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InfluxDB is an open source time series platform. This includes APIs for storing and querying data, processing it in the background for ETL or monitoring and alerting purposes, user dashboards, and visualizing and exploring the data and more. The master branch on this repo now represents the latest InfluxDB, which now includes functionality for Kapacitor (background processing) and Chronograf (the UI) all in a single binary.

The list of InfluxDB Client Libraries that are compatible with the latest version can be found in our documentation.

If you are looking for the 1.x line of releases, there are branches for each minor version as well as a master-1.x branch that will contain the code for the next 1.x release. The master-1.x working branch is here. The InfluxDB 1.x Go Client can be found here.


We have nightly and versioned Docker images, Debian packages, RPM packages, and tarballs of InfluxDB available at the InfluxData downloads page. We also provide the influx command line interface (CLI) client as a separate binary available at the same location.

If you are interested in building from source, see the building from source guide for contributors.

Getting Started

For a complete getting started guide, please see our full online documentation site.

To write and query data or use the API in any way, you'll need to first create a user, credentials, organization and bucket. Everything in InfluxDB is organized under a concept of an organization. The API is designed to be multi-tenant. Buckets represent where you store time series data. They're synonymous with what was previously in InfluxDB 1.x a database and retention policy.

The simplest way to get set up is to point your browser to http://localhost:8086 and go through the prompts.

You can also get set up from the CLI using the command influx setup:

$ bin/$(uname -s | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')/influx setup
Welcome to InfluxDB 2.0!
Please type your primary username: marty

Please type your password: 

Please type your password again: 

Please type your primary organization name.: InfluxData

Please type your primary bucket name.: telegraf

Please type your retention period in hours.
Or press ENTER for infinite.: 72

You have entered:
  Username:          marty
  Organization:      InfluxData
  Bucket:            telegraf
  Retention Period:  72 hrs
Confirm? (y/n): y

UserID                  Username        Organization    Bucket
033a3f2c5ccaa000        marty           InfluxData      Telegraf
Your token has been stored in /Users/marty/.influxdbv2/credentials

You can run this command non-interactively using the -f, --force flag if you are automating the setup. Some added flags can help:

$ bin/$(uname -s | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')/influx setup \
--username marty \
--password F1uxKapacit0r85 \
--org InfluxData \
--bucket telegraf \
--retention 168 \
--token where-were-going-we-dont-need-roads \

Once setup is complete, a configuration profile is created to allow you to interact with your local InfluxDB without passing in credentials each time. You can list and manage those profiles using the influx config command.

$ bin/$(uname -s | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')/influx config
Active	Name	URL			            Org
*	    default	http://localhost:9999	InfluxData

Writing Data

Write to measurement m, with tag v=2, in bucket telegraf, which belongs to organization InfluxData:

$ bin/$(uname -s | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')/influx write --bucket telegraf --precision s "m v=2 $(date +%s)"

Since you have a default profile set up, you can omit the Organization and Token from the command.

Write the same point using curl:

curl --header "Authorization: Token $(bin/$(uname -s | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')/influx auth list --json | jq -r '.[0].token')" \
--data-raw "m v=2 $(date +%s)" \

Read that back with a simple Flux query:

$ bin/$(uname -s | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')/influx query 'from(bucket:"telegraf") |> range(start:-1h)'
Result: _result
Table: keys: [_start, _stop, _field, _measurement]
                   _start:time                      _stop:time           _field:string     _measurement:string                      _time:time                  _value:float
------------------------------  ------------------------------  ----------------------  ----------------------  ------------------------------  ----------------------------
2019-12-30T22:19:39.043918000Z  2019-12-30T23:19:39.043918000Z                       v                       m  2019-12-30T23:17:02.000000000Z                             2

Use the -r, --raw option to return the raw flux response from the query. This is useful for moving data from one instance to another as the influx write command can accept the Flux response using the --format csv option.

Introducing Flux

Flux is an MIT-licensed data scripting language (previously named IFQL) used for querying time series data from InfluxDB. The source for Flux is available on GitHub. Learn more about Flux from CTO Paul Dix's presentation.

Contributing to the Project

InfluxDB is an MIT licensed open source project and we love our community. The fastest way to get something fixed is to open a PR. Check out our contributing guide if you're interested in helping out. Also, join us on our Community Slack Workspace if you have questions or comments for our engineering teams.

CI and Static Analysis


All pull requests will run through CI, which is currently hosted by Circle. Community contributors should be able to see the outcome of this process by looking at the checks on their PR. Please fix any issues to ensure a prompt review from members of the team.

The InfluxDB project is used internally in a number of proprietary InfluxData products, and as such, PRs and changes need to be tested internally. This can take some time, and is not really visible to community contributors.

Static Analysis

This project uses the following static analysis tools. Failure during the running of any of these tools results in a failed build. Generally, code must be adjusted to satisfy these tools, though there are exceptions.

  • go vet checks for Go code that should be considered incorrect.
  • go fmt checks that Go code is correctly formatted.
  • go mod tidy ensures that the source code and go.mod agree.
  • staticcheck checks for things like: unused code, code that can be simplified, code that is incorrect and code that will have performance issues.


If your PR fails staticcheck it is easy to dig into why it failed, and also to fix the problem. First, take a look at the error message in Circle under the staticcheck build section, e.g.,

tsdb/tsm1/encoding.gen.go:1445:24: func BooleanValues.assertOrdered is unused (U1000)
tsdb/tsm1/encoding.go:172:7: receiver name should not be an underscore, omit the name if it is unused (ST1006)

Next, go and take a look here for some clarification on the error code that you have received, e.g., U1000. The docs will tell you what's wrong, and often what you need to do to fix the issue.

Generated Code

Sometimes generated code will contain unused code or occasionally that will fail a different check. staticcheck allows for entire files to be ignored, though it's not ideal. A linter directive, in the form of a comment, must be placed within the generated file. This is problematic because it will be erased if the file is re-generated. Until a better solution comes about, below is the list of generated files that need an ignores comment. If you re-generate a file and find that staticcheck has failed, please see this list below for what you need to put back:

File Comment
query/promql/promql.go //lint:file-ignore SA6001 Ignore all unused code, it's generated

End-to-End Tests

CI also runs end-to-end tests. These test the integration between the influx server the ui. You can run them locally in two steps:

  • Start the server in "testing mode" by running make run-e2e.
  • Run the tests with make e2e.
  • Windows Support for InfluxData Platform

    Windows Support for InfluxData Platform

    We need to gauge importance of Windows Server support is to the community at large. Let us know the version, use case and if scalability features like clustering matter to you. Also please also specify if Windows support is critical for other components of the TICK stack specifically - Telegraf, Chronograf and Kapacitor. +1 on this issue to register your vote.

    opened by ShubhraKar 104
  • Should support moving averages aggregate function

    Should support moving averages aggregate function

    Should be able to calculate moving averages of different types. Simple, weighted, exponential, etc. Need to come up with specific syntax and stuff, but for now there's more reading here

    area/functions kind/feature-request 
    opened by pauldix 89
  • [0.9.4-0.9.5-rc3] Influx service becomes unavailable,

    [0.9.4-0.9.5-rc3] Influx service becomes unavailable, "failed to store statistics: timeout"

    After loading data of few megs, influx service becomes unavailable. Logs :

    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:05:49 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Flushing 5 measurements and 41 series to index
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Metadata flush took 2.830629ms
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Flushing 36 measurements and 108 series to index
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Metadata flush took 2.719846ms
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Flushing 36 measurements and 252 series to index
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Metadata flush took 2.775602ms
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Flushing 36 measurements and 144 series to index
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Metadata flush took 2.134082ms
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Flushing 36 measurements and 144 series to index
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Metadata flush took 2.145459ms
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Flushing 36 measurements and 144 series to index
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Metadata flush took 2.546441ms
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Flushing 36 measurements and 144 series to index
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Metadata flush took 2.441598ms
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Flushing 36 measurements and 72 series to index
    [wal] 2015/09/16 06:05:58 Metadata flush took 2.315491ms
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:05:59 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:06:09 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:06:19 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:06:29 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:06:39 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:06:49 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:06:59 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:07:09 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:07:19 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:07:29 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:07:39 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:07:49 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:07:59 failed to store statistics: timeout
    [monitor] 2015/09/16 06:08:09 failed to store statistics: timeout
    area/performance area/writes 
    opened by phagunbaya 71
  • Line protocol write API

    Line protocol write API

    This PR adds a new write HTTP endpoint (/write_points) that uses a text based line protocol instead of JSON. The protocol is a list of points separated by newlines \n.

    Each point is composed of three blocks separated by whitespace. The first block is the measurement name and tags separated by commas. The second block is fields separated by commas. The last block is optional and is the timestamp for the point as a unix epoch in nanoseconds.

    measurement[,tag=value,tag2=value2...] field=value[,field2=value2...] [unixnano]

    Each point must have a measurement name. Tags are optional. Measurement, tag and values can not have any spaces. If the value contains a comma, it needs to be escaped with \,.

    Each point must have at least one value. The format of a field is name=value. Fields can be one of four types: integer, float, boolean or string. Integers are all numeric and cannot have a decimal point .. Floats are all numeric and must have a decimal point. Booleans are the values true and false. Strings must be surrounded by double-quores ". If the value contains a quote, it must be escaped \". There can be no spaces between consecutive field values.

    For example,

    cpu,host=serverA,region=us-west value=1.0 10000000000
    cpu,host=serverB,region=us-west value=3.3 10000000000
    cpu,host=serverB,region=us-east user=123415235,event="overloaded" 20000000000
    mem,host=serverB,regstion=us-east swapping=true 2000000000

    Points written in this format should be sent to the /write_points endpoint. The request should be a POST with the points in the body of the request. The content can also be gzip encoded.

    The following URL params may also be sent:

    • db: required The database to write points
    • rp: optional The retention policy to write points. If not specified, the default retention policy will be used.
    • precision: optional The precision of the time stamps (n, u, ms, s,m,h). If not specified, n is used.
    • consistency: optional The write consistency level required for the write to succeed. Can be one of one, any, all,quorum. Defaults to all.
    • u: optional The username for authentication
    • p: optional The password for authentication

    A successful response to the request will return a 204. If a parameter or point is not valid, a 400 will be returned.

    PR Notes:

    The parser has been tuned to minimize allocations and extra work during parsing. For example, the raw byte slice read in is held onto as much as possible until there is a need to modify it. Similarly, values are not unmarshaled into Go types until necessary. It also tries to validate the input using a single pass over the data as much as possible. Tags need to be sorted so it is preferable to send them in already sorted to avoid sorting on the server. The sort has been tuned as well so that it performs consistently over a large range of inputs.

    My local benchmarks have parsing performing around 750k-2m/points/sec depending on the shape of the point data.

    opened by jwilder 69
  • Support per-query timezone offsets

    Support per-query timezone offsets

    Extending the discussion started in #2071 and re-starting the old discussion from #388, we should support time zones on a per-query basis.

    A quick example might look like:

    select mean(value) from cpu
    where time >= today()
    group by time(10m)

    Or you could also do time_zone(+8) or time_zone(-2).

    Any other suggestions?

    opened by toddboom 69
  • Compaction crash loops and data loss on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ under minimal load

    Compaction crash loops and data loss on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ under minimal load

    Following up on this post with a fresh issue to highlight worse symptoms that don't seem explainable by a db-size cutoff (as was speculated on #6975 and elsewhere):

    In the month since that post, I've had to forcibly mv the data/collectd directory twice to unstick influx from 1-2min crash loops that lasted days, seemingly due to compaction errors.

    Today I'm noticing that my temps database (which I've not messed with during these collectd db problems, and gets about 5 points per second written to it) is missing large swaths of data from the 2 months I've been writing to it:

    The last gap, between 1/14 and 1/17, didn't exist this morning (when influx was still crash-looping, before the most recent time I ran mv /var/lib/influxdb/data/collectd ~/collectd.bak). That data was just recently discarded, it seems, possibly around the time I performed my "work-around" for the crash loop:

    sudo service influxdb stop
    sudo mv /var/lib/influxdb/data/collectd ~/collectd.bak
    sudo service influxdb start
    influx -execute 'create database collectd'

    The default retention policy should not be discarding data, afaict:

    > show retention policies on temps
    name    duration shardGroupDuration replicaN default
    ----    -------- ------------------ -------- -------
    autogen 0s       168h0m0s           1        true

    Here's the last ~7d of syslogs from the RPi server, 99.9% of which is logs from Influx crash-looping.

    There seem to be messages about:

    • WAL paths "already existing" when they were to be written to, and
    • compactions failing because they couldn't allocated memory
      • that's confusing because this RPi has consistently been using ≈½ of 1GB memory and 0% of 2GB swap, with a 64GB USB flash drive as a hard disk which is about 30% full).

    Is running InfluxDB on an RPi supposed to generally work, or am I in uncharted territory just by attempting it?

    1.x arch/arm 
    opened by ryan-williams 68
  • InfluxDB 1.7 uses way more memory and disk i/o than 1.6.4

    InfluxDB 1.7 uses way more memory and disk i/o than 1.6.4

    System info: InfluxDB 1.7, upgraded from 1.6.4. Running on the standard Docker image.

    Steps to reproduce:

    I upgraded a large InfluxDB server to InfluxDB 1.7. Nothing else changed. We are running two InfluxDB servers of a similar size, the other one was left at 1.6.4.

    This ran fine for about a day, then it started running into our memory limit and continually OOMing. We upped the memory and restarted. It ran fine for about 4 hours then started using very high disk i/o (read) which caused our stats writing processes to back off.

    Please see the timeline on the heap metrics below:

    • you can see relatively stable heap usage before we upgraded at 6am on Nov 9
    • at around 4pm there is a step-up in heap usage
    • around 11:30pm there is another step-up and it starts hitting the limit (OOM, causes a restart)
    • at 12:45pm on the 10th we restart with more RAM
    • around 4 hours later it starts using high i/o and you can see spikes in heap usage


    area/performance kind/bug area/memory 
    opened by scotloach 63
  • startup script stuck in while loop if http auth set

    startup script stuck in while loop if http auth set

    Actual behavior:

    systemd service stuck in /usr/lib/influxdb/scripts/ in while loop if http authentification is set I belive that problem is introduced in commit c8de72ddbc5fdf20f821ca473f1fdf92820f9ac3

    Environment info:

    • System info: Linux 5.10.53-sunxi64 aarch64
    • InfluxDB version: InfluxDB v1.8.7 (git: 1.8 v1.8.7)
    • Other relevant environment details: dpkg -l | grep influx ii influxdb 1.8.7-1 arm64 Distributed time-series database. cat /etc/issue Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
    opened by IgorSimic 62
  • [feature request] Insert new tags to existing values, like update

    [feature request] Insert new tags to existing values, like update

    Can we have a query syntax which allows to insert/attach a new set of tags (along with exiting ones) to values/rows that are already part of a measurement?

    My use case: I created a measurement from PerfMon log, which already has Host= tag. Now I want to categorize the data by applications, so I want to add tags like "App1=, App2=" assuming I can have two apps hosted on same server.

