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Dataflow kit ("DFK") is a Web Scraping framework for Gophers. It extracts data from web pages, following the specified CSS Selectors.

You can use it in many ways for data mining, data processing or archiving.

The Web Scraping Pipeline

Web-scraping pipeline consists of 3 general components:

  • Downloading an HTML web-page. (Fetch Service)
  • Parsing an HTML page and retrieving data we're interested in (Parse Service)
  • Encoding parsed data to CSV, MS Excel, JSON, JSON Lines or XML format.

Fetch service

fetch.d server is intended for html web pages content download. Depending on Fetcher type, web page content is downloaded using either Base Fetcher or Chrome fetcher.

Base fetcher uses standard golang http client to fetch pages as is. It works faster than Chrome fetcher. But Base fetcher cannot render dynamic javascript driven web pages.

Chrome fetcher is intended for rendering dynamic javascript based content. It sends requests to Chrome running in headless mode.

A fetched web page is passed to parse.d service.

Parse service

parse.d is the service that extracts data from downloaded web page following the rules listed in configuration JSON file. Extracted data is returned in CSV, MS Excel, JSON or XML format.

Note: Sometimes Parse service cannot extract data from some pages retrieved by default Base fetcher. Empty results may be returned while parsing Java Script generated pages. Parse service then attempts to force Chrome fetcher to render the same dynamic javascript driven content automatically. Have a look at https://scrape.dataflowkit.com/persons/page-0 which is a sample of JavaScript driven web page.

Dataflow kit benefits:

  • Scraping of JavaScript generated pages;

  • Data extraction from paginated websites;

  • Processing infinite scrolled pages.

  • Sсraping of websites behind login form;

  • Cookies and sessions handling;

  • Following links and detailed pages processing;

  • Managing delays between requests per domain;

  • Following robots.txt directives;

  • Saving intermediate data in Diskv or Mongodb. Storage interface is flexible enough to add more storage types easily;

  • Encode results to CSV, MS Excel, JSON(Lines), XML formats;

  • Dataflow kit is fast. It takes about 4-6 seconds to fetch and then parse 50 pages.

  • Dataflow kit is suitable to process quite large volumes of data. Our tests show the time needed to parse appr. 4 millions of pages is about 7 hours. 


go get -u github.com/slotix/dataflowkit



  1. Install Docker and Docker Compose

  2. Start services.

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/slotix/dataflowkit && docker-compose up

This command fetches docker images automatically and starts services.

  1. Launch parsing in the second terminal window by sending POST request to parse daemon. Some json configuration files for testing are available in /examples folder.
curl -XPOST --data-binary "@$GOPATH/src/github.com/slotix/dataflowkit/examples/books.toscrape.com.json"

Here is the sample json configuration file:

		  "selector":".product-container a",
			 "types":["text", "href"],
		  "selector":"#product-container img",

Read more information about scraper configuration JSON files at our GoDoc reference

Extractors and filters are described at https://godoc.org/github.com/slotix/dataflowkit/extract

  1. To stop services just press Ctrl+C and run
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/slotix/dataflowkit && docker-compose down --remove-orphans --volumes

IMAFGE ALT CLI Dataflow kit web scraping framework

Click on image to see CLI in action.

Manual way

  1. Start Chrome docker container
docker run --init -it --rm -d --name chrome --shm-size=1024m -p= --cap-add=SYS_ADMIN \

Headless Chrome is used for fetching web pages to feed a Dataflow kit parser.

  1. Build and run fetch.d service
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/slotix/dataflowkit/cmd/fetch.d && go build && ./fetch.d
  1. In new terminal window build and run parse.d service
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/slotix/dataflowkit/cmd/parse.d && go build && ./parse.d
  1. Launch parsing. See step 3. from the previous section.

