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allot is a small Golang library to match and parse commands with pre-defined strings. For example use allot to define a list of commands your CLI application or Slackbot supports and check if incoming requests are matching your commands.

The allot library supports placeholders and regular expressions for parameter matching and parsing.


cmd := allot.NewCommand("revert <commits:integer> commits on <project:string> at (stage|prod)")
match, err := cmd.Match("revert 12 commits on example at prod")

if (err != nil)
  commits, _ = match.Integer("commits")
  project, _ = match.String("project")
  env, _ = match.Match(2)

  fmt.Printf("Revert \"%d\" on \"%s\" at \"%s\"", commits, project, env)
} else {
  fmt.Println("Request did not match command.")


See the hanu Slackbot framework for a usecase for allot:


  • Minor patch

    Minor patch

    Fixes README markdown lint Adds go.mod Upgrade Makefile Removes coverage upload to Fixes linting issues Restructures into pkg Parameter interface datatype typo fix

    opened by adrijshikhar 0
  • feat: proper error handling

    feat: proper error handling

    This is breaking PR that replaces the MustCompile call with Compile and proper error handling and returning.

    Btw. it also includes the previous PR as I was building on top of it (I did not want to deal with merge conflicts later on 😅 )

    opened by AuHau 0
  • feat: option for regex escaping

    feat: option for regex escaping

    This PR adds new constructor for Command called NewWithEscaping that escapes the Command pattern for regex characters [],(),... which allows then passing commands with these characters. I have opted for a new constructor in order not to break the current API and also leave an option for actually accepting valid regex which might be desirable.

    opened by AuHau 0
  • Is the library Synchronous or Asynchronous

    Is the library Synchronous or Asynchronous

    Can you help me confirm that multiple goroutines can use this library concurrently without any issues or is it supposed to be synchronous?

    Cpu seems to be growing when multiple requests happening concurrently.

    Attached the cpu profiling with 100 concurrent requests. cpurelease.pdf

    opened by vasundhara785 0
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Sebastian Müller
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