    Then I want to be able to say Update <measurement name> add <tag name=value> where <some condition based on tags>

    opened by mvadu 61
  • InfluxDB goes unresponsive

    InfluxDB goes unresponsive

    Bug report

    System info: [Include InfluxDB version, operating system name, and other relevant details] Version: 0b4528b OS: FreeBSD

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. ???

    Expected behavior: [What you expected to happen] Keep working

    Actual behavior: [What actually happened] Stops responding. Process still running, but no longer responds to any queries.

    Additional info: [Include gist of relevant config, logs, etc.] Happens at random, but it seems the more activity, the more likely the issue will occur. Haven't identified a pattern yet.

    Here's the output of SIGQUIT.

    opened by phemmer 60
  • Influxdb crashes after 2 hours

    Influxdb crashes after 2 hours

    Bug report

    System info: Influxdb 1.1.0 Os: Debian

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Start influxdb
    2. Create 500 different databases with 500 users
    3. Auth should be on

    Expected behavior:

    Should run normally

    Actual behavior:

    Crashes after two hours

    area/performance panic 
    opened by rubycut 60
  • OSS: 2.6.1 - Getting 404 accessing the node.js setup page

    OSS: 2.6.1 - Getting 404 accessing the node.js setup page

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Install OSS 2.6.1 (create ORG, users etc etc)
    2. Go to http://localhost:8086 and authenticate
    3. Place cursor over 'Up arrow' icon, displaying sub-menu "Sources|Buckets|Telegraf|Scapers|API Tokens"
    4. Select "Sources"
    5. Click JavaScript/Node.js under client Libraries

    Observed: Getting 404 Page Not Found Expected: Directed to the node.js Setting up Page

    Environment info:

    • System info: Run uname -srm and copy the output here Linux 4.18.0-408.el8.x86_64 x86_64

    • InfluxDB version: Run influxd version and copy the output here InfluxDB v2.6.1 (git: 9dcf880fe0) build_date: 2022-12-29T15:53:07Z

    • Other relevant environment details: Container runtime, disk info, etc CentOS Stream release 8 influxdb2-2.6.1-1.x86_64 influxdb2-cli-2.6.1-1.x86_64

    Config: bolt-path = "/var/lib/influxdb/influxd.bolt" engine-path = "/var/lib/influxdb/engine" flux-log-enabled = true ui-disabled = false hardening-enabled = false

    kind/bug area/ui area/2.x 
    opened by rkinginflux 2
  • /authorizations/{authID} PATCH - missing or invalid request body results in HTTP 500

    /authorizations/{authID} PATCH - missing or invalid request body results in HTTP 500

    Steps to reproduce: List the minimal actions needed to reproduce the behavior.

    Testing against the API

    1. prepare a PATCH request to be sent to the endpoint /authorizations/{authID}
    2. do one of the following
      1. leave out the request body
      2. Use non string values for either the status or the description properties. e.g. { foo: "bar"} or Math.PI
    3. send the request

    Expected behavior: Expected a missing or invalid request body to be caught by the server and that an HTTP 400 status would be returned with a message that the request body is missing or that properties are invalid.

    Actual behavior: The server returned HTTP 500

    Environment info:

    Testing against K8S-IDPE

    latest commit

    commit 0e28da062cc917e43809c80f235976d244947bb0 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
    Author: influx-acs[bot] <107396960+influx-acs[bot]>
    Date:   Tue Dec 27 20:12:20 2022 +0000
    opened by karel-rehor 0
  • Finite retention period cannot be removed

    Finite retention period cannot be removed

    Steps to reproduce: List the minimal actions needed to reproduce the behavior.

    1. Start an InfluxDB docker container. I did it like this:
    docker run -d \
          --name influxdb \
          -p 8086:8086 \
          -e TZ=europe/london \
          --restart=unless-stopped \
          -v /home/me/influx/data:/var/lib/influxdb2 \
    1. Go to localhost:8086 and complete the initial set up. Select "Quick Start" option.
    2. Go to "Load Data" -> "Buckets"
    3. The retention period for the default bucket should say "forever".
    4. Click the settings for that bucket and change it to 7 days.
    5. The retention period should change to 7 days.
    6. Click the settings again and change it to "never".

    Expected behavior: The retention period should change back to "forever".

    Actual behavior: The retention period continues to be "7 days" regardless of reloading the page etc.

    Environment info: Docker influxdb:latest InfluxDB v2.6.0 (git: 24a2b621ea) build_date: 2022-12-15T18:47:00Z

    Config: All defaults.

    area/ui team/ui area/2.x 
    opened by ali1234 1
  • authorization troubles

    authorization troubles

    New to influxdb; on a macOS system, I'm having trouble to access the db trough CLI even if I try to grant authorization as from the online help

    luis@iMac-di-Luigi bin % influx config create -n macosAcasa --host-url http://localhost:8086 -t new_LB_CASA -o Prove_Da_Casa --active Active Name URL Org

    • macosAcasa http://localhost:8086 Prove_Da_Casa

    luis@iMac-di-Luigi bin % influx bucket list
    Error: failed to list buckets: 401 Unauthorized: unauthorized access

    what' I'm doing wrong?

    opened by momoteRD 0
  • Quering using a date ignores setting of the location option

    Quering using a date ignores setting of the location option

    Steps to reproduce:

    import "timezone"
    option location = timezone.location(name: "Europe/Amsterdam")
    from(bucket: "iconnect")
    |> range(start: 2022-12-24)
    |> filter(fn: (r) => r["_measurement"] == "consumed_power_total1")

    Expected behavior: I expected the first sample to be of 00:00:00 using the specified timezone, just as if today() would have been used. When the specified date is today, today() could have been used, but when the date is an arbitrary date this is not possible.

    Example output using 'start: today()':

    consumed_power_total1 | value | 8664.062 | 2022-12-23T23:00:00.000Z | 2022-12-24T17:11:42.846Z | 2022-12-23T23:00:02.000Z

    Actual behavior: The first sample is of 00:00:00 using the UTC timestamp instead of the specified timezone.

    Output using 'start: 2022-12-24':

    consumed_power_total1 | value | 8665.122 | 2022-12-24T00:00:00.000Z | 2022-12-24T17:13:18.964Z | 2022-12-24T00:00:02.000Z

    Environment info: InfluxDB version: v2.4.0

    opened by reneklootwijk 0
  • the link provided in the documentation to download influxdb on linux is incorrect

    the link provided in the documentation to download influxdb on linux is incorrect

    Steps to reproduce: List the minimal actions needed to reproduce the behavior.

    1. enter the download page : 2.execute the download command : wget

    Expected behavior: HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: 103762892 (99M) [application/octet-stream] Saving to: ‘influxdb2-2.0.8-amd64.deb’

    influxdb2-2.0.8-amd64.deb 100%[================================================================================================================>] 98,96M 7,36MB/s in 23s

    Actual behavior: Resolving (,,, ... Connecting to (||:443... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found 2022-12-24 16:18:09 ERROR 404: Not Found.


    i solved the issue by specifying another link which is : instead of this wrong link :

    I believe that it's importing to notify the user that he has to specify the cpu architecture type at the end of the command (amd64 in my case)

    opened by Houssem12-ai 0
  • v2.6.1(Dec 29, 2022)

    In addition to the list of changes below, please also see the official release notes for other important information about this release.

    v2.6.1 [2022/12/29]

    Bug Fixes

    1. 9dcf880: Update UI to resolve Dashboard crash and All Access Token creation

    | OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 | | ---------------- | ------ | | | c84c8237c74e795b88cc5ddc6f90a2c0db18f5b71e58deac28c3c69adbba1a53 | | influxdb2-2.6.1-linux-arm64.tar.gz | 906b360e03801349badff704ab5b5e2b7034b077dafdd43ffc424ccc5cb831fc | | influxdb2-2.6.1-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 003908bacc9653603cc7cad68e40f66552b6a09279305228d26b33b71346941e | | influxdb2-2.6.1-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | 28d7c610331f79af44fd7bb54c3c9396bbaf1031301e56be51c43622880f7f0b |

    | OSS UBUNTU & DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 | | --------------------------------- | ------ | | influxdb2-2.6.1-arm64.deb | 90092356cb8ee126fe84dd5a54fa5c511cb807a9b1de26e0a0dcc57348e2165b | | influxdb2-2.6.1-amd64.deb | d638a5eff9b74295bae141dc8a32839f461a1c60e37590211531ba6a642a26e2 |

    | OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 | | --------------------------------- | ------ | | influxdb2-2.6.1.aarch64.rpm | 070e3a702c3ec8d921a98d69c6c45b385542653d0a689aa23f0d7bc0c97f04a9 | | influxdb2-2.6.1.x86_64.rpm | fd88c9f02e227228ff6ad5b080f08d3204fcc855541fea9183d81a5a23fa1dff |

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.6.0(Dec 15, 2022)

    In addition to the list of changes below, please also see the official release notes for other important information about this release.

    v2.6.0 [2022/12/15]

    Bug Fixes

    1. 666cabb: Fix wrong max age transformation from seconds
    2. f026d7b: Fixes migrating when a remote already exists
    3. 9bf8840: Update me and users routes to match cloud/documentation
    4. ade21ad: Restrict file permissions by default
    5. ffd069a: Handle NaN in scraper
    6. 24a2b62: Pin UI to older version to address Dashboard issues


    1. 7708108: Port check-schema and merge-schema from 1.x
    2. c2eac86: Port report-db command from 1.x
    3. 853d615: Perform basic package validation


    1. e62c8ab: Chore: upgrade to Go 1.18.8
    2. 86207fe: Build(flux): update flux to v0.189.0
    3. 61870e5: Chore: update 2.5 changelog
    4. 4de89af: Refactor: remove dead iterator code
    5. 07e6ef2: Build(flux): update flux to v0.191.0
    6. ef098ac: Chore: cleanup codeowners file
    7. 26daa86: Chore: bump testcontainers to latest released version

    | OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 | | ---------------- | ------ | | | 8419682cec38d12d9a6a7a98bfcdb215878e2892db835f15da5febb172234736 | | influxdb2-2.6.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz | f6a7600e7ce4fc8c3c9d98d3bc558bc4896a42834a76747af538ed15c20fa8c5 | | influxdb2-2.6.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz | aadce4d38978bc081eb0aa88cde7f214e3cf48a592c8881006a363632cc33738 | | influxdb2-2.6.0-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | 9e8c14ad872b8e56451ac2cd5f515ab5e5dcc484a561b5a4b02c708c6287c5e9 |

    | OSS UBUNTU & DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 | | --------------------------------- | ------ | | influxdb2-2.6.0-amd64.deb | 99770c5a78dfe061c630f897fac1e03c20f35fe20044f86d3209289c6761d579 | | influxdb2-2.6.0-arm64.deb | e6c759216fa656ecd0bf666003d7e07daf472d5398ee4be9f9423e862161f029 |

    | OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 | | --------------------------------- | ------ | | influxdb2-2.6.0.aarch64.rpm | 61b5cae9e59c5b02d886e2de7aba0f72131e2d1d01548d008c30c52794595f0e | | influxdb2-2.6.0.x86_64.rpm | 31b690854f7e5ff6a9b7d2199ee69bcefc12165c8a27e3827a834dcd818fa051 |

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.5.1(Nov 3, 2022)

    In addition to the list of changes below, please also see the official release notes for other important information about this release.

    v2.5.1 [2022/11/02]


    1. 5b6fdbf: Revert "fix: set limited permissions on package installs

    | OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 | | ---------------- | ------ | | influxdb2-2.5.1-linux-arm64.tar.gz | 9ca6f7b43d19c9106dddb8c7ad91266a221af8903ec5e0b844d4c43c9f2d6690 | | | 8b214ed71e092d0993c0960f3c02cad386a35d1013ef0f20fedeeaa20a8216e8 | | influxdb2-2.5.1-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 2a844970be699ad7bede7f0cba7ae6d9edc0951801c22fc7a6d0c122631fad6e | | influxdb2-2.5.1-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | f1cec9952dd2f25d4b166e5bc3a69889a66129a67b606e3607e116e2ab0e7b80 |

    | OSS UBUNTU & DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 | | --------------------------------- | ------ | | influxdb2-2.5.1-amd64.deb | 3c545777e1086e9067916781c9fc4f8a85c460702407b4197acedce7d8cad97b | | influxdb2-2.5.1-arm64.deb | 276bcd02c982f5ddef8de159fa60433435b20aaac4e48d16edf5b39070f4b81d |

    | OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 | | --------------------------------- | ------ | | influxdb2-2.5.1.aarch64.rpm | ea7d462b1868bf54094f93341dc4d97d2ade2cf5964fa3e6a2e440db975d5fe6 | | influxdb2-2.5.1.x86_64.rpm | de65864f8aff1fdfd38a2fd231608181f459a227368eaaf23c454fa9fc845323 |

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.5.0(Nov 1, 2022)

    In addition to the list of changes below, please also see the official release notes for other important information about this release.

