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goradius package implements basic Radius client capabilities, allowing Go code to authenticate against a Radius server. It is based on https://github.com/btimby/py-radius python package


To install this package simply:

go get github.com/kirves/goradius


Before testing goradius fill the necessary data in the goradius_test.go file (server url, secret, username and password to test the client).

After that, simply run:

go test github.com/kirves/goradius


To authenticate a user simply create a new AuthenticatorT object using server information and the secret associated to your client

auth := goradius.Authenticator(server_url, server_port, secret)

And try to authenticate a user:

ok, err := auth.Authenticate(username, password, nasId)
if err != nil {
if ok {
	// user successfully authenticated


goradius is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE.

  • Timeout for Authenticate is incorrect because the value is multiplied twice

    Timeout for Authenticate is incorrect because the value is multiplied twice

    On line 55 https://github.com/kirves/goradius/blob/master/goradius.go#L55 a.timeout is multipled by time.second ==> conn, err := net.DialTimeout("udp", url, a.timeout*time.Second)

    but the timeout in seconds was already multiplied by time.second on both line 42 and 48. https://github.com/kirves/goradius/blob/master/goradius.go#L42 https://github.com/kirves/goradius/blob/master/goradius.go#L48

    This results in error: "dial udp: i/o timeout"

    Solution: remove * time.Second from line 55

    opened by dv-user1 1
  • fix testing the return packet

    fix testing the return packet

    Thanks for creating this port.

    I fixed your commented code to actually work. The bug was that it didn't truncate the received packet at the specified length.

    opened by giganteous 1
  • Fix dial timeout case.

    Fix dial timeout case.

    The prior version of goradius used timeout seconds, while the 2017-May-2 version uses time.Duration. The timeout multiplies that by time.Seconds duration, causing excessively long timeouts.

    Fix the timeout case to remove the * time.Second. Fix the error message to use the time.Duration String() representation.

    Added a unit test for Dial timeout.

    opened by pythonistic 0
  • Removed static timeout settings in favor of configurable timeout

    Removed static timeout settings in favor of configurable timeout

    Made the timeout configurable. Found that if a server is slow on the initial connection and slow on returning a result, the static responseTimeout could easily be hit causing the function to return a timeout error instead of waiting for a response.

    opened by nickryand 0
  • Fix timeouts on RADIUS server response

    Fix timeouts on RADIUS server response

    • Fix retry loop for requests to server
    • Avoid memory leak having non terminating go routine if server doesn't respond. Previously there was an unbuffered communication channel which would block the go routine if there's no receiver (i.e. the receiver has terminated). Solution: use buffered channels with capacity "1"
    • Renamed var for request packet
    opened by reators 0
  • Added nasId attribute

    Added nasId attribute

    Hello Alessando, I needed the nasId attribute to have grouped RADIUS access to a Windows-AD. To preserve backward compatibility the attribute won't be sent if the corresponding string is empty. Please consider to incorporate this pull request.

    opened by reators 0
  • more ideomatic implementation, IMHO

    more ideomatic implementation, IMHO

    Hey Alessandro,

    I got distracted by other tasks, coming back very late with this pull request we discussed earlier (sometime in July!). However, I'm not sure you are going to like it, as it changes quite a bit of the code:

    • rename package-name from 'goradius' -> 'radius'
    • initialization now with radius.New(server, port, pass)
    • AuthenticatorT is now named Authenticator
    • Authenticator struct exposes timeout and retries-attributes, so they can be changed
    • retry is actually implemented now
    • parsing the response correctly had been fixed in the meantime by some other contributor, but I have a different fix (which is shorter, I believe)
    • some things are more go-ideomatic, I think, but that is rather a matter of taste

    Maybe you want to give it a try, or just stick with your (working!) version. As I said, for me it is more a matter of honoring your efforts by sharing my implementation.

    Cheers, Özgür

    opened by oec 0
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