:incoming_envelope: A fast Message/Event Hub using publish/subscribe pattern with support for topics like* rabbitMQ exchanges for Go applications



📨 A fast enough Event Hub for go applications using publish/subscribe with support patterns on topics like rabbitMQ exchanges.

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Table of Contents


To install this library you can go get it but I encourage you to always vendor your dependencies or use one of the version tags of this project.

go get -u github.com/leandro-lugaresi/hub
dep ensure --add github.com/leandro-lugaresi/hub



Hub provides subscribers as buffered (cap > 0) and unbuffered (cap = 0) channels but we have two different types of subscribers:

  • Subscriber this is the default subscriber and it's a blocking subscriber so if the channel is full and you try to send another message the send operation will block until the subscriber consumes some message.
  • NonBlockingSubscriber this subscriber will never block on the publish side but if the capacity of the channel is reached the publish operation will be lost and an alert will be trigged. This should be used only if loose data is acceptable. ie: metrics, logs


This library uses the same concept of topic exchanges on rabbiMQ, so the message name is used to find all the subscribers that match the topic, like a route. The topic must be a list of words delimited by dots (.) however, there is one important special case for binding keys: * (star) can substitute for exactly one word.

Examples & Demos

package main

import (

func main() {
	h := hub.New()
	var wg sync.WaitGroup
	// the cap param is used to create one buffered channel with cap = 10
	// If you wan an unbuferred channel use the 0 cap
	sub := h.Subscribe(10, "account.login.*", "account.changepassword.*")
	go func(s hub.Subscription) {
		for msg := range s.Receiver {
			fmt.Printf("receive msg with topic %s and id %d\n", msg.Name, msg.Fields["id"])

		Name:   "account.login.failed",
		Fields: hub.Fields{"id": 123},
		Name:   "account.changepassword.failed",
		Fields: hub.Fields{"id": 456},
		Name:   "account.login.success",
		Fields: hub.Fields{"id": 123},
	// message not routed to this subscriber
		Name:   "account.foo.failed",
		Fields: hub.Fields{"id": 789},

	// close all the subscribers
	// wait until finish all the messages on buffer

	// Output:
	// receive msg with topic account.login.failed and id 123
	// receive msg with topic account.changepassword.failed and id 456
	// receive msg with topic account.login.success and id 123

See more here!


To run the benchmarks you can execute:

make bench

Currently, I only have the benchmarks of the CSTrie used internally. I will provide more benchmarks.


The project have one test for throughput, just execute:

make throughput

In a intel(R) core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz x4 we got this results:

go test -v -timeout 60s github.com/leandro-lugaresi/hub -run ^TestThroughput -args -throughput
=== RUN   TestThroughput
1317530.091292 msg/sec
--- PASS: TestThroughput (3.04s)
ok      github.com/leandro-lugaresi/hub 3.192s


This project uses internally an awesome Concurrent Subscription Trie done by @tylertreat. If you want to learn more about see this blog post and the code is here

This project adheres to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. We appreciate your contribution. Please refer to our contributing guidelines for further information

  • GitHub actions

    GitHub actions

    This PR updates the CI and test tools for this library.

    • [X] Remove TravisCI configurations
    • [X] Added initial GitHub actions workflow
    • [X] Removed old coverage merge tool
    • [X] Update go to support go modules
    • [X] Update docs
    • [X] use golangci-lint instead of gometalinter
    opened by leandro-lugaresi 1
  • add multiple topic subscribers

    add multiple topic subscribers

    in some cases, the subscribers need to subscribe to multiple topics and the * isn`t enough.

    Now all the subscribers can subscribe to multiple topics. Reducing the use of select from multiple channels

    opened by leandro-lugaresi 1
  • Remove message helper functions

    Remove message helper functions

    it's hard to do the right thing when casting errors happen. Sometimes we need to return the zero value, others panic or log To avoid problems this cast must be done on the subscription side

    opened by leandro-lugaresi 1
  • Simplify api

    Simplify api

    I removed the Subscriber exported interface and change the Subscription to have a channel instead The nonBlockingSubscriber was changed and instead of an ring buffer we will use one channel as well This simplified the api and removed the only dependency of this library but this cost in terms of performance. This will not be a problem because this software should not be the hot path of a program

    opened by leandro-lugaresi 1
  • update workflows to work on forks

    update workflows to work on forks

    This PR fixes two problems on pull requests from forks:

    • [X] Reviewdog failing because the token is not available on forks
    • [X] Tests and coverage not running
    opened by leandro-lugaresi 0
  • Fix panic on closed channel

    Fix panic on closed channel

    Fix panic in subscribers

    When hub publishes messages, it first finds all matching subscribers and then calls sub.Set(m) on them:

    // Publish will send an event to all the subscribers matching the event name.
    func (h *Hub) Publish(m Message) {
    	for k, v := range h.fields {
    		m.Fields[k] = v
    	for _, sub := range h.matcher.Lookup(m.Topic()) {

    However, if Unsubscribe is called after the filtering but before the Set, the subscriber's underlying channel is closed and Set tries to write into a closed channel.

    This PR adds channels and goroutines responsible for closing the channel.

    opened by andpago 5
  • Wildcard for subscribing to all events

    Wildcard for subscribing to all events

    Wildcard subscriptions to a topic prefix, like account.* work fine, but how can I subscribe to all events? I tried hub.Susbcribe(1, "*"), but apparently that doesn't work.

    opened by muety 1
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