    WARNING: RPMs/Debs are broken for this release and have been removed. They will be re-added in a follow up release.

    v2.5.0 [2022/11/01]

    Bug Fixes

    1. daaf866: Several minor quality issues
    2. ee8ca45: Use copy of loop variable in parallel test
    3. 11019d2: Check that user IDs are not in use in user create
    4. b87deb4: Don't allow creating an auth with instance resources
    5. b51fefd: Set limited permissions on package installs
    6. 663d43d: Allow backup of all buckets
    7. a0f1184: Manually scheduled task runs now run when expected
    8. 4ed184d: Fixes an error querying virtual dbrps
    9. 2ad8995: Improve delete speed when a measurement is part of the predicate
    10. 3ac7a10: Downgrading to 2.3 was broken
    11. 55b7d29: Sql scan error on remote bucket id when replication to 1.x
    12. 81e2ec6: Enable gzipped responses with the legacy handler
    13. e61485a: Only the latest scraper being run
    14. 9582826: Handle a potential nil iterator leading to a panic
    15. 6fc66ac: Do not require remoteOrgID in remote config/creation request


    1. 485968c: Unpin ui to point at latest
    2. b72848d: Optimize saving changes to fields.idx
    3. c40ad64: Set SameSite=strict on session cookie
    4. f36646d: Bump to latest UI


    1. accce86: Chore: update for 2.4
    2. 785a465: Refactor: remove reference to flux.Spec in query tests
    3. 728070e: Chore: upgrade Rust to 1.63.0
    4. aa9c49e: Build(flux): update flux to v0.180.1
    5. 8f15620: Build(flux): update flux to v0.181.0
    6. 1c6fbf9: Chore: add protoc-gen script to releng (2.x)
    7. c433342: Chore: remove duplicate word in comments
    8. 91623dd: Docs(logger): fix incorrect doc string
    9. 43c2e08: Chore: upgrade to Go 1.18.6
    10. 635f8d8: Build(flux): update flux to v0.184.2
    11. eada36b: Test: remove group skips
    12. aa5c1c0: Docs: cleanup - clarify instructions and output.
    13. a321e72: Build(flux): update flux to v0.185.0
    14. d8553c0: Test(flux): use vanilla flagger for fluxtest
    15. 34254ee: Build(flux): update flux to v0.186.0
    16. a0c3703: Build(flux): update flux to v0.187.0
    17. 89d9207: Chore: update to use scheduled pipeline (2.x)
    18. 0389d51: Chore: upgrade to Go 1.18.7
    19. fa393cc: Chore(readme): add resource links and logo
    20. 1033334: Build(flux): update flux to v0.188.0
    21. 8c23f92: Build(flux): update flux to v0.188.1

    | OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 | | ---------------- | ------ | | | 7ca8e1b412852ceb9101bca13de7f72838e1def3ed715bd4f39848b0f103475b | | influxdb2-2.5.0-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | e31a87ba4a42843aa8dfa7e0300368c4ff8c500f7b2f4cdd8f39e549e7b83d93 | | influxdb2-2.5.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 77363064483b842ecf88c175b4afc09b644156d01f422fb52f1448c0acb9d694 | | influxdb2-2.5.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz | 21a67f13489c8dbcb3176b71ba8e8809553cdea3cf1cea7c6f155cb313b44c3a |

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.4.0(Aug 19, 2022)

    In addition to the list of changes below, please also see the official release notes for other important information about this release.

    v2.4.0 [2022/08/18]

    Bug Fixes

    1. 21885a7: Log the log level at startup
    2. 76cfddb: Emit zipfile for windows
    3. 69a95dc: Update the condition when reseting cursor
    4. 4789d54: Improve error messages opening index partitions
    5. 00edb77: Create TSI MANIFEST files atomically
    6. f762346: Add paths to tsi log and index file errors
    7. 619eb1c: Restore in-memory Manifest on write error
    8. f7b1905: Do not delete replication on remote config delete
    9. afbbfac: Fix virtual DBRP FindMany, make virtual bucket default if not overridden
    10. 187f991: Improve virtual DBRP default handling


    1. bf5e6eb: Update to be more accurate for a clean checkout
    2. e7cf522: Implement nightly docker builds without goreleaser
    3. 67ccbae: Add the concept of an instance owner
    4. adeac8b: Add virtual DBRP mappings based on bucket name
    5. 90d45e8: Enable static-pie builds (2.x)
    6. 6f50e70: Replicate based on bucket name rather than id


    1. 83bb8ed: Build: update frozen changelog
    2. 85e4e63: Build: fix release workflow
    3. cbbf4b2: Build(flux): update flux to v0.172.0
    4. 3fcc085: Chore: Fix link in the README
    5. 07bab31: Build(flux): update flux to v0.173.0
    6. 4d33c70: Build(flux): update flux to v0.174.0
    7. 4da4d03: Build(flux): update flux to v0.174.1
    8. 4b2949a: Build: upload release and nightly
    9. 33a7add: Test(label): Invalid closure capture
    10. 91a83ba: Chore: Update
    11. 85dc158: Chore: upgrade CircleCI Mac OSX image
    12. 37562c7: Build: upgrade to Go 1.18.4
    13. a9f751f: Feat(query): add planner rule for converting aggregate window to a push down
    14. c58bbab: Build(flux): update flux to v0.176.0
    15. f0072ef: Chore(pkger): fix typo in
    16. 7e7d1db: Build(flux): update flux to v0.177.0
    17. cd4f93b: Build(flux): update flux to v0.177.1
    18. 78c969e: Build(flux): update flux to v0.178.0
    19. c2c9d17: Build(flux): update flux to v0.179.0
    20. 48fb5ce: Chore: update fluxtest skip list
    21. de247ba: Chore: use 22.04 image instead of 21.10 for perf test

    | OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ---------------------------------------------------------------- | | influxdb2-2.4.0-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | 156c52b6999134284abae7b110d25416740414c56702c29fd8efe00b6be98682 | | influxdb2-2.4.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz | 4fde9265af5ab9a2b8fbb10bb5df42bd809fd24af352cd7eca0ee9ecf4fdb3b9 | | | 07769bd83e5f211490e1d3dac3cfc0cb674a25edc860137f5df444856308fa4e | | influxdb2-2.4.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 51ddd49a482490752647a4f134c3c838adab64903f2a6ed9c90daff8418b7c58 |

    | OSS UBUNTU & DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------- | | influxdb2-2.4.0-arm64.deb | f0579ede760b2b65b327b95a6fb4bcfeab4cb06fa26aa961fb9810c3dafdf620 | | influxdb2-2.4.0-amd64.deb | 7de3ccf9672d259a82e79d629397913512045a4dba1e2cb1ef98e8887d2da599 |

    | OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------- | | influxdb2-2.4.0.x86_64.rpm | 02b3e1843fe232c2944e23322be228530bb752d50bdfc22abd5b2201ad12b6fc | | influxdb2-2.4.0.aarch64.rpm | 25b30d342a0ae9e275d25a23070115363ddd6e1412934c28aa9d2085e26833da |

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.3.0(Jul 1, 2022)

    v2.3.0 [2022-06-16]

    In addition to the list of changes below, please also see the official release notes for other important information about this release.

    Bug Fixes

    1. c535994: Remove controller 64bit misalignment
    2. 30a9fd4: MeasurementsCardinality should not be less than 0
    3. 9c33764: Do not panic on cleaning up failed iterators
    4. 8c9768c: Replace unprintable and invalid characters in errors
    5. a9df3f8: Fully clean up partially opened TSI
    6. 53580ea: Remember shards that fail Open(), avoid repeated attempts
    7. 9e55686: Replications remote write failure can deadlock remote writer
    8. 8bd4fc5: Lost TSI reference / close TagValueSeriesIDIterator in error case


    1. 9e20f9f: Add signifier to replication user agent
    2. a10adf6: Add fields to tasks bucket to match cloud
    3. d705841: Error when creating v1 auth with a nonexistent bucket id
    4. 692b0d5: Add instance-id flag for identifying edge nodes
    5. 090f681: Add remotes and replications to telemetry

    |OSS BINARY FILES|SHA256| |-|-| influxdb2-2.3.0-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | fe4830721622a7268b77068dfb5eeedb289880c8742c1bd22be0327b97c9fd55 influxdb2-2.3.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 9fb0b4668c323047039d49d091f37c63450ac3a2a51c594f2da4d1a281db44bf influxdb2-2.3.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz | fe8c4cf9b8ed025320b18c33c32553510e4a18bbe27765a4f34d1f8997c8edef | c8edf601922cc2f7134cdfbf36f0b95bfedf385c17a166d164e7bb212ba1e4a9

    |OSS UBUNTU AND DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES|SHA256| |-|-| influxdb2-2.3.0-amd64.deb | 3c9de758f04991e3c6bc99c4081cbc54568ffccaa3428be8abd6270e59baaaa5 influxdb2-2.3.0-arm64.deb | e60b1940cf5be7127520fd11b722e1d528ab2bd5975644430b78a3bf8fe35699

    |OSS REDHAT AND CENTOS PACKAGE FILES|SHA256| |-|-| influxdb2-2.3.0.aarch64.rpm | 577f17e9d1334c4eeb9c319fd9b744931c026287291c5298b421c6a2d35a211d influxdb2-2.3.0.x86_64.rpm | 9387371a119ba3a794c3e168c42b536bae7201d0524440a42009cb65431d7561

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.2.0(Apr 7, 2022)

    v2.2.0 [2022-03-29]

    In addition to the list of changes below, please also see the official release notes for other important information about this release.


    1. 504f0e4: Passing type=basic returns task metadata without query text
    2. 58139c4: Add auth to remotes & replications APIs
    3. 8825cd5: Replication apis durable queue management
    4. cd0243d: Added replications queue management to launcher tasks
    5. 6b56af3: Mirror writes to registered replications
    6. 40d9587: Add replications queue scanner
    7. ad52815: Add field for dropping data resulting in non-retryable errors to individual replications
    8. fea3037: Configure perf tests with yaml
    9. dece95d: Tsm compaction metrics via prometheus
    10. 3a81166: Added metrics collection for replications
    11. 0a74085: Point write requests have metrics
    12. a74e051: Disk size metrics per shard
    13. feb459c: Metrics for cache subsystem
    14. edb21ab: Metrics for wal subsystem
    15. 9873ccd: Remote write function for replications
    16. f05d013: Metrics collection for replications remote writes
    17. 3460f1c: Replication remote writes do not block local writes
    18. b970e35: Remaining storage metrics from OSS engine
    19. 28bcd41: Batch replications remote writes to avoid payload limit errors
    20. 6096ee2: Replications metrics include failure to enqueue
    21. a7a5233: Advance queue scanner periodically instead of every remote write
    22. 5a919b6: Enable remotes and replication streams feature
    23. c51a0df: Error out when config file contains 1.x config values
    24. afb167a: query-memory-bytes zero-value is unlimited
    25. f78f9ed: Api/v2/config endpoint displays runtime configuration
    26. 4f74049: Add downgrade target for 2.1
    27. b02c89e: Option to log flux queries cancelled because of server shutdown
    28. adf29df: Allow influxdb to set flux feature flags
    29. 4e08604: Add MeasurementNames method to MeasurementFieldSet
    30. a40e12b: Allow changing a password with influxd recovery user update
    31. 2c930fd: Add --hardening-enabled option to limit flux/pkger HTTP requests
    32. 5231d2d: Enable the mqtt pool dialer by default
    33. 359fcc4: Add maximum age to replication queues

    Bug Fixes

    1. 84776d7: Manual task runs are scheduled asyncronously
    2. 5e6b0d5: Extend snapshot copy to filesystems that cannot link
    3. 88afa92: Detect misquoted tag values and return an error
    4. 2bace77: Unhandled errors returned by Sketch.Merge
    5. fa9ba8e: Duplicated X-version and X-Build headers for /ping endpoint
    6. 8aa3a8f: Add causal error when meta.db is missing
    7. 799d349: Sync index file before close
    8. 5ce164f: Remove influx CLI output from CONTRIBUTING
    9. e4e1633: Replications remote writes do not block server shutdown
    10. 39eeb3e: Fix race condition which could cause restore command to fail
    11. e5cbd27: Advance replications queue after successful remote writes
    12. 4fd4bd0: Use copy when a rename spans volumes
    13. 11c0081: Disable use of jsonnet with /api/v2/templates/apply
    14. 0c30afd: Updating a check does not require an owner id
    15. b8ccf5b: Correctly handle PartialWriteError
    16. e20b5e9: Remove nats for scraper processing
    17. 0bd28f6: Update 422 dry-run response to conform to API spec
    18. e5ccbb8: Forbid reading OSS buckets for a token with only write permissions
    19. 49ce57c: Remove telegraf endpoint pagination
    20. 7c0ec4d: Replications replicates flux to() writes
    21. df01d93: Allow flux http calls to be unlimited
    22. 3ec5a57: Tell browser about cookie expiry
    23. e304ef9: Add write permissions check for DELETE and DROP MEASUREMENT
    24. 0504498: Reset provided slice correctly
    25. a2f8538: Pin UI to OSS-2.1.2 so tokens can be accessed

    | OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------- | | | b8bfa5619ad33b6bfd517fa88ab42cc111e8e3f196eb3294b1b4c583e558a3c7 | | influxdb2-2.2.0-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | a3c6b4e1f0eda63382860424394aa37636acb47a810436471e218844046ce7cf | | influxdb2-2.2.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 87c9e4c356271120e7792b0fc437abac6c8933fbd56d6c4589372119823caf58 | | influxdb2-2.2.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz | a80d2a542506c999c08bc218df2ff3a12a1cbe9ff03c6911a5780d98ad83895d |

    | OSS UBUNTU & DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------- | | influxdb2-2.2.0-arm64.deb | 7eb1ea43ef07595207377d45b7859ff4def144bafc1375ef9c5635cd9b1d1b8e | | influxdb2-2.2.0-amd64.deb | dccc6cbf8af734407488d9b91c71b72f49c8cf4da2746e891be09b16f9b510d6 |

    | OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------- | | influxdb2-2.2.0.x86_64.rpm | f20b243d3c8b190bc205a29b03b0536b7fad54e365e83f45daea123f54c57a75 | | influxdb2-2.2.0.aarch64.rpm | 89547dc4d0f1260a512b0d6dcde75d8270141ed70b50779269274bd3313cbdb8 |

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.1.1(Nov 9, 2021)

    v2.1.1 [2021-11-09]

    This release fixes a defect present in the v2.1.0 release deb and rpm packages that prevented them from being installed successfully.

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---|--- | 912ff645a20ea7623f453b76af32d26b6a2160e6ac7fa0ac60e67c8d80c8a0df influxdb2-2.1.1-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | 64c6aed0920ec3b502ad4174de5bdb078e3f2de4eea58d6322bdf2a2a57d1e26 influxdb2-2.1.1-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 1688e3afa7f875d472768e4f4f5a909b357287a45a8f28287021e4184a185927 influxdb2-2.1.1-linux-arm64.tar.gz | a5d9c355231f69e6a1141c4af02136fa5696979a4d79dd16767fbd110feffb88

    OSS UBUNTU & DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---|--- influxdb2-2.1.1-arm64.deb | 811476e97d63906e908df57ec1a66644c8b21b60df7bdd142364750fc2f59263 influxdb2-2.1.1-amd64.deb | d9dfbd85ae0c26500fc957310a1fd9e65ea13becbe3d03451391144abdee6b10

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---|--- influxdb2-2.1.1.x86_64.rpm | 2b7e557d840282d548fa84626950b1901bd933f582dc6f990227073da084d9b5 influxdb2-2.1.1.aarch64.rpm | e80d3ee198d317ea813157f9e1fd852942bbd9df2755418ddbd338dc223e92de

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.1.0(Nov 8, 2021)

    v2.1.0 [2021-11-08]

    In addition to the list of changes below, please also see the official release notes for other important information about this release.

    influx CLI moved to separate repository

    The influx CLI has been moved to its own GitHub repository. Release artifacts produced by influxdb are impacted as follows:

    • Release archives (.tar.gz and .zip) no longer contain the influx binary.
    • The influxdb2 package (.deb and .rpm) no longer contains the influx binary. Instead, it declares a recommended dependency on the new influx-cli package.
    • The image no longer contains the influx binary. Users are recommended to migrate to the influxdb image hosted in DockerHub.

    With this change, versions of the influx CLI and influxd server are not guaranteed to exactly match. Please use influxd version or the /health endpoint when checking the version of the installed/running server.


