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gonum/plot is the new, official fork of code.google.com/p/plotinum. It provides an API for building and drawing plots in Go. Note that this new API is still in flux and may change. See the wiki for some example plots.

For additional Plotters, see the Community Plotters Wiki page.

There is a discussion list on Google Groups: [email protected].

gonum/plot is split into a few packages:

  • The plot package provides simple interface for laying out a plot and provides primitives for drawing to it.
  • The plotter package provides a standard set of Plotters which use the primitives provided by the plot package for drawing lines, scatter plots, box plots, error bars, etc. to a plot. You do not need to use the plotter package to make use of gonum/plot, however: see the wiki for a tutorial on making your own custom plotters.
  • The plotutil package contains a few routines that allow some common plot types to be made very easily. This package is quite new so it is not as well tested as the others and it is bound to change.
  • The vg package provides a generic vector graphics API that sits on top of other vector graphics back-ends such as a custom EPS back-end, draw2d, SVGo, X-Window, gopdf, and Gio.


Documentation is available at:



You can get gonum/plot using go get:

go get gonum.org/v1/plot/...

If you write a cool plotter that you think others may be interested in using, please post to the list so that we can link to it in the gonum/plot wiki or possibly integrate it into the plotter package.

  • Adds capability for colored scatter plots (issue #195)

    Adds capability for colored scatter plots (issue #195)

    I have closed the previous pull request, and created this one according to your comments @kortschak and @ctessum. Thanks!

    @ctessum I decided to send this PR anyway (and it's up to you, obviously, to accept it or not right now), so that at least the plot has this capability and it will fix the #195 issue. Meanwhile, I will start working on the alternative solution which you have proposed. It should definitely look much more elegant and be an improvement of the existing way of making scatter, scatter colour and bubble plots.

    opened by Scorpiokat 54
  • Creating a heatmap with 0 depth (min value == max value) causes panic

    Creating a heatmap with 0 depth (min value == max value) causes panic

    Converting depth / Z range into colorbar scaling generates a divide by 0 NaN.

    While 0 depth / flat heatmaps are not themselves meaningful, generating heatmaps on provided data sets can see cases where all values in the map are identically equal...

    opened by jasonpfox 36
  • Liberation fonts

    Liberation fonts

    First stab at embedding Liberation fonts.

    The embedded asset is generated by running go generate ./vg/fonts vg/fonts/mk-fonts.go downloads a version of the liberation fonts from Fedora, untars it somewhere and runs go-bindata -o liberation_fonts_generated.go

    The increase in size for a given binary (the histogram test) is as follows:

    run-hist-old  8458416
    run-hist-new 10809200

    perhaps we could recoup some space by having people import _ "gonum.org/plot/vg/fonts" using the same kind of mechanism than database/sql's Driver ? In that case, perhaps it would be better to have the Liberation fonts live under "gonum.org/plot/vg/fonts/liberation" and put the fonts registration mechanism under "vg/fonts" But this would require client's code modification... (a relatively simple one, but still...)

    Also, there is a fair amount of test-files updates... could someone make sure I haven't made any mistake? (the Liberation fonts are somewhat different in height.)

    Fixes #107

    opened by sbinet 30
  • added method for canvas tiles; changed plotter examples to tiles

    added method for canvas tiles; changed plotter examples to tiles

    I've created a method for tiling the canvas to make subfigures, and I have also changed the plotter examples to be put into subfigures instead of a bunch of individual files. PTAL.

    opened by ctessum 24
  • vgsvg: express font size in px units, not points

    vgsvg: express font size in px units, not points

    We need to properly scale the fonts size relative to the graphs size.

    Currently, the size of the graph (lines, glyphs) is expressed in "user unit" (px), and the font size in point units (pt).

    The size of text relative to the graph would vary with different dpi.

    The suggested solution is to express font size in px, which is the same as without unit. This will require to define a scaling factor involving c.dpi.

