CLRS study. Codes are written with golang.



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CLRS study. Codes are written with golang.

go version: 1.11

  • More sqrts than you can shake a stick at

    More sqrts than you can shake a stick at

    During your TSP you continually call sqrt while calculating distances. This is fairly wasteful, since you don't actually care about the root until the end of the function.

    func dist2(lhs Point, rhs Point) float64 {
      dx, dy := lhs.x - rhs.x, lhs.y - rhs.y
      return (dx*dx) + (dy * dy)
    func find_closest_2(points []Point) (float64, *Point, *Point, error) {
      if len(points) < 2 {
        return 0, nil, nil, errors.New("must be at least 2 points")
      var first, second *Point
      var shortest_dist float64 = math.MaxFloat64
      for lhs := 0; lhs < len(points) - 1; lhs++ {
        for rhs := lhs + 1; rhs < len(points); rhs++ {
          d2 := dist2(lhs, rhs)
          if d2 < shortest_dist {
            first, second = &lhs, &rhs
            shortest_dist = d2
      return math.sqrt(shortest_dist), first, second, nil
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Apollo Li
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Apollo Li
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