A Golang Matrix client

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A Golang Matrix client.



All contributions are greatly appreciated!

How to report issues

Please check the current open issues for similar reports in order to avoid duplicates.

Some general guidelines:

  • Include a minimal reproducible example when possible.
  • Describe the expected behaviour and what actually happened including a full trace-back in case of exceptions.
  • Make sure to list details about your environment

Setting up your environment

If you intend to contribute to gomatrix you'll first need Go installed on your machine (version 1.12+ is required). Also, make sure to have golangci-lint properly set up since we use it for pre-commit hooks (for instructions on how to install it, check the official docs).

  • Fork gomatrix to your GitHub account by clicking the Fork button.

  • Clone the main repository (not your fork) to your local machine.

    $ git clone https://github.com/matrix-org/gomatrix
    $ cd gomatrix
  • Add your fork as a remote to push your contributions.Replace {username} with your username.

    git remote add fork https://github.com/{username}/gomatrix
  • Create a new branch to identify what feature you are working on.

    $ git fetch origin
    $ git checkout -b your-branch-name origin/master
  • Make your changes, including tests that cover any code changes you make, and run them as described below.

  • Execute pre-commit hooks by running

  • Push your changes to your fork and create a pull request describing your changes.

    $ git push --set-upstream fork your-branch-name
  • Finally, create a pull request

How to run tests

You can run the test suite and example code with $ go test -v

Running Coverage

To run coverage, first generate the coverage report using go test

go test -v -cover -coverprofile=coverage.out

You can now show the generated report as a html page with go tool

go tool cover -html=coverage.out
  • Prevent err from being clobbered when JSON unmarshals to nil result.

    Prevent err from being clobbered when JSON unmarshals to nil result.

    This patch prevents a panic when a register request is unauthorised.

    Example stacktrace produced when attempting to register a user with an invalid access token:

    Request panicked!
    goroutine 15490878 [running]:
    runtime/debug.Stack(0xc421596550, 0xc4216455f0, 0xc4215965f0)
    \t/usr/local/go/src/runtime/debug/stack.go:24 +0x79
    github.com/matrix-org/util.Protect.func1.1(0xc4208f0800, 0xbd33a0, 0xc42198e380)
    \t/home/scalar-staging/scalar/vendor/src/github.com/matrix-org/util/json.go:87 +0x14c
    panic(0x8eb4e0, 0xbf8bf0)
    \t/usr/local/go/src/runtime/panic.go:489 +0x2cf
    github.com/matrix-org/scalar/bots/integrator.(*PersonalBotAPI).RegisterBot(0xc420075ad0, 0xc420325f80, 0x2e, 0xc420325f80, 0x2e)
    \t/home/scalar-staging/scalar/src/github.com/matrix-org/scalar/bots/integrator/personalbot.go:66 +0x85e
    github.com/matrix-org/scalar/bots/integrations/rssbot.(*RSSBot).configureService(0xc420075ad0, 0xc4208f0900, 0xc4207c6780, 0x12, 0x1, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
    \t/home/scalar-staging/scalar/src/github.com/matrix-org/scalar/bots/integrations/rssbot/rssbot.go:119 +0x324
    github.com/matrix-org/scalar/bots/integrations/rssbot.(*RSSBot).OnIncomingRequest(0xc420075ad0, 0xc4208f0900, 0xc4207c6780, 0x12, 0x0, 0xc4210ae380, 0xc4208f0900, 0xc4217382f0)
    \t/home/scalar-staging/scalar/src/github.com/matrix-org/scalar/bots/integrations/rssbot/rssbot.go:71 +0x128
    github.com/matrix-org/scalar/bots/integrator.APIWrapper.OnIncomingRequest(0xbd4220, 0xc420075ad0, 0xc4208f0900, 0x97dcd8, 0x9, 0xc4217382f0, 0xc)
    \t/home/scalar-staging/scalar/src/github.com/matrix-org/scalar/bots/integrator/integrator.go:45 +0x21c
    github.com/matrix-org/scalar/bots/integrator.(*APIWrapper).OnIncomingRequest(0xc420481480, 0xc4208f0900, 0xc074e0, 0xc420d7f655, 0xc4217f1bb0, 0x42b25e)
    \t<autogenerated>:5 +0x60
    github.com/matrix-org/util.MakeJSONAPI.func1(0xbd33a0, 0xc42198e380, 0xc4208f0900)
    \t/home/scalar-staging/scalar/vendor/src/github.com/matrix-org/util/json.go:128 +0x7b
    github.com/matrix-org/util.Protect.func1(0xbd33a0, 0xc42198e380, 0xc4208f0800)
    \t/home/scalar-staging/scalar/vendor/src/github.com/matrix-org/util/json.go:92 +0x8b
    github.com/matrix-org/util.WithCORSOptions.func1(0xbd33a0, 0xc42198e380, 0xc4208f0800)
    \t/home/scalar-staging/scalar/vendor/src/github.com/matrix-org/util/json.go:171 +0x59
    main.removeAPIPrefix.func1(0xbd33a0, 0xc42198e380, 0xc4208f0800)
    \t/home/scalar-staging/scalar/src/github.com/matrix-org/scalar/cmd/scalar/scalar.go:132 +0x13b
    net/http.HandlerFunc.ServeHTTP(0xc4204814d0, 0xbd33a0, 0xc42198e380, 0xc4208f0800)
    \t/usr/local/go/src/net/http/server.go:1942 +0x44
    net/http.(*ServeMux).ServeHTTP(0xc074e0, 0xbd33a0, 0xc42198e380, 0xc4208f0800)
    \t/usr/local/go/src/net/http/server.go:2238 +0x130
    net/http.serverHandler.ServeHTTP(0xc42043a2c0, 0xbd33a0, 0xc42198e380, 0xc4208f0800)
    \t/usr/local/go/src/net/http/server.go:2568 +0x92
    net/http.(*conn).serve(0xc420b98460, 0xbd3da0, 0xc4210ae240)
    \t/usr/local/go/src/net/http/server.go:1825 +0x612
    created by net/http.(*Server).Serve
    \t/usr/local/go/src/net/http/server.go:2668 +0x2ce
    " context=missing panic="runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference"
    opened by rxl881 7
  • Question: How can I get information about a room's members?

