Inspr is an application mesh for simple, fast and secure development of distributed applications.


Inspr is an engine for running distributed applications, using multiple communication patterns such as pub sub and more, focused on type consistency and development simplicity.

  • 💪 Robust: built on top of golang, kubernetes and other state of the art technologies
  • Distributed: created to allow complex and hierarchical distributed design patterns
  • ☁️ Cloud native: lightweight and modular, built with interchangeable pieces
  • 🛠️ Versatile: can adapt to any cloud environment

Table of Contents

Getting Started


The recommended way to install inspr in a kubernetes cluster is by using helm.

the first step is add the helm chart repository to the cluster:

helm repo add inspr

Then install inspr with the command:

helm install inspr_name inspr/insprd

replacing inspr_name by the desired inspr cluster name.

Aditionaly you can check the default values file for the helm chart. They are included in the build/helm folder and can be edited for further refinement of the properties.


To install the CLI get the latest release for your architecture from the releases page and add it to your PATH. TODO: Add link to the install script for the CLI.


You can check the documentation on the Confluence page for Inspr TODO: Migrate to website

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  • v0.1.4(Oct 19, 2021)


    • 5a8c92e: dev (lbsidecar python client): init, write, handle and run functions (luiz-couto) #110
    • sidecar client python: update folders and created examples #110 (luiz-couto)
    • client lb sidecar python: fixes #110 (luiz-couto)
    • lb sidecar client: handle channel update #110 (luiz-couto)
    • 65f66f3: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-246 (luiz-couto) #110
    • ae5aa09: update(Changelog) (luiz-couto) #110
    • python: refactoring the read message handler to be a decorator #110 (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • python lb sidecar client: changed names to use snake_case #110 (luiz-couto)
    • inspr python client: created distribution packages #110 (luiz-couto)
    • ping pong python example: moved and updated example #110 (luiz-couto)
    • 1965048: fix(cli/init) Bug: Cli initialization not adding "http://" to ip (#112) (Lucas Lima) #112
    • adds redis as a dependency for the uidp helm chart (#111) #111 (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • 8cfb9bf: closes the body of writeWithMultipleTries (#114) (Nicholas Cristófaro) #114
    • f652f6e: Bug Core 570 | Python dApp client memory leak (#115) (Luiz Felipe) #115
    • 1b0c89e: Story CORE-560 | CLI changes documentation (#113) (Lucas Lima) #113
    • 0496bd6: Story CORE-561 | Authentication for broker commands (#118) (Lucas Starling Salles) #118
    • eed7adf: Story CORE-502 | Develop client ( for controller dApps) for Python (#120) (Luiz Felipe) #120
    • adds prometheus metrics and prometheus to the helm chart (#109) #109 (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • d856aaa: Quick gitgnore fix (#121) (Lucas Starling Salles) #121
    • 526450e: Story CORE-566 | Implement benchmarking dapp (#122) (Lucas Starling Salles) #122
    • e086c5f: Bug CORE-573 | prometheus chart selector labels setting incorrect name (#123) (Nicholas Cristófaro) #123
    • 7f3e6ce: Story CORE-565 | Develop sidecar throughput metrics (#124) (Luiz Felipe) #124
