:triangular_ruler:gofmtmd formats go source code block in Markdown. detects fenced code & formats code using gofmt.



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gofmtmd formats go source code block in Markdown. detects fenced code & formats code using gofmt.


$ go get github.com/po3rin/gofmtmd/cmd/gofmtmd


# replace Go code with formated code
$ gofmtmd testdata/testdata.md -r

# write result to file instead of stdout
$ gofmtmd testdata/testdata.md -w formatted.md

# you can use stdndard input
$ gofmtmd < testdata/testdata.md
$ echo "#hello" | gofmtmd


$ gofmtmd -h
This CLI formats Go Code in Markdown.

  gofmtmd [flags]

  -h, --help           help for gofmtmd
  -r, --replace        replace Go code with formated code
      --version        version for gofmtmd
  -w, --write string   write result to file instead of stdout

Vim Plugin

Vim plugin version is here! this plugin lets you to run automatically when saved.

  • improve err message

    improve err message

    show synctax error code.


    2020/08/09 01:15:13 [gofmtmd] failed to format go source code. Please check syntax : 1:22: expected statement, found 'import' (and 1 more errors)


    2020/08/09 01:15:39 [gofmtmd] line='funcmain(){}', msg='1:22: expected statement, found 'import' (and 1 more errors)'
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