A Golang SSA Interpreter




package main

import (


var souce = `
package main

import "fmt"

func main() {

func init() {
	interp.RegisterExternal("fmt.init", func() {})
	interp.RegisterExternal("fmt.Println", fmt.Println)

func main() {
	err := interp.RunSource(interp.EnableTracing, souce)
	if err != nil {

  • what's package name of subfolder that import it

    what's package name of subfolder that import it

    - io_extra/
      - file.go
    - main.go

    how to import io_extra/file.go in main.go?

    import "io_extra"


    could not import io_extra (not found provider for types.Importer)

    opened by fly-studio 1
  • buildPackage: update dump info

    buildPackage: update dump info

    • virtual
    • builtin
    • package
    # virtual internal/poll
    # builtin unsafe
    # builtin runtime
    # builtin sync/atomic
    # builtin sync
    # builtin errors
    # builtin syscall
    # builtin time
    # builtin io
    # builtin unicode/utf8
    # builtin path
    # builtin sort
    # builtin io/fs
    # builtin os
    # builtin math/bits
    # builtin math
    # builtin strconv
    # builtin unicode
    # builtin reflect
    # package internal/testlog /usr/local/go/src/internal/testlog
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  • unexpected type: *reflect.ValueError: reflect: call of reflect.Value.Call on zero Value

    unexpected type: *reflect.ValueError: reflect: call of reflect.Value.Call on zero Value

    package main
    import (
    type fileInfoMeta struct {
    func isSymlink(fi os.FileInfo) bool {
    	return fi != nil && fi.Mode()&os.ModeSymlink == os.ModeSymlink
    func main() {
    	fi, err := os.Stat("./main.go")
    	if err != nil {
    	fmi := &fileInfoMeta{fi}

    igop run main.go

    unexpected type: *reflect.ValueError: reflect: call of reflect.Value.Call on zero Value
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  • parse.stateFn circle

    parse.stateFn circle

    package main
    import (
    	_ "github.com/goplus/igop/pkg"
    var src = `package main
    import _ "text/template/parse"
    func main() {
    func main() {
    	code, err := igop.RunFile("main.go", src, nil, 0)
    	fmt.Println(code, err)
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  • bug binary.LittleEndian

    bug binary.LittleEndian

    package main
    import (
    func main() {
    	var buf bytes.Buffer
    	err := binary.Write(&buf, binary.LittleEndian, int8(1))
    	fmt.Println(buf, err)

    igop run main.go

    cannot use binary.LittleEndian (variable of type binary.littleEndian) as binary.ByteOrder value in argument to binary.Write: missing method PutUint16 (PutUint16 has pointer receiver)
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  • context import pkg from source

    context import pkg from source

    • support load package from GOMOD project source.
    • custome AddImport/AddImportDir
    func (c *Context) AddImport(path string, filename string, src interface{}) error
    func (c *Context) AddImportDir(path string, dir string) error
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  • Update  igop install command

    Update igop install command


    • Starting in Go 1.17, installing executables with go get is deprecated.
    • In Go 1.18, go get will no longer build packages.
    opened by si9ma 0
  • vendor support

    vendor support

    https://golang.org/ref/mod#go-mod-vendor https://go.dev/ref/mod#vendoring

    https://go.dev/ref/mod#build-commands The -mod flag controls whether go.mod may be automatically updated and whether the vendor directory is used. -mod=mod tells the go command to ignore the vendor directory and to automatically update go.mod, for example, when an imported package is not provided by any known module. -mod=readonly tells the go command to ignore the vendor directory and to report an error if go.mod needs to be updated. -mod=vendor tells the go command to use the vendor directory. In this mode, the go command will not use the network or the module cache. By default, if the go version in go.mod is 1.14 or higher and a vendor directory is present, the go command acts as if -mod=vendor were used. Otherwise, the go command acts as if -mod=readonly were used.

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  • bug: ssa select case call expr order

    bug: ssa select case call expr order


    bug: golang.org/x/tools/go/ssa build order fp, fc

    package main
    var c = make(chan int, 1)
    var nilch chan int
    var n = 1
    var x int
    var i interface{}
    var dummy = make(chan int)
    var m = make(map[int]int)
    var order = 0
    // check order of operations by ensuring that
    // successive calls to checkorder have increasing o values.
    func checkorder(o int) {
    	if o <= order {
    		println("invalid order", o, "after", order)
    	order = o
    func fc(c chan int, o int) chan int {
    	return c
    func fp(p *int, o int) *int {
    	return p
    func init() {
    	order = 0
    	c <- n
    	select {
    	case *fp(&x, 100) = <-fc(c, 1):
    	if x != n {
    func die(x int) {
    	println("have", x, "want", n)
    func main() {
    func init#1():
    0:                                                                entry P:0 S:2
    	*order = 0:int
    	t0 = *c                                                        chan int
    	t1 = *n                                                             int
    	send t0 <- t1
    	t2 = fp(x, 100:int)                                                *int
    	t3 = *c                                                        chan int
    	t4 = fc(t3, 1:int)                                             chan int
    	t5 = <-t4                                                           int
    	*t2 = t5
    	t6 = *x                                                             int
    	t7 = *n                                                             int
    	t8 = t6 != t7                                                      bool
    	if t8 goto 1 else 2
    1:                                                              if.then P:1 S:1
    	t9 = *x                                                             int
    	t10 = die(t9)                                                        ()
    	jump 2
    2:                                                              if.done P:2 S:0
    	t11 = *n                                                            int
    	t12 = t11 + 1:int                                                   int
    	*n = t12
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  • bug: golang fixedbugs/issue23017.go