    • 3c596a7: Story CORE-541 | Inspr stack workspace initialization (#117) (Lucas Lima) #117
    • 964f017: Story CORE-567 | Create custom queries for Inspr's Prometheus metrics (#125) (Nicholas Cristófaro) #125
    • a59ea5a: Story CORE-563 | Develop sidecar metrics (#128) (Luiz Felipe) #128
    • ccafa77: Bug/edns-hotfix (#126) (Nicholas Cristófaro) #126
    • 29347f1: Story CORE-572 | Permission scheme inversion (#127) (Lucas Starling Salles) #127
    • 672c435: Story CORE-574 | Develop metrics for the sidecar broker Writer (#129) (Luiz Felipe) #129
    • d2b9d30: fix (B.M exp): benchmarking dapp (#131) (Lucas Starling Salles) #131
    • ac6f7c4: Story/core 575 | Develop metrics for the sidecar broker Reader (#130) (Lucas Lima) #130
    • ef2ead9: feat | Automatically create becnhmark dashboard on grafana deploy (#133) (Luiz Felipe) #133
    • grafana: adds query based variable and status table (#134) #134 (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • 19f0158: Story CORE-576 | Reconfigure Kafka to verify that its deployment isn't the problem (#132) (Nicholas Cristófaro) #132
    • 746f383: Story CORE-580 | Create Route structure on the Node definition (#135) (Lucas Lima) #135
    • 55360ec: Bug CORE-578 | Deploying Types without schemas (#136) (Lucas Starling Salles) #136
    • 7958ce7: Story CORE-581 | [BETA] Create a function to resolve Routes (#138) (Lucas Starling Salles) #138
    • 7d90ab1: Story CORE-579 | [BETA] Change lb-sidecars channel resolution to account for the '/channel' that will now be required (#137) (Luiz Felipe) #137
    • efb1abc: Story CORE-583 | [BETA] Configure routes writing on LB-sidecar (#140) (Lucas Starling Salles) #140
    • 7beab36: Story CORE-588 | [BETA] Configure routes reading on LB-sidecar (#139) (Luiz Felipe) #139
    • 229749d: Story CORE-590 | [BETA] dApp client SendRequest (#142) (Lucas Lima) #142
    • ee5586e: Story CORE-589 | [BETA] dApp client HandleRoute (#141) (Luiz Felipe) #141
    • c0a3764: Story CORE-584 | [BETA] Create an example dApp to demonstrate how Routes work (#143) (Lucas Starling Salles) #143
    • 9fca3e0: Story CORE-599 | [BETA] Route-Demo readme (#144) (Lucas Starling Salles) #144
    • aa8ef45: Story CORE-585 | [BETA] Document the BETA-Routes feature. (#145) (Luiz Felipe) #145
    • ba08870: Story CORE-591 | Implement benchmarking dapp out of Inspr Stack (#147) (Lucas Starling Salles) #147
    • 5531c7c: Story CORE-593 | [BETA] Python client SendRequest / [BETA] Python client HandleRoute (#148) (Luiz Felipe) #148
    • 938407b: Story CORE-600 | Add metrics to the throughput apps without inspr (#149) (Lucas Starling Salles) #149
    • 59b1219: Story CORE-592 | [BETA] Create Route metrics to assert throughput. (#146) (Lucas Lima) #146
    • ba0934c: Story CORE-598 | [BETA] Create grafana dashboard to evaluate routes throughput (#150) (Lucas Lima) #150
    • 8ae97d8: Fix CORE-601 | Unable to create user (#151) (Lucas Starling Salles) #151
    • cd526a7: Release v0.1.4.0 (Lucas)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    insprcli-darwin-amd64-v0.1.4(20.92 MB)
    insprcli-darwin-arm64-v0.1.4(21.36 MB)
    insprcli-linux-386-v0.1.4(19.43 MB)
    insprcli-linux-amd64-v0.1.4(21.17 MB)
    insprcli-linux-arm-v0.1.4(19.07 MB)
    insprcli-linux-arm64-v0.1.4(20.72 MB)
    insprcli-windows-386-v0.1.4.exe(19.88 MB)
    insprcli-windows-amd64-v0.1.4.exe(21.22 MB)
    insprcli-windows-arm-v0.1.4.exe(19.40 MB)
  • v0.1.3(Aug 11, 2021)

