Go cross-platform OpenGL bindings.


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Package gl is a Go cross-platform binding for OpenGL, with an OpenGL ES 2-like API.

It supports:

  • macOS, Linux and Windows via OpenGL 2.1 backend,

  • iOS and Android via OpenGL ES 2.0 backend,

  • Modern Browsers (desktop and mobile) via WebGL 1.0 backend.

This is a fork of golang.org/x/mobile/gl package with CL 8793 merged in and Windows support added. This package is fully functional, but may eventually become superceded by the new x/mobile/gl plan. It will exist and be fully supported until it can be safely replaced by a better package.


go get -u github.com/goxjs/gl/...
GOARCH=js go get -u -d github.com/goxjs/gl/...


This OpenGL binding has a ContextWatcher, which implements glfw.ContextWatcher interface. Recommended usage is with github.com/goxjs/glfw package, which accepts a ContextWatcher in its Init, and takes on the responsibility of notifying it when context is made current or detached.

if err := glfw.Init(gl.ContextWatcher); err != nil {
	// Handle error.
defer glfw.Terminate()

If you're not using a ContextWatcher-aware glfw library, you must call methods of gl.ContextWatcher yourself whenever you make a context current or detached.


  • gl.Init called without a current context on Windows backend, and fails.

    gl.Init called without a current context on Windows backend, and fails.

    I gave the Windows build a try, and unfortunately we get a fatal error on start up initializing gl: gl.Init: glActiveTexture

    I believe the problem is that gl.Init must be called after MakeCurrentContext as wglGetProcAddress requires a bound context: When no current rendering context exists or the function fails, the return value is NULL.

    Originally reported in https://github.com/google/gxui/pull/86#issuecomment-107037914.

    opened by dmitshur 10
  • Unable to Get Current Frame Buffer In Webgl

    Unable to Get Current Frame Buffer In Webgl

    There are points where I need to get the current frame buffer, bind another, then bind the first one however right now it is not really possible to do that in web gl. Normally I would call gl.GetInteger(gl.FRAMEBUFFER_BINDING) but that always returns 0 and wont allow me to bind to it. According to this https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/WebGLRenderingContext/bindFramebuffer I would need to call getParameter on the context to get the current frame buffer. It is hard to name a solution to this since adding a GetCurrentFrameBuffer() method would change the whole api. Also I was thinking exposing the context so I can call any function on it but again that does not work for a uniform API.

    Let me know if I have missed a solution, that could be possible as well.

    opened by tanema 9
  • Suggestion: add basic examples.

    Suggestion: add basic examples.

    any chance on getting some basic examples, to have a base to work from ?

    i am quite excited about this project and eager to see how well opengl and webgl can work together.

    opened by joeblew99 7
  • JS TexImage2D produces TypeError

    JS TexImage2D produces TypeError

    TypeError: Argument 9 of WebGLRenderingContext.texImage2D does not implement interface ArrayBufferViewOrNull on Firefox 42.0 and Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'texImage2D' on 'WebGLRenderingContext': parameter 9 is not of type 'ArrayBufferView' on Chrome 48.0.2564.109.

    AFAIK the data parameter of gl.TexImage2D is a []byte which becomes a Uint8Array in GopherJS... which should satisfy the WebGL standard which calls for an ArrayBufferView.

    For comparison, gl.BufferData takes a []byte and works fine. The only difference I can see is that the WebGL spec for bufferData specifies a BufferDataSource? (which is defined as an ArrayBufferView or an ArrayBuffer in the spec) and not an ArrayBufferView? type for the data parameter.

    opened by nytehauq 6
  • Difference with webgl?

    Difference with webgl?

    Whats the difference between this library https://github.com/ajhager/webgl and yours it seems both support the same functionality and API, and both are cross platform and I see you made a commit there also

    opened by pyrossh 6
  • Supported OpenGL version

    Supported OpenGL version

    It seems odd that you are using OpenGL 2.1 for desktops but ES2 for mobile. Doesn't the ES2 spec basically match OpenGL 3.3? Is there more detail that I'm missing?

    opened by delaneyj 4
  • Can't get second attribute location

    Can't get second attribute location

    Hi, I took the triangle example and just added the lines bellow: ... attribute vec3 aVertexPosition; attribute vec3 aVertexPosition2; ... vertexPositionAttrib := gl.GetAttribLocation(program, "aVertexPosition") fmt.Printf("vertexPositionAttrib = %d", vertexPositionAttrib) vertexPositionAttrib2 := gl.GetAttribLocation(program, "aVertexPosition2") fmt.Printf("vertexPositionAttrib2 = %d", vertexPositionAttrib2) ...

