker images to Gihub Container Registry

    Request: Push docker images to Gihub Container Registry

    Hi :wave:

    Would it be possible to push the Docker image also to the Gihub Container Registry (

    It would help avoid the new pull limits and some possible network restrictions from DockerHub.

    It can be easily done with a Github Action. Is this on the roadmap?

    @Tecnativa TT27819 cc @Yajo

    opened by joao-p-marques 3
  • Show empty schemes as well

    Show empty schemes as well

    What does this PR do?

    Empty schemes are shown in the ui as well.


    We are providing postgres databases to other developers inside the Daimler Group and currently recommending pgweb as a client. We got the feedback that it is a little bit confusing that you do not see empty schemes in the ui. Users might only learn about schemes when trying to create them via SQL. I was wondering if there is any special reason for this behaviour?

    Best regards

    Mathias Zeller [email protected] Daimler TSS GmbH (Imprint)

    opened by matoubidou 0
  • v0.11.9(Oct 9, 2021)


    • Releases are built on Go 1.17
    • Build time correction, GH-521
    • Fix broken assets URL path prefix, GH-525
    • Update docker build image to alpine:3.14, GH-522
    • Upgrade gin dependency to v1.7.4, GH-527
    • Add FreeBSD startup script, GH-520

    SHA256 Checksums

    a59528f46fec96b34720bd364918071625b0c37ad89740311a8ec12340411522 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    d8e5619fc9958a2df889ef8dbe201ad2f3fc9e8b79f3eb54a3981e95b8e1bbad pgweb_darwin_arm64
    6b7418c114e9e98b1257f189481ba823c8a3135f52757b7db4b443503de76f81 pgweb_linux_386
    73a8a1faf045d62498fead428d8a8437e578179782a0ea27fd2e6f41986f5c60 pgweb_linux_amd64
    3b39cad2955714087bc71e860c7f84a940e50dda4894d130e7dd0e690e737d66 pgweb_linux_arm64_v7
    8041d9659eddbb70568f920888ebc6c6377d5bf243ec567c79a16ac2cd915ca0 pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    de327c8b6bb1af32044fee16a344aba0e70903883bb1b0f9609fb0fa36c64902 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    d0dddbcc88d570e9b3f98e7d9350244d65a22e681a235ec7868b1d245d065572 pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.11.8(Jul 8, 2021)


    • Releases are built with Go 1.16
    • Add ARM64 v7 build target, GH-497
    • Switch to Go modules for dependency management, GH-509
    • Switch to Go embed for static assets management, GH-510
    • Add Darwin/ARM64 build target (Apple Silicon), GH-513

    SHA256 Checksums

    a2e2743debc8cf3a9b0b21ae780b22bfb04fc22454b2a0bc5a2951e45edeba3f pgweb_darwin_amd64
    b591ffb76557ade7ea61ed921663b459b91bcb47278a414d79b8599616f109f7 pgweb_darwin_arm64
    47d8d68dc807db9217b514a992dea1bd7a49a764cc31420514cc6af0655d4a23 pgweb_linux_386
    be138f05cbf32ca7f005efb4894e19a2fc27157e389d8e36d2051f29856c651e pgweb_linux_amd64
    c71251fa14fa07a5684624c4369d0bf5ab9ec38c5117990197a6a2f95cbd82fb pgweb_linux_arm64_v7
    9e4114a382b1705e75eeab502ec0e8a4b8a16b4144e68d7db8bddc08319960ab pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    a6cf0bfe621279fe1e3aabc687a22b357da82f64616605399d95a0ae71d08df9 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    76f620679c07ebdc612727cedf0102cc66fdfa6c81aa42cec5add5eb6af331b7 pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.11.7(Oct 18, 2020)


    • Releases are built with Go 1.15
    • Show results row context menu on custom query results, GH-457
    • Do not terminate if local authentication failed on start, GH-463
    • Do not show other databases if session is locked, GH-470
    • Strip debug information from binary to reduce size, GH-489
    • Disable autocomplete on database search field, GH-492
    • Improve windows connection error matching during start, GH-493

    SHA256 Checksums

    fc318a543c3aba9050c32dda3baed5d540b43283c7d66430a1f672d57ec57239 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    82990a5ca4590a9dbf957df79b9a3fbf7a51821f76a9617a6036ea9ec0637269 pgweb_linux_386
    d9e4faac030e12c43c0afc37750ccc31604892292bea2c664e421f4eadc5d005 pgweb_linux_amd64
    d928609bf6b81bca7219881d4fdba816895d88da929c91abf497dc8dedc06cc3 pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    7a4c474d93248ea00b19ebc0a4cb73ae6632c30ce918f0fe293a26bc45051caf pgweb_windows_386.exe
    912f9d8b799f0fb55971bc3e8a05997b244629896627df61aa0d3cb929e99ceb pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.11.6(Feb 20, 2020)


    • Add CLI options for SSL key, cert and root certs [GH-452]
    • Remove double click action on cell [GH-455]