    1. 21218: Add the properties of a static legend for line graphs and band plots
    2. 21367: List users via the API now supports pagination
    3. 21543: Added influxd configuration flag --sqlite-path for specifying a user-defined path to the SQLite database file
    4. 21543: Updated influxd configuration flag --store to work with string values disk or memory. Memory continues to store metadata in-memory for testing; disk will persist metadata to disk via bolt and SQLite
    5. 21547: Allow hiding the tooltip independently of the static legend
    6. 21584: Added the api/v2/backup/metadata endpoint for backing up both KV and SQL metadata, and the api/v2/restore/sql for restoring SQL metadata
    7. 21635: Port influxd inspect verify-seriesfile to 2.x
    8. 21621: Add storage-wal-max-concurrent-writes config option to influxd to enable tuning memory pressure under heavy write load
    9. 21621: Add storage-wal-max-write-delay config option to influxd to prevent deadlocks when the WAL is overloaded with concurrent writes
    10. 21615: Ported the influxd inspect verify-tsm command from 1.x
    11. 21646: Ported the influxd inspect verify-tombstone command from 1.x
    12. 21761: Ported the influxd inspect dump-tsm command from 1.x
    13. 21788: Ported the influxd inspect report-tsi command from 1.x
    14. 21784: Ported the influxd inspect dumptsi command from 1.x
    15. 21786: Ported the influxd inspect deletetsm command from 1.x
    16. 21888: Ported the influxd inspect dump-wal command from 1.x
    17. 21828: Added the command influx inspect verify-wal
    18. 21814: Ported the influxd inspect report-tsm command from 1.x
    19. 21936: Ported the influxd inspect build-tsi command from 1.x
    20. 21938: Added route to delete individual secret
    21. 21972: Added support for notebooks and annotations
    22. 22311: Add storage-no-validate-field-size config to influxd to disable enforcement of max field size
    23. 22322: Add support for merge_hll, sum_hll, and count_hll in InfluxQL
    24. 22476: Allow new telegraf input plugins and update toml
    25. 22607: Update push down window logic for location option
    26. 22617: Add --storage-write-timeout flag to set write request timeouts
    27. 22396: Show measurement database and retention policy wildcards
    28. 22590: New recovery subcommand allows creating recovery user/token
    29. 22629: Return new operator token during backup overwrite
    30. 22635: update window planner rules for location changes to support fixed offsets
    31. 22634: enable writing to remote hosts via to() and
    32. 22498: Add Bearer token auth
    33. 22669: Enable new dashboard autorefresh
    34. 22674: list-bucket API supports pagination when filtering by org
    35. 22810: Recommend influxd downgrade when encountering an unknown metadata migration during startup
    36. 22816: Update flux to v0.139.0
    37. 22818: Add influxd downgrade command for downgrading metadata stores be compatible with previous versions of InfluxDB
    38. 22819: Update UI to OSS-2.1.2

    Bug Fixes

    1. 21648: Change static legend's hide to show to let users decide if they want it
    2. 22448: Log API errors to server logs and tell clients to check the server logs for the error message
    3. 22545: Sync series segment to disk after writing
    4. 22604: Do not allow shard creation to create overlapping shards
    5. 22650: Don't drop shard-group durations when upgrading DBs

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---|--- | f9faed2f433139042ae90ab6dfaeda8bf24d04c7bb946f0848964a94d906c26c influxdb2-2.1.0-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | 9a1572c156c54633da10c580d998070e99edce7c97dfc63e086cbcc7558029c4 influxdb2-2.1.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 45041e033221eabc8964b55d4a8c5ff5d9ecde5e4e4b381d24e7c4ecd4c876f9 influxdb2-2.1.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz | 572e83ab3f4b20b9b7732409d6b775d414b78852ea8fb3c78c511842bb4919b8

    OSS UBUNTU & DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---|--- influxdb2-2.1.0-arm64.deb | d21be548ee89cbbcfde6b21a85c0279679cccaa0604c66bc685c1d10f94f12e3 influxdb2-2.1.0-amd64.deb | f2a04aab93e0df56f90ab07ae14cf0d701256391937bc628607f8e7cb2e84a5e

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---|--- influxdb2-2.1.0.x86_64.rpm | a8efff7434e81b0f3db23629eac5545e51415636bf2235ef9b62a2343b46a808 influxdb2-2.1.0.aarch64.rpm | 2bb315eff358436fa2b5b91998febf7a45b4cca69878b45a74ad9e5bae11190c

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.8.10(Oct 11, 2021)

    v1.8.10 [2021-10-11]

    • #22076: fix: systemd service -- handle 40x and block indefinitely
    • #22253: fix: influxdb packages should depend on curl
    • #22427: fix(snapshotter): properly read payload
    • #22561: fix(restore): parameter validation, Windows temp file deletion
    • #22616: fix: better error for no data from snapshots

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.10-static_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 084313d45052afdcdbb04da807c23c3fa6ed5f0ae3a2956ea70d60a14d1622ee influxdb-1.8.10_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | b647a06e671754cb344ded78fedeb0ec0d7b38cdc2b1029bdb4b991c7326f1b7 influxdb-1.8.10_linux_amd64.tar.gz | ba987abac0d4416ae9cea5fa85a3db2f722f7bc868312221cb7a8805928e6c2a influxdb-1.8.10_linux_arm64.tar.gz | a6e10c02d02db1a34cf662672004c0e42d6021a33cd16666b69d205736ee7f3c influxdb-1.8.10_linux_armel.tar.gz | 753e5a106c2df0a3c8acd699977d43eccb26d70bf7aec225fc8b601ccb2a3c98 influxdb-1.8.10_linux_armhf.tar.gz | 33daa5312a24b82365b98387fd330c574c990260a836fa810604cadc085050c5 influxdb-1.8.10_linux_i386.tar.gz | 01c539c3fda6bf5b345e95f5b0ef83bf157ed42a1cda3b68654b0cb76250f8c1 | cb39cc9505c78c17a96b4250d116772798486b3c86213c757ce09af0ae4f4029

    OSS UBUNTU AND DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb_1.8.10_amd64.deb | b2ace09231575df7309a41cea6f9dc7ad716fe4389dc06ac04470a14bd411456 influxdb_1.8.10_arm64.deb | 3ae97d58798031bda4e51771df69df35fcf5d2c788bfe858dc6311d6b0b3d259 influxdb_1.8.10_armel.deb | e54d255a5e37e2c276f63535dd69eb49d4298c0b59cac612f7903d9d9ad8870e influxdb_1.8.10_armhf.deb | a152dbb704ef69bae59623eefbc3182118e533d6056b36b27bf500699b3120d9 influxdb_1.8.10_i386.deb | e5ef99b1c2eafec17745daadb041634cfa4fb979cdcb557ad2fa2dbeb03c8c51

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.10.aarch64.rpm | e8217bb237ad5983f0c6730edd12cb0d88d5110626783ab4a8848568aaaba01a influxdb-1.8.10.armel.rpm | c7cfb3a3f5d03f23087d79b39cd8cb5f58d8a6994d1f8dfba9146f9190d020fc influxdb-1.8.10.armv7hl.rpm | 4acbdf5e1f0d8e2cd77a7d43f74ee2845d6ab891abdb7de17748bb8f17e09d01 influxdb-1.8.10.i386.rpm | 8400bb6287cc8de407e90408d5e433ffb555317af4d4616a5bf88b8427fb80d7 influxdb-1.8.10.x86_64.rpm | cb550bc8a62e334b070f9cb2247921d47007b74c2343c95b0c3fe12077536e1c

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.9(Oct 4, 2021)

    v2.0.9 [2021-09-27]


    1. 22346: Add --flux-log-enabled flag for detailed flux logs
    2. 22370: Add additional log to flux e2e tests (#22366)
    3. 22464: Multi-measurement query optimization
    4. 22466: Support for flux cardinality query
    5. 22519: Optimize series iteration
    6. 22531: Update ui to v2.0.9
    7. 22530: Update flux to v0.131.0
    8. 22547: Set x-influxdb-version and x-influxdb-build headers
    9. 22579: Add route to return platform known resources (#22135)

    Bug Fixes

    1. 22242: Switch flux formatter to one that preserves comments
    2. 22236: Influxdb2 packages should depend on curl
    3. 22243: Inactive task runs when updated
    4. 22245: Avoid compaction queue stats flutter
    5. 22278: Auth requests use org and user names if present
    6. 22325: Change build type to 'oss', use correct version
    7. 22355: Repair bad port dropping return value names (#22307)
    8. 22397: Discard excessive errors (#22379)
    9. 22504: Upgrade influxql to latest version & fix predicate handling for show tag values metaqueries
    10. 22517: Use consistent path separator in permission string representation
    11. 22523: Upgrade to avoid panics on macs
    12. 22520: Make tsi index compact old and too-large log files
    13. 22525: Hard limit on field size while parsing line protocol
    14. 22548: Suggest setting flux content-type when query fails to parse as json
    15. 22563: For windows, copy snapshot files being backed up (#22551) (#22562)
    16. 22578: Allow empty request bodies to write api

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---|--- | 0eab271a67596438f70bf8d4f9d3e27ba87b1c8272480ed95fbf6cf78f226a35 | 2bf7978f7a2cbbc37fb95abc1e853f2ab98b7911ef3643ba47f6b5ea67437489 influxdb2-client-2.0.9-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 42b593241411a21fa72386680ec0362e521a6878b2985daf3c87188e26cd0152 influxdb2-2.0.9-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | 4d15e8eb525274952cb06027eb6c84b2b74cdb29cf2f9ef5b64270fa07874463 influxdb2-2.0.9-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 64b9cfea1b5ca07479a16332056f9e7f806ad71df9c6cc0ec70c4333372b9d26 influxdb2-client-2.0.9-linux-arm64.tar.gz | 730e0d2ef7f1f29d821e87f38c429aac8213a81b97d15eac666b1ab42a1a760a influxdb2-client-2.0.9-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | a312e8c72893b4b5d403bb526e3ae72ba9aa7bb127c05a062183c800f63d6147 influxdb2-2.0.9-linux-arm64.tar.gz | cce831ee77258972887af5f3be361f5768dda97b32b296d34e3be88d425bcde0

    OSS UBUNTU & DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---|--- influxdb2-2.0.9-arm64.deb | 33c841934b56cb5b4a7bfc4b9c987410005ab073e4fef33a36ea9e330d0153f9 influxdb2-2.0.9-amd64.deb | 87aaf164af4b261adf942a9a1aa6772ad939431c1b9967e2ab93cd2ba2c1fd65

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---|--- influxdb2-2.0.9.x86_64.rpm | a70fd07392d664e8e30eacedd71000f23523b062622432709c7433d8ed3e1fd6 influxdb2-2.0.9.aarch64.rpm | d36e121d83ed5c2e582944d5ede84a098bc8a521487fd2107dc52e8e99a01679

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.8(Aug 13, 2021)

    v2.0.8 [2021-08-13]

    WARNING: Upcoming changes to CLI packaging

    Beginning with the next minor version, the influx CLI will no longer be packaged in releases from influxdb. Future versions of the CLI will instead be released from the influx-cli repository.

    Users who wish to adopt the new CLI can download its latest release from GitHub or from the InfluxData Downloads Portal.

    Go Version

    This release upgrades the project to go version 1.16.

    Minimum macOS Version

    Because of the version bump to go, the macOS build for this release requires at least version 10.12 Sierra to run.


    1. 21922: Add --ui-disabled option to influxd to allow for running with the UI disabled.
    2. 21969: Telemetry improvements: Do not record telemetry data for non-existant paths; replace invalid static asset paths with a slug.
    3. 22098: Upgrade Flux to v0.124.0.
    4. 22101: Upgrade UI to v2.0.8.
    5. 22101: Upgrade flux-lsp-browser to v0.5.53.

    Bug Fixes

    1. 21748: Rename arm rpms with yum-compatible names.
    2. 21851: Upgrade to latest version of influxdata/cron so that tasks can be created with interval of every: 1w.
    3. 21859: Avoid rewriting fields.idx unnecessarily.
    4. 21860: Do not close connection twice in DigestWithOptions.
    5. 21866: Remove incorrect optimization for group-by.
    6. 21867: Return an error instead of panicking when InfluxQL statement rewrites fail.
    7. 21868: Migrate restored KV snapshots to latest schema before using them.
    8. 21869: Specify which fields are missing when rejecting an incomplete onboarding request.
    9. 21864: Systemd unit should block on startup until http endpoint is ready
    10. 21839: Fix display and parsing of influxd upgrade CLI prompts in PowerShell.
    11. 21898: Removed unused chronograf-migator package & chronograf API service, and updated various "chronograf" references.
    12. 21919: Fix display and parsing of interactive influx CLI prompts in PowerShell.
    13. 21941: Upgrade to golang-jwt 3.2.1.
    14. 21951: Prevent silently dropped writes when there are overlapping shards.
    15. 21955: Invalid requests to /api/v2 subroutes now return 404 instead of a list of links.
    16. 21977: Flux metaqueries for _field take fast path if _measurement is the only predicate.
    17. 22060: Copy names from mmapped memory before closing iterator
    18. 22052: systemd service -- handle 40x and block indefinitely

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---|--- influxdb2-client-2.0.8-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | 06a28f2f3de0010e5413b8aec74b3a611ef4be668c16485e59c87327bc6b3bc5 influxdb2-2.0.8-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | 19d8fd374dab652c2996a1ecc5df3f3a480753dd59f13a389aaf527d1d671576 | 2e0c4c793e0a4f5e5df436cc3d926202ccccbefc9bc51db27df40b7c2b31944a influxdb2-client-2.0.8-linux-arm64.tar.gz | 47d0076c99e3d51966248d24c5d93c070452721b5858f7e2c85528d3040faadc | 68584fcb22ff63d35215eff055a5e6d64e9f5da939fe11adae85b661436c1e4b influxdb2-2.0.8-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 9436470d42d87d39a557d96842aa58cf8d88fb66b1121564d4390131755cd479 influxdb2-client-2.0.8-linux-amd64.tar.gz | bb48c20d2dc9d16dbc6997fae9eb55395de99a36a925076517bd00b1a0ddfb95 influxdb2-2.0.8-linux-arm64.tar.gz | df13684f45ac104a4fa987ed4275fd7f164a77d9a7916b1d51e46b1b62d083d6

    OSS UBUNTU & DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---|--- influxdb2-2.0.8-amd64.deb | 39d195d6cf1f8beb731299c8805bae25effcdfdfb851c21857dddf954445220c influxdb2-2.0.8-arm64.deb | 1120df66536e0850bf428cfb82027edf36fdb43aafc211c4af8261014cccc7a0

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---|--- influxdb2-2.0.8.x86_64.rpm | 4bd1a899d011a9dd5d82922938f67d87ca1a05e7178e8ce56545cd4313697a5e influxdb2-2.0.8.aarch64.rpm | 72ed305ac7074562ff0fcde34afcd1f13258e23a0ee72e2bd91a7f381832f1c4

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.8.9(Aug 5, 2021)

    v1.8.9 [2021-08-05]

    • #21953: fix: prevent silently dropped writes with overlapping shards
    • #21991: fix: restore portable backup bug
    • #21987: fix: systemd-startup script should be executable by group and others
    • #22026: fix: handle https in systemd wrapper, and prevent it from looping forever
    • #22039: fix: error instead of panic when enterprise tries to restore with OSS

