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Golang Wayland

Screenshot of Golang Wayland App

This includes two sample apps that render into a shared memory. Tested on pc (x64) and raspberry pi (arm64). The smoke app reacts on mouse input.

Screenshot of Golang Wayland Image Viewer

These gophers (in this image) are courtesy of Copyright (c) 2019 Maria Letta


None, this is a pure go implementation

Docker Installation

Run the docker build command in the provided build.sh script.

Next, start your Wayland compositor, and run demos using the docker run commands that can be found in the run-shm.sh or run-smoke.sh scripts.

Important: If your docker requires root privileges, use sudo -E to start the programs. This is because $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR env variable is required.


First, you need a wayland-enabled Linux, if you don't have one, install the Wayland compositor weston that is useful for testing:

sudo apt-get install weston

Next, get the demos:

go get github.com/neurlang/wayland/...

Then, install them:

go install github.com/neurlang/wayland/[email protected]
go install github.com/neurlang/wayland/[email protected]
go install github.com/neurlang/wayland/[email protected]

Using golang version < 1.16 (there is support for golang >= 1.09):

go install github.com/neurlang/wayland/go-wayland-simple-shm
go install github.com/neurlang/wayland/go-wayland-smoke
go install github.com/neurlang/wayland/go-wayland-imageviewer

Finally, run weston and the executables.

A Minecraft scanner written in Golang (first Golang project)

__ __/ \__ Gothyc A Minecraft port scanner written in Go. ?? / \__/ \__ \__/ \__/ \ Version 0.3.0 \__/ \__/ Author @toas

toast 11 Jul 9, 2022
Fast IP to CIDR lookup in Golang

cidranger Fast IP to CIDR block(s) lookup using trie in Golang, inspired by IPv4 route lookup linux. Possible use cases include detecting if a IP addr

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High performance async-io(proactor) networking for Golang。golangのための高性能非同期io(proactor)ネットワーキング

gaio Introduction 中文介绍 For a typical golang network program, you would first conn := lis.Accept() to get a connection and go func(net.Conn) to start a

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Gmqtt is a flexible, high-performance MQTT broker library that fully implements the MQTT protocol V3.1.1 and V5 in golang

中文文档 Gmqtt News: MQTT V5 is now supported. But due to those new features in v5, there area lots of breaking changes. If you have any migration problem

null 709 Aug 5, 2022
An SNMP library written in GoLang.

gosnmp GoSNMP is an SNMP client library fully written in Go. It provides Get, GetNext, GetBulk, Walk, BulkWalk, Set and Traps. It supports IPv4 and IP

Go SNMP 870 Jul 27, 2022
A Crypto-Secure, Production-Grade Reliable-UDP Library for golang with FEC

Introduction kcp-go is a Production-Grade Reliable-UDP library for golang. This library intents to provide a smooth, resilient, ordered, error-checked

xtaci 3.4k Aug 1, 2022
Simple mDNS client/server library in Golang

mdns Simple mDNS client/server library in Golang. mDNS or Multicast DNS can be used to discover services on the local network without the use of an au

HashiCorp 894 Jul 30, 2022
Easy SSH servers in Golang

gliderlabs/ssh The Glider Labs SSH server package is dope. —@bradfitz, Go team member This Go package wraps the crypto/ssh package with a higher-level

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Golang Super Simple Load Balance

SSLB (Super Simple Load Balancer) ver 0.1.0 It's a Super Simple Load Balancer, just a little project to achieve some kind of performance. Features Hig

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golang tcp server

TCPServer Package tcp_server created to help build TCP servers faster. Install package go get -u github.com/firstrow/tcp_server Usage: NOTICE: OnNewMe

null 416 Jul 19, 2022
A LWM2M Client and Server implementation (For Go/Golang)

Betwixt - A LWM2M Client and Server in Go Betwixt is a Lightweight M2M implementation written in Go OMA Lightweight M2M is a protocol from the Open Mo

Zubair Hamed 54 May 28, 2022
Simple hosts file management in Golang (deprecated).

Goodhosts (deprecated) This library is now deprecated. See the goodhosts organisation for the current maintained version. Simple hosts file (/etc/host

Lex T 69 Mar 17, 2022
Golang library for Radius

goradius Description goradius package implements basic Radius client capabilities, allowing Go code to authenticate against a Radius server. It is bas

Alessandro Frossi 34 May 16, 2022
Simple, fast and scalable golang rpc library for high load

gorpc Simple, fast and scalable golang RPC library for high load and microservices. Gorpc provides the following features useful for highly loaded pro

Aliaksandr Valialkin 652 Jul 24, 2022
Decentralized VPN in golang

LCVPN - Light decentralized VPN in golang Originally this repo was just an answer on a question "how much time it'll take to write my own simple VPN i

Anton Skorochod 489 Aug 2, 2022
Package for writing Nagios/Icinga/et cetera plugins in Go (golang)

nagiosplugin Package for writing Nagios/Icinga/et cetera plugins in Go (golang). Documentation See http://godoc.org/github.com/olorin/nagiosplugin. Us

Sharif Olorin 69 Apr 4, 2022
Golang client for NATS, the cloud native messaging system.

NATS - Go Client A Go client for the NATS messaging system. Installation # Go client go get github.com/nats-io/nats.go/ # Server go get github.com/na

NATS - The Cloud Native Messaging System 4.1k Aug 6, 2022
Openldap (LDAP) binding for Golang (go) ; no more support ; you may have a look at https://github.com/go-ldap/ldap

OpenLDAP this is Openldap binding in GO language. I don't work any more with golang, so, please fork this project. Installation : Installation is easy

Marc Quinton 45 Mar 4, 2021
Implementation of the FTPS protocol for Golang.

FTPS Implementation for Go Information This implementation does not implement the full FTP/FTPS specification. Only a small subset. I have not done a

Marco Beierer 27 Mar 14, 2022