    SHA256 Checksums

    6906da9afc705f775dcc8f7657ed1c1854f6e16fe800d4a072c72bd059c9b2dd pgweb_darwin_386
    ef9eca86f68f4553dbbed8c605f80c172e83fe79ba953e3f4b31a5284f012a22 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    e95752d1a0d9f38697c0ece38971cc8e73ed8d255054bda72ec36eea7a74db8d pgweb_linux_386
    3304f519df3ee0b12838ca3ffbea5b5320acb03162bec15627d66d6ed6957067 pgweb_linux_amd64
    cab66a8f04fcc0531b3ab4ced9e17de0e1d99524667c421145b985a0d61a6bae pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    60b130a976380837fb4263fcd2802df1a41a985dae4bc940bc629f7a9d4f7947 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    8854c18f2257c8d0bf9376aa6327d9ccd2768182332743de3187eb7f78dd2f5a pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.11.5(Dec 16, 2019)


    • Add basic SQL keyword autocompletion, GH-443
    • SSH Private Key handling update (encrypted keys are supported now), GH-445
    • Include Go version into pgweb --version output, GH-447
    • Fix long table name bug in the sidebar, GH-448
    • Add SQL objects (table,views,etc) autocompletion, GH-449
    • Include Go version into info API endpoint, GH-450

    SHA256 Checksums

    9c04443f32cb6903f9f131193faddd15a5fb312ced55619d6d4b633702d38796 pgweb_darwin_386
    9ff0599754bb69e1d6209653ae6382108eb4f4642d8ca2a0a1d71c63c79cd8a3 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    3db3c606163f65eea2f52fbcbc78147b228869e1c249d0eec17960a6b58525b4 pgweb_linux_386
    c271550230f13ecd0cfc238eb37966fd380857977793e66bd3a94a898afbfd53 pgweb_linux_amd64
    cdd18e25619a795e914bedeed69e96dab68a1f15f8cf31964657587c7abda325 pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    a255c48981105ca186d87df477aeeb015495bad2aabed0d2a1851d7522e12b64 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    234ab0bd4ca8218716354694c2974e7201b420471feedccf9990f5d2e5e0595c pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.11.4(Oct 5, 2019)


    • Fix SQL export filename, GH-438
    • Update Docker image to alpine:3.10, GH-439
    • Drop unsupported pg_dump options from connection string, GH-441
    • Misc code cleanup and formatting, GH-442

    SHA256 Checksums

    2874aece9631ac0d1e62ad965fa5e180719d79c76594334da116e78937e074ab pgweb_darwin_386
    a55fbea5d03cd96daaf78bdfd0871d702f4549aabf7828243802ebb8e6c203cf pgweb_darwin_amd64
    99a263ff4411098c04f11dbeb81708dc72e163ae9156647483576d75bc8e187a pgweb_linux_386
    21448788701720e732fac0486bc6fe23032c53bd38aef28de3346d6afc60c337 pgweb_linux_amd64
    c9778a7d0091b347d8b93c36010ac63e8c93c6f77ea438ae6f1f1ce49885f71e pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    b4009ccc30afd9d5a0f4930eb7fa4a13a1085a628d744c07edb7b9469ee7fdf2 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    6e77efcf4e8a8cb7fd30e173b04b1d98956b8b642737f293dae7dee896457e87 pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.11.3(Jul 24, 2019)


    • Misc: add script to update homebrew formula version, GH-423
    • Destructive keyword restriction in read-only mode, GH-421
    • Make database object searchable in sidebar, GH-434
    • Update lib/pg to 1.1.1, GH-435

    SHA256 Checksums

    c269d344827f2376aa2f688df6d72198cfbdc78ed25130a64aa2cf9a2a7d3cc2 pgweb_darwin_386
    507abfc83d1c0189f2d79f77aa12502b284b59d5dce425791f8986d515562ca8 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    2d132a6953ee3ecadaf961af3854c6ec090a4d95ef7dccd54ce72cf29c047b5a pgweb_linux_386
    122df8b0ddddf881b3751dd9ee187b68a52fbbd9f3333b5fc3404b6ec7178829 pgweb_linux_amd64
    1ee43cd808244d03008a231f84683c1674ea350485c2ce0d4d8e8d0c286c0501 pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    1d01fa52dc11f170c429ba31a64bb7eb4b25cdff859ae1f9cb00a64cd0912b35 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    de851726ac59e15a437a450d5c7e6762e9237318224b578111d7eaa15ddafeab pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.11.2(Feb 15, 2019)