    Bug Fixes

    Code Refactoring

    • node converter and deployments: removed support for restart policy of deployments and added support for replicas #98 (luiz-couto)



    • 9012192: debug (channel update flow): Debuggin changes (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #91
    • 0b062f3: fix (pre-commit hook):{ removed cause it doesnt work (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #91
    • rest/request: added hostname parameter to Send func, formatted the Send usage in other files #89 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • cliutils/viper: removed unused functions and did a quick fix on viper test #89 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • 0eea874: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-500 (Nicholas Cristofaro) #89
    • git/hook: fixed the problem found in which staticcheck in a specific file didn't get the pkg context/variables #89 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • git/hook: added golint again, even if deprecated it might be worth it to keep it since it detects uncommented variable and is unsed on github pipe #89 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs/minikube: replaced /etc/hosts/ for setting up the serverip via insprctl #89 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • changelog: fixing story location #89 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • rest/request: removed capitalized error #89 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • ping pong readme: update kafka file path #90 (luiz-couto)
    • 64340c3: update(uidp values) (luiz-couto) #90
    • dapp and converter: changed resolve boundary function to receive usePermTree parameter #90 (luiz-couto)
    • 1f170c5: fix (diff-metadata): Fixed annotations diff to comply with reactions (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #91
    • 96a0919: update(CHANGELOG) (luiz-couto) #90
    • 4f4267d: dev ( diff-meta): Removing unescessary channel operator call (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #91
    • converter: dappToService logger comment #90 (luiz-couto)
    • 2a3cb53: Merge branch 'develop' into bug/CORE-499 (luiz-couto) #90
    • 501ced5: update(CHANGELOG) (luiz-couto) #90
    • 8f38066: fix (debugging code): Removed code added to facilitate the debugging of CORE-498 (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #91
    • uidp client: now using bcrypt to hash passwords and compare the hashed with the input in Login and hasPermission func #93 (luiz-couto)
    • 799679b: Merge branch 'develop' into bug/CORE-498 (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #91
    • devops: updated codecov CI #92 (Francisco Andrade)
    • devops: updated files covered #92 (Francisco Andrade)
    • devops: updated autolabeler #92 (Francisco Andrade)
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #92 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 75056a9: Revert "fix(devops): change codecov rules" (Francisco Andrade)
    • 4ff51ee: Revert "fix(devops): change codecov rules" (Francisco Andrade)
    • uid client: updated create/update/delete/ user, Login and hasPermissions tests #93 (luiz-couto)
    • e67dfa6: fix (comments): (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #91
    • c0d38f2: Merge branch 'develop' into bug/CORE-498 (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #91
    • 8dfc78e: test (mem-brokers): fixed broker congig fetch method (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #91
    • 2a69f36: changelog (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #91
    • 56d02e6: doc(redis install and unninstall) (luiz-couto) #93
    • uidp client: hashed admin password in initAdminUser #93 (luiz-couto)
    • 86e9ddd: update(CHANGELOG) (luiz-couto) #93
    • 940650f: update(CHANGELOG) (luiz-couto) #93
    • 66b41b4: delete(redis documentation) (luiz-couto) #93
    • a0a5746: Merge branch 'develop' into tech/CORE-366 (luiz-couto) #93
    • 5633ef1: dev (inrpov-login): created new command structure (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #96
    • inprov: added long description to commands #95 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • git/hook: only echos when there is an error #95 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • uidp/handlers: adding a logger to it #95 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • 8a7333c: changelog (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #96
    • changelog: added the changelog #95 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • f6a76e9: Merge branch 'develop' into tech/CORE-491 (Nicholas Cristofaro) #95
    • 0f6b95f: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-372 (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #96
    • ab7c5ee: fix (pkg - client): test running into loaded port (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #96
    • af7b396: test (inprov - login): Remove login test file (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #96
    • uidp/handlers: altered logger messages #95 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • 33bc745: Merge branch 'develop' into tech/CORE-491 (Nicholas Cristofaro) #95