    I build it with gopherjs and the value of vertexPositionAttrib2 is -1.

    Did I missed something?



    opened by bombjackm 4
  • Wasm


    Update the wasm branch to work with more recent dependencies and try to reduce code difference for user of the package between the Gopherjs use and Wasm use.

    opened by Bluebugs 3
  • Does anyone want Windows support?

    Does anyone want Windows support?

    Right now this package supports OS X, Linux, and browsers.

    Windows is currently not supported. I can add it very easily, it would take me an hour or so, but I wouldn't want to spend time on it unless people actually want/need it (I don't use Windows myself).

    If you're using this package (or considering it) and want Windows backend added, just leave a +1 here.

    opened by dmitshur 3
  • Adding in support for GetBoundBuffer

    Adding in support for GetBoundBuffer

    Adding in support for all platforms to resolve #20

    I tested the webgl and opengl wrappers however I cannot init my new install of gomobile because it keeps giving me an incorrect sha256 so can you please ensure that it builds. I am sure if it builds it will run.

    opened by tanema 2
  • WebGL GetIntegerv: not yet tested [Confirmed Functional]

    WebGL GetIntegerv: not yet tested [Confirmed Functional]

    Wanted to give some feedback that this seems to be functional. I will probably be confirming a few more of these over the next few days.

    gl.GetIntegerv(gl.VIEWPORT, viewport)

    returns [0 0 300 150] and I checked my context and it says WebGLRenderingContext {canvas: canvas, drawingBufferWidth: 300, drawingBufferHeight: 150}

    opened by tanema 2
  • Maintenance and Supersession

    Maintenance and Supersession

    This package is fully functional, but may eventually become superceded by the new x/mobile/gl plan.

    Yet, over 4 years after that sentence was written, I couldn't find any updates on WebGL support being added to the golang.org/x/mobile/gl package.

    Is there actually any work at all being done with that (and I just missed it), or is supersession by x/mobile/gl entirely a hypothetical?

    If it's the latter, it might be about time that the README sees another update to more accurately reflect the current state of this package..?

    opened by lunabunn 1
  • README: stop suggesting GOARCH=js go get since it no longer works

    README: stop suggesting GOARCH=js go get since it no longer works

    I am sorry, this may be very basic but I am trying to use this library and I try to run

    GOARCH=js go get -u -d github.com/goxjs/gl/...

    I get unsupported GOOS/GOARCH pair darwin/js I have tried a series of pairs like js/js or /js or js/darwin and I get the same message everytime.

    Am I doing something wrong? does the library need to be updated?

    opened by tanema 5
  • Update to newest

    Update to newest "golang.org/x/mobile/gl"

    I'm currently investigating my options for writing an OpenGL application for both desktop and web and this repository seems the be the best candidate - good work!

    It is a while since it was forked from "golang.org/x/mobile/gl" and it seems that there were quite some major changes - adding WebGL support wasn't one of them. One change I like particularly is the render-thread: Applications use a glctx-object that exposes the OpenGL functionality, but the calls to that context are only pushed into a channel and executed later by a dedicated render thread. This improves multithreading / go-routine support greatly.

    I'm not able to use "golang.org/x/mobile/gl" due to the lack of WebGL support (I don't need to support mobile). And I also don't like the fact that desktop applications require the ANGLE dlls instead of using the OpenGL bindings from go-gl - but I can live with that.

    Is it possible for goxjs to adapt those features or to be updated to the newest version of golang.org/x/mobile/gl? Which changes would be required to do so?

    opened by maja42 3
  • Add WebAssembly support.

    Add WebAssembly support.

    This change is a work in progress on adding support for WebAssembly to package gl, while maintaining GopherJS support.

    It's done by differentiating code for WebAssembly (which uses syscall/js API) from existing code for GopherJS (which uses github.com/gopherjs/gopherjs/js API) with the following build constraints:


    // +build js,!wasm
    ... GopherJS code ...


    // +build js,wasm
    ... WebAssembly code ...

    It has been developed and tested primarily with the Hover and eX0-go projects.

    opened by dmitshur 0
  • Attrib.Value is int for webgl and uint for opengl?

    Attrib.Value is int for webgl and uint for opengl?

    In attempting to cross-compile a program for both WebGL and Desktop OpenGL, I've noticed that the Attrib type is uint for the former, and int for the latter. This makes it a little hard to manipulate these in a portable way.

    Is there a technical reason why these are different, or could they be brought into alignment?

    opened by swiftcoder 5
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