    Question: How can I get information about a room's members?


    I'm trying to build an IOU bot for matrix (https://github.com/dryvenn/matrix-iou-bot) and I was wondering:

    • How do I get a user's "display name" from his ID?

    • How do I get the list of all the users in a room?

    The goal here is to map human-friendly names in a message to actual users.

    Any help appreciated!

    opened by yveoch 4
  • Project State / Roadmap

    Project State / Roadmap

    Hi there,

    what's the current state of this project? Do you have a meaningful roadmap? Versioning and tags related to the specs?

    Since the godocs refer to Client Server API r0.2.0, I'm very reluctant to use this lib for a new project. Instead, I'm seriously thinking about generating an API client based on the provided swagger definitions and go-swagger.

    opened by steirico 3
  • Streaming JSON encoding/decoding via HTTP client

    Streaming JSON encoding/decoding via HTTP client

    The current method, for its HTTP client, allocates a byte array, marshaled into the byte array, and then wraps that into a byte buffer. Similarly, the entire HTTP Response body is read into memory, then unmarshaled, and then parsed. This might become an issue because of excessive memory if there's a large amount of JSON being received from any particular Matrix server, so this PR skips a few steps and uses the encoding/json NewEncoder() to encode the interface directly to a byte buffer, and NewDecoder() for the io.ReadCloser from the response. This lowers memory usage and any unnecessary swapping.

    Downside to this is that the contents of the JSON file cannot be passed via return variable, though I'm not sure the value in returning the contents with a 2XX response, if it is being unmarshaled anyway? In lieu of this, if it isn't a 2XX response, then the contents will be read into memory, as the amount of memory needed is low for returned errors, and included in the HTTPError struct. As a consequence, it becomes a breaking change for any applications that rely on the MakeRequest function.

    opened by ladyisatis 3
  • Fix CI

    Fix CI

    Currently the CI uses Go 1.8, which isn't supported by some linters anymore, and also makes some calls to Go's tool suite which aren't supported anymore. This looks like a trivial thing to do, just needs to be done.

    opened by babolivier 3
  • Matrix r0.2.0 -> Latest

    Matrix r0.2.0 -> Latest

    Is the scope of this project just targeting r0.2.0? I'm currently writing a bot using this library. I have no problem updating this library as I go, and submitting sensible PRs. But what's the scope?

