Advanced Honeypot framework.


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Honeytrap is an extensible and opensource system for running, monitoring and managing honeypots.


  • Combine multiple services to one honeypot, eg a LAMP server
  • Honeytrap Agent will download the configuration from the Honeytrap Server
  • Use the Honeytrap Agent to redirect traffic out of the network to a seperate network
  • Deploy a large amount agents while having one Honeytrap Server, configuration will be downloaded automatically and logging centralized
  • Payload detection to determine which service should handle the request, one port can handle multiple protocols
  • Monitor lateral movement within your network with the Sensor listener. The sensor will complete the handshake (in case of tcp), and store the payload
  • Create high interaction honeypots using the LXC or remote hosts directors, traffic will be man-in-the-middle proxied, while information will be extracted
  • Extend honeytrap with existing honeypots (like cowrie or glutton), while using the logging and listening framework of Honeytrap
  • Advanced logging system with filtering and logging to Elasticsearch, Kafka, Splunk, Raven, File or Console
  • Services are easily extensible and will extract as much information as possible
  • Low- to high interaction Honeypots, where connections will be upgraded seamless to high interaction

To start using Honeytrap

See our documentation on


Join the honeytrap-users mailing list to discuss all things Honeytrap.


DutchSec’s mission is to safeguard the evolution of technology and therewith humanity. By delivering groundbreaking and solid, yet affordable security solutions we make sure no people, companies or institutes are harmed while using technology. We aim to make cyber security available for everyone.

Our team consists of boundary pushing cyber crime experts, grey hat hackers and developers specialized in big data, machine learning, data- and context driven security. By building open source and custom-made security tooling we protect and defend data, both offensively and proactively.

We work on the front line of security development and explore undiscovered grounds to fulfill our social (and corporate) responsibility. We are driven by the power of shared knowledge and constant learning, and hope to instigate critical thinking in all who use technology in order to increase worldwide safety. We therefore stimulate an open culture, without competition or rivalry, for our own team, as well as our clients. Security is what we do, safety is what you get.

Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2016-2019 DutchSec B.V..

Code released under Apache License, Version 2.0.

  • Fixing JA3 Fingerprint

    Fixing JA3 Fingerprint

    As documented in section 6 ( , the GREASE values also apply to "TLS Cipher Suites" and due to the fact we are filtering out GREASE values when creating JA3 fingerprints these values should be skipped when generating them.

    opened by tfyl 1
  • build(deps): bump from 1.2.0 to 1.4.1

    build(deps): bump from 1.2.0 to 1.4.1

    Bumps from 1.2.0 to 1.4.1.

    Release notes

    Sourced from's releases.


    Notable Changes

    ⚠️ This release fixes a potential denial-of-service (DoS) vector in gorilla/websocket, and we recommend that all users upgrade to this version (v1.4.1) or later

    The vulnerability could allow an attacker to consume excessive amounts of memory on the server by bypassing read limits, and potentially cause the server to go out-of-memory (OOM).

    See the published security advisory for more details.

    Credit to Max Justicz ( for discovering and reporting this, as well as providing a robust PoC and review.


    c3e18be Create release-drafter.yml (#538) 5b740c2 Read Limit Fix (#537) 7e9819d fix typos (#532) ae1634f Create CircleCI config.yml (#519) 80c2d40 fix autobahn test suite link (#503) 6a67f44 remove redundant err!=nil check in conn.go Close method (#505) 0ec3d1b Fix typo 856ca61 Add buffer commentary 7c8e298 Add support for go-module 8ab6030 Add JoinMessages 95ba29e Updated autobahn test suite URL 483fb8d Add "in bytes" to sizes in documentation 76e4896 Fix formatting problem in the docs. (#435) a51a35a Improve header parsing code 3130e8d Return write buffer to pool on write error (#427) cdd40f5 Add comprehensive host test (#429)


    Note: This release drops support for Go versions prior to v1.7.

    This release adds a new DialContext function, which supports cancellation via the context.Context.