    • Fix table row estimation query for camelcase schemas, GH-414

    SHA256 Checksums

    cf5575bb7f1cd0343065766d373f749cbb7f65fc695d01a3c955610e3b7acfc2 pgweb_darwin_386
    0ba71566e3120ab7197b01b93423d12e8029505f3b392269fe07ba1d809345b0 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    06290189c18f3e9409076c43c447426f7b7ffb1453d49191eb3e2576d0e20345 pgweb_linux_386
    1a59e9c46122a07b086751bf4b822ab60c3b4ca5aff9d7389728fe6ba919a328 pgweb_linux_amd64
    1f910b7e4372ef45b6da3a562264deed7529b8934b7241107ab1b060961d02da pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    c0833eb156c1ba72558db5a90dae4b54be3da6b05c359891d6759472ff7620e2 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    8b3f7fbafb6780025b239ab1819bace40c6cdc275433b7633ed974efa0e0698b pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.11.1(Jan 28, 2019)


    • Typo fixes
    • Add Base64 javascript encoder/decoder to replace deprecated window.atob call, GH-405
    • Fix startup error when DATABASE_URL is set, GH-406
    • Fix user auto detection when USER env var is not set, GH-408
    • Switch bindata dependency to use maintained fork:, GH-409

    SHA256 Checksums

    c6f704f511028a1f01e627b98cbf4820f572702dcb606f38a58b70564d748fa7 pgweb_darwin_386
    19742ecf765f429e9b801f23bdbce9f42e9136958487011801ebad4f5e77d400 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    0932fcb4f2bdc776896b651fd84bb3cd1c4d728cf5552ca730ccb47f7f71dcbf pgweb_linux_386
    d43f6a7cf6c1fe3d9ea6d088ebd12accb5c23c860238b5111a8e2ab9ddfee6f4 pgweb_linux_amd64
    14e62558a695bb6e33e106a441264c80f00697c234671138f9491ed916091faf pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    c8b58ce9f0c13faa4d0d0d44d5c100a1f8e30364f3449db17afdb4d2a4ecadc7 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    2b68eeb26b14d610f56a972fc4f23393a5c4fb84f94003477f737e8be357b3fd pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.11.0(Dec 24, 2018)


    • Tweak sidebar database object counters styles, GH-400
    • Do not exit with error if local server is not running, GH-399
    • Fix SSH host verification check, GH-398
    • Scope activity list to current database only, GH-397
    • Show current release version and check for updates, GH-396
    • Force switch back to default connection settings view, GH-395
    • Fix row count estimation bug, GH-394
    • Print out failed query SQL and args with --debug flag, GH-393

    SHA256 Checksums

    940e28142b9c490c9885b38da1aa5a365ca64c4e2ce4b0de8c553d776086f5dd pgweb_darwin_386
    d7a6fb513c48f0613bfe3101a256ac6862f32f6fb317e6b894ddaa9afdf1a554 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    ec75a720bfd0a7550a4bdb087b9949fe1d0a2f243a0ee0e816b3991918944b63 pgweb_linux_386
    fe5bf99699f03837c4e754a01c74a022fafbf8d8188d98ed821a69cc452a564a pgweb_linux_amd64
    5a6e6a457cd696a41ced1828fda519f810bb6b37f5f87b94cdd253b69af19a52 pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    331bbd6ea9b0bd88d23d3c4d08930604814619f52383a820a9c77ce33b78fb2c pgweb_windows_386.exe
    6d90aaaeb36fd2070e8528e7b5472037cb75f7a2db46daafdf15d561858a148d pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.10.0(Nov 28, 2018)


    • Fixes relation not found errors when dealing with table names that have uppercase characters, GH-356
    • Dockerfile updates, GH-357
    • Check if pg_dump is available before running database export, GH-358
    • Improvements to CockroachDB integration, GH-365
    • Add EstimatedTableRowsCount to avoid count in large tables, GH-366
    • Automatically set table filter option to 'equals' if its not set, GH-370
    • Dependencies update and switch to dep, GH-375
    • Add column context menu item to get numeric stats, GH-377
    • Fix issues with connection string builder, GH-378
    • Include rows count to numeric stats view on table column, GH-379
    • Make localhost to be a default db host, GH-380
    • Clear out connection settings/bookmark on login screen when running in session/connect mode
    • Add table row context menu with actions, GH-381
    • Allow settings url prefix with URL_PREFIX env var, GH-387
    • Fix JSON marshal panic when dealing with NaN values, GH-388
    • Fix startup behavior when user did not provide a database name, GH-389

    SHA256 Checksums

    cba1cfaef7e8c4a5ed13558793423d63ab9ab5e328780294a31095656f6d584e pgweb_darwin_386
    2b4a726c1cb38d584e8b65e12210862c8622006ea07754d7b8e075eb20491226 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    c3cba2ac4e2b3a28bb6b9147fbbb0a8317f02bcc9e69bea930a3ca04d866b83d pgweb_linux_386
    9c61d47e20fc6b27b33a16e7cc9bdf7eba4a92708fbee6690b2dedebccdaae94 pgweb_linux_amd64
    ac2d32b16dc252e1b8167888be4a24c0d39a86564dec4d8146999d3626404cfc pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    58ec7132b1741a65a6d425dbe0b7624a15ad6e2164a5a75f452f12756cee16b6 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    184765198447436e97f9fa4aa1e06df3636d7f0a74d36859c0e364401017aecb pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.9.12(Apr 23, 2018)