    • 9ac14b2: dev (env-utils): change separator for channel broker (lucasABLima) #97
    • inprov: added messages for create and delete users #95 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • 7e09fb8: Dev (operators-converter) Change separator for channel broker (lucasABLima) #97
    • b045428: fix (channel env): fixed test cases regarding channel environment variables (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #97
    • 5e1bc99: Update (Lucas Lima)
    • 980ac62: update(CHANGELOG) (luiz-couto) #98
    • 3b96a61: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-493 (luiz-couto) #98
    • adds completion command to the inspr cli (#50) #50 (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • 881e4d3: Helm chart rework and new features (#94) (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho) #94
    • add log level to all deployments (#99) #99 (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • kafka: change kafka version #101 (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • kafka_writer: unexports producer #101 (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • kafka_writer: adds routine for event collection #101 (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • changelog: adds changelog #101 (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • e3e0bd8: Updated script for chart releassing (#102) (Lucas Starling Salles) #102
    • afa987c: fix (uidp): usser example (Lucas)
    • rest/request: removed hostname parameter from the method Send #104 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs: added a brief summary of external-dns installation and usage #104 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • changelog: changelog #104 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs/externaldns: changed the kubectl section #104 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • c3892e1: Tech CORE-542 | Change broker commands and sub-commands (#103) (Lucas Lima) #103
    • a009f8b: Merge branch 'develop' into fix/kafka-events (Nicholas Cristófaro) #101
    • 7d90459: Bug CORE-547 | Sidecars memory leak and addition of pprof routes (#100) (Nicholas Cristófaro) #100
    • 55ee426: dev(request) Add host the the request (lucasABLima) #108
    • ad7300a: dev(cmd/utils) Add host to the config (lucasABLima) #108
    • fcaaaea: dev(test) update the tests structure (lucasABLima) #108
    • f46b534: dev(cli/init) change the init configuration to ask a host (lucasABLima) #108
    • 0832621: dev(test) update client test (lucasABLima) #108
    • ab0fa5f: dev(controler/client) add host to the controller (lucasABLima) #108
    • ef86ec1: Tech CORE-492 | Correction on the controller operation (#106) (Lucas Starling Salles) #106
    • 987356a: Bug CORE-550 | Mutex not unlocking on panics (#107) (Lucas Starling Salles) #107
    • d5cb537: dev(cmd/utils) Update client to use the Host flag (lucasABLima) #108
    • 4609e32: dev(constants/flags) Create Host flag and constant (lucasABLima) #108
    • ac78995: Tech CORE-422 | Refactor of the error structure in the project (#105) (Nicholas Cristófaro) #105
    • b20f412: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-549 (lucasABLima) #108
    • 9503169: dev(request/client) Add description to host function (lucasABLima) #108
    • f09562e: Added the changelog (lucasABLima) #108
    • 450685b: dev(setGlobalClient) fix the funtion to not be exported (lucasABLima) #108
    • 0de00fa: fix(client.Send) refactor the header host condition (lucasABLima) #108
    • a649afd: dev(cli/init) change the cli output for the host config (lucasABLima) #108
    • 4ce2b4c: fix(pkg/rest) fixing PR comments (lucasABLima) #108
    • 2350e1f: fix(init.go) insprConfiguration host variable misstyping (lucasABLima) #108
    • acf5b3c: fix(utils/viper) Change the description toexported functions (lucasABLima) #108
    • c9c6e42: dev(Changelog) update changelog (lucasABLima) #108
    • 779aa4a: Update (Lucas Lima) #108
    • 8797aa7: fix() BaseURL description mistyping (lucasABLima) #108
    • 049ad52: fix(cli/init) change the examples of serverip and host (lucasABLima) #108
    • c2a55dc: Update (Lucas Lima) #108
    • b5ebc05: Merge branch 'story/CORE-549' of into story/CORE-549 (lucasABLima) #108
    • 94c1928: fix(request/client) fix descriptions (lucasABLima) #108
    • ff629f3: fix( fix Strucutures on Channels description (lucasABLima) #108
    • 8b24ba7: test (viper config change): added test to verify the addition of 'http://' on "serverip" value changes (Lucas) #108
    • 2d1b24c: test (viper config change): changed "serverip" change test case name (Lucas) #108
    • ops: update tags to match new release (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    insprcli-darwin-amd64-v0.1.3(21.31 MB)
    insprcli-darwin-arm64-v0.1.3(20.78 MB)
    insprcli-linux-386-v0.1.3(19.22 MB)
    insprcli-linux-amd64-v0.1.3(21.55 MB)
    insprcli-linux-arm-v0.1.3(18.80 MB)
    insprcli-linux-arm64-v0.1.3(20.17 MB)
    insprcli-windows-386-v0.1.3.exe(19.63 MB)
    insprcli-windows-amd64-v0.1.3.exe(21.67 MB)
    insprcli-windows-arm-v0.1.3.exe(19.02 MB)
  • v0.1.1(Jul 7, 2021)


