Hprose is a cross-language RPC. This project is Hprose for Golang.



Hprose 3.0 for Golang

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Hprose is a High Performance Remote Object Service Engine.

It is a modern, lightweight, cross-language, cross-platform, object-oriented, high performance, remote dynamic communication middleware. It is not only easy to use, but powerful. You just need a little time to learn, then you can use it to easily construct cross language cross platform distributed application system.

Hprose supports many programming languages, for example:

  • AAuto Quicker
  • ActionScript
  • ASP
  • C++
  • Dart
  • Delphi/Free Pascal
  • dotNET(C#, Visual Basic...)
  • Golang
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Objective-C
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • ...

Through Hprose, You can conveniently and efficiently intercommunicate between those programming languages.

This project is the implementation of Hprose 3.0 for Golang.

  • jsonrpc_client_filter 处理 map[string]interface{} 类型参数时的问题

    jsonrpc_client_filter 处理 map[string]interface{} 类型参数时的问题

    Hi, 我有一个如下式样的方法.

    type stub struct {
        IndexDoc  func(indexName, docId string, doc map[string]interface{}) error

    在对 client 设置了 NewJSONRPCClientFilter("2.0") 之后, 调用始终报 no Hprose RPC request.
    而不设置 json filter 的时候, 是可以正常调用.

    我进行了一些调试, 发现处理过程中, https://github.com/hprose/hprose-go/blob/master/hprose/jsonrpc_client_filter.go#L89 这里实际会报错: json: unsupported type: map[interface {}]interface {}, 导致 data 为空.

    由此处向上回溯, 产生这个结果的相关代码如下: https://github.com/hprose/hprose-go/blob/master/hprose/jsonrpc_client_filter.go#L81


    我尝试了 byref 的方式, 但是在向服务圈发起请求之前就出现了一个 runtime error: index out of range 我还没有确认问题的原因.

    opened by dtynn 10
  • 在golang做server,用js调用遇到跨域问题怎么解决?


    先贴出主要代码 //server type event struct{}

    func (e event) OnSendHeader(ctx rpc.HTTPContext) { ctx.Response.Header().Set("Access-Control-Allow-Origin", ""); ctx.Response.Header().Set("Access-Control-Allow-Methods", "POST, GET, OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE"); ctx.Response.Header().Set("Access-Control-Allow-Headers","Authorization") }

    func Server() { service := rpc.NewHTTPService() handler := struct { User user }{} service.Event = event{} ……

    //client …… export function UserGet() { return (dispatch, getState) => { const cluster = localStorage.getItem('cluster'); const token = localStorage.getItem('token'); dispatch(userGetRequest()); if (!cluster || !token) { dispatch(userGetFailure('No authorization')); return; } const client = Client.create(${cluster}/api, { User: ['Get'] });

    client.setHeader('Authorization', `Bearer ${token}`);
    client.User.Get(null, (resp) => {
      if (resp.success) {
      } else {
    }, (resp, err) => {
      dispatch(userGetFailure('Server error'));
      console.log('【Hprose】User.Get Error:', resp, err);

    }; } ……

    版本: server:golang1.12 hprose 2.0 client :hprosejs 2.0.33

        我用firefox调用时提示 missing token ‘authorization’ in CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Headers’ from CORS preflight channel),

    用chrome调用时提示 Access to XMLHttpRequest at '' from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: Request header field authorization is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response. 请问问题到底出现在哪?我是不是哪里写错了?貌似onSendHeader没有起到作用,求解决。

    opened by shioyim 7
  • client.Subscribe 触发server OnSubscribe事件的时间要比client.Subscribe之后的远程调用晚。

    client.Subscribe 触发server OnSubscribe事件的时间要比client.Subscribe之后的远程调用晚。

    本来client.Subscribe 之后调用其他client.remotecallXXXX,本来期望这个过程是同步的,即client.Subscribe返回后调用client.remotecallXXXX。在client.remotecallXXXX时触发服务器的 OnSubscribe事件,做好相应处理,才能保证之后的client.remotecallXXXX正确调用。但目前这点无法保证。

    opened by OliverZou 6
  • 请问如何使用返回机构体,然后远程调用结构体方法


    服务端代码 ` package main

    import ( "net/http"

    rpc "github.com/hprose/hprose-golang/rpc/websocket"


    type Hello struct { Name string }

    func NewHello(name string) Hello { return Hello{Name: name} }

    func (this Hello) Hello(speak string) string { return "Hello " + this.Name + speak + "!" }

    func main() { service := rpc.NewWebSocketService() service.AddFunction("newhello", NewHello) http.ListenAndServe(":8080", service) } ` 请问客户端如何使用初始化结构后Hello方法,

    opened by fromiuan 6
  • 参数传输性能较低


    // hps_001 project main.go package main

    import ( "github.com/hprose/hprose-go" )

    func WriteParas(paras []int) int { return 1 }

    func main() { service := hprose.NewTcpServer("tcp://") service.AddFunction("WriteParas", WriteParas) service.Start() }