    • Add link to view database connection string format on login page
    • Include constraint name under "constraints" tab, GH-343
    • Misc CI and config changes

    SHA256 Checksums

    32ee3ed96e6c1ab639b1a27663e983fdc4924d0faf1c6a1cbaea77f717244d81 pgweb_darwin_386
    cf81c9e7857c7e6268d410aa7f0203796adf85b11f43963f6b0d9bb16ffd2c48 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    5c26a1caec062c74ae48b56b1410aad54259f90ab81dd68e5f43b8fb9a7078c0 pgweb_linux_386
    04c3a16670c1a8d5925f68040886163aa072922b12aa87b9233ed7546687331e pgweb_linux_amd64
    b8027f29c2ea1d57677c88f8f1985ba7caf5bd8d645a5ac3c7d4cd8575197b5c pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    965d1e641fc2a7f8935fab3746b991dda55c5018fff2d6d2654bf18c404988b0 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    50110b0b5c9dc5d4a4c09ed802a03bbfb53f3cb1b683ce681e241aea95857f0d pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.9.11(Dec 8, 2017)


    • Fix ssl mode for the connection url in the bookmarks, GH-320
    • Add support for CORS, GH-321
    • Fix custom query results counter for empty queries, GH-322
    • Reorganize the table context menu, GH-323
    • Disable database connection string text field autocomplete, GH-327
    • Add db prefix to the table export files, GH-329
    • Add database view context menu with export actions, GH-330

    SHA256 Checksums

    03dd83f218e69cc515074e7b36ff119bb946d815a7527a49420c052d6c114c3a pgweb_darwin_386
    e075d6e3f41f03199aa68fd54a9f48653f5526d2c1ed007b07750290d14733ed pgweb_darwin_amd64
    46618aca68de80c0bc4247a5a555ae1396c9fccffc5089b44b206d86ad59e378 pgweb_linux_386
    186ec8195e2c4c98d692de53123b92b2c2e71d97052af4d5926de2610abff7bd pgweb_linux_amd64
    e3f77edb919141307469ef4f3389a0659292c324c8675bb2badb6d55c5499dfb pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    e36e704019df4d6ca03dc6e570a927d2cc66d423fc06bafe848971faa66a535f pgweb_windows_386.exe
    a1189c476bb184cd315d2945534ecc4278c24fb392a91d6420e11d343530ea18 pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.9.10(Nov 4, 2017)


    • Make idle connection timeout configurable, [GH-282]
    • Fix panics when sshinfo is not set on bookmarks, [GH-296]
    • Dot now allow using startup bookmark in multi-session mode, [GH-300]
    • Add ability to copy table name from the sidebar, [GH-301]

    SHA256 Checksums

    e9d506db5dccd68b12529d4e7bab8cb5810c88c23e7dfd5019d399765d2254a5 pgweb_darwin_386
    193a4448bb25cad0351a2fcbb4b550787fd9a203bb7af4bb4d0ee11c0b3b090d pgweb_darwin_amd64
    5e26b8f80caa1bcd51da978d68106de25f7f68ccfbc760e583a9ee3c51a4da6f pgweb_linux_386
    a2e98fe3d46baf0886e2096aa27cecf1225bbfaeae464b43cd6600915f701f1d pgweb_linux_amd64
    9c68aa15d68a5784e477156ede6e2007cdac85728919213454c44a2710383a8b pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    56aa72f7e78789fb300a00759fc81745f973a89a8f3bc0894b505605648b2207 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    350a88fb014bba0f60cf88fa752745fc9bbee0ed2e1434e7f68a024fdabb7376 pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.9.9(Sep 29, 2017)


    • Automatically format JSON data exports, [GH-255]
    • Update Docker image to alpine:3.6, [GH-256]
    • Print out PostgreSQL server version on start in a single-session mode, [GH-264]
    • Record last query timestamp for the client connection, [GH-265]
    • Add context menu for table headers in browse mode (copy name, see unique values), [GH-268]
    • Add ability to export current database dump, [GH-270]
    • Automatically open pgweb in browser on start if its already running, [GH-272]
    • Connect to the database with credentials provided by a third-party backend, [GH-266]
    • Automatically close idle sessions (no activity in 1 hour), [GH-275]
    • Allow connecting via SSH with a custom private key and other fixes, [GH-277]
    • Add options to disable SSH connections, [GH-279]