    Can we tag the master as "Matrix Spec r0.2.0" and let master move forward as "unstable"?

    Or is that already the scope of this project?

    opened by TheDiscordian 2
  • Update Login and Logout to r0.6.0

    Update Login and Logout to r0.6.0

    • Client.Login

      • Accept Identifier
    • Client.Logout

      • No Changes
    • Client.LogoutAll

      • Initial implementation

    ~This also adds a go.mod file. I hope this is wanted.~

    opened by f4814 2
  • Add support for specifying filename when uploading to content repo

    Add support for specifying filename when uploading to content repo

    A bot I'm building needs to be able to set the filename for files uploaded to the content repo. Without these changes the download returns a file with the mediaid as filename and no extension.

    opened by spaksa 2
  • extended ImageMessage for Thumbnail and added additional ImageTypes

    extended ImageMessage for Thumbnail and added additional ImageTypes

    This should now be the correct way to do it.

    I've added ThumbnailURL and ThumbnailInfo to the ImageMessage struct so Thumbnails can be added, which is important for e.g. mobile clients.

    While at it, I've also added strucs for other message types, in case someone needs them, like I needed the thumbnails.

    Finally, I've added some comments on what information in what unit a field should contain, if it's not obvious. (e.g. Mastodon has a field "size" in its imageInfo which contains a string like "WxH" )

    opened by btittelbach 2
  • Handle leave events

    Handle leave events

    Leave events are currently unhandled by the SDK.

    It is useful for bots to have access to leave events so that they can clean up state etc. after having been kicked from a room.

    @Kegsay can you please have a look at the following and let me know if it makes sense (specifically sync.go L78, using the timeline events in this way)? Thanks.

    opened by rxl881 2
  • Send Formatted Text r0.6.0

    Send Formatted Text r0.6.0


    // SendFormattedText sends an m.room.message event into the given room with a msgtype of m.text, supports a subset of HTML for formatting.
    // See https://matrix.org/docs/spec/client_server/r0.6.0#m-text
    func (cli *Client) SendFormattedText(roomID, text, formattedText string) (*RespSendEvent, error) {
    opened by TheDiscordian 1
  • MarkRead method need to send JSON in Request Body

    MarkRead method need to send JSON in Request Body

    Example Request send empty JSON in Request Body,but Mark Read method send nothing in Request Body. See https://matrix.org/docs/spec/client_server/r0.6.0#post-matrix-client-r0-rooms-roomid-receipt-receipttype-eventid

    opened by gdgd-server-admin 2
  • Semver release

    Semver release

    Can you create a release for this project and follow semantic versioning please? It is ok to start with v0 version to allow backward incompatible changes. So v0.1.0 could be a good start.

    This will allow users to pin specific version instead of commit hash and setup auto-updating (e.g. Dependabot).


    opened by crazy-max 0
  • Retire `HTMLMessage`

    Retire `HTMLMessage`

    I just discovered HTMLMessage, and it's not clear why it exists in this form to me. I discovered it by looking at #58, and noticed that my PR #82 seems to more naturally integrate. I don't agree with automatically shaping the HTML (what if a user sends <span> with formatting? Now you have something like <span><span></span>, what part's the body? Admittingly, I don't follow the regex there, though), I don't even agree simply with calling it HTML in a public type as it's merely a subset of HTML, it's just formatted text. Rather I think we should make it clear it's a subset, and link to where the differences are found.

    I don't think someone receiving or sending formatted text using this library is going to commonly think to look for HTMLMessage, which doesn't seem to be connected to anything, just an oddity. I think SendFormattedText, linked to the spec where it was inspired (what my PR effectively is) is a lot more natural, and fits nicely along-side SendText, we can also re-use the struct there, as that part of the spec was simply extended, we can simply extend the struct, without breaking backward compatibility (unless someone didn't name their fields while declaring, which is considered bad practice anyways).

    I think we should have something more natural, and I say this because it is still just text lol. It's all grouped together in the spec, why split it up in the library? :)

    In short: HTMLMessage is very confusing as-is, and seems to break the library's flow. Let's look at the intent behind it, and implement it better.

    opened by TheDiscordian 0
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