Golang RISC-V emulator that can play DOOM


RISC-V Emulator

A toy Golang RISC-V emulator that can play DOOM

For now it uses smunaut bootloader and riscv_doom from the ICE40 project.

But since there is no M extensions on this emulator, the CFLAGS in makefiles should be changed to use the non-M version

CFLAGS=CFLAGS=-Wall -march=rv32i -mabi=ilp32 (...)

The emulator is made to be used headless synchronously or assyncronously and easy to make new peripherials for it. I still need to do some documentation but you can see the doom example at cmd/ui.


When starting the UI mode, the following keyboard keys controls the flow:

  • C => Continue emulation
  • P => Pause emulation
  • S => Step instruction
Lucas Teske
I am because we are.
Lucas Teske
Magia is GBA emulator written in golang.

magia is GBA emulator written in golang.

Akatsuki 430 Jul 31, 2022
A toy GameBoy Color emulator written in golang.

?? worldwide 日本語のドキュメントはこちら GameBoyColor emulator written in golang. This emulator can play a lot of ROMs work without problems and has many features.

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Chip-8 - A simple chip-8 emulator for golang

?? What the fuck is this A simple chip-8 emulator. Chip-8 is a simple, interpret

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🕹️ A basic gameboy emulator with terminal "Cloud Gaming" support

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Gopher2600 is an Atari 2600/VCS Emulator.

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A GameBoy emulator written in Go

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A chip-8 emulator built with Go

Introduction Chip-8 is an interpretted language designed to create programs/games on the 8bit systems like the COSMAC VIP and Telmac 1800. Chyp8 is an

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A Chip8 emulator written in Go

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Gones - An attempt to program a NES emulator

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Tim Heß 3 Jan 10, 2022
CHIP-8 Emulator written in Go

dP oo 88 .d8888b. 88d888b. dP 88d888b. 88d888b. dP dP 88' `"" 88' `88 88 88' `88 88' `88 88 88 88. ... 88 88 88 88. .88

m0x 2 Nov 26, 2021
'mouseable' is keyboard-based mouse emulator for Windows.

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Sensor Emulator

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NES emulator written in Go.

Summary This is an NES emulator written in Go. Screenshots Title Screens http://www.michaelfogleman.com/static/nes/ Dependencies github.com/go-gl/gl/v

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VMAGI - Write an performant emulator in 24 hours!

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A simple CHIP-8 emulator written in Go

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Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Famicom emulator written in Go

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Sergio Nonide Miranda 2 Apr 25, 2022