    SHA256 Checksums

    511bf8d808dc85e6f400bb98132bd3c4c2d138fb84c7e77e05147ec9009c2161 pgweb_darwin_386
    f4d0b3ec4503550dd8dc09c824bf0fb4d8c98a007e6a8c3df1f3716777d433b5 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    78dea176abea2be1dc22569b15b129681fc4d4cbe0abb088989882e0a5172c85 pgweb_linux_386
    77f5ab17899eebc4d0bcd15c6a2a6420305cbdc9fe3d53a708ccaf33270fd5e0 pgweb_linux_amd64
    d4e9d8edffdc95d5b054a79ff5ddf8b349096a0616b3e5ecfec3937b74bbd530 pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    63059372208d261332ce44d97955a3f9516acdb1868b05bf24be692b51be028b pgweb_windows_386.exe
    a240d90235629e207339502446da92ec8658a6ae01c592868b4d84d26e839d97 pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.9.8(Aug 5, 2017)


    • Fixed error checking in the API, [GH-234]
    • Fixed activity tab to support PG 9.x versions, [GH-237]
    • Remember sort column and order for pagination, [GH-240]
    • Use sslmode=disable for bookmarks without sslmode option, [GH-244]
    • Javascript fixes for IE9-11, [GH-245]
    • Require confirmation for the disconnect, [GH-246]
    • Clean the results table on manual disconnect

    SHA256 Checksums

    6f5afafbf63fdb948a8c3cc7b054c5df446c92a2e10929594a4387c366a98905 pgweb_darwin_386
    2483afae331fa76e75106df1806ba7768fe3420e5957a02e3186c1ee1bf900d5 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    df3d0fd1a77c4786beed69ae61aaf8c1653fddef25a13d06153e65a2347a3bc0 pgweb_linux_386
    7a6ba001373a2e7e254c37677d015182e6523f97b477936b25de2e997c158e90 pgweb_linux_amd64
    7a62547675649f9c1f9ffbc68c74925fc75f0a3db8dc0f3249aabbbe3f7f8751 pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    ad5f5b46945bbc17010bd50ea5277cc5e3ae9f803830500be5658fa8d0a81aa4 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    5da7052c99982b30126729fe9c50ab7ee3d01a0461d5c89d1060ac0bf80e2ba7 pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.9.7(Apr 5, 2017)


    • Fixed issue with locked session and empty db url, GH-206
    • Fixed path rewrite on DB change, GH-212
    • Upgraded dependencies, GH-217
    • Added ability to specify bookmarks path, GH-218
    • Added counter for the number of rows from a custom SQL query, GH-224
    • Added new behavior for removing table rows view on custom SQL query page, GH-225

    SHA256 Checksums

    c042ea1b4d5506ad610256336aae8ee2cf7e97b2bed9aa4318f5bc802f3358ab pgweb_darwin_386
    aa1322787fe66940daa70b5c98995c1d5b33bee23040d3d8ad5b3c7a7fb8c6dd pgweb_darwin_amd64
    6d35374d6bdbf419fc96bbdac1635a2d3d8ade4c1d77d0da509368c45002af51 pgweb_linux_386
    ae085914413c514699bff63dce299ebf61bc232e411238e9b7c8641b926167c7 pgweb_linux_amd64
    e617426afb0ea70a16c494d9a9836027b2ee1b735124d43cb50abd79485ff9b0 pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    79d7b9d179e2d1336df94f278072b5a2cd7684a16adca7ba59c1e42867cc513d pgweb_windows_386.exe
    0212956e044740d1770b135a6e790964d370393cb8de928db246debf4a816ea4 pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.9.6(Nov 18, 2016)


    • Fixed bug in query base64-encoding, GH-186
    • Fixed rows pagination visibility bug, GH-190
    • Fixed issue with query order escaping, GH-191
    • Fixed invalid query selection for explain command, GH-198
    • Fixed issue with empty sidebar, now it shows empty state, GH-202
    • Added new flag --readonly to enable read only transaction mode, GH-193
    • Added ability to kill any running query, GH-194
    • Added session database connection locking, GH-195
    • Added ability to switch between databases, GH-196
    • Added feature to keep last selected tab when switching between tables, GH-197
    • Added new flag --bookmark (-b) to specify server connection from bookmark, GH-201

    SHA256 Checksums

    9e8edba5c30d2479ddffb88db31aef221fe41e0cb78b7b462069ea12b1a1e78e pgweb_darwin_386
    d4a32705cdf935b3e66d60fdd6319a3a7dae8c49348cb4daa956f9f7d0c8e4f9 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    7d4ab70b206e3f06c4a31bbfa636aa367603083718fa7dbb342108dfa1abf606 pgweb_linux_386
    81cad69b4da06e1b28286f31f904b9ec98c482357bc403347419c475da2a5090 pgweb_linux_amd64
    bf6788cc844d3fad195e6d89deac3166d9b934d3edb01d6790d35d2ea21cd9b0 pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    2b1372d4965c67027e60b36e88d6c0017a7a2e448ca96fb3c5dab22a1cf616aa pgweb_windows_386.exe
    2e2d778f52745be47ddffcfaa8df928a469ed91a4c4db1c02a35db6db3261cb8 pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.9.5(Oct 2, 2016)


