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mqttcli -- MQTT Client for shell scripting

mqttcli is an MQTT 3.1.1 Client which has almost same options with mosquitto_pub/sub. However, it has additional functionality and a pubsub command which is suite for the shell script pipelining.


Download from here. Please choose your artitecture. (and chmod ugo+x if needed)

curl | sh

Or if you have golang environment, type this to build on your host.

go get



You can set host, port, username and password on the Environment variables.

export MQTT_HOST="localhost"
export MQTT_PORT="1883"
export MQTT_USERNAME="user"
export MQTT_PASSWORD="blahblah"

or using a config file. You can specify a config file by --conf option. or automatically load from ~/.mqttcli.cfg.

% mqttcli sub --conf yoursettings.json -t "some/topic"


  "host": "localhost",
  "port": 1883,
  "username": "user",
  "password": "blahblah"

If you use AWS IoT, you can use these JSON as mqttcli config file, such as

  "host": "",
  "port": 8883,
  "clientId": "something",
  "thingName": "something",
  "caCert": "path/to/root-CA.crt",
  "clientCert": "path/to/2a338xx2xxf-certificate.pem.crt",
  "privateKey": "path/to/aad380efffx-private.pem.key"

You may change cert files path to where you placed.


mqttcli pub -t "some/where" -m "your message"


tail -f /var/log/nginx.log | mqttcli pub -t "some/where" -s

-s is diffrent from mosquitto_pub, it sends one line to one message.


mqttcli sub -t "some/#"


Note: This subcommand is just a concept work. Might be delete in the future.

Publish from stdin AND Subscribe from some topics and print stdout.

tail -f /vag/log/nginx.log | mqttcli pubsub --pub "some/a" --sub "some/#" > filterd.log

This is useful when other client manuplate something and send back to the topic.




Eclipse Public License - v 1.0 (same as Paho's)

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