    Bug Fixes



    • de49f4b: Merge branch 'develop' into feature/helm (Breno Jesus) #33
    • changelog: adds changes #51 (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • 001b6a5: Merge branch 'develop' of into feat/pre-commit-hook (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho) #51
    • cli: added dryrun flag for delete command #78 (Francisco Andrade)
    • tree mem: renamed method 'Root()' to 'Tree()' #78 (Francisco Andrade)
    • operator: getOperator now gets unmodified tree when deleting #78 (Francisco Andrade)
    • cli: improved cluster cmd error messages #78 (Francisco Andrade)
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #78 (Francisco Andrade)
    • insprd: renamed 'RootGetter' to 'TreeGetter' #78 (Francisco Andrade)
    • insprd: renamed 'TreeGetter' to 'PermTreeGetter' #78 (Francisco Andrade)
    • examples: removed old sidecar demo #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • examples: updated multibroker sidecar demo #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • mem: moved interface #81 (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles)
    • docs/yamls: create the alias file #79 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • 58c6f84: Dev (memory): renaming TreeMemoryManager (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #81
    • examples: fixed multichannel example #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • docs/yamls: adding more fields to the documentation #79 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • added description of story core-481 #79 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • memory: new interface implemented #81 (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles)
    • docs/yamls: removed the uppercase letters in the beginning of the fields and fixed PR comments #79 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • 573f309: Merge branch 'develop' into feature/helm (Nicholas Cristofaro) #33
    • cmd/insprd: fix of the coreV1 methods in the authsvc #33 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • 43744dd: adding changelog (Nicholas Cristofaro) #33
    • docs/yamls: partial solution to the PR comments mad in relation to the description of some of the fields #79 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs/yamls: finished correcting the PR comments #79 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • examples: started to fix primes example #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • f28a90e: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-482 (Francisco Andrade) #82
    • 730f307: dev (memory): implemented generic memory manager (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #81
    • 8017d54: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-476 (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #81
    • examples: primes working w/ general yaml #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 5304756: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-481 (Nicholas Cristofaro) #79
    • examples: removed k8sop demo #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • examples: finished fixing primes example #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • examples: updated primes readme #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • d2c1dad: changing the project container storage, tested running skaffold (Nicholas Cristofaro) #80
    • 6efcbac: adding changelog (Nicholas Cristofaro) #80
    • brokers and tree memory dependency adjustments #81 (Lucas)
    • 8381593: Merge branch 'develop' into feat/pre-commit-hook (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho) #51
    • changelog: adds changes #51 (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • git/hooks: added readme and changed golint to statickcheck #51 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • 6662295: Merge branch 'feat/pre-commit-hook' of into feat/pre-commit-hook (Nicholas Cristofaro) #51
    • examples: fixed controller example #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • changelog: updating changelog #51 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • examples: fixed lint for exported var in '/primes' #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • broker data injection on channel create #81 (Lucas)
    • scripts: changing the updating tags to set insprlabs instead of red-inspr #80 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • 589d3d2: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-482 (Francisco Andrade) #82
    • d683962: Merge branch 'develop' into feat/pre-commit-hook (Nicholas Cristofaro) #51
    • broker information injection #81 (Lucas)
    • git/hook: problem with cache, also experimented running go vet, go fix, go fmt #51 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • singleton structures reviewd and improved #81 (Lucas)
    • 6dd1012: fix (examples): k8s operator/ controller example (Lucas) #81
    • 668abad: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-476 (Lucas) #81
    • 69be90d: changelog (Lucas) #81
    • 5fe325c: changelog updates (Lucas) #81
    • 496354f: changelog pattern correction (Lucas) #81
    • examples: updated pubsub example #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • docs: updated pubsub docs #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 9c1a6d4: dev (mem - brokers) added multiplexer to protec data structure (Lucas) #81
    • 0490289: changelog (Lucas) #81
    • examples: updated pubsub doc #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • examples: removed master demo (inspr local) #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #82 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 517459c: Lint (Lucas) #81
    • 5b494bd: fix comments (Lucas) #81
    • docs: updated troubleshooting doc #83 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 246baca: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-476 (Lucas) #81
    • examples: updated pinpong readme #83 (Francisco Andrade)
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #83 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 2d37951: Fix comments & integration test (Lucas) #81
    • db84223: lint (Lucas) #81
    • 662dc57: lint (Lucas) #81
    • 86c0cc3: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-476 (Lucas) #81
    • docs: updated '' #84 (Francisco Andrade)
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #84 (Francisco Andrade)
    • b045d36: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-480 (Francisco Andrade) #84
    • c72687f: doc (multibroker) wrote, waiting for images (Lucas) #85
    • 4fde5c9: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-464 (Lucas) #85
    • 2397b47: changelog (Lucas) #85
    • 6a872dd: Dec, code readability improvements (Lucas) #85
    • f5ac310: mispell check (Lucas) #85
    • 2f8defb: fix (Lucas) #85
    • 822196c: grammar fixes (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #85
    • b3c993f: fix (doc - multib): Fixed nick comments (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #85
    • docs/minikube: started the documentation for minikube #86 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs/minikube: adding more information for the documentation, still missing the complete test on minikube #86 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs/minikube: revising the documentation #86 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs/minikube: added the dockerhub details to the documentation #86 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs/minikube: followed the instructions in the minikube locally #86 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs/minikube: added a example of the change that has to be made #86 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs/minikube: added the env variable config to the documentation #86 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • added description of story core-485 #86 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs/minikube: fixed the description of the yaml files in the doc #86 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs/minikube: fixed typos and rephrasing some sentences #86 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • docs/minikube: fixed typos #86 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • git/hook: problem with cache, also experimented running go vet, go fix, go fmt #51 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • fd2d0ae: feature/git-hook: adding more check to the pre-commit hook (Nicholas Cristofaro) #51
    • bb61274: Merge branch 'feat/pre-commit-hook' of into feat/pre-commit-hook (Nicholas Cristofaro) #51
    • 1b1e898: feature/git-hook: adding a file with bad formatting (Nicholas Cristofaro) #51
    • fa74ace: feature/git-hook: manually tested the checks in place (Nicholas Cristofaro) #51
    • d171785: feature/git-hook: updating readme (Nicholas Cristofaro) #51
    • docs: updated #87 (Francisco Andrade)
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #87 (Francisco Andrade)
    • devops: update helm update scripts (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • devops: change version updating for helm charts (Pedro Tavares de Carvalho)
    • changelog: updated changelog for this PR #87 (Francisco Andrade)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    insprcli-darwin-amd64-v0.1.1(20.40 MB)
    insprcli-darwin-arm64-v0.1.1(19.89 MB)
    insprcli-linux-386-v0.1.1(18.40 MB)
    insprcli-linux-amd64-v0.1.1(20.64 MB)
    insprcli-linux-arm-v0.1.1(17.94 MB)
    insprcli-linux-arm64-v0.1.1(19.31 MB)
    insprcli-windows-386-v0.1.1.exe(18.78 MB)
    insprcli-windows-amd64-v0.1.1.exe(20.72 MB)
    insprcli-windows-arm-v0.1.1.exe(18.17 MB)
  • v0.1.0(Jun 21, 2021)