    • Only view schema with USAGE privileges, GH-167
    • Fixed broken export to CSV/JSON/XML if hashmark in URL, GH-175
    • Added example service configuration for systemd, GH-177
    • Allow setting auth user and pass using variables

    SHA256 Checksums

    bd89d083d10ec4f91070e00d62b3376bb4f27d57cc5d865fb18ae702e34b59ac pgweb_darwin_386
    08f909e9a1d1f79fe13419077d1ce20d6d6b399e23a176a065570b929a6f9da8 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    8559235bbe8608a56683a7650ee62e75b79caafd4a82820b8830e35d33da8376 pgweb_linux_386
    da1b79f71000b97f5a092e5bc40ff3a0097d03e690cb25a0c190a2430f6e5e62 pgweb_linux_amd64
    7a6f485d28d6e25d75c7a6b05c497fed7ac26f1026abf0f995997c7b9d6b1761 pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    fc98ad5f5a23fadb82bb81d4a4554c2298f99a4748a6a9aee4f800102a7022ef pgweb_windows_386.exe
    bc4d9d8ea7ea77ab4946818cfb8eaf104623a2692d3db9435e403db4753558bb pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.9.4(Jul 29, 2016)


    • Fixes CSV/JSON/XML export buttons when pgweb is running with url prefix [GH-170]

    SHA256 Checksums

    200d0482691d4e1af5e6f39198ee86de5e987d497521db1f01d08724d2079b5d pgweb_darwin_386
    af1a6b363f98451a9659011ef144fd60da890d12a7ef403b7523d1485afdf1e3 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    885f6a122ed58b2a8e321f9de491c7462cc9fbe2d713a817921cf25aedf0955c pgweb_linux_386
    cde4f20f6e53fe1ed063a6722c2ff6fb5c22b0ee95cf66a032290ac191bc97bc pgweb_linux_amd64
    2e4bb349e519dd3f2ca02e7eaea33807fd1366ad93fe814102fc9d9431b8c75a pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    5ba3ecdaa28b875085d16d73f94392b381002786c2bab1ebce9b8e88bbbf12cf pgweb_windows_386.exe
    063bfa0a1dd400f5da210e69effbb027b2664c0d26025f16b5c3294737861ffe pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.9.3(Jun 30, 2016)


    • Use Go 1.6 for development, GH-155
    • Fix timestamp formatting in CSV export, GH-163
    • Include PostgreSQL 9.6 for integration testing
    • Switch docker image to Alpine to reduce image size
    • Add support for ARMv5

    SHA256 Checksums

    4c75348aeddb0ad405280ef41269cef31ae6066cb40e3d0857c19a9e49031e0f pgweb_darwin_386
    deab6433fc3daeeddd758880c4efc638869393cdb68f521b1f5db7fea052fd55 pgweb_darwin_amd64
    db4efb0843e3a90c7199ea17ce1ed16fc11ebf92d2081d9452c24328d03d2353 pgweb_linux_386
    32a8457d1f064c47e92de050789ab54bb43b607ffc81b39f7343e15d32b5adca pgweb_linux_amd64
    6d767df4278e6ffb3b793264dec8559e141668c39008a0283a63fe09b0ebef7a pgweb_linux_arm_v5
    f5b1447fb16337b6a16283e8423de562bbdcce46eac2b52864db52a3d6f208cd pgweb_windows_386.exe
    46eae286800d916e28544be57c997ebc89f106062c7e07ec51e9f81aaf882b1a pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.9.2(Mar 2, 2016)


    • Fixes bug with unsafe base64 encoded sql queries
    • Fixes issue with session id not being included in multi-session mode
    • Fixes visual issue with long table names in sidebar
    • Fixes visual issue with a scrollbar in table information widget
    • Fixes issue with database connection form being reset by clicking on 'cancel' button
    • Adds ability to close connection
    • Adds display message for number of affected rows for update/delete queries, GH-133
    • Adds web server url prefix as a CLI option, GH-135

    SHA256 Checksums

    3bc7a91e8f80e4bf5b374b4885364ce8b09448be145b517ea0991d0c62c77537 pgweb_darwin_386
    feff4d3862cdea716c2f89e7fc084c146d2b9a1040719475b48bc78daba1120a pgweb_darwin_amd64
    3282b161f9f999bb4ff7b2cd7ad01ff9cfdc34fa47c6ec1c73d39fcba7b4eca6 pgweb_linux_386
    d3b2278ca645a0f9fd882620ef3194c0da97a6d1a590c5024937def9b44b7fdb pgweb_linux_amd64
    07e7d11a123bd11c59ad1cba5067866748ce5ab220b724fc40b61ef852de48b3 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    1ea69558a1520dabf8b573ec530cf1c7629ad1b529263e8bbea80b4371e7ccd9 pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    pgweb_darwin_386(9.94 MB) MB)
    pgweb_darwin_amd64(12.16 MB) MB)
    pgweb_linux_386(10.06 MB) MB)
    pgweb_linux_amd64(12.29 MB) MB)
    pgweb_windows_386.exe(10.18 MB) MB)
    pgweb_windows_amd64.exe(12.41 MB) MB)
  • v0.9.1(Jan 26, 2016)


