A shell parser, formatter, and interpreter with bash support; includes shfmt



Go Reference

A shell parser, formatter, and interpreter. Supports POSIX Shell, Bash, and mksh. Requires Go 1.14 or later.

Quick start

To parse shell scripts, inspect them, and print them out, see the syntax examples.

For high-level operations like performing shell expansions on strings, see the shell examples.


GO111MODULE=on go get mvdan.cc/sh/v3/cmd/shfmt

shfmt formats shell programs. See canonical.sh for a quick look at its default style. For example:

shfmt -l -w script.sh

For more information, see its manpage, which can be viewed directly as Markdown or rendered with scdoc.

Packages are available on Alpine, Arch, Docker, FreeBSD, Homebrew, MacPorts, NixOS, Scoop, Snapcraft, Void and webi.


GO111MODULE=on go get mvdan.cc/sh/v3/cmd/gosh

Proof of concept shell that uses interp. Note that it's not meant to replace a POSIX shell at the moment, and its options are intentionally minimalistic.


This project makes use of go-fuzz to find crashes and hangs in both the parser and the printer. The fuzz-corpus branch contains a corpus to get you started. For example:

git checkout fuzz-corpus


  • When indexing Bash associative arrays, always use quotes. The static parser will otherwise have to assume that the index is an arithmetic expression.
$ echo '${array[spaced string]}' | shfmt
1:16: not a valid arithmetic operator: string
$ echo '${array[dash-string]}' | shfmt
${array[dash - string]}
  • $(( and (( ambiguity is not supported. Backtracking would complicate the parser and make streaming support via io.Reader impossible. The POSIX spec recommends to space the operands if $( ( is meant.
$ echo '$((foo); (bar))' | shfmt
1:1: reached ) without matching $(( with ))
  • Some builtins like export and let are parsed as keywords. This allows statically building their syntax tree, as opposed to keeping the arguments as a slice of words. Note that this means expansions like declare {a,b}=c are not supported.


A subset of the Go packages are available as an npm package called mvdan-sh. See the _js directory for more information.


To build a Docker image, checkout a specific version of the repository and run:

docker build -t my:tag -f cmd/shfmt/Dockerfile .

This creates an image that only includes shfmt. Alternatively, if you want an image that includes alpine, add --target alpine. To use the Docker image, run:

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/mnt -w /mnt my:tag <shfmt arguments>


It is possible to use shfmt with pre-commit and a local repo configuration like:

  - repo: local
      - id: shfmt
        name: shfmt
        minimum_pre_commit_version: 2.4.0
        language: golang
        additional_dependencies: [mvdan.cc/sh/v3/cmd/[email protected]]
        entry: shfmt
        args: [-w]
        types: [shell]

Related projects

The following editor integrations wrap shfmt:

Other noteworthy integrations include:

  • syntax: add mksh support

    syntax: add mksh support

    Initially suggested by @D630 in #77.

    Open questions needed to be answered before we decide whether or not to support it:

    • Where is the formal specification of its syntax? The man page (https://www.mirbsd.org/htman/i386/man1/false.htm) seems to be the only reference.
    • What language features does it have that we don't yet support via either POSIX Shell or Bash?
    • Is it compatible with the POSIX Shell syntax? i.e., do they conflict?
    • Is it compatible with the Bash syntax? i.e., do they conflict?

    And of course, whether or not this is worth the effort. I myself haven't seen any mksh scripts in the wild, whereas sh and bash are both very common.

    enhancement mksh 
    opened by mvdan 45
  • cmd/shfmt: official docker images

    cmd/shfmt: official docker images

    I'd be great if you could provide a docker image on docker hub. My use case is to use it with drone.io, there are other CIs that can use docker images natively. Something like:

    FROM alpine:latest
    ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/bin/shfmt"]
    ADD https://github.com/mvdan/sh/releases/download/v1.2.0/shfmt_v1.2.0_linux_amd64 /usr/bin/shfmt
    RUN chmod +x /usr/bin/shfmt

    would work for me.

    And maybe the following for automated builds:

    FROM golang:alpine
    ENTRYPOINT ["shfmt"]
    COPY . /go/src/app
    WORKDIR /go/src/app
    RUN set -ex \
           && apk add --no-cache --virtual .build-deps git \
           && go-wrapper download ./... \
           && go-wrapper install ./... \
           && apk del .build-deps 
    help wanted 
    opened by mmlb 42
  • syntax: newline style around &&, || and | configurable in the printer

    syntax: newline style around &&, || and | configurable in the printer

    Right now the code:

    [ -z "$HOME" ] && foo || bar
    [ -z "$HOME" ] &&
        foo ||

    will be formatted:

    [ -z "$HOME" ] && foo || bar
    [ -z "$HOME" ] \
        && foo \
        || bar

    Can you add an option or something to control the formatting of the line breaks ?

    opened by legionus 39
  • syntax: configurable formatting of opening braces

    syntax: configurable formatting of opening braces

    Thanks for the great tool. I have started using this tool with the VS Code. I would like to provide one feedback w.r.t formatting functions (which would at least help couple of us).