    Bug Fixes



    • memory tree: created method to generate a mocked tree #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 136787a: dev(cmd/inspr|pkg/api/ctrls|pkg/controller): worked on a sketch for the api/handlers of the insprd and polished the cli process (Nicholas Cristofaro) #65
    • 62e6e31: dev(api/ctrls|api/handlers|pkg/ctrl/mock): flow from route to controller function, tests made (Nicholas Cristofaro) #65
    • pkg/meta/utils/parser: removed the parser package and agrouped the functions into a file in the utils pkg #65 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • e670692: dev (sidecars - kafka): new SC (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #66
    • lbsidecar: altered server initialization and shutdown #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • lbsidecar: changed how LB gets write request port #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • ae71d79: dev (cmd - scs - kafka): Removed avro encoding/decoding from Reaer an Writer (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #66
    • f28087d: dev (pkg - sidecars): changed sidecar server and handlers to receive and passthrough avro encoded msgs (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #66
    • d64c2a4: dev (kafka - sidecar): Broker specific sidecar initialization from broker name (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #66
    • 927671d: dev (pkg - env): Signed finction to return node channels based on broker (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #66
    • env: added specific sidecar envvars to 'pkg/environment' #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • b52e507: ref(meta | memory): better-named some vars (Francisco Andrade) #63
    • 75dc668: test (cmd - sd - kafka): Tests for Reader And Writer implementations (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #66
    • environment: removed unused function #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • lbsidecar: added avro encoding/decoding #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 2af177c: test (pkg - sidecars): SC server addr restructure and raw data response (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #66
    • 4692253: dev (pkg - sidecars): server read and write refactor, read port LB import (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #66
    • lbsidecar: renamed folder #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 4e976ea: dev(inspr/cli|cmd/utils|ctrl/client): developed more tests for the new functions (Nicholas Cristofaro) #65
    • api/handler: specifying the usage of the kafka config #65 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • lbsidecar: created main file and docker image #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • cmd/inspr/cli: removing the unecessary []byte to []byte comparison in tests, directly comparing the strings #65 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • changelog: added the changes of the story to the #65 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • devops: removed these dockerignores that were causing error #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 1445c00: dev (pkg - rest): rest error unmarshaling method redesigned to work w/ ierrors (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #66
    • ** pkg - sidecars**: sidecars handler write to LB w/ out JSON encryption #66 (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles)
    • 6023b34: test (pkg - sidecars): server and handler tests (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #66
    • 80b59e7: lint (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #66
    • 4f309a4: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-414 (Francisco Andrade) #63
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • lbsidecar: panic if lbsidecar ports envvars are not defined #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 3fb0c34: dev (pgg - sidecars): correct LB read port inporting (Lucas) #66
    • 10af685: Kafka sidecar dockerfile (Lucas) #66
    • fb1b40b: Write correct way to conjugate the verb "secure" (Samuel Marcandier)
    • 1a9252b: dev (cmd - SC - kafka): kafka specific sidecar image makefile (Lucas) #66
    • lbsidecar: now the server returns an error #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • env: moved toupper to environment funcs #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • lbsidecar: renamed field from Message to Data #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • helm: moved lbSidecar writeport to sidecarClient #63 (Francisco Andrade)
    • e454154: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-415 (Lucas) #66
    • d15c94a: dev (auth controller): init functions now creates a empty token file before send the request (luiz-couto) #67
    • admin permissions - uidp: added all permissions for the admin user #67 (luiz-couto)
    • uidp helm: values #67 (luiz-couto)
    • auth models: added the Admin permissions doc #67 (luiz-couto)
    • auth client: update to use the http.MethodPost instead of "POST" #67 (luiz-couto)
    • 6c22c8a: Changelog (luiz-couto) #67
    • 895e4a5: Merge branch 'develop' into tech/CORE-429 (luiz-couto) #67
    • 0bf1437: update (Changelog) (luiz-couto) #67
    • 321e7c2: update (Changelog) (luiz-couto) #67
    • 5ec0a89: refact ( pkg sidecars): removed duplicated directory (Lucas) #66
    • e7a921c: dev (pkg - env): Adapted channel listing variables to store brokers and environment methods to recover them (Lucas) #66
    • 9f4567d: refact ( enviroment) : adapted structures that used environment methods to new return types (Lucas) #66
    • authsvc: improver error and log messages #68 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 8e7b844: misc(pkg | uidp): changed from "POST" to http.MethodPost (Francisco Andrade) #68
    • pkg: replaced "GET" with http.MethodGet #68 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 0a49cd1: misc(pkg | uidp): replaced "DELETE" with http.MethodDelete (Francisco Andrade) #68
    • 82ba369: misc(pkg | uidp): replaced "PUT" with http.MethodPut (Francisco Andrade) #68
    • 3ca2d72: Merge branch 'develop' into bug/CORE-431 (Francisco Andrade) #68
    • a3a7f1d: dev ( pkg env): created filtering method that returns channels that match a broker (Lucas) #66