    This is with current master.

    opened by chmike 22
  • plot: fix axis labelling

    plot: fix axis labelling

    This goes a long way towards fixing #403, though there are problems that I believe are a result of aggressive cropping of the plot space after the axes have been decided (the axes that show up here with only one major tick mark do have the labels created, but the plot does not end up rendering them).

    @eaburns Can you suggest anything here?

    /cc @decibelcooper

    opened by kortschak 22
  • Update freetype imports

    Update freetype imports

    Looks like code.google.com/p/freetype-go redirects to github.com/golang/freetype now. This fixes go get for this project, but some dependent projects like draw2d may still refer to the old path.

    opened by jle 22
  • plotter: plotting an histogram in logscale

    plotter: plotting an histogram in logscale


    consider the following code:

    func TestHistogramLogScale(t *testing.T) {
    	rnd := rand.New(rand.NewSource(1))
    	n := 1000
    	vals := make(Values, n)
    	for i := 0; i < n; i++ {
    		vals[i] = rnd.NormFloat64()
    	p, err := plot.New()
    	if err != nil {
    	p.Title.Text = "Histogram in logy"
    	p.Y.Min = 0.1
    	p.Y.Scale = plot.LogScale{}
    	p.Y.Tick.Marker = plot.LogTicks{}
    	h, err := NewHist(vals, 16)
    	if err != nil {
    	err = p.Save(200, 200, "testdata/histogram_log.png")
    	if err != nil {

    this will panic:

    === RUN   TestHistogramLogScale
    --- FAIL: TestHistogramLogScale (0.01s)
    panic: Values must be greater than 0 for a log scale. [recovered]
    	panic: Values must be greater than 0 for a log scale.
    goroutine 5 [running]:
    	/usr/lib/go/src/testing/testing.go:622 +0x29d
    panic(0x7d7160, 0xc4200f7790)
    	/usr/lib/go/src/runtime/panic.go:489 +0x2cf
    github.com/gonum/plot.LogTicks.Ticks(0x0, 0x3fda71c2dac35ff2, 0xc420123420, 0x4cbec8, 0x857cfb)
    	/home/binet/work/gonum/src/github.com/gonum/plot/axis.go:429 +0x400
    github.com/gonum/plot.(*LogTicks).Ticks(0xc89e68, 0x0, 0x3fda71c2dac35ff2, 0x4cc5a5, 0x857cfb, 0x9)
    	<autogenerated>:42 +0x5d
    github.com/gonum/plot.(*verticalAxis).size(0xc420123af8, 0x40278e0000000000)
    	/home/binet/work/gonum/src/github.com/gonum/plot/axis.go:282 +0x7a
    github.com/gonum/plot.(*Plot).Draw(0xc4200b3000, 0x7f6fa2e5d428, 0xc420058de0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x4069000000000000, 0x406712b000000000)
    	/home/binet/work/gonum/src/github.com/gonum/plot/plot.go:168 +0x232
    github.com/gonum/plot.(*Plot).WriterTo(0xc4200b3000, 0x4069000000000000, 0x4069000000000000, 0x86945b, 0x3, 0x0, 0x400aa49aec34e97f, 0x1, 0xc4200f7190)
    	/home/binet/work/gonum/src/github.com/gonum/plot/plot.go:455 +0x143
    github.com/gonum/plot.(*Plot).Save(0xc4200b3000, 0x4069000000000000, 0x4069000000000000, 0x869444, 0x1a, 0x0, 0x0)
    	/home/binet/work/gonum/src/github.com/gonum/plot/plot.go:481 +0x147
    	/home/binet/work/gonum/src/github.com/gonum/plot/plotter/histogram_test.go:129 +0x42b
    testing.tRunner(0xc42005a9c0, 0x873468)
    	/usr/lib/go/src/testing/testing.go:657 +0x96
    created by testing.(*T).Run
    	/usr/lib/go/src/testing/testing.go:697 +0x2ca
    exit status 2

    because, even though p.Y.Min was set, the empty bins of the histogram will still be "evaluated".