Run tests

  • docker-compose -f test-docker-compose.yml up -d
  • ./test.sh
  • To stop services just run docker-compose -f test-docker-compose.yml down


Try https://dataflowkit.com/dfk Front-end with Point-and-click interface to Dataflow kit services. It generates JSON config file and sends POST request to DFK Parser

IMAGE ALT Dataflow kit web scraping framework

Click on image to see Dataflow kit in action.


This is Free Software, released under the BSD 3-Clause License.


You are welcome to contribute to our project.

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  • UI included?

    UI included?

    Will the UI available for toscrape data be published as a general service? Without that UI the whole service is... well, useful only to some extent...

    opened by uded 7
  • Adding option for bypassing render.

    Adding option for bypassing render.

    Most of websites return same result whether fetch via browser or direct download. Can you add option for bypass?

    opened by lutfuahmet 4
  • Content behind login

    Content behind login

    I would like to scrape a website behind a login form (e.g. http://quotes.toscrape.com/login). Is Dataflowkit able to send forms and keep session information during scrapping? If yes, then how?

    opened by ghost 4
  • How to Use Proxy with DataFlowKit?

    How to Use Proxy with DataFlowKit?

    How to use proxy to prevent blocking IPs? Plz give some example/guide tutorial with docker or standalone

    opened by NiNJAD3vel0per 4
  • JSON Lines Newline Delimited JSON (.jsonl) format support.

    JSON Lines Newline Delimited JSON (.jsonl) format support.

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Here are some use cases of using JSON lines:

    • Store multiple JSON records in a file. So any kind of (uniform) structured data can be stored, such as a list of users, products or log entries.
    • JSON Lines can be streamed easily.
    • quick insertions.
    • query the last or last (n) items quickly.

    Describe the solution you'd like

    Add new parameter here

    type JSONEncoder struct {
    	JSONLines bool

    Implement encoding to JSON Lines in the function

    func (e JSONEncoder) encode(ctx context.Context, w *bufio.Writer, payloadMD5 string, keys *map[int][]int) error {}

    opened by slotix 2
  • Multiple robots.txt files on the server. How to process them correctly?

    Multiple robots.txt files on the server. How to process them correctly?

    Let's consider the following case: Domain: http://example.com . Obviously robots.txt file is located at http://example.com/robots.txt . This robots.txt has no access restrictions.

    Let's assume that we have a link like http://adv.example.com/click?item=1 to be scraped. It redirects one to http://example.com/item1 . For security reasons the second http://adv.example.com/robots.txt file

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /

    forbids everyone from accessing the page http://adv.example.com/click?item=1. But redirected page http://example.com/item1 is opened for crawling according to http://example.com/robots.txt .

    To respect robots.txt we have to parse it BEFORE downloading its corresponding page. But following the rules listed in http://adv.example.com/robots.txt restricts us from accessing final redirected page http://example.com/item1 . It stops fetching and returns the error "Forbidden by robots.txt"

    So... the only solution that comes to my mind is to download a page, generate robots.txt link from final redirected page response and check if its processing is allowed by robots.txt .

    Please have a look at robotstxt.mw.go func (mw robotstxtMiddleware) Fetch(req interface{}) (output interface{}, err error) {}

    Please share your ideas about the most elegant solution.

    opened by slotix 1
  • gofmt -s -w .

    gofmt -s -w .

    100% in gofmt at https://goreportcard.com/report/github.com/slotix/dataflowkit.

    opened by cassiobotaro 1
  • Example of a along for doctors

    Example of a along for doctors

    I read it was used for this. Is the script public. I want to get an idea of a production example and any issues that come up. Great toolkit and really useful in golang.

    opened by ghost 1
  • Add excel encoder

    Add excel encoder

    opened by slotix 1
  • Add stat information to Task

    Add stat information to Task

    Currently there is not enough information about Parse Task returned except output file path. It needs to add some extra information like Requests count divided by type (Initial, paginator, details), Response count, Error count, time elapsed, etc.

    opened by slotix 1
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