efficient string matching in Golang via the aho-corasick algorithm.



Efficient string matching in Golang via the aho-corasick algorithm.

x20 faster than https://github.com/cloudflare/ahocorasick and x3 faster than https://github.com/anknown/ahocorasick

Memory consuption is a eigth of https://github.com/cloudflare/ahocorasick and half of https://github.com/anknown/ahocorasick

This library is heavily inspired by https://github.com/BurntSushi/aho-corasick


builder := NewAhoCorasickBuilder(Opts{
  AsciiCaseInsensitive: true,
  MatchOnlyWholeWords:  true,
  MatchKind:            LeftMostLongestMatch,
  DFA:                  true,

ac := builder.Build([]string{"bear", "masha"})
haystack := "The Bear and Masha"
matches := ac.FindAll(haystack)

for _, match := range matches {

Matching can be done via NFA or DFA. NFA has runtime complexity O(N + M) in relation to the haystack and number of matches. DFA has runtime complexity O(N), but it uses more memory.

Replacing of matches in the haystack.

replaceWith needs to be the same length as the patterns

r := NewReplacer(ac)
replaced := r.ReplaceAll(haystack, replaceWith)

ReplaceAllFunc is useful, for example, if you want to use the original text cassing but you are matching case insensitively. You can replace partially by return false and from that point, the original string will be preserved.

replaced := r.ReplaceAllFunc(haystack, func(match Match) (string, bool) {
    return `<a>` + haystack[match.Start():match.End()] + `<\a>`, true

Search for matches one at a time via the iterator

iter := ac.Iter(haystack)

for next := iter.Next(); next != nil; next = iter.Next() {

It's plenty fast but if you want to use it in parallel, that is also possible.

Memory consumption won't increase because the read-only automaton is not actually copied, only the counters are.

The magic line is ac := ac

var w sync.WaitGroup

for i := 0; i < 50; i++ {
    go func() {
        ac := ac
        matches := ac.FindAll(haystack)
  • Should Opts structs fields be exported ?

    Should Opts structs fields be exported ?

    Hi, thanks for the work on this. I'm having a few issues with the Opts struct (I'm relatively new to Go). I seem to get an exported issue with it, so wondering if the fields should be in caps ?

    opened by ibrierley 2
  • export DFA options

    export DFA options

    opened by petar-dambovaliev 0
  • DFA implementation

    DFA implementation

    solves https://github.com/petar-dambovaliev/aho-corasick/issues/2

    opened by petar-dambovaliev 0
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