    Locally, I have implemented a not completely satisfactory hack: implement "clipping" decorators for LogScale and LogTicks:

    type ClipScale struct {
    	Min  float64
    	Max  float64
    	Norm plot.Normalizer
    func (cs ClipScale) Normalize(min, max, x float64) float64 {
    	min = math.Max(cs.Min, min)
    	max = math.Min(cs.Max, max)
    	switch {
    	case x < cs.Min:
    		x = cs.Min
    	case x > cs.Max:
    		x = cs.Max
    	return cs.Norm.Normalize(min, max, x)
    var _ plot.Normalizer = ClipScale{}
    type ClipTicker struct {
    	Min    float64
    	Max    float64
    	Ticker plot.Ticker
    var _ plot.Ticker = ClipTicker{}
    func (ct ClipTicker) Ticks(min, max float64) []plot.Tick {
    	min = math.Max(min, ct.Min)
    	max = math.Min(max, ct.Max)
    	return ct.Ticker.Ticks(min, max)

    and with:

    		p.Y.Scale = ClipScale{p.Y.Min, math.Inf(+1), plot.LogScale{}}
    		p.Y.Tick.Marker = ClipTicker{p.Y.Min, math.Inf(+1), plot.LogTicks{}}

    but it's not competely satisfactory because then we get histo-bars for these empty bins: histogram_log

    any idea ?

    bug enhancement 
    opened by sbinet 21
  • axis: Incorrect positioning of tick marks new scheme

    axis: Incorrect positioning of tick marks new scheme

    Starting with commit e7f526d68a91a8b21c225cdbbbd8662d53c541f4, there is a problem with positioning and/or labeling of tick marks. The new scheme rounds tick labels, but the tick marks do not move to reflect this. The code could be changed to move the tick marks to reflect the labels, but this would ruin the regular tick mark positioning. I believe it fundamentally does not make sense to round the tick marks and/or labels.

    The problem is exemplified by this plot generated before and after the commit in question (using the go-hep.org hplot package which in-turn uses gonum plot), where the peak on the y axis is ideally 3.096:





    One can see that in the After case, the vertical tick labels misrepresent the position of the peak.

    opened by decibelcooper 18
  • vgx11: fix translate offset

    vgx11: fix translate offset

    Address issue #179 by translating the image to (0,-h) so (0,0) is at the bottom-left corner for the X11 backend.

    go test ./... will skip the X11 test if $DISPLAY is not defined.

    opened by sbinet 18
  • Fonts are distributed as datafiles

    Fonts are distributed as datafiles

    Original issue 80 created by eaburns on 2012-09-20T16:12:32.000Z:

    If Plotinum is included with a program than that binary cannot be distributed to machines without the Plotinum source.

    A possible solution to this is to embed the data files into the Plotinum source. This may violate some GPL stuff, however...

    opened by eaburns 16
  • No tick numbers on a log axis plots

    No tick numbers on a log axis plots

    What are you trying to do?

    Plot data with labels on a log-log plot. Sometimes, no tick numbers are being displayed (depending on the data).

    What did you do?

    See a full example at: https://gist.github.com/tdegris/d1844e7c209d77962ecc891b47d3a04a


    	p := plot.New()
    	p.X.Scale = plot.LogScale{}
    	p.X.Tick.Marker = plot.LogTicks{}
    	p.Y.Scale = plot.LogScale{}
    	p.Y.Tick.Marker = plot.LogTicks{}
    		XYs: data,
    		LineStyle: draw.LineStyle{ [...] },

    What did you expect to happen?

    Some numbers on the ticks of the Y axis.

    What actually happened?

    No tick numbers on the Y axis.