    bug: golang fixedbugs/issue23017.go

    package main
    import (
    func main() {
    	type P struct{ i int }
    	var m = map[int]int{}
    	var p *P
    	defer func() {
    		check(1, len(m))
    		check(3, m[2])
    	m[2], p.i = 3, 2
    func check(want, got int) {
    	if want != got {
    		panic(fmt.Sprintf("wanted %d, but got %d", want, got))
    opened by visualfc 1
  • TODO: $GOROOT/test/fixedbugs

    TODO: $GOROOT/test/fixedbugs


    • runtime runtime/debug unsupport
    • ssa bug

    fixedbugs/bug261.go: ssa slice[low|high], https://github.com/golang/tools/pull/341 fixedbugs/issue45175.go : ssa.Phi call order, use ssa.NaiveForm for disable phi-node

    • interp bug

    fixedbugs/issue32477.go: runtime.SetFinalizer fixedbugs/issue8606b.go: optimization check ~~fixedbugs/issue30116.go: slice bound check~~ ~~fixedbugs/issue7740.go: const float check~~

    const ulp = (1.0 + (2.0 / 3.0)) - (5.0 / 3.0)
    Go 1.14 1.15 1.16 ulp = 1.4916681462400413e-154
    Go 1.17 1.18 ulp = 0

    fixedbugs skip list

    	gorootTestSkips["closure.go"] = "runtime.ReadMemStats"
    	gorootTestSkips["divmod.go"] = "timeout"
    	gorootTestSkips["copy.go"] = "slow"
    	gorootTestSkips["gcstring.go"] = "timeout"
    	gorootTestSkips["finprofiled.go"] = "slow"
    	gorootTestSkips["gcgort.go"] = "slow"
    	gorootTestSkips["inline_literal.go"] = "TODO, runtime.FuncForPC"
    	gorootTestSkips["nilptr.go"] = "skip drawin"
    	gorootTestSkips["recover.go"] = "TODO, fix test16"
    	gorootTestSkips["heapsampling.go"] = "runtime.MemProfileRecord"
    	gorootTestSkips["makeslice.go"] = "TODO, panic info, allocation size out of range"
    	gorootTestSkips["stackobj.go"] = "skip gc"
    	gorootTestSkips["stackobj3.go"] = "skip gc"
    	gorootTestSkips["nilptr_aix.go"] = "skip"
    	gorootTestSkips["init1.go"] = "skip gc"
    	gorootTestSkips["string_lit.go"] = "call to os.Exit(0) during test"
    	gorootTestSkips["switch.go"] = "call to os.Exit(0) during test"
    	gorootTestSkips["ken/divconst.go"] = "slow"
    	gorootTestSkips["ken/modconst.go"] = "slow"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/bug347.go"] = "runtime.Caller"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/bug348.go"] = "runtime.Caller"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue24491b.go"] = "timeout"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue22781.go"] = "slow"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue16249.go"] = "slow"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue13169.go"] = "slow"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/bug261.go"] = "BUG, ssa slice[low|high] https://github.com/golang/tools/pull/341"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue11656.go"] = "runtime.Caller"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue15281.go"] = "runtime.ReadMemStats"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue17381.go"] = "runtime.FuncForPC"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue18149.go"] = "runtime.Caller"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue22083.go"] = "debug.Stack"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue22662.go"] = "runtime.Caller"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue27201.go"] = "runtime.Caller"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue27201.go"] = "runtime.Caller"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue27518b.go"] = "BUG, runtime.SetFinalizer"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue29504.go"] = "runtime.Caller"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue32477.go"] = "BUG, runtime.SetFinalizer"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue41239.go"] = "BUG, reflect.Append: different capacity on append"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue32477.go"] = "BUG, runtime.SetFinalizer"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue45175.go"] = "BUG, ssa.Phi call order"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue4562.go"] = "runtime.Caller"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue4618.go"] = "testing.AllocsPerRun"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue4667.go"] = "testing.AllocsPerRun"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue5856.go"] = "runtime.Caller"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue5963.go"] = "BUG, recover"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue7740.go"] = "BUG, const float"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue7690.go"] = "runtime.Stack"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue8606b.go"] = "BUG, optimization check"
    	gorootTestSkips["fixedbugs/issue30116u.go"] = "BUG, slice bound check"
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