    • diff: removed unused 'errs' variable #68 (Francisco Andrade)
    • all: fixed all(?) spelling errors #68 (Francisco Andrade)
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #68 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 73101de: test (pkg env): Environment changes test fixes (Lucas) #66
    • 36769a8: lint (Lucas) #66
    • 29bc3bc: Moved node operator out off kafka dir (Lucas) #66
    • 6b3356d: fix (pkg - SCS): fixed comments by team (Lucas) #66
    • 98e433f: dev (cmd - SC - newkafka): Ajusted main file to new Initm server instanciation (Lucas) #66
    • cbf5d89: fix (pkg - env): renaming methods to better fit their return types (Lucas) #66
    • b06f8d4: refact (pkg - SCS - handlers): refactored so that methods are in use order (Lucas) #66
    • d27588d: dev(ierrors|cli|api/handlers): altering some variable names and changing the types used in some functions (Nicholas Cristofaro) #65
    • 0a965d5: fix (sidecars - models): rellocating kafka consumer object declaration (Lucas) #66
    • 9e19c74: fix (cmd -sidecars): comment types (Lucas) #66
    • 0c644a4: fix (cmd - sc - reader): environment import (Lucas) #66
    • 5e0c0f0: fix (cmd - scs - new): cleaning code (Lucas) #66
    • 10a5b16: test (operator - node): converter test (Lucas) #66
    • e188865: fix ( node - converter): removed unescessary duplication (Lucas) #66
    • 822bbcd: fix (cmd - sidecars - kafka_new): using inspr error (Lucas) #66
    • ba5796e: fix (kafka - reader): standerdized comment (Lucas) #66
    • 417da83: fix (inspr): removed development comments (Lucas) #66
    • ca24e45: fix PR comments (Lucas) #66
    • cf27fff: changelog (Lucas) #66
    • 95a8c3f: changelog (Lucas) #66
    • 3371b83: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-415 (Lucas) #66
    • sidecar old: removed old sidecar files #69 (Francisco Andrade)
    • sidecar: stareted using new sidecar #69 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 68a3058: dev (insprd - operators): joined operator intefaces (Lucas) #69
    • f62aab0: dev (insprd): adding broker manager to Operator (Lucas) #69
    • 80da5f5: dev (pkg - scs - models): changed factory return type to work with node converter. (Lucas) #69
    • 1a32763: test (yamls): test files updated (Lucas) #69
    • de616cc: test (insprd / brokers): kafka sidecar testing initialization (Lucas) #69
    • 02cfa8c: dev (sidecars - factory): changed sidecar factory to output right object and receive container options to compose sidecar container (Lucas) #69
    • 2ff8d17: fix ( sidecars - env): corrected deprecated environment namenclature (Lucas) #69
    • 2691652: dev (cmd - SCS - kafka) : makefile (Lucas) #69
    • operator: added func that returns all sidecar containers #69 (Francisco Andrade)
    • sidecar factory: factories now return sidecar specific envvars used by lbsidecar #69 (Francisco Andrade)
    • sidecar: changed some log messages for better debugging #69 (Francisco Andrade)
    • e72ddc0: dev ( brokers constants): moved back to meta to avoid conflicts (Lucas) #69
    • 4e588ba: dev (service deploy for scs): implemented deployment of svcs for each broker SC (Lucas) #69
    • aa7cd34: Dev (multibroker arq): removed unescessary return message (Lucas) #69
    • 0f12bde: dev (Env) Created a svc port for kafka sidecars (Lucas) #69
    • 32a374d: test (MB Integration): succesfully ran code using multi-broker arquitechture (Lucas) #69
    • utils: created method that returns available tcp ports #69 (Francisco Andrade)
    • operator: added dinamic sidecar port resolution #69 (Francisco Andrade)
    • kafka deployment: extracted container option creation to new method #69 (Francisco Andrade)
    • helm: removed kafka structures from insprd helm chart #69 (Francisco Andrade)
    • multibroker example: updated example #69 (Francisco Andrade)
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #69 (Francisco Andrade)
    • pkg/meta/utils/parser: removed the entire file, since it was only used once and under specific cases there is no need for boilerplate code in this pkg #65 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • 1afc576: Merge branch 'story/CORE-416' into story/CORE-401 (Nicholas Cristofaro) #65
    • api/ctrls: added tests for calling the create Broker and no error flows #65 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • eb4e41c: Fix Pr#69 comments (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #69
    • 8a8367d: fix Pr#69 comments $2 (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #69
    • controller: removed unecessary param type definition and renamed to scope #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 52779b8: ref(controller | insprd api): renamed broker Get func param (Francisco Andrade) #71
    • docs: updated controller client documentation #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • format - print methods: Updated the channel and app print methods to print new structures #70 (luiz-couto)
    • format - printApp: Added node meta print #70 (luiz-couto)
    • 92b5b11: update(Changelog) (luiz-couto) #70
    • docs: minor fixes in controller client doc #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • c9baec4: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-462 (Francisco Andrade) #71
    • docs: updated schemas and types doc #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • format tests: added new structures to format test #70 (luiz-couto)
    • b7fe83e: Merge branch 'develop' into tech/CORE-442 (luiz-couto) #70
    • docs: updated dApp overview doc #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 8521daa: fix(docs) minor fixes in dapp overview doc (Francisco Andrade) #71
    • docs: updated helm installation doc #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 2b86d14: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-401 (Nicholas Cristofaro) #65
    • pkg: fixed misspells, comments, error messages, unused files and func params #72 (Francisco Andrade)
    • b557c28: ref(cli | envvar): renamed INSPR_APP_CTX to _SCOPE and fixed error message (Francisco Andrade) #72
    • pkg auth: moved InitDO struct to models file #72 (Francisco Andrade)
    • pkg: finished changing 'context' to 'scope' #72 (Francisco Andrade)
    • cmd: 'context' to 'scope' and refactored some errors #72 (Francisco Andrade)
