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Go Reference

Extract urls from text using regular expressions. Requires Go 1.13 or later.

import "mvdan.cc/xurls/v2"

func main() {
	rxRelaxed := xurls.Relaxed()
	rxRelaxed.FindString("Do gophers live in golang.org?")  // "golang.org"
	rxRelaxed.FindString("This string does not have a URL") // ""

	rxStrict := xurls.Strict()
	rxStrict.FindAllString("must have scheme: http://foo.com/.", -1) // []string{"http://foo.com/"}
	rxStrict.FindAllString("no scheme, no match: foo.com", -1)       // []string{}

Since API is centered around regexp.Regexp, many other methods are available, such as finding the byte indexes for all matches.

Note that calling the exposed functions means compiling a regular expression, so repeated calls should be avoided.


To install the tool globally:

cd $(mktemp -d); go mod init tmp; GO111MODULE=on go get mvdan.cc/xurls/v2/cmd/xurls
$ echo "Do gophers live in http://golang.org?" | xurls
  • Support Arbitrary Protocols

    Support Arbitrary Protocols

    It looks like xurls only checks for https? which grabs http and https instead of allowing arbitrary protocols (e.g., file://, ftp://, steam://, etc.).

    Any interest in adding support for arbitrary protocols?

    opened by HalosGhost 36
  • Arch Linux PKGBUILDs separation

    Arch Linux PKGBUILDs separation

    Hi, just wanted to suggest an edit for the Arch Linux PKGBUILDs. Wouldn't it be better and cleaner if you separated the xurls package in xurls (uses the already compiled go releases from the Releases tab) and xurls-git for the latest upstream, please? That way other users won't have to install go just to use your pretty cool piece of software. :)

    Thank you!

    opened by pellettiero 17
  • Invalid prefixes for URLs are matched

    Invalid prefixes for URLs are matched

    This is probably due to adding support for arbitrary protocols.

    $ echo "systems.https://google.com" | xurls

    I am unsure of it, but is it actually ever valid for punctuation to exist in the protocol portion of a URL schema?

    I know that xurls wasn't really focusing on being a URL validator. But honestly, we aren't too far from accomplishing that and it would be helpful to know that matches are valid (in terms of the specification).

    opened by HalosGhost 10
  • Add file support

    Add file support

    Useful little util.

    It would be nice if it, in addition to the stdin support, could work with file(s) as arguments.

    Currently this works:

    cat myfile.txt | xurls

    This just hangs there, waiting:

    xurls myfile.txt

    An example of a Go tool that works as expected for a *nix CLI tool would be ccat.

    opened by bep 7
  • Email support

    Email support

    "Hi, this is my email [email protected]"

    This extracts example.com which isn't useful by its own. I would expect to have the complete email address or it's being skipped.

    What can be done for email addresses?

    opened by ferhatelmas 6
  • Improvement suggestion with multiple domains in one single URL.

    Improvement suggestion with multiple domains in one single URL.

    Hi, Thank's for providing us xurls.

    I came across the following case:

    $ echo "http://www.fakedomain.com/account/legitdomain.com" | bin/xurls -r

    I wonder if there is a easy (still fast) way for xurls to identify there are 2 "URLs" inside ? So this could possibly report something like:

    $ echo "http://www.fakedomain.com/account/legitdomain.com/folder" | bin/xurls -r

    Possibly by adding an additional option to support it on demand only.

    If there is a space in the string, both are found fine (expected and fine)

    echo "http://www.fakedomain.com/        account/legitdomain.com/folder" | bin/xurls -r

    This is only suggestion. If this impact performances badly, this is probably better to not implement.

    opened by uggyuggy 6
  • Error with Input containing long lines

    Error with Input containing long lines

    Hi, thank's for providing xurls.

    I came across the following error when input file contains quite long lines

    $ printf 'tototutu%.0s' {1..9000} > /tmp/a
    $ xurls -r  /tmp/a
    bufio.Scanner: token too long
    $ printf 'tototutu%.0s' {1..5000} > /tmp/b
    $ xurls -r /tmp/b

    Just wanted to report such strange case with long line could happen... As I'm not a good golang coder, It's better I'm not submitting PR.

    opened by uggyuggy 6
  • Matching returns wrong url

    Matching returns wrong url

    I'm playing with the library and tried it with a simple example, I'm surprised about the result: https://play.golang.org/p/4BF3UXE4x87

    Is it expected? Shouldn't "|" be treated as a wrong character?

    opened by jlory 6
  • Adding standard schemes with semiStrict and semiRelaxed option

    Adding standard schemes with semiStrict and semiRelaxed option

    Currently the scheme regex we're using is very generic (rightfully so according to https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986#section-3.1) ; causing us to miss certain urls.

    The idea is to be able to catch urls that are hidden in obfuscated text, example:

    "aatesthttp://www.google.com should get me google's page"

    Having a set of standard schemes in our regex allows this.

    opened by skhare-r7 6
  • Add brackets to the allowed path chars

    Add brackets to the allowed path chars

    brackets are widely used in paths, so add them

    http://bgp.he.net/search?search[search]=vortex.data.microsoft.com&commit=Search was not matched for example

    opened by sztanpet 6
  • Dangling dots, mid-string, are seen as domains

    Dangling dots, mid-string, are seen as domains

    Here I have two small edge-cases:

    • <[email protected]> yields []string{"some.gu", "domain.com"}
    • [cid:programmer-thumb-shield-32x32.v2_fe0f1423-2d7d-484b-b624-6b7545ab4311.png] yields []sting{"fe0f1423-2d7d-484b-b624-6b7545ab4311.pn"}

    I'm just wondering about the dropped character before the symbol. This is email, so I can cross-reference against the filenames of inline attachments and also double-check against a known list of TLDs, but dropping that last character makes this difficult.

    Any ideas on why that last char is being dropped?

    opened by requaos 5
  • make a deterministic variant of

    make a deterministic variant of "go generate" and have CI check it's up to date

    To prevent issues like https://github.com/mvdan/xurls/pull/67 in the future.

    Two changes should be done:

    1. Use clearer filenames for generated files, so they stand out in file change summaries. For example, schemes_gen.go rather than schemes.go.

    2. Split go generate into two phases; one to download the latest TLD and scheme lists from the internet and write them to files in the git repo (but outside the module zip), and another to take those files and generate the code. The default go generate would do both, but we would add a go generate -tags=noupdate to only do the second. CI would enforce the latter has an empty git diff.

    opened by mvdan 0
  • Issue with Email Addresses

    Issue with Email Addresses

    I am using the xurls code to pull out possible urls from a message body string. The urls can be in either strict or relaxed format so I need to use the relaxed method of xurls to find the possible urls in the string. The issue is that email addresses can also be in the string and the relaxed method of xurls is pulling those out too.

    For example my string might be: "Hello from http://www.google.com, please check the www.test.com webpage for further information. If you have any questions please email [email protected] or [email protected]"

    What I would like xurls to do is just pull the http://www.google.com or www.test.com.

    Instead is pulls the 2 urls, and John.Sm, test.com, test.com. Is there anything that can be done so that only urls are pulled?

    opened by JimmyGalar 5
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