A CLI tool that masks and obscurates your environment variables for demos


envo - Mask your environment variables

envo (environment variable obscuration) is a CLI tool that masks/obscurates your environment variables.

Use case

You're in the middle of a demo and want to show the environment variables you set for the demo, without showing your actual environment variables.

For example, you're running a Terraform demo and you want to show that you set your AWS credentials as environment variables.

Typically, you would run the env | grep AWS, but now your AWS credentials are exposed to everyone. You can get around by creating temporary AWS credentials, then revoking it, but this is also a hassle.

With envo, you can mask these values.

$ envo | grep AWS


To install on MacOS, run the following commands.

$ brew tap im2nguyen/envo
$ brew install envo

Basic usage

envo has two main flags, -maskMethod (-m) and -truncLength (-t). If -maskMethod is not specified, envo will truncate the environment variable values.

  • Set no flags to truncate environment variable value, defaults to a third of value length.

    $ envo | grep USER
  • Set -maskMethod to random to replace the environment variable value with random characters.

    $ envo -m=random | grep USER
  • Set -maskMethod to a value that is neither trunc nor random to replace the environment variable value with the provided value.

    $ envo -m=* | grep USER
    $ envo -m=0 | grep USER
  • Set -truncate to a length to truncate the environment variable value. If the specified length is greater than or equal to the length of the value, envo will truncate the value to a third of its original length.

    $ envo -t=1 | grep USER
    $ envo -m=3 | grep USER
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