    // hpc_001 project main.go package main

    import ( "fmt" "github.com/hprose/hprose-go" "time" )

    type Stub struct { WriteParas func([]int) int }

    func main() { client := hprose.NewTcpClient("tcp://")

    var ro *Stub
    paras := make([]int, 10000000)
    for {
        startTm := time.Now().UnixNano()
        endTm := time.Now().UnixNano()
        fmt.Println("use time ", float64(endTm-startTm)/1000000.0, " ms")


    在windows 7 64bit, go 1.5.1,硬件配置thinkpad t430s上运行,每次调用要 use time 555.0317 ms use time 535.0306 ms use time 546.0313 ms use time 541.0309 ms use time 547.0313 ms 处理效率较低

    opened by yuyi98 6
  • Why can work well without ClassManager.Register when use custom struct

    Why can work well without ClassManager.Register when use custom struct

    // hps_001 project main.go package main

    import ( "github.com/hprose/hprose-go" "net/http" _ "reflect" )

    type FloatPara struct { Id int32 Tag string Desc string Tm int32 }

    type FloatData struct { Id int32 Para []FloatPara }

    func getMeasList() FloatData { return FloatData{22, []FloatPara{FloatPara{11, "float001", "desc_float001", 11111}, FloatPara{22, "float002", "desc_float002", 22222}}} }

    func main() { //hprose.ClassManager.Register(reflect.TypeOf(FloatPara{}), "Para") //hprose.ClassManager.Register(reflect.TypeOf(FloatData{}), "Data")

    service := hprose.NewHttpService()
    service.AddFunction("getMeasList", getMeasList)
    http.ListenAndServe(":8080", service)


    // hpc_001 project main.go package main

    import ( "fmt" "github.com/hprose/hprose-go" _"reflect" )

    type FloatPara struct { Id int8 Tag string Desc string Tm int16 }

    type FloatData struct { Id int32 Para []FloatPara }

    type Stub struct { GetMeasList func() FloatData }

    func main() { //hprose.ClassManager.Register(reflect.TypeOf(FloatPara{}), "FloatPara") //hprose.ClassManager.Register(reflect.TypeOf(FloatData{}), "FloatData") client := hprose.NewClient("")

    var ro *Stub
    aa := ro.GetMeasList()


    it can work well, why?

    opened by yuyi98 6
  • tcp服务是单线程没有开协程吗,不能并行处理多个请求?



    global.LogId = strconv.FormatInt(rand.Int63(),10)
    pUser, _ := model.SpecialUsers.UserList(where, AWhere, page, pageSize)

    5577006791947779410 5577006791947779410 8674665223082153551 8674665223082153551 6129484611666145821


    opened by dongbufan 5
  • Go客户端的NewClient函数是否可以先建立连接,返回连接信息?


    opened by yuyi98 5
  • 如何支持可变的方法返回值?



    type Order struct {
    	Id    int64  `json:"id"`
    type HappyRsp struct {
         Status int         `json:"status"`,
         Data Order `json: "order"`
    type UnHappyRsp struct {
    	Status int           `json:"status"`
            // 这里不能是ErrorMessage, 必须保留下划线在Error_Message名字里面,否则方法返回空值。
    	Error_Message    string           `json:"error_message"` 
    type SampleService struct {
    	GetOrder func(*map[string]string) (HappyRsp, error) `name:"getOrder"`


    1. 我现在的服务端GetOrder方法可能会返回UnHappyRsp,而不是抛出error。在不改动服务端的情况下,客户端方法如何适配服务的的多种返回类型?
    2. UnHappyRsp里面的Error_Message名字,必须保留下划线,不能按照Golang风格重命名为ErrorMessage,不知道这个是不是bug?


    opened by adamllv 4
  • 如何在invokeHandler中获取 service 名称?

    如何在invokeHandler中获取 service 名称?

    server.AddInstanceMethods(&serviceA) server.AddInstanceMethods(&serviceB) server.AddInvokeHandler(InvokeHandler)

    如上,在InvokeHandler中 func InvokeHandler(name string, args []reflect.Value, context rpc.Context, next rpc.NextInvokeHandler) (results []reflect.Value, err error) name是调用的serviceA或serviceB中的方法名,如何获取这个name是属于哪个 service的调用?

    opened by ideamean 4
  • 传入多个tcp地址建立客户端,请求的时候没有负载均衡


    测试 请求全部集中在第一个服务器tcp://或者第二个tcp://,没有负载均衡

    client := rpc.NewClient("tcp://","tcp://") var stub *Stub client.UseService(&stub)

    for i:=0; i<8 ; i++ {
    opened by zhuxiujia 4
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