    66b9c49 Move context to first parameter in DialContext a9dd6e8 miscellaneous cleanup ceae452 Add context in the Dialer b378cae Add write buffer pooling 5fb9417 drop Go versions prior to 1.7 in CI


    Note: This will be the last release that supports Go 1.6 and earlier. Go 1.6 was released in February 2016. Features may be backported upon request, but we recommend users build their applications with the latest versions of Go wherever possible.


    3ff3320 Improve server subprotocol documentation

    ... (truncated)


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    opened by dependabot[bot] 1
  • can't test https connections

    can't test https connections

    Deployed docker honeytrap playground version Need to use http and https services http is working fine but https is disconnecting: client error: $ curl -k curl: (52) Empty reply from server server/honeytrap container error: 14:40:12.033 honeytrap/server ▶ DEBU 1d8 Accepted connection for => 14:40:12.033 honeytrap/server ▶ DEBU 1d9 Handling connection for => https(https) 14:40:12.206 honeytrap/server ▶ DEBU 1da Disconnected connection for => %!s(<nil>) > %!s(<nil>) > date=2022-05-16 14:40:12.20624518 +0000 UTC m=+9176.628632464, destination-ip=, destination-port=443, message=runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference, source-ip=, source-port=44322, stacktrace=goroutine 228 [running]:\x0aruntime/debug.Stack(0xc001046ca0, 0xd56940, 0xc007748478)\x0a\x09/usr/local/go/src/runtime/debug/stack.go:24 +0x9f\\x0a\x09/src/honeytrap/event/event.go:267 +0x26\, 0x5, 0x5, 0x1)\x0a\x09/src/honeytrap/event/map.go:53 +0xeb\*Honeytrap).handle.func2(0xc00006cf60, 0x100f2f8, 0xc00640a010)\x0a\x09/src/honeytrap/server/honeytrap.go:692 +0x211\x0apanic(0xda12a0, 0x15342f0)\x0a\x09/usr/local/go/src/runtime/panic.go:965 +0x1b9\*httpService).Handle(0xc0005fa1e0, 0x1004130, 0xc000038030, 0x100eed8, 0xc00103a9f0, 0x0, 0x0)\x0a\x09/src/honeytrap/services/http.go:138 +0x7bd\*httpsService).Handle(0xc0005fa1e0, 0x1004130, 0xc000038030, 0x100f090, 0xc0065d00c0, 0x4, 0x4)\x0a\x09/src/honeytrap/services/https.go:161 +0x2d5\*Honeytrap).handle(0xc00006cf60, 0x100f2f8, 0xc00640a010)\x0a\x09/src/honeytrap/server/honeytrap.go:719 +0x5e6\x0acreated by*Honeytrap).Run\x0a\x09/src/honeytrap/server/honeytrap.go:667 +0x2bca\x0a, token=ca120kuf87dg00dbj930, type=fatal

    We are expecting a https connection after SSL negotiation just like on http

    Test env is a centos VM with 4vpcu, 8GB memory for all the playground containers (kibana, elastic, honeytrap) No other system/resource errors

    opened by roland-github 0
  • can't connect elasticsearch

    can't connect elasticsearch

    i can't send log to my elasticsearch v8.2,maybe is api update?

    following is error log: 15:30:36.246 honeytrap/server ▶ WARN 00a Unrecognized keys in configuration: [channel.elasticsearch.url channel.elasticsearch.username channel.elasticsearch.password channel.elasticsearch.sniff channel.elasticsearch.insecure]

    15:31:56.175 channels/elasticsearch ▶ ERRO 010 Error indexing: elastic: Error 400 (Bad Request): Action/metadata line [1] contains an unknown parameter [_type] [type=illegal_argument_exception]

    opened by guan4tou2 0
  • Protocols Don't work

    Protocols Don't work

    Hello All, I have more than one issue maybe it's a basic questions but I am new to this community. 1- Whenever I use the SSH-Simulator Protocol and login to the SSH, any command wouldn't be supported so why is that or is it a specific commands just to decrease the danger of the attacks? 2- When I add a new protocol such as FTP or Telnet in config file and restart the honeytrap, when I use it that way (using: telnet <ip_address> , or ftp <ip_address>) , it doesn't appear in the log file so any ideas why is that happened ? (note: I use the same syntax in the documentation) And thanks in advance

    opened by mohamedali1252 3
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