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #72 (Francisco Andrade)
    • cli: changed CLI main cmd from 'inspr' to 'insprctl' #73 (Francisco Andrade)
    • ac8d33a: fix(docs | dapp overview): fixed wrong apostrophe (Francisco Andrade) #71
    • db079b5: dev (operators, kafka): moved files out of redundant folder (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #73 (Francisco Andrade)
    • cli: removed unused test funcs in config_cmd #73 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 1150aec: dev (operators): interfaces changes to work as desired (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • 50e7cd5: dev ( meta, brokers): changed broker config interface to have a Broker method (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • c2c8e68: dev (operators): General channel operator implementation (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • 0885d6f: dev (operators): Operator implementation of new interface (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • 6171b4e: fix(cli) changed auth error message (Francisco Andrade) #73
    • 58a3d99: dev (pkg - brokes): Broker data types changed for Operators integration (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • memory - broker: Broker memory manager updated to new brokey structure #75 (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles)
    • 9c9e4de: dev (memory - fake): broker manager fake updated to new manager interface (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • 305fa94: dev (memory - dapputils): Broker priority parsing updated to new Broker memory interface (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • 2a549ee: dev (handlers): Brokers handler uptadated to new interface (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • controllers: Broker controller updated to new data type #75 (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles)
    • 45ec691: fix (main): Fixed kafka default instanciation (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • d8fb7d4: dev ( mem - brokers) : New method for obtaining broker configurations (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • dapp utils: refactored the whole file and affected tests #74 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 3f5ac8f: dev (operators): Dynamic configuration of operators (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • 1950f3b: dev (mem - brokers): Removing redundant parameters from Manager interface (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • 8d074bd: dev (main): fixed kafka instansiation (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #74 (Francisco Andrade)
    • b0811fe: fix (mem - brokers): corrected typecasting (LucasStarlingdePaulaSalles) #75
    • 5edea20: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-401 (Nicholas Cristofaro) #65
    • c231227: replaced 'inspr (apply|describe|delete|get|init|config|cluster)' with 'insprctl <same_params>' (Nicholas Cristofaro) #65
    • f7d0c66: changing interface params names, ending brokers functions when a error happens and setting default value for kafkaInsprAddr (Nicholas Cristofaro) #65
    • d7ab520: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-467 (Lucas) #75
    • a1d00fa: fix (operators): fixed casting config type (Lucas) #75
    • 63a25d2: changelog (Lucas) #75
    • 5ccda09: deleting files related to cli command that doesn't exists (Nicholas Cristofaro) #65
    • 0c6df32: lint (Lucas) #75
    • 84f041b: lint (Lucas) #75
    • 135ab42: test (mem - brokers): fixed tests that were receiving an object instead of a pointer for the configuration interface (Lucas) #75
    • 1d7e670: fix (operators): revmoving unnescessary validation (Lucas) #75
    • 9e2e29e: fix comments (operators): renamed pakache and improved parameters (Lucas) #75
    • docs: updated /cli folder #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • devops: update scripts of cli build and install #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • docs: updated #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • a76935e: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-401 (Francisco Andrade) #65
    • broker memory: added logger to files #65 (Francisco Andrade)
    • insprd: set default broker if its empty #65 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 9faacc7: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-462 (Francisco Andrade) #71
    • lbsidecar: fixed misspells in server.go file #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • examples: update pingpong example #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • 1c90ef9: Merge branch 'develop' into story/CORE-462 (Francisco Andrade) #71
    • kafka sc: improved logger messages #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • meta utils: alias target is now shown in describe #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • examples: made pingpong work #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • examples: minor changes in pingpong example #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • docs: updated the workspace init doc #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • changelog: created changelog for this PR #71 (Francisco Andrade)
    • replace the url to on all files that imported something #76 (Nicholas Cristofaro)
    • 5b96085: changing the changelog and some extra files were included in the change (Nicholas Cristofaro) #76
    • auhtentication #77 (Lucas)
    • auth doc #77 (Lucas)
    • 15d8409: auth doc changelog (Lucas)
    • 6046bad: Update (Francisco)
    • ec93497: Merge branch 'develop' into tech/CORE-360 (Francisco Andrade) #76
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    insprcli-darwin-amd64-v0.1.0(18.93 MB)
    insprcli-darwin-arm64-v0.1.0(18.39 MB)
    insprcli-linux-386-v0.1.0(17.09 MB)
    insprcli-linux-amd64-v0.1.0(19.14 MB)
    insprcli-linux-arm-v0.1.0(16.62 MB)
    insprcli-linux-arm64-v0.1.0(17.90 MB)
    insprcli-windows-386-v0.1.0.exe(17.45 MB)
    insprcli-windows-amd64-v0.1.0.exe(19.24 MB)
    insprcli-windows-arm-v0.1.0.exe(16.87 MB)
  • v0.0.0-alpha.0(Apr 19, 2021)

:incoming_envelope: A fast Message/Event Hub using publish/subscribe pattern with support for topics like* rabbitMQ exchanges for Go applications

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