    • Fixes bug with tables context menu
    • Fixes JS bug when query returns no rows
    • Fixes bug with switching between different connection modes
    • Adds AJAX timeout to 5s
    • Adds sidebar reload action on any CREATE/DROP action

    SHA256 Checksums

    ae88be8ecbbd18fd576192778891dd546cd611cef10033f57dcb3165bb916bc9 pgweb_darwin_386
    e3d872af15cc39f7eb9de468a9b8a3a267cb19ad75fc398601713cdca38edf1f pgweb_darwin_amd64
    64b85a4499f6216be6f18f336653514af9a6a2190dcd76a61be59419eed5602f pgweb_linux_386
    f9ce4c22e79a1a6b68ad01df0a1ada91856114127e2d2d118977f9515d7bc8ad pgweb_linux_amd64
    dac43262026b17133b11eb21e191305fb80fcc3c1d51a55c00e8d5db5b315996 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    9e1402ba2c708a04d32307f906f763be1f8dd136cab2a544f315c0a6355d8f0d pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.9.0(Jan 19, 2016)


    • Adds support for multiple schemas. GH-112
    • Adds support for native ssh tunnes. GH-114
    • Adds materialized views to list of schema objects
    • Adds a few design tweaks and cleanups
    • Fixes bug with nil result set when fetching rows

    SHA256 Checksums

    de0222a064b077b69119fc574d96d9b186682af509fa8958106bf5b394f9cc8f pgweb_darwin_386
    7ecb34542c441d2cb6a26beeffdb3f186116781aa7d4a5598f3fd4fad0a7dade pgweb_darwin_amd64
    1f57ec3cbd6fb11926877266467025d92cb57a6c080bd49d79d682a8e8477094 pgweb_linux_386
    51d635528e561f8934e72bea59a0e041cc06a13d01972584bc96d98da4919019 pgweb_linux_amd64
    85ce257241e697ac345b125066234dc0875c2e2750192a058b2d3f9e729e7285 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    7f81579ec49fc28b4bd0ca9e804951d2722ce3716492e50908d0b1e5c52ee219 pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.8.0(Jan 11, 2016)


    • Fixes bug with bigint conversions in javascript. Now bigints are encoded as strings. GH-109
    • Adds pagination and simple column filtering to table rows browser. GH-110
    • Adds ability to use pgweb with multiple database sessions. GH-111
    • Adds a few design tweaks and cleanups

    SHA256 Checksums

    0d008508572b9de1a22b0b8ac9912965090e9c7f990b78650fb33b43245b5ab1 pgweb_darwin_386
    958eff25732b66861fc8113d2346b1f7072ef75fba99c1637632ebaf011abbed pgweb_darwin_amd64
    37f91a4a8287985772676135807037684a67525f308a119909c342cc578c563e pgweb_linux_386
    f33412f36b1d6d72fca50b2d40d7906a3e8a0dbfec97af32de67ec2655b4edea pgweb_linux_amd64
    25541a9b7339c1deb7532f1808dacbc528d3c62d5d01b6982a48ddbfe4a212d2 pgweb_windows_386.exe
    98fc783eb2388d9e9cf01e78e9384a90bb2bdac20846809d1e7b7bea56f08a5f pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.7.0(Jan 5, 2016)


    • Adds sequences to the sidebar panel - [GH-100]
    • Adds table constrains view - [GH-104]
    • Adds ability to export table and query rows as JSON/XML - [GH-107]
    • Updates to UI theme and SQL editor

    SHA256 Checksums

    ee1f3e1484a8e870d79380362bfc9d0ec65786b647d808f149e8ed034f577eee  pgweb_darwin_386
    90f9ff5fecf556a6c2d24c25ce4e700ca33c1604d83b3948b326a94117ce3dc2  pgweb_darwin_amd64
    33c32bafb19c31d39c11154e03ee8f3ea5361b8a6db3935aac8345c7374bedd3  pgweb_linux_386
    868430b98adee5870bd6c9a5b43b830841a43398a41c8ef9f074cec2e964fca4  pgweb_linux_amd64
    0316140a79eadd88cd373e4d6ffd221545c6451077fd5eb191db14a01b8aa368  pgweb_windows_386.exe
    ea2b071319ed17ebf07fe030c2f6993df9df72ecea4b161209a1a4be6f8cae90  pgweb_windows_amd64.exe
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.6.3(Aug 16, 2015)

  • v0.6.2(Jul 16, 2015)

  • v0.6.0(Jun 1, 2015)

