Null friendly types



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Nullable types friendly to json.Encoder, json.Decoder, database/sql, fmt.Stringer, text/template, html/template, some of ORMs.

Supported types:

  • NullBool
  • NullString
  • NullFloat64
  • NullInt64
  • NullTime


import ""

type User struct {
	Name	nulltype.NullString `json:"name"`

friendly to Stringer

var user User
fmt.Println(user.Name.Valid()) // false
fmt.Println(user.Name) // ""

fmt.Println(user.Name.Valid()) // true
fmt.Println(user.Name) // "Bob"

fmt.Println(user.Name.StringValue() == "Bob") // true

fmt.Println(user.Name.Valid()) // false
fmt.Println(user.Name) // ""

friendly to json.MarshalJSON

var user User
fmt.Println(user.Name.Valid()) // false
json.NewEncoder(os.Stdout).Encode(user) // {"name": null}

fmt.Println(user.Name.Valid()) // true
json.NewEncoder(os.Stdout).Encode(user) // {"name": "Bob"}

friendly to json.UnmarshalJSON

var user User
s := `{"name": "Bob"}`
fmt.Println(user.Name.Valid()) // true
fmt.Println(user.Name) // "Bob"

s = `{"name": null}`
fmt.Println(user.Name.Valid()) // false
fmt.Println(user.Name) // ""

friendly to database/sql

var user User
db.QueryRow(`SELECT name FROM users`).Scan(&user.Name)
fmt.Println(user.Name.Valid()) // true or false
fmt.Println(user.Name) // "Bob" or ""
db.Exec(`INSERT INTO users(name) VALUES($1)`, user.Name)

friendly to ORM

Struct tag with gorp.

type Post struct {
	Id      int64 `db:"post_id"`
	Created int64
	Title   string              `db:",size:50"`
	Body    nulltype.NullString `db:"body,size:1024"`
p := Post{
	Created: time.Now().UnixNano(),
	Title:   title,
	Body:    nulltype.NullStringOf(body),
err = dbmap.Insert(&p)


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Long-time Golang user&contributor, Google Dev Expert for Go, and author of many Go tools, Vim plugin author. Windows hacker C#/Java/C/C++
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