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.9-static_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 06cce8dd35b51fe9d872fe14d0dbf5d526cd048451ec167c9ae17260e4d57efe influxdb-1.8.9_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | 638e234965933415909d2ab019f254abc38653a756c80bbac7bbe3901f4a6ecb influxdb-1.8.9_linux_amd64.tar.gz | e4957295d66733326670cb4eea04fbf79701afbfb5fe0d0e11c04ce390430b63 influxdb-1.8.9_linux_arm64.tar.gz | d2d8f6771bb0cdac61d8350198d5be1e067b9438fa47e3a12be62b4b507a1602 influxdb-1.8.9_linux_armel.tar.gz | a516ca38e8f1ec2236cfbf3b5c437ecddc498941f7d9d658a18879e142b107d0 influxdb-1.8.9_linux_armhf.tar.gz | cd11563459741950c3de5ba7c3252602dc977a845c6fffd074577b6933ab71fb influxdb-1.8.9_linux_i386.tar.gz | 7062b2bf23178c2bb22dd452ba4b28562cf98dbeaf439805ae2914ebeb92bc9a | 8aac83b70f02088f64e99b25884fea5bd4c81780e6f3740aa9ba0e8c3424f0ba

    OSS UBUNTU AND DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb_1.8.9_amd64.deb | 30c9deef60b8f77efeaeecf04bd1ac72238945013cdc6081c0e12db7223586fc influxdb_1.8.9_arm64.deb | 6f33260fc23fe6281c2c2071d0de7a9a90c38ad4474d6537aa307af474979a8d influxdb_1.8.9_armel.deb | 18974d596560cadadf5fb596474b1ea20e963b739a69541f8dc77e51fbd65542 influxdb_1.8.9_armhf.deb | 40df4ddf28a45d69c46fc3494e9c3bded1d75666670dbbae469de496d52ac5e6 influxdb_1.8.9_i386.deb | 6fc5670b35750eb510294d050cee656e572fe4d62c5f4b720da8ae1674a8bf18

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.9.aarch64.rpm | 2ca3fd7b82256b9c42beac37000c715ae004d941bd4d5afd3cf77e04b02991ac influxdb-1.8.9.armel.rpm | 3fc84071fd362e6fcea7ed2cca9710b6d354b8c56a0c059e0e6f28bf57fa3055 influxdb-1.8.9.armv7hl.rpm | b04e9693bdfc180d5a378eaaadb2ce34ad1b6f26dc421b8503d3585645cdaabe influxdb-1.8.9.i386.rpm | b5bdde43a4f44fc9f9c0d385b51176e7ea17731211c545855b13520acabeb01a influxdb-1.8.9.x86_64.rpm | 031bd3642ca316681ef7dc03f1e69ea022f86445ce36703eacfd4a942b042933

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.8.7(Jul 22, 2021)

    v1.8.7 [2021-07-22]

    • #21749: fix: rename arm rpms with yum-compatible names
    • #21775: fix: convert arm arch names for rpms during builds via docker
    • #21865: fix: systemd unit should block on startup until http endpoint is ready
    • #21891: chore: update protobuf libraries

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.7-static_linux_amd64.tar.gz | c71316aba702984b3efb715fda5a4590148bb001313602fe02964a1cd57db132 influxdb-1.8.7_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | 31694d4ffe571ed385d1c24d9b48151781431bfb2eb011deb54643564b7e5b9b influxdb-1.8.7_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 3891f474a0a3aa4dab2402f38936b84632d6339b13de1a5c582a1e884017286e influxdb-1.8.7_linux_arm64.tar.gz | a0fdb2120c4075d63d540d2966cb58eaac42cc2a94dda00be91f16f1a43f455d influxdb-1.8.7_linux_armel.tar.gz | 69f284bdfa93735fe1355f2fa532c0a90123ff1f9a853873da6c93b1d8ef8772 influxdb-1.8.7_linux_armhf.tar.gz | d499661391d080b59d513daf0d44eae16b3e9d23625ebb470be184697665c82d influxdb-1.8.7_linux_i386.tar.gz | 0e4e300a9ecc46a34aaea46387ad1a03be1a57d7798b73627ba631884fd1251d | b851be6840d11aa655f498077d93193858ee38cf79e248a9c1972e4c55341756

    OSS UBUNTU AND DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb_1.8.7_amd64.deb | 5831a8ba6ce591d62d8cd6710e1ebccdf93a3acbb52cc9b83452b8bcbda57154 influxdb_1.8.7_arm64.deb | 01e0f618001a8d7f487e9a8f6a2b98602acdab49c6da0d3ad119d2c1fb962934 influxdb_1.8.7_armel.deb | 1f463a5786e0b5618b4c673261e4e6677e98dd9a3d4f113732f873e5be5116ea influxdb_1.8.7_armhf.deb | ffe8b12f0c5219b9f51eb432e64a39880d807e9ca4e60bfee03d22c33616ca98 influxdb_1.8.7_i386.deb | 5d21d11fa3854eaf2aeae918c77c3d4133484977b8bfa1b659ed3465a3551eca

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.7.aarch64.rpm | 844372392d562390f7498ba27319f96b9fcfb4e2e4972fefcd5df264bb611a23 influxdb-1.8.7.armel.rpm | 1d624fec04ef39226bfdf7b5e3ded5049cac4f81385f2082bf1769b20a471199 influxdb-1.8.7.armv7hl.rpm | 89d98a49434e943cabcded998debc1e78f53d1271d314f9877274e734ecb5890 influxdb-1.8.7.i386.rpm | 74e4780a08f7be512c012c0643ee1e1f313c59d74708ff595e583fe4564fd16a influxdb-1.8.7.x86_64.rpm | 301a2bd023d8ef94f30d9fb1f2dba3aec821bce115e6cc582de13e81547fea54

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.7(Jun 4, 2021)

    v2.0.7 [2021-06-04]


    1. 21519: Upgrade Flux to v0.117.0
    2. 21519: Optimize table.fill() execution within Flux aggregate windows.
    3. 21564: Upgrade UI to v2.0.7

    Bug Fixes

    1. 21349: Fix off-by-one error in query range calculation over partially compacted data.
    2. 21350: Deprecate the unsupported PostSetupUser API.
    3. 21376: Add limits to the /api/v2/delete endpoint for start and stop times with error messages.
    4. 21379: Add logging to NATS streaming server to help debug startup failures.
    5. 21479: Accept --input instead of a positional arg in influx restore.
    6. 21479: Print error instead of panicking when influx restore fails to find backup manifests.
    7. 21485: Set last-modified time of empty shard directory to the directory's mod time instead of Unix epoch.
    8. 21499: Remove erroneous dependency on istio.
    9. 21501: Don't deadlock in influx org members list when an org has > 10 members.
    10. 21524: Replace telemetry file name with slug for ttf, woff, and eot files.
    11. 21549: Enable use of absolute path for --upgrade-log when running influxd upgrade on Windows.
    12. 21548: Make InfluxQL meta queries respect query timeouts.

    OSS CLIENT BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb2-client-2.0.7-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 4d549c4b743a7e4f7897dbbbe4d6fe3039f2a563d21af3f5110b2f00c14f6a49 influxdb2-client-2.0.7-linux-arm64.tar.gz | 265d950dffc4fc18529e0105db6ca4d662d05903d6155fea795db29705a5f736 | 1c990ca80dd6db20482f8b825cec1628489c8d0957fcf21037b88d71cbcfc5ca influxdb2-client-2.0.7-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | f046e2bae578e56bf6b854b3229dbd99df1140a115332e41a74c1a7ff46a0dfc

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb2-2.0.7-linux-amd64.tar.gz | bac6e6495b855479d325ea9996ad0301789613891daba2b386f84f1b11912d66 influxdb2-2.0.7-linux-arm64.tar.gz | 55129ca31e5d0633c81ff17771d06c8604ad1a16be4f7c5c6142695a0bdb6ffc influxdb2-2.0.7-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | 0d089d222a93482b16941c73345333ab3bd3656a8488e3a91c9d330242ddec3d | ba6d3243f86dc82d5241f82e7536e690208348ce092fd029235bca774010d89c

    OSS UBUNTU AND DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb2-2.0.7-amd64.deb | 21ca5fb21b1c83a345e894f60eddaaeee254e60cd83ff7f01c0b7d7348d83779 influxdb2-2.0.7-arm64.deb | 91f7455eeaca60075e23b05fb68213303b6261e388eda01b27052bd57c6995a2

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb2-2.0.7.x86_64.rpm | bc987af011bcc8dbaf0e32ca44d55bc1a2c70d21ce55cc93decabd9382bb413a influxdb2-2.0.7.arm64.rpm | 24d0e6221e04d84fc2e44f0f1204535dd6b9b035c5c676ec562f9662fb458e2e

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.8.6(May 21, 2021)

    v1.8.6 [2021-05-21]

    Note: No OSS specific changes were made in this release. This release was created to support InfluxDB Enterprise 1.8.6.

    • #21290: fix: Anti-Entropy loops endlessly with empty shard
    • #21381: chore(ae): add more logging
    • #21518: fix: FGA enablement

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.6-static_linux_amd64.tar.gz | c92ddb7fbe85575f42834b4a28828d6d6bf549b764d7fd90a711ba2e8d84122c influxdb-1.8.6_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | fdb29437fbbf46c73e837466015829ede502f21c8941af53aecbfed347fc222b influxdb-1.8.6_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 835232c591f8fcf5876be27626e42ebc08643024446878dc25ef481ba719ba16 influxdb-1.8.6_linux_arm64.tar.gz | 322f73bbc23aa830f7a927af7eff32cc583ccececcf6d366a503bc99216c6db9 influxdb-1.8.6_linux_armel.tar.gz | a4be83513e9889c0281d3d86458032f09220e387b59137497735aeac866301f5 influxdb-1.8.6_linux_armhf.tar.gz | bf77801cc85a9e9f1710f38dc1263b5202e4d8f83c56a53501b033d6ade384a3 influxdb-1.8.6_linux_i386.tar.gz | 9fef6874d0eb36fdfd8b333ac644019b6344f367e99d1bcb3190d62b7acb5097 | d56d457b7039fec37c2309b1808c00509da2d77d212f2cd2ef0a180f485f2e92

    OSS UBUNTU AND DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb_1.8.6_amd64.deb | c57d1ddb411a4a0fcf75c9eeed5c2600f6a77ad8833a6207e18525abe34c312d influxdb_1.8.6_arm64.deb | e231ffdc704991576c2429156412c0a397c5a99312622fa3dc71ccbf04b458cb influxdb_1.8.6_armel.deb | 89c0f96bf0e63493c8a637f0e0739b8f90f72ca1875306eee89e2138afedc9c4 influxdb_1.8.6_armhf.deb | 6a959b7daffe2b2095767a9335d12f8b9afa29f1b6c81991c1ac486feb3e8a5b influxdb_1.8.6_i386.deb | 8f41b61b7071e4df2a79e59b54875fb433d75aa3917e99ec5966fdcd5bb32804

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.6.arm64.rpm | ad3ef4003ff49f24f8686e5daa91f5debbd0dc077bd4aeafc7c8c18a0fdf2cdf influxdb-1.8.6.armel.rpm | 6cb5a0f974b3a9107a298537e1e83a25dbeb1aabf418cd6bb12c8158e219aa3d influxdb-1.8.6.armhf.rpm | 1555a6cd83c01688ce687dfe87acce36a6ad7620d12824395564c0c91af61501 influxdb-1.8.6.i386.rpm | b7d7530c394c682368ca9785334c18f511367c1a98c49dc7503d4aea08bbcbaf influxdb-1.8.6.x86_64.rpm | 226295ea93eb514b2ca0a9acbbae23eaff816280b10dd546791ecce2afa136e4

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.6(Apr 29, 2021)

    v2.0.6 [2021-04-29]



    Binary Packages

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb2-2.0.6-linux-amd64.tar.gz | f24ab5afe20d095a0e44267bf21b094007015b5deaf8442c691130fa18ebc10d influxdb2-client-2.0.6-linux-amd64.tar.gz | 768de0fc0b763ddaf0d322987bcfa5c4b2c68a79feb0d601b2f5ea9d3329e99c influxdb2-2.0.6-linux-arm64.tar.gz | d77fe08751c0d1c8699bd4fa65af142f4a96c6c33255b6232a8867332f828898 influxdb2-client-2.0.6-linux-arm64.tar.gz | 367e338c121c44f06dfc888a3cdd9382437eeefbc8313db786617849f60ca28b influxdb2-2.0.6-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | 2091761ba37209c91c021c9b2c9590043f515ff39511188aa9021f1feae476b2 influxdb2-client-2.0.6-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | db62fd5be1fbe690a01b7f3aaf1f4c44ceabd1a8e5d95365a2e33553ed868ac2 | f5c50e6a9d8df3ee145ad655a6dd8084959dd40f5db391ffe939c341abe4974a | 29023770f3e025e2da3557066418cb0ee4648ff19f6a7d413722649ac9f55b7f

    OSS UBUNTU AND DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb2-2.0.6-amd64.deb | 7d8de2c5806593e3a14f19a681515a4b36f3fe23eb1b19a23a551d89de8c20a6 influxdb2-2.0.6-arm64.deb | d5a004776002638f286aad4e2795eb34eb5c318933be4344e83cd219495644cf

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb2-2.0.6.x86_64.rpm | a1e2a9e226e21761d49f153e37dbe0ad281c3171076e3d1c298530b2e01c2fab influxdb2-2.0.6.arm64.rpm | e9b287d9aa6be3447ec3dd67ed9ab6ee84d28712cb18e39295e6ea5ad5ab542d

    Bug Fixes

    1. 21325: Ensure query config written by influxd upgrade is valid.
    2. 21325: Revert to nonzero defaults for query-concurrency and query-queue-size to avoid validation failures for upgrading users.
    3. 21325: Don't fail validation when query-concurrency is 0 and query-queue-size is > 0.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.5(Apr 27, 2021)

    v2.0.5 [2021-04-27]


    influxd upgrade will generate an invalid v2 config file in this release if:

    1. It is passed the --config-file option, AND
    2. The v1 config pointed to by --config-file contains a setting for coordinator.max-concurrent-queries

    In this case, users will see this error when attempting to boot up their v2 server:

    Error: invalid controller config: QueueSize must be positive when ConcurrencyQuota is limited

    A patch release containing a fix for this issue will be released ASAP. In the meantime, users who encounter this error can fix the issue by modifying their config in one of two ways:

    1. Set query-concurrency to 0, OR
    2. Set query-queue-size to a value greater than 0



    Binary Packages

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb2-2.0.5-linux-amd64.tar.gz | df61e3f93c4d50aebe4453f62326b3c53496a6e770ba4b05a9bfea6f6c643cb9 influxdb2-client-2.0.5-linux-amd64.tar.gz | e69ec3c8fc12ee45f2004cd565821d27aee34faf426fb1763deb2fad02e8bffb influxdb2-2.0.5-linux-arm64.tar.gz | b563cb2db284dbfa717a2170a5438b2c7562c3efec774d45cf95ea81d2876b97 influxdb2-client-2.0.5-linux-arm64.tar.gz | d05aae48d70a983e79761324a1edcee620d7d0bb507ca4f35312b4000db01e76 influxdb2-2.0.5-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | 45386f2e78703be54cbd73e73205261a419820509995294aad69976614c2dac1 influxdb2-client-2.0.5-darwin-amd64.tar.gz | 752ae6d520daf480fa50b7fb74b4ac8e96d49d67938b34ad40671126cbf7af3d | fa2c9b7f27fa7bd97cabf85977b644099138f134064a46c582d4edb29540fdca | 808bae7b55f1fa2ce9e98b47c530c22b963dea879331c95620c80b8a84962bd6

    OSS UBUNTU AND DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb2-2.0.5-amd64.deb | 749a793335c42b8b9fcb76899c58844407acbc30f978300de06a4a925f1fdaf1 influxdb2-2.0.5-arm64.deb | 3bde279d0c428b1136ee18f03e95754c7acb2d8a1c4caa7de9f882cb7993c3e4

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb2-2.0.5.x86_64.rpm | cbbc33fb641cb9b8d20467ae42c6ed1677ca5336f0d1a46935208e5ef16e9fe8 influxdb2-2.0.5.arm64.rpm | 5915d8833a2b4c7cd2cbc706b9ee6bf683dc8e018c0902c8a570cc0c7758dcb8

    Windows Support

    This release includes our initial Windows preview build.