    • Adds ability to execute only selected SQL query in run command view, GH-85
    • Adds ability to delete/truncate table via context meny on sidebar view
    • Adds ability to export table contents to CSV via context menu on sidebar view
    • Changes sidebar color scheme to a lighter and better looking one
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
Dan Sosedoff
Software engineer at Hashstack LLC
Dan Sosedoff
Interactive client for PostgreSQL and MySQL

dblab Interactive client for PostgreSQL and MySQL. Overview dblab is a fast and lightweight interactive terminal based UI application for PostgreSQL a

Daniel Omar Vergara Pérez 163 Nov 28, 2021
🏋️ dbbench is a simple database benchmarking tool which supports several databases and own scripts

dbbench Table of Contents Description Example Installation Supported Databases Usage Custom Scripts Troubeshooting Development Acknowledgements Descri

Simon Jürgensmeyer 61 Nov 11, 2021
Go package for sharding databases ( Supports every ORM or raw SQL )

Octillery Octillery is a Go package for sharding databases. It can use with every OR Mapping library ( xorm , gorp , gorm , dbr ...) implementing data

BlasTrain Co., Ltd. 146 Oct 25, 2021
Universal command-line interface for SQL databases

usql A universal command-line interface for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle Database, SQLite3, Microsoft SQL Server, and many other databases including NoSQ

XO 6.8k Nov 28, 2021
OctoSQL is a query tool that allows you to join, analyse and transform data from multiple databases and file formats using SQL.

OctoSQL OctoSQL is a query tool that allows you to join, analyse and transform data from multiple databases, streaming sources and file formats using

Jacob Martin 2.6k Dec 3, 2021
Redis-shake is a tool for synchronizing data between two redis databases. Redis-shake是一个用于在两个redis之间同步数据的工具,满足用户非常灵活的同步、迁移需求。

RedisShake is mainly used to synchronize data from one redis to another. Thanks to the Douyu's WSD team for the support. 中文文档 English tutorial 中文使用文档

Alibaba 2k Nov 29, 2021
SQL API is designed to be able to run queries on databases without any configuration by simple HTTP call.

SQL API SQL API is designed to be able to run queries on databases without any configuration by simple HTTP call. The request contains the DB credenti

Çiçeksepeti Tech 17 Oct 12, 2021
Go sqlite3 http vfs: query sqlite databases over http with range headers

sqlite3vfshttp: a Go sqlite VFS for querying databases over http(s) sqlite3vfshttp is a sqlite3 VFS for querying remote databases over http(s). This a

Peter Sanford 15 Nov 16, 2021
The open-source collaborative IDE for your databases.

The open-source collaborative IDE for your databases in your browser. About Slashbase is an open-source collaborative IDE for your databases in your b

Slashbase 9 Nov 28, 2021
test ALL the databases

This project is an integration test, testing various Go database drivers (for the database/sql package). To run these tests, in this directory, run:

Brad Fitzpatrick 102 Nov 8, 2021
Use SQL to instantly query instances, networks, databases, and more from Scaleway. Open source CLI. No DB required.

Scaleway Plugin for Steampipe Use SQL to query infrastructure servers, networks, databases and more from your Scaleway project. Get started → Document

Turbot 5 Nov 16, 2021
Manage SQL databases, users and grant using kubernetes manifests

SqlOperator Operate sql databases, users and grants. This is a WIP project and should not at all be used in production at this time. Feel free to vali

Stenic 1 Nov 28, 2021
Manage Schema for KubeDB managed Databases

schema-manager Manage Schema for KubeDB managed Databases Installation To install KubeDB, please follow the guide here. Using KubeDB Want to learn how

Kubernetes Database 3 Nov 10, 2021
A go Library for scan database/sql rows to struct、slice、other types. And it support multiple databases connection management

ploto A go Library for scan database/sql rows to struct、slice、other types. And it support multiple databases connection management It's not an ORM. wo

solar 1 Nov 23, 2021
pg_timetable: Advanced scheduling for PostgreSQL

pg_timetable: Advanced scheduling for PostgreSQL pg_timetable is an advanced job scheduler for PostgreSQL, offering many advantages over traditional s

CYBERTEC PostgreSQL International GmbH 585 Nov 25, 2021
pREST (PostgreSQL REST), simplify and accelerate development, ⚡ instant, realtime, high-performance on any Postgres application, existing or new

pREST pREST (PostgreSQL REST), simplify and accelerate development, instant, realtime, high-performance on any Postgres application, existing or new P

pREST 3k Dec 5, 2021
PostgreSQL style Parser splitted from CockroachDB

What's this PostgreSQL style Parser splitted from CockroachDB See: Complex SQL format example

auxten 106 Nov 10, 2021
Enhanced PostgreSQL logical replication

pgcat - Enhanced postgresql logical replication Why pgcat? Architecture Build from source Install Run Conflict handling Table mapping Replication iden

jinhua luo 350 Nov 18, 2021
WAL-G is an archival restoration tool for PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, and MS SQL Server (beta for MongoDB and Redis).

WAL-G is an archival restoration tool for PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, and MS SQL Server (beta for MongoDB and Redis).

null 2k Dec 2, 2021