v8 javascript engine binding for golang



V8 JavaScript engine bindings for Go.


  • Thread safe
  • Thorough and careful testing
  • Boolean, Number, String, Object, Array, Regexp, Function
  • Compile and run JavaScript
  • Save and load pre-compiled script data
  • Create JavaScript context with global object template
  • Operate JavaScript object properties and array elements in Go
  • Define JavaScript object template in Go with property accessors and interceptors
  • Define JavaScript function template in Go
  • Catch JavaScript exception in Go
  • Throw JavaScript exception by Go
  • JSON parse and generate


For 'curl' user. please run this shell command:

curl -O https://raw.github.com/idada/go-v8/master/get.sh && chmod +x get.sh && ./get.sh go-v8

For 'wget' user. Please run this shell command:

wget https://raw.github.com/idada/go-v8/master/get.sh && chmod +x get.sh && ./get.sh go-v8

Note: require Go version 1.2 and Git.

Hello World

This 'Hello World' program shows how to use go-v8 to compile and run JavaScript code then get the result.

package main

import "github.com/idada/go-v8"

func main() {
	engine := v8.NewEngine()
	script := engine.Compile([]byte("'Hello ' + 'World!'"), nil, nil)
	context := engine.NewContext(nil)

	context.Scope(func(cs v8.ContextScope) {
		result := script.Run()

Performance and Stability

The benchmark result on my iMac:

NewContext     249474 ns/op
NewInteger        984 ns/op
NewString         983 ns/op
NewObject        1036 ns/op
NewArray0        1130 ns/op
NewArray5        1314 ns/op
NewArray20       1666 ns/op
NewArray100      3124 ns/op
Compile         11059 ns/op
PreCompile      11697 ns/op
RunScript        1085 ns/op
JsFunction       1114 ns/op
GoFunction       1630 ns/op
Getter           2060 ns/op
Setter           2934 ns/op
TryCatch        43097 ns/op

I write many test and benchmark to make sure go-v8 stable and efficient.

There is a shell script named 'test.sh' in the project.

It can auto configure cgo environment variables and run test.

For example:

./test.sh . .

The above command will run all of test and benchmark.

The first argument of test.sh is test name pattern, second argument is benchmark name pattern.

For example:

./test.sh ThreadSafe Array

The above command will run all of thread safe test and all of benchmark about Array type.



In go-v8, engine type is the wrapper of v8::Isolate.

Because V8 engine use thread-local storage but cgo calls may be execute in different thread. So go-v8 use v8::Locker to make sure V8 engine's thread-local data initialized. And the locker make go-v8 thread safe.

You can create different engine instance for data isolate or improve efficiency of concurrent purpose.

engine1 := v8.NewEngine()
engine2 := v8.NewEngine()


When you want to run some JavaScript. You need to compile first.

Scripts can run many times or run in different context.

script := engine.Compile([]byte(`"Hello " + "World!"`), nil, nil)

The Engine.Compile() method take 3 arguments.

The first is the code.

The second is a ScriptOrigin, it stores script's file name or line number offset etc. You can use ScriptOrigin to make error message and stack trace friendly.

name := "my_file.js"
real := ReadFile(name)
code := "function(_export){\n" + real + "\n}"
origin := engine.NewScriptOrigin(name, 1, 0)
script := engine.Compile(code, origin, nil)

The third is a ScriptData, it's pre-parsing data, as obtained by Engine.PreCompile(). If you want to compile a script many time, you can use ScriptData to speeds compilation.

code := []byte(`"Hello " + "World!"`)
data := engine.PreCompile(code)
script1 := engine.Compile(code, nil, data)
script2 := engine.Compile(code, nil, data)


The description in V8 embedding guide:

In V8, a context is an execution environment that allows separate, unrelated, JavaScript applications to run in a single instance of V8. You must explicitly specify the context in which you want any JavaScript code to be run.

In go-v8, you can create many contexts from a V8 engine instance. When you want to run some JavaScript in a context. You need to enter the context by calling Scope() and run the JavaScript in the callback.

context.Scope(func(cs v8.ContextScope){

Context in V8 is necessary. So in go-v8 you can do this:

context.Scope(func(cs v8.ContextScope) {
	context2 := engine.NewContext(nil)
	context2.Scope(func(cs2 v8.ContextScope) {


Please note. Don't take any JavaScript value out scope.

When the outermost Scope() return, all of the JavaScript value created in this scope or nested scope will be destroyed.


Please read 'v8_all_test.go' for more information.

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