    Breaking Changes

    /debug/vars removed

    Prior to this release, the influxd server would always expose profiling information over /debug/vars. This endpoint was unauthenticated, and not used by InfluxDB systems to report diagnostics. For security and clarity, the endpoint has been removed. Use the /metrics endpoint to collect system statistics.

    influx transpile removed

    The transpile command has been retired. Users can send InfluxQL directly to the server via the /api/v2/query or /query HTTP endpoints.

    Default query concurrency changed

    The default setting for the max number of concurrent Flux queries has been changed from 10 to unlimited. Set the query-concurrency config parameter to > 0 when running influxd to re-limit the maximum running query count, and the query-queue-size config parameter to > 0 to set the max number of queries that can be queued before the server starts rejecting requests.

    Prefix for query-controller metrics changed

    The prefix used for Prometheus metrics from the query controller has changed from query_control_ to qc_.


    1. 20860: Add --pprof-disabled option to influxd to disable exposing profiling information over HTTP.
    2. 20860: Add /debug/pprof/all HTTP endpoint to gather all profiles at once.
    3. 20860: Upgrade http.pprof-enabled config in influxd upgrade.
    4. 20846: Add --compression option to influx write to support GZIP inputs.
    5. 20845: Add influx task retry-failed command to rerun failed runs.
    6. 20965: Add --metrics-disabled option to influxd to disable exposing Prometheus metrics over HTTP.
    7. 20962: Rewrite regex conditions in InfluxQL subqueries for performance. Thanks @yujiahaol68!
    8. 20988: Add --http-read-header-timeout, --http-read-timeout, --http-write-timeout, and --http-idle-timeout options to influxd.
    9. 20988: Set a default --http-read-header-timeout of 10s in influxd.
    10. 20988: Set a default --http-idle-timeout of 3m in influxd.
    11. 20949: Add support for explicitly setting shard-group durations on buckets. Thanks @hinst!
    12. 20838: Add Swift client library to the data loading section of the UI
    13. 21032: Display task IDs in the UI.
    14. 21030: Update Telegraf plugins in UI to include additions and changes in 1.18 release.
    15. 21049: Write to standard out when --output-path - is passed to influxd inspect export-lp.
    16. 21050: Add -p, --profilers flag to influx query command.
    17. 21126: Update UI to match InfluxDB Cloud.
    18. 21144: Allow for disabling concurrency-limits in Flux controller.
    19. 21166: Replace unique resource IDs (UI assets, backup shards) with slugs to reduce cardinality of telemetry data.
    20. 21181: Enabled several UI features: Band & mosaic plot types, axis tick mark configuration, CSV file uploader, editable telegraf configurations, legend orientation options, and dashboard single cell refresh.
    21. 21241: HTTP server errors output logs following the standard format.
    22. 21227: Upgrade Flux to v0.113.0.

    Bug Fixes

    1. 20886: Prevent "do not have an execution context" error when parsing Flux options in tasks.
    2. 20872: Respect 24 hour clock formats in the UI and allow more choices
    3. 20860: Remove unauthenticated, unsupported /debug/vars HTTP endpoint.
    4. 20839: Fix TSM WAL segment size check. Thanks @foobar!
    5. 20841: Update references to docs site to use current URLs.
    6. 20837: Fix use-after-free bug in series ID iterator. Thanks @foobar!
    7. 20834: Fix InfluxDB port in Flux function UI examples. Thanks @sunjincheng121!
    8. 20833: Fix Single Stat graphs with thresholds crashing on negative values.
    9. 20843: Fix data race in TSM cache. Thanks @StoneYunZhao!
    10. 20967: Log error details when influxd upgrade fails to migrate databases.
    11. 20966: Prevent time field names from being formatted in the Table visualization.
    12. 20918: Deprecate misleading retentionPeriodHrs key in onboarding API.
    13. 20851: Fix TSM WAL segment size computing. Thanks @StoneYunZhao!
    14. 20844: Repair swagger to match implementation of DBRPs type.
    15. 20987: Fix the cipher suite used when TLS strict ciphers are enabled in influxd.
    16. 21031: Fix parse error in UI for tag filters containing regex meta characters.
    17. 20836: Fix data race in TSM engine when inspecting tombstone stats.
    18. 21048: Prevent concurrent access panic when gathering bolt metrics.
    19. 21144: Fix race condition in Flux controller shutdown.
    20. 21151: Use descending cursor when needed in window aggregate Flux queries.
    21. 21230: Reduce lock contention when adding new fields and measurements.
    22. 21232: Escape dots in community templates hostname regex.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.8.5(Apr 20, 2021)

    v1.8.5 [2021-04-20]


    • #20917: feat(inspect): Add report-disk for disk usage by measurement
    • #20118: feat: Optimize shard lookups in groups containing only one shard. Thanks @StoneYunZhao!
    • #20910: feat: Make meta queries respect QueryTimeout values
    • #20989: feat: influx_inspect export to standard out
    • #21021: feat: Log query text for POST requests


    • #21053: fix: help text for influx_inspect
    • #20101: fix(write): Successful writes increment write error statistics incorrectly.
    • #20276: fix(error): unsupported value: +Inf" error not handled gracefully.
    • #20277: fix(query): Group By queries with offset that crosses a DST boundary can fail.
    • #20295: fix: cp.Mux.Serve() closes all net.Listener instances silently on error.
    • #19832: fix(prometheus): regexp handling should comply with PromQL.
    • #20432: fix(error): SELECT INTO doesn't return error with unsupported value
    • #20033: fix(tsm1): "snapshot in progress" error during backup
    • #20909: fix(tsm1): data race when accessing tombstone stats
    • #20912: fix(tsdb): minimize lock contention when adding new fields or measure
    • #20914: fix: infinite recursion bug (#20862)

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.5-static_linux_amd64.tar.gz | dbabcc211b447c1fb741ab02f4f7dc0e5a8f609269fdece02badfb2e654b92ba influxdb-1.8.5_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | 5df70f9e9425ff83ec694c3cc187d06dcd3b9748efaa5edab15b968ece4ddadb influxdb-1.8.5_linux_amd64.tar.gz | e7ff8c10cad8f9d268ef3ea8eb616ed2b548715c59be97202df6dc41c88cd012 influxdb-1.8.5_linux_arm64.tar.gz | 089b499c90dcd0054d2e31458ed5969831b3c2db8646fb02b286530d6767578f influxdb-1.8.5_linux_armel.tar.gz | 36f41d2b9b554fe3d9a64a9d71095cff48cfafd02dba2e44596901ece2c0233b influxdb-1.8.5_linux_armhf.tar.gz | ecf9b09110aadacfa4407058b95ccf9ec8e41f24344aa269e3643a2e2a850250 influxdb-1.8.5_linux_i386.tar.gz | f25f68b2ee2413d216d6a1b8383a75fdf62c584a4f2ba6be9f8a1964d803f5f7 | e504ba6a15f01ac20764668c8ef3257f5d52f01f53f36fb3b0108c264e4df61c

    OSS UBUNTU AND DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb_1.8.5_amd64.deb | 495601325d56a770d00767bad3767ca4475120a838d25e070c8a8455d6bb1144 influxdb_1.8.5_arm64.deb | 6058359913425cfa04e63871ff0d11c496eae4c4e92101083d61b323b51b8e65 influxdb_1.8.5_armel.deb | c57c7d6ec7d91641b596ab5c25cbdb1b16d6e95b20fbba7fd9240c919fac2489 influxdb_1.8.5_armhf.deb | 130a3924d86a13b8e9d271e5916008faceb0f71ae749e2703d0ffa674e03e30d influxdb_1.8.5_i386.deb | e002c53b53b5eabdb0873605c5e58db919adfb89c3790f75656de297e5172713

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.5.arm64.rpm | 6782a9f97f5e4684150dc9ca36135a07aef1e88e8c930c1139bad7b7a8493b5b influxdb-1.8.5.armel.rpm | 8752c5644ec711dfc47b57954ad9ecdbaf138f9fa2db6939f0ed317e316b91ef influxdb-1.8.5.armhf.rpm | 0b180726c6a5ff1826880ef9ba6754a9948bf5d193271e90df45e07d1e477ee3 influxdb-1.8.5.i386.rpm | d435de1aa557e9501f68bb76b1f02382428e6bc1d488b17a9125d587ef64991c influxdb-1.8.5.x86_64.rpm | ac40278457e88732bb3ad4f9cde2111515a692f8b62415bbd8f4e4e897661730

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.8.5rc1(Mar 25, 2021)

    v1.8.5rc1 [2021-03-25]


    • #20917: feat(inspect): Add report-disk for disk usage by measurement
    • #20118: feat: Optimize shard lookups in groups containing only one shard. Thanks @StoneYunZhao!
    • #20910: feat: Make meta queries respect QueryTimeout values
    • #20989: feat: influx_inspect export to standard out
    • #21021: feat: Log query text for POST requests


    • #21053: fix: help text for influx_inspect
    • #20101: fix(write): Successful writes increment write error statistics incorrectly.
    • #20276: fix(error): unsupported value: +Inf" error not handled gracefully.
    • #20277: fix(query): Group By queries with offset that crosses a DST boundary can fail.
    • #20295: fix: cp.Mux.Serve() closes all net.Listener instances silently on error.
    • #19832: fix(prometheus): regexp handling should comply with PromQL.
    • #20432: fix(error): SELECT INTO doesn't return error with unsupported value
    • #20033: fix(tsm1): "snapshot in progress" error during backup
    • #20909: fix(tsm1): data race when accessing tombstone stats
    • #20912: fix(tsdb): minimize lock contention when adding new fields or measure
    • #20914: fix: infinite recursion bug (#20862)

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.5rc1-static_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 1f4220e3d4eb675a9786ff7c5d6909e4403310ff9825bc537fd6ff20c5cae246 influxdb-1.8.5rc1_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | 79e708e2f25f6af6010a718f854e2dd37a4fb6d15f2b25902570acac8c60782d influxdb-1.8.5rc1_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 24eb9324ba3a7da2526b5c1af6d64b084000048aa9e3b274d3bf86559deb26c5 influxdb-1.8.5rc1_linux_arm64.tar.gz | 09d077a8d835c3bec9189a52e5c906ae3247f46b291b61d8240d6a11b841bc9b influxdb-1.8.5rc1_linux_armel.tar.gz | 62b54b956c25b17122f9c8dd1cbfae91d60eaba0633d0fd7a35e7f5ab2e89015 influxdb-1.8.5rc1_linux_armhf.tar.gz | a661cbdf0b42370db33ae5903c5da984801dd539e7c861502993d1743fa0d640 influxdb-1.8.5rc1_linux_i386.tar.gz | 43af94ca32bf2f2d3f60fcf2bf2aa392e1905a840319513fc7ecd85424cb0036 | 9fc6652bca7737bdd4d6d893407f842a3ea45eb9eb4cffa11e27947bece13109

    OSS UBUNTU AND DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb_1.8.5rc1_amd64.deb | 9a6716822ee502924c0c89c8fd016252b674be7f49b9329fa9192363b1040ad3 influxdb_1.8.5rc1_arm64.deb | 2ac55c3c4db812eb71f9b4ce490f266d7745dae4ad1ee117a813dbbf7ec41363 influxdb_1.8.5rc1_armel.deb | 284f279b94d394347830ee886aa2471a945a1365e9931c9c2e2b7c6d536da44c influxdb_1.8.5rc1_armhf.deb | f51c4a8a313e2f980af717cfac2428fd20fe13e612f561ef692f254a482acff3 influxdb_1.8.5rc1_i386.deb | d12a4fe51d35842f345accbf36e1bba8aac4cd74319eff0e2cbe66893aa21ad2

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.5rc1.arm64.rpm | db464814225e6b233acb0e4438e3dec990949ded0a230b374178fb67b33d103e influxdb-1.8.5rc1.armel.rpm | 8d1fb863f02bd508b02e0c82fb788f57f45645be8ecd681b1b4eeccccf3b5ddf influxdb-1.8.5rc1.armhf.rpm | 44e860906273c8727fab9f8b625a16e68be81867ea1cb747a310ab2f8db9379c influxdb-1.8.5rc1.i386.rpm | 153ba99ad4d2411c9833218d59d4e63a4fac5d7e4b61a8e1fdd3aa068fa4de2f influxdb-1.8.5rc1.x86_64.rpm | 7f8d5ddcefb8f824446c4b11650e6c49c14ec47b64741d57be8978bb31f39789

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.8.5rc0(Mar 16, 2021)

    v1.8.5rc0 [2021-03-16]


    • #20917: feat(inspect): Add report-disk for disk usage by measurement
    • #20118: feat: Optimize shard lookups in groups containing only one shard. Thanks @StoneYunZhao!
    • #20910: feat: Make meta queries respect QueryTimeout values


    • #20101: fix(write): Successful writes increment write error statistics incorrectly.
    • #20276: fix(error): unsupported value: +Inf" error not handled gracefully.
    • #20277: fix(query): Group By queries with offset that crosses a DST boundary can fail.
    • #20295: fix: cp.Mux.Serve() closes all net.Listener instances silently on error.
    • #19832: fix(prometheus): regexp handling should comply with PromQL.
    • #20432: fix(error): SELECT INTO doesn't return error with unsupported value
    • #20033: fix(tsm1): "snapshot in progress" error during backup
    • #20909: fix(tsm1): data race when accessing tombstone stats
    • #20912: fix(tsdb): minimize lock contention when adding new fields or measure
    • #20914: fix: infinite recursion bug (#20862)

