Kubernetes Container Registry

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A kubectl plugin for pushing OCI images through the Kubernetes API server.


  1. Build kubectl-k8scr
make build
  1. Move to location in PATH
sudo mv ./kubectl-k8scr /usr/local/bin
  1. Deploy simple in-memory registry into cluster
kubectl apply -f distribution.yaml

Optional: tail logs to observe results of next step with kubectl logs k8scr -f.

  1. Push image to registry
kubectl k8scr push crossplane/crossplane:v1.2.1


Usage: k8scr <command>

Push and pull images through the Kubernetes API server.

  -h, --help                   Show context-sensitive help.
      --kubeconfig=STRING      Override default kubeconfig path.
  -n, --namespace="default"    Namespace of registry Pod.
  -r, --registry="k8scr"       Name of registry Pod.

  push <image>

  pull <image>

How Does This Work?

k8scr uses go-containerregistry to push and pull images, but passes in an http.RoundTripper that reconstructs OCI distribution compliant requests so that they pass through the Kubernetes API server Pod proxy endpoint, before eventually calling the underlying transport constructed from a user's kubeconfig. This allows for pushing and pulling directly to and from an OCI image registry running in a Kubernetes cluster without having to expose it publicly or privately. Any user with access to the cluster and pods/proxy RBAC permissions for the registry Pod is able to push and pull.

What Else Can It Do?

Pretty much any of the operations go-containerregistry supports could also be supported here as the transport is pluggable. I'll likely move it upstream or offer it as a stand-alone library if there is enough interest.

  • Is this useful?

    Is this useful?

    I wrote k8scr quickly as a way to get OCI images into registries running in Kubernetes clusters because it was relevant to work I do with Crossplane. However, I imagine it could be generally useful for folks, and some have already shown interest. There are a variety of ways the scope of this project could be expanded, such as making the in-cluster registry component a little more automated (i.e. automatically deploy tiny temporary registry just to get image to whatever its final destination in the cluster is). Anyway, I am happy to expand / maintain this project if folks find it useful, so I would love to get some feedback as to what people want to see and how they may be using it already. Feel free to comment below or, if necessary, reach out privately to @hasheddan.

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