    The opening brace of the function definition should be in next line.

    Currently it's as below...

    function fun() {

    Suggested way...

    function fun()

    Refer examples here: https://www.shellscript.sh/functions.html

    One advantage of following the suggested format is, in the terminal editors like (vim), you can jump between functions by pressing [ and ] character twice. This is very important feature for specially scripts - as once you are done developing the script on your desktop, you would copy/run it on a system where there may not be graphical interfaces or IDEs.

    help wanted 
    opened by abhijithda 32
  • syntax: add option to configure how many statements in a list can fit in a single line

    syntax: add option to configure how many statements in a list can fit in a single line

    Thanks for this tool. In our shell script, we have lines like

     	local cmd="docker build -t $DOCKER_REGISTRY/$IMG:$TAG ."
    	echo $cmd; $cmd

    We would like to not break lines like echo $cmd; $cmd into 2 separate lines. I did not see any flag to support this. Can this be supported?

    enhancement help wanted 
    opened by tamalsaha 28
  • cmd/shfmt: add a way to skip custom directories when walking directories

    cmd/shfmt: add a way to skip custom directories when walking directories

    When recursing it would be nice to be able to ignore certain directories or files (for example, node_modules).

    Either a --exclude=node_modules, or --ignore=node_modules, or a .shfmtignore-type functionality would be nice.

    opened by paulbellamy 26
  • Introduce an option to disable changing white space within source lines

    Introduce an option to disable changing white space within source lines

    I'm starting to use shfmt (via Visual Studio Code editor), but one behaviour that prevents me from using it wholeheartedly is the way shfmt changes the whitespace inside source lines. I wonder if there can be an option to disable this behaviour, but it would continue to change the white spaces at the beginning or end of the line.

    The motivation is to not mess up custom alignment of code, creating layout that might be used to help the code read better.

    opened by stevenyvr987 26
  • interp: builtins skip the exec handler

    interp: builtins skip the exec handler

    im sure that this is definitely intentional, but this is actually undesirable in my use case im developing hilbish and use this module to run sh of course, but used to only use this as a last option fallback instead of running my custom builtins or lua code. but now im considering actually using an exec handler for the runner but realized cd wasnt behaving how i expected it to be since it's this module's cd and not mine

    so is there a way for me to change how the builtin works from outside the package? i havent found anything in docs like that

    opened by TorchedSammy 24
  • interp: TestRunnerTerminalExec/Pseudo flaky on Mac

    interp: TestRunnerTerminalExec/Pseudo flaky on Mac

    --- FAIL: TestRunnerTerminalExec (0.00s)
        --- FAIL: TestRunnerTerminalExec/Pseudo (0.14s)
    ##[error]        terminal_test.go:129: signal: hangup
    FAIL	mvdan.cc/sh/v3/interp	4.548s

    @theclapp perhaps you could help me reproduce this again? Do you have any ideas?

    Worst case scenario, we can temporarily skip the pty tests on Mac.

    help wanted 
    opened by mvdan 22
  • interp: calling a program with >> on Windows does not append

    interp: calling a program with >> on Windows does not append

    For simple echo it's working, but:

    $ ls >> out
    ls: write error: Bad file descriptor

    ls is from Windows Git (C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin\ls.exe).

    Replace in interp\module.go, fix it, but it's bad implementation:

    var DefaultOpen = ModuleOpen(func(ctx context.Context, path string, flag int, perm os.FileMode) (io.ReadWriteCloser, error) {
    	if flag&os.O_APPEND != 0 {
    		flag = flag & (^os.O_APPEND)
    		f, err := os.OpenFile(path, flag, perm)
    		f.Seek(0, 2)
    		return f, err
    	return os.OpenFile(path, flag, perm)
    help wanted needs info 
    opened by antylama 22
  • Use official Docker GitHub actions

    Use official Docker GitHub actions

    Use the following actions instead of manual Docker buildx setup:

    • https://github.com/docker/login-action
    • https://github.com/docker/setup-qemu-action
    • https://github.com/docker/build-push-action


    • It would be good to merge "Build and push" and "Build and push (alpine)" steps but I have no solution to propose for now;
    • there are some linting changes (using prettier).

    WIP because CI needs to be tested against upstream repo:

    • create a DOCKER_USER secret so that forks can test the CI (push);
    • I am using token and 2FA on DockerHub so the update description step could not be tested.

    Regarding the last step (Update DockerHub description), we may consider using this https://github.com/marketplace/actions/docker-hub-description.

    opened by fauust 19
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