    OSS BINARY FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.5rc0-static_linux_amd64.tar.gz | e448477fde7993aa74a6ba86a71ee08bfb85cfe0e203fc124b209434ddd1dda4 influxdb-1.8.5rc0_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | b530cf4dc2f10ea4e0b2c09caeeff95670a8b4626bf06200441323f8e5d27f8f influxdb-1.8.5rc0_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 42caa30edef3dd4bacce036145bfd81e89f0e18789b91925d8122d44517324cc influxdb-1.8.5rc0_linux_arm64.tar.gz | c3e6eaba80d763ad2e8ed1791712e023c60bc44ddacd82b56d93022d0680d6a1 influxdb-1.8.5rc0_linux_armel.tar.gz | e15c987b0e077bd9d4fca81feeee9a9fc68d6bf6b9e7135edcec3fa83d2134d1 influxdb-1.8.5rc0_linux_armhf.tar.gz | 96e3b37952d40407b7bc9741ef15b7f5dc798198bef61047c6431e464d3fe5d8 influxdb-1.8.5rc0_linux_i386.tar.gz | 329ee5915428f2566d1d98b0ba66480a9b5789d52dbf626d07b59e4db387ac73 | a66dd37a9ce2d1ed2c15b9835be6ee7be5f7e245d5842a3aa8547ecc8f7098fd

    OSS UBUNTU AND DEBIAN PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb_1.8.5rc0_amd64.deb | 6966f3f56071a461b1d2fb94c108c1a32c8d55ab40c72beb7cbad634514a238e influxdb_1.8.5rc0_arm64.deb | 7b4366417fce89b13d0d2cbb9b447fc086e6d7fc9c22ead268ca80d2f9c6db24 influxdb_1.8.5rc0_armel.deb | 8f32ad524e6f37cb551d25dc3d1904dc13b1261e6367cd7ba7fe6eec9d3349c8 influxdb_1.8.5rc0_armhf.deb | d6fbafd6c10d8d9573a9f40914097ae6ed2822fbd08d85da276903ac7449939c influxdb_1.8.5rc0_i386.deb | 0aa97d19f217228ad1c488dcba58c219e6e723418dd3ca540417b690119b750b

    OSS REDHAT & CENTOS PACKAGE FILES | SHA256 ---------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- influxdb-1.8.5rc0.arm64.rpm | b3a0912979d5a203064038133cacb4f84dde47a686d5b9ffca1585f13db2ecfd influxdb-1.8.5rc0.armel.rpm | ffdc5d9d3125f22ec6a4162faf70b069dbeb959ca7591bebc36df8ccf7f46e66 influxdb-1.8.5rc0.armhf.rpm | c92c950ebb981b0925698de3fdf7282fc09a568b90f473c7f909803500b11d8a influxdb-1.8.5rc0.i386.rpm | 574da7457d735f55e5ced9174b55d7658b16769fa679c87a549598073980470e influxdb-1.8.5rc0.x86_64.rpm | 902fbcddf1ba1bdcd80d1d349e8987ebcc32e0deebdf89a00635ecf527dd4925

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.7.11(Mar 12, 2021)

    v1.7.11 [2021-03-12]


    • #17633: fix(storage/reads): update sortKey sorting method to use null byte as delimiter, not comma
    • #17571: fix(tsdb): Replace panic with error while de/encoding corrupt data
    • #16411: fix(tsdb): incorrect error type in type switch
    • #16384: fix: access tsi active log file with READ lock


    • #18258: chore: update go version to 1.13.8
    • #17063: feat(influxdb): backport modules support to 1.7.x

    OSS Binary Files|SHA256 -----------------------|----------- influxdb-1.7.11-static_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 28ede99fb8acfff19d7931c580f3ead9570d92de897b9f7d1a4e0a731ed51525 influxdb-1.7.11_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | 9ae00448482c45e1621b578ea493d89fc6a17453292f8427553e29347321faef influxdb-1.7.11_linux_amd64.tar.gz | e963c1bed2ee75ea7fa6d13fc13da309a073da32868b910a45a5f68475b53816 influxdb-1.7.11_linux_arm64.tar.gz | 9c62ed1e2616c6c3b4ca1577a3fec16be90ecce37e2dabdd82c4e3a4f3f93819 influxdb-1.7.11_linux_armel.tar.gz | 5564438d50ae3b4a3900b7b3eb8a35ca48edc1e699cc93eb814324c97e522d5b influxdb-1.7.11_linux_armhf.tar.gz | 2dd7f13ef123cb7cfbb8fc11e74485f26d26fe7a09c26925f12a2cdf665c9fb7 influxdb-1.7.11_linux_i386.tar.gz | 608e2592069ce366974662f06f0e5307cdaea2c85d7f20388e1eec27d5a979fe | 15d51b35c29d93f840bcb78c0c2cbd2680c51191d201b9c20478567fc810950b

    OSS Ubuntu and Debian Package Files| SHA256 -- | -- influxdb_1.7.11_amd64.deb | 2855ecb23bef37d5d13e4ed481aca5c8bd01687ed8cab1e0e146155b255ebcb5 influxdb_1.7.11_arm64.deb | cf2bb2a9dcb22e0db21da8e38fa7c35242d567f8fe89c2123185468560e2a666 influxdb_1.7.11_armel.deb | dc545ce6b241abc281f2ff1efcf36efe47c5d26bd0f1ee0c971ddfb5d76720ea influxdb_1.7.11_armhf.deb | 09b197fd6652b95fea2efe7985a1134f8a8523ff3fc4fccd66c07916c3452ae1 influxdb_1.7.11_i386.deb | 970323df36ab72d973bff53a4717f00439ebf17c55a4f48a1d7071531f29e47e

    OSS Redhat & CentOS Package Files|SHA256 -- | -- influxdb-1.7.11.arm64.rpm | 056d0846f9bc731bdfba7da1297a2f17a87e1bc6c9803b253bcd8285d272079c influxdb-1.7.11.armel.rpm | 2b1c7f731f4b7bd47c0c1e4ef6103f546b753c8639f1c3b15cdfe9849cd0f90f influxdb-1.7.11.armhf.rpm | c589a79f5755ccc8c0b19cea2b2bba502ee945ac4fa16f6e259e0dda10a337d6 influxdb-1.7.11.i386.rpm | f30b20be2184cc98ad9b09de76ad746ef00984bc2be8ebdac48ae087464a9f0a influxdb-1.7.11.x86_64.rpm | 013ba4119e110e2529244841a1e30183c1854fdd81514757fa1c6097b1f4f179

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.4(Feb 11, 2021)

    v2.0.4 [2021-02-08]


    Binary Packages

    OSS Binary Files | SHA256 -----------------|------- influxdb2-2.0.4-darwin-amd64.tar.gz|2183f4c2c4b78f1cd221daeff0b25ad5d23229698e258a53fc11b72e24d36efe influxdb2-client-2.0.4-darwin-amd64.tar.gz|eaa145de2e09a53dbc4398b3fc39637fe7dcb754e5e58d81174a70eb817c38c2 influxdb2-2.0.4-linux-amd64.tar.gz|876a2aeac84714617464acb75ebbb3a8053a42e5f9242bb771ae4eb2d9d6cb6c influxdb2-client-2.0.4-linux-amd64.tar.gz|1fb7f9d7efe98ad610c33a16a26e148e918a06a064314e0585d743dbd63a019e influxdb2-2.0.4-linux-arm64.tar.gz|a8c3abc206060489c9067e75472add9199675807314781a9360ee786f2808d69 influxdb2-client-2.0.4-linux-arm64.tar.gz|7d2876cb3cc7af17ae61748cb2ffbd88b912b0704fd486332a21f98de4ff22cf

    OSS Ubuntu and Debian Package Files| SHA256 -----------------------------------|------- influxdb2-2.0.4-amd64.deb|a3296922db5ecb58f759f12abce6e98b55759079aeb838a6083b71325cf662b7 influxdb2-2.0.4-arm64.deb|15ea8fd002a933df8488c6ed8a593d6db5ba534e655320c8217645e03cf67f6c

    OSS Redhat & CentOS Package Files| SHA256 ---------------------------------|------- influxdb2-2.0.4.x86_64.rpm|07e07fb52396e43ece05a3eb33ae30a9ec0a7a3d5bed25340432672e11470f8c influxdb2-2.0.4.arm64.rpm|bb79e28b9663b1c45cc60a74ad35ea91339e2ef732d01ab002cf10e5a64e90af



    The Docker builds hosted in DockerHub and now support the linux/arm64 platform.

    2.x nightly images

    Prior to this release, competing nightly builds caused the nightly Docker tag to contain outdated binaries. This conflict has been fixed, and the image tagged with nightly will now contain 2.x binaries built from the HEAD of the master branch.

    Breaking Changes

    inmem index option removed

    This release fully removes the inmem indexing option, along with the associated config options:

    • max-series-per-database
    • max-values-per-tag

    Replacement tsi1 indexes will be automatically generated on startup for shards that need it.

    Artifact naming conventions

    The names of artifacts produced by our nightly & release builds have been updated according to the Google developer guidelines. Underscores (_) have been replaced by hyphens (-) in nearly all cases; the one exception is the use of x86_64 in our RPM packages, which has been left unchanged.


    1. 20537: Add --overwrite-existing-v2 flag to influxd upgrade to overwrite existing files at output paths (instead of aborting).
    2. 20616: Update telegraf plugins list in UI to include Beat, Intel PowerStats, and Rienmann.
    3. 20550: Add influxd print-config command to support automated config inspection.
    4. 20591: Add nats-port config option for influxd server.
    5. 20591: Add nats-max-payload-bytes config option for influxd server.
    6. 20608: Add influxd inspect export-lp command to extract data in line-protocol format.
    7. 20650: Promote schema and fill query optimizations to default behavior.
    8. 20688: Upgrade Flux to v0.104.0.
    9. 20688: UI: Upgrade flux-lsp-browser to v0.5.31.

    Bug Fixes

    1. 20351: Ensure influxdb service sees default env variables when running under init.d.
    2. 20350: Don't show the upgrade notice on fresh influxdb2 installs.
    3. 20350: Ensure config.toml is initialized on fresh influxdb2 installs.
    4. 20347: Include upgrade helper script in goreleaser manifest.
    5. 20376: Don't overwrite stack name/description on influx stack update.
    6. 20375: Fix timeout setup for influxd graceful shutdown.
    7. 20354: Don't ignore failures to set password during initial user onboarding.
    8. 20402: Remove duplication from task error messages.
    9. 20403: Improve error message shown when influx CLI can't find an org by name.
    10. 20411: Fix logging initialization for storage engine.
    11. 20456: Automatically build tsi1 indexes for shards that need it instead of falling back to inmem.
    12. 20455: Don't return 500 codes for partial write failures.
    13. 20471: Improve messages in DBRP API validation errors.
    14. 20472: Add confirmation step w/ file sizes before copying data files in influxd upgrade.
    15. 20538: Don't leak .tmp files while backing up shards.
    16. 20538: Allow backups to complete while a snapshot is in progress.
    17. 20536: Fix silent failure to register CLI args as required.
    18. 20534: Fix loading config when INFLUXD_CONFIG_PATH points to a .yml file.
    19. 20535: Improve error message when opening BoltDB with unsupported file system options.
    20. 20542: Prevent extra output row from GROUP BY crossing DST boundary.
    21. 20615: Update Flux functions list in UI to reflect that v1 package was renamed to schema.
    22. 20558: Prevent panic in influxd upgrade when V1 users exist and no V1 config is given.
    23. 20592: Set correct Content-Type on v1 query responses.
    24. 20592: Update V1 API spec to document all valid Accept headers and matching Content-Types.
    25. 20611: Respect the --skip-verify flag when running influx query.
    26. 20671: Remove blank lines from payloads sent by influx write.
    27. 20688: Fix infinite loop in Flux parser caused by invalid array expressions.
    28. 20672: Allow for creating users without initial passwords in influx user create.
    29. 20689: Fix incorrect "bucket not found" errors when passing --bucket-id to influx write.
    30. 20710: Fix loading config when INFLUXD_CONFIG_PATH points to a directory with . in its name.
    31. 20708: Update API spec to document Flux dictionary features.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.8.4(Feb 2, 2021)

    v1.8.4 [2020-02-01]

    Note: InfluxDB 1.8.3 was not released. Features and bug fixes intended for 1.8.3 were rolled into InfluxDB 1.8.4.


    Bug fixes

    • #19696: Add durations to Flux logging, including the log compilation, execution, and total request duration. Previously, the following stats were incorrectly logging 0.000ms:

      • stat_total_duration

      • stat_compile_duration

      • stat_execute_duration

        Now, these durations are logged correctly.

    • #19439: ArrayFilterCursor truncation for multi-block data.

    • #19592: Multi-measurement queries now return all applicable series.

    • #19612: Lock map before writes.

    OSS Binary Files | SHA256 -- | -- influxdb-1.8.4-static_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 710d3346ad2e15d379388e43f187097e3733ec68d38a1dfb4b3b1c5fb3de56c1 influxdb-1.8.4_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | d69be0c5b798096dfe53440f10cd350fd7cd68517c3ffe774451de5e63fa1284 influxdb-1.8.4_linux_armel.tar.gz | 3fecb6b7b51cf9d5384afb5990175ed972c321558fc0e2c3c2bc28c5c553ee4a influxdb-1.8.4_linux_armhf.tar.gz | cce5096bf5812d40e92353bc077359155ddffb9f3bab33ccc1ed82699cf75e73 influxdb-1.8.4_linux_i386.tar.gz | 386e9d5e3dbc1fe0f6a9e6b3957b74567670f5a92b6b3569dd13f7b9b7e62aef | 09c63a0afc3587a827670504d0354f0926192a046961838c922dbe8bd5a71783 influxdb-1.8.4_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 10c80dbec52e0c25de90044b1455f19720cfbc3bf2e9d0dd206a9333bbeb76a7 influxdb-1.8.4_linux_arm64.tar.gz | c220679eef9315a0df61910d3d60048db4be211ffafb4d74707806868d0441b9 | 09c63a0afc3587a827670504d0354f0926192a046961838c922dbe8bd5a71783

    OSS Ubuntu and Debian Package Files | SHA256 -- | -- influxdb_1.8.4_amd64.deb | ad4058db83f424dad21337f3d7135de921498b652d67e2fcd2e2e070d2997a2d influxdb_1.8.4_arm64.deb | ab6efbf7164c0b090ce615cf660e6bf25583545aee681baa592ccb5d3765a11e influxdb_1.8.4_armel.deb | 03c34893fa1ccea5e122f63cf81c7613b15e3427624cff58980e81a5e5e1c575 influxdb_1.8.4_armhf.deb | da0505862812d914372b6ac756ea2c30158c6f3a1490479bfa86b05515b18b33 influxdb_1.8.4_i386.deb | f08f4cb160652f358bb2802a2ddc7553777d242e58e9683deba26f332dcf7cdc

    OSS Redhat & CentOS Package Files | SHA256 -- | -- influxdb-1.8.4.arm64.rpm | d405f5dc088106325be8ec6ee11f92682b0fda914f3d8259f043e0acc4ad529e influxdb-1.8.4.armel.rpm | b398a4ecce65a6f5414a8b80034d3028ecfcfee9ddb5482c22f0e88f407b9b86 influxdb-1.8.4.armhf.rpm | 93c983af9385f44600a3e32aacc5c7ea1fbbbb099dee48c429a7a9e13211e68e influxdb-1.8.4.i386.rpm | 88455c2885306f13ff7b0fd7a8a99cbf931a05d3dcceebabba6ff1c16184790b influxdb-1.8.4.x86_64.rpm | f13cc117d3763908f045fc244f95948d0a1637459518a81e3bb4f8ba1f202e35

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.3(Dec 15, 2020)

    v2.0.3 [2020-12-15]


    Binary Packages

    OSS Binary Files | SHA256 -----------------|------- influxdb2-2.0.3_darwin_amd64.tar.gz|bfb3f62206daf05b72994b1e5b8897022c10a90aa405fb5993b58119de71e92e influxdb2_client_2.0.3_darwin_amd64.tar.gz|644131ee4c93e6af8634e1ef89b7322b5fa572b5a03f89172a708368e3c38e4a influxdb2-2.0.3_linux_amd64.tar.gz|d01f0b6d634406e0be1829f884ebf93423cc0c920743fa293a03b1533ffac4af influxdb2_client_2.0.3_linux_amd64.tar.gz|6fe548bda10370b276378396280555c9860fb876c69443073ea7d09b11f73ec3 influxdb2-2.0.3_linux_arm64.tar.gz|0c67b0282cefc9b1052633008f5713d24f6d18f669d8f92abb2004e2541947b4 influxdb2_client_2.0.3_linux_arm64.tar.gz|7e5a2e6de54227dfce44016f186edfb8c9c90515716c2f18f90c7c06bd6faa63

    OSS Ubuntu and Debian Package Files| SHA256 -----------------------------------|------- influxdb2_2.0.3_amd64.deb|a3a3ff1e876e525859a1a31c4a185465dd6ebf95d310a582d6eccae252f1cfcf influxdb2_2.0.3_arm64.deb|71072b692f1eb0eab8048f884c5f50adc94ee900248638358dd526c97289eaf5

    OSS Redhat & CentOS Package Files| SHA256 ---------------------------------|------- influxdb2-2.0.3.x86_64.rpm|e60f963de8b9accb4d81298fcb2e5477ffbd1f429ed4f89e76ad7d0408ae58b1 influxdb2-2.0.3.arm64.rpm|274f959718d9683b80b57204fa2721c946d35c63653ba4fef0b6618f0c7e2de5

    ARM Support

    This release includes our initial ARM64 preview build.

    Breaking Changes

    influxd upgrade

    Previously, influxd upgrade would attempt to write upgraded config.toml files into the same directory as the source influxdb.conf file. If this failed, a warning would be logged and config.toml would be written into the HOME directory.

    This release breaks this behavior in two ways:

    1. By default, config.toml is now written into the same directory as the Bolt DB and engine files (~/.influxdbv2/)
    2. If writing upgraded config fails, the upgrade process exits with an error instead of falling back to the HOME directory

    Users can use the new --v2-config-path option to override the output path for upgraded config if they can't or don't want to use the default.

    v2 packaging

    Based on community feedback, the v2 deb and rpm packaging has been improved to avoid confusion between versions. The package name is now influxdb2 and conflicts with any previous influxdb package (including initial 2.0.0, 2.0.1, and 2.0.2 packages). Additionally, v2 specific path defaults are now defined and helper scripts are provided for influxd upgrade and cleanup cases.


    1. 20128: Allow password to be specified as a CLI option in influx v1 auth create.
    2. 20128: Allow password to be specified as a CLI option in influx v1 auth set-password.
    3. 20146: Allow for users to specify where V2 config should be written in influxd upgrade.
    4. 20243: Implement delete with predicate.
    5. 20204: Improve ID-related error messages for influx v1 dbrp commands.
    6. 20328: Upgrade Flux to v0.99.0
    7. 20328: UI: Upgrade flux-lsp-browser to v0.5.26

    Bug Fixes

    1. 20146: Use V2 directory for default V2 config path in influxd upgrade.
    2. 20153: Don't log bodies of V1 write requests.
    3. 20154: Fix panic when writing a point with 100 tags. Thanks @foobar!
    4. 20160: Ensure KV index walks only select exactly-matched keys.
    5. 20166: Enforce max value of 2147483647 on query concurrency to avoid startup panic.
    6. 20166: Enforce max value of 2147483647 on query queue size to avoid startup panic.
    7. 20182: Auto-migrate existing DBRP mappings from old schema to avoid panic.
    8. 20202: Optimize shard lookup in groups containing only one shard. Thanks @StoneYunZhao!
    9. 20235: Respect the --name option in influx setup whether configs already exist or not.
    10. 20235: Allow for 0 (infinite) values for --retention in influx setup.
    11. 20329: Set v2 default paths and provide upgrade helper scripts in release packages.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.2(Nov 19, 2020)

    v2.0.2 [2020-11-18]


    Binary Packages

    OSS Binary Files | SHA256 -----------------|------- influxdb-2.0.2_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | 3f8d736933d7852bff8f17442fba597ad42ae88932335f42dbc89d51c507851b influxdb_client_2.0.2_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | 07f1fb5b5b805450e77c0e30f1473b7cee1722bcda88a3f99f61806ec59ce514 influxdb-2.0.2_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 02164d11dc446541aa1e5a00c298004a19ba8bee4c2930a9a7fee31f8d983f31 influxdb_client_2.0.2_linux_amd64.tar.gz | bd00ff1909d8afafe0e2cbcabf6d6d5e6c6ffe8ea114a24867611619a57be354

    OSS Ubuntu and Debian Package Files| SHA256 -----------------------------------|------- influxdb_2.0.2_amd64.deb | f3349e5ae52e10e4d6539ee60204a5e43b6882a9620c66777ce35e21e96201d7

    OSS Redhat & CentOS Package Files| SHA256 ---------------------------------|------- influxdb-2.0.2.x86_64.rpm | af489e035137a2bcd87f6c6476bd7878617d13b030252e3de80597777781d970


    1. 20072: Warn if V1 users are upgraded, but V1 auth wasn't enabled.
    2. 20072: CLI: Export 1.x CQs as part of influxd upgrade.
    3. 20072: Upgrade Flux to v0.95.0.
    4. 20072: CLI: Add DBRP CLI commands as influx v1 dbrp.
    5. 20072: UI: Upgrade flux-lsp-browser to v0.5.23.
    6. 20072: Added functionality to filter task runs by time.

    Bug Fixes

    1. 19992: Fix various typos. Thanks @kumakichi!
    2. 19999: Use --skip-verify flag for backup/restore CLI command.
    3. 19999: Suggest running with -h on error instead of printing usage when launching influxd.
    4. 20072: Allow self signed certificates for scraper targets. Thanks @cmackenzie1!
    5. 20072: Add locking during TSI iterator creation.
    6. 20072: Do not use global viper APIs, which breaks testing.
    7. 20072: Remove fragile NATS port assignment loop.
    8. 20072: Add same site strict flag to session cookie.
    9. 20072: CLI: Validate all input paths to upgrade up-front.
    10. 20072: Delete deprecated kv service code.
    11. 20072: Reinstate minimal read-only document store for dashboard template.
    12. 20072: UI: Skip dashboard index CRUD case.
    13. 20072: Task: Fixed logic checking time filter exists.
    14. 20072: Task: Fixed error message semantic.
    15. 20072: Track seen databases in map and skip duplicates.
    16. 20072: Build: Remove lint-feature-flag job from OSS.
    17. 20072: CLI: Don't validate unused paths in upgrade.
    18. 20072: Continue reading until itrs is empty, even for nil cursors.
    19. 20072: CLI: Remove internal influxd upgrade subcommands from help text.
    20. 20072: Use default DBRP mapping on V1 write when no RP is specified.
    21. 20072: UI: Bump version in package.json so it displays correctly.
    22. 20089: UI: UX improvements and bug fixes to dbrp commands.
    23. 20089: API: Make the dbrp api match the swagger spec.
    24. 20089: Revert changes to API page-sizes.
    25. 20089: Exclude pkger_test.go from linting
    26. 20091: Make the DBRP http API match the swagger spec.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.1(Nov 11, 2020)

    v2.0.1 [2020-11-10]


    Binary Packages

    OSS Binary Files | SHA256 -----------------|------- influxdb-2.0.1_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | 49f50fe13135072bbb1108f92eb7fa8497c758643194783511a4e8c568fe7692 influxdb_client_2.0.1_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | 1272f1ae5115f84547f350b94fd57e82587059e8a847ca0de764a493ff2f8006 influxdb-2.0.1_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 5812d42f982ce7f71fee3f103244130e2b0f034d42c1f5e78d2fc5b07fbce49e influxdb_client_2.0.1_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 03782715d12dfec4eb34d9205b891342bfaeb4eed891e5cb5f2f2e4e6fcd99c1

    OSS Ubuntu and Debian Package Files| SHA256 -----------------------------------|------- influxdb_2.0.1_amd64.deb | 261539625b67686f91da320e75a54969cfd611e954df43e4c8cab5ca5fac1af5

    OSS Redhat & CentOS Package Files| SHA256 ---------------------------------|------- influxdb-2.0.1.x86_64.rpm | fdd600f83e42ee9bdfe95c546fbe074e05b78c7ba0348a5ce01866ba9da1ca3e


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.0(Nov 10, 2020)

    v2.0.0 [2020-11-09]


    Binary Packages

    OSS Binary Files | SHA256 -----------------|------- influxdb-2.0.0_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | ff5578f14e443617922092b12c6ef99c60a8b4bd0923f3456e560786b3d65344 influxdb_client_2.0.0_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | aaba385a5da5036787b951abe7bf4c9a5648f8e52be54933be8d71ba9d86f63e influxdb-2.0.0_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 7450b1518b8245610ec5b393a8968ec879d3198615bf879dc934bd47bd1975b2 influxdb_client_2.0.0_linux_amd64.tar.gz | 82d602367fd99085116a261d7d70348dc0b5f9a2567a5b6608b955a0968249e3

    OSS Ubuntu and Debian Package Files| SHA256 -----------------------------------|------- influxdb_2.0.0_amd64.deb | fc61c16949ae9ed6cdc6d35a25475959376cb72e325e0cebf599d6a1f09bf720

    OSS Redhat & CentOS Package Files| SHA256 ---------------------------------|------- influxdb-2.0.0.x86_64.rpm | e4db5a1ac9b4ce56e460d219213b088edb7c6de1da15eb3caa885aab157bfb1a


    • 19935: Improve the UI for the influx v1 auth commands
    • 19940: Update Flux to v0.94.0
    • 19943: Upgrade flux-lsp-browser to v0.5.22
    • 19946: Adding RAS telegraf input


    • 19924: Remove unused 'security-script' option from upgrade command
    • 19925: Create CLI configs in influxd upgrade
    • 19928: Fix parsing of retention policy CLI args in influx setup and influxd upgrade
    • 19930: Replace 0 with MaxInt when upgrading query-concurrency
    • 19937: Create CLI configs
    • 19939: Make influxd help more specific
    • 19945: Allow write-only V1 tokens to find DBRPs
    • 19947: Updating v1 auth description
    • 19952: Use db/rp naming convention when migrating DBs to buckets
    • 19956: Improve help for --no-password switch
    • 19959: Use 10 instead of MaxInt when rewriting query-concurrency
    • 19960: Remove bucket and mapping auto-creation from v1 /write API
    • 19885: Misuse of reflect.SliceHeader
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.0-rc.4(Nov 6, 2020)

    v2.0.0-rc.4 [2020-11-05]



    Platform | Package --- | --- Mac OS X | influxdb-2.0.0-rc.4_darwin_amd64.tar.gz Mac OS X (CLI Only) | influxdb_client_2.0.0-rc.4.darwin_amd64.tar.gz Linux | influxdb-2.0.0-rc.4_linux_amd64.tar.gz Linux (CLI Only)| influxdb_client_2.0.0-rc.4_linux_amd64.tar.gz Debian amd64|influxdb_2.0.0-rc.4_amd64.deb RedHat x86_64|influxdb-2.0.0-rc.4.x86_64.rpm


    1. 19854: Use v1 authorization for users upgrade
    2. 19855: Enable window pushdowns
    3. 19864: Implement backup/restore CLI subcommands
    4. 19865: Implementation of v1 authorization
    5. 19879: Make sure the query plan nodes have unique ids
    6. 19881: Update Flux to v0.93.0

    Bug Fixes

    1. 19685: Cloning tasks makes actions shared in task list view
    2. 19712: Reduce filesize of influx binary
    3. 19819: Isolate telegraf config service and remove URM interactions
    4. 19853: Use updated HTTP client for authorization service
    5. 19856: Make tagKeys and tagValues work for edge cases involving fields
    6. 19870: Correctly parse float as 64-bits
    7. 19873: Add simple metrics related to installed templates
    8. 19885: Remove extra multiplication of retention policies in onboarding
    9. 19887: Use fluxinit package to init flux library instead of builtin
    10. 19886: Add Logger to constructor function to ensure log field is initialized
    11. 19894: Return empty iterator instead of null in tagValues
    12. 19899: Docs: flux 0.92 functions
    13. 19908: Fix /ready response content type
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.0-rc.3(Oct 30, 2020)

    v2.0.0-rc.3 [2020-10-29]


    docker pull


    Platform | Package --- | --- Mac OS X | influxdb-2.0.0-rc.3_darwin_amd64.tar.gz Mac OS X (CLI Only) | influxdb_client_2.0.0-rc.3.darwin_amd64.tar.gz Linux | influxdb-2.0.0-rc.3_linux_amd64.tar.gz Linux (CLI Only)| influxdb_client_2.0.0-rc.3_linux_amd64.tar.gz Linux arm64|influxdb-2.0.0-rc.3_linux_arm64.tar.gz Linux arm64 (CLI Only)|influxdb_client_2.0.0-rc.3_linux_arm64.tar.gz Debian amd64|influxdb_2.0.0-rc.3_amd64.deb Debian arm64|influxdb_2.0.0-rc.3_arm64.deb RedHat arm64|influxdb-2.0.0-rc.3.arm64.rpm RedHat x86_64|influxdb-2.0.0-rc.3.x86_64.rpm


    1. 19807: Enable window agg mean pushdown
    2. 19813: Aggregate array cursors
    3. 19815: Create a v1 authorization service
    4. 19826: Update FLux to v0.91.0
    5. 19829: Extend CLI with v1 authorization commands
    6. 19839: Add tick generation properties and legendColorizeRows
    7. 19840: Add bcrypt password support to v1 authorizations
    8. 19850: Update generate ticks into an array of properties for each axis

    Bug Fixes

    1. 19784: UI: bump papaparse from 4.6.3 to 5.2.0
    2. 19802: Docs: update PostDBRP docs to reflect mutual exclusive requirement of org vs orgID
    3. 19804: Notifications: move rule service into own package
    4. 19816: Type-convert fs.Bavail for portability
    5. 19818: Notifications: isolate endpoint service
    6. 19823: Clear Logout
    7. 19825: Docs: Update
    8. 19828: Add 1.x compatible endpoints to swagger
    9. 19833: allow newIndexSeriesCursor() to accept an influxql.Expr
    10. 19834: Docs: Fix typos in http/swagger.yml
    11. 19836: UI: import flux-lsp v0.5.21
    12. 19846: prune some unreferenced packages
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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