    What version of Go and Gonum/plot are you using?

    go version:

    go version go1.18.3 darwin/arm64

    gonum/plot version:

    $ git rev-parse HEAD
    opened by tdegris 1
  • plot: Align doesn't exactly align axes

    plot: Align doesn't exactly align axes

    as can be noticed from the produced plot in #732, (even with the 1:1 ratio), axes are not exactly aligned between plots (Y-axis for top-left/bottom-left, X-axis for bottom-left/bottom-right): rotated-canvas

    I've tested that with release up to v0.7.0 (so it's not a fall out from the "fonts revamp" work.) rot-v0 7 0

    opened by sbinet 1
  • plot: consider implementing a rotated/transformed canvas

    plot: consider implementing a rotated/transformed canvas

    this has come up on slack. it would be great to be able to implement this kind of plot:

    • https://matplotlib.org/stable/gallery/axes_grid1/scatter_hist_locatable_axes.html#sphx-glr-gallery-axes-grid1-scatter-hist-locatable-axes-py plot

    to achieve this sort of thing, we need to be able to rotate a plot to tack it on the right hand side of the bottom left plot.

    the following program is an attempt at reproducing the same plot (sans the rotated canvas).

    package main
    import (
    func main() {
    	var ratio = flag.Bool("ratio", false, "apply a 1/3 ratio")
    	const (
    		rows = 2
    		cols = 2
    	var blue = color.RGBA{R: 24, G: 90, B: 169, A: 255}
    	ps := make([][]*plot.Plot, rows)
    	for i := range ps {
    		ps[i] = make([]*plot.Plot, cols)
    		for j := range ps[i] {
    			if i == 0 && j == 1 {
    			ps[i][j] = plot.New()
    	const N = 1000
    	rnd := rand.New(rand.NewSource(1))
    	data := make(plotter.XYs, N)
    	xs := make(plotter.Values, N)
    	ys := make(plotter.Values, N)
    	for i := range data {
    		xs[i] = rnd.NormFloat64() * 2
    		ys[i] = rnd.NormFloat64()
    		data[i].X = xs[i]
    		data[i].Y = ys[i]
    	s, err := plotter.NewScatter(data)
    	if err != nil {
    	s.GlyphStyle.Color = blue
    	s.GlyphStyle.Radius = vg.Points(3)
    	// histo-x
    	hx, err := plotter.NewHist(xs, 20)
    	if err != nil {
    	hx.FillColor = blue
    	hx.LineStyle.Color = blue
    	// histo-y
    	hy, err := plotter.NewHist(ys, 20)
    	if err != nil {
    	hy.FillColor = blue
    	hy.LineStyle.Color = blue
    	const (
    		xsize = 30 * vg.Centimeter
    		ysize = 30 * vg.Centimeter
    	img := vgimg.New(xsize, ysize)
    	dc := draw.New(img)
    	const padding = 0.2 * vg.Centimeter
    	t := draw.Tiles{
    		Rows:      rows,
    		Cols:      cols,
    		PadTop:    padding,
    		PadBottom: padding,
    		PadRight:  padding,
    		PadLeft:   padding,
    		PadX:      padding,
    		PadY:      padding,
    	cs := plot.Align(ps, t, dc)
    	// aspect ratio.
    	if *ratio {
    		var (
    			top = &cs[0][0]
    			mid = &cs[1][0]
    			rhs = &cs[1][1]
    		top.Rectangle.Min.Y += 0.6 * top.Rectangle.Size().Y
    		top.Rectangle.Max.X += 0.6 * top.Rectangle.Size().X
    		mid.Rectangle.Max.Y += 0.6 * mid.Rectangle.Size().Y
    		mid.Rectangle.Max.X += 0.6 * mid.Rectangle.Size().X
    		rhs.Rectangle.Max.Y += 0.6 * rhs.Rectangle.Size().Y
    		rhs.Rectangle.Min.X += 0.6 * rhs.Rectangle.Size().X
    	ps[0][0].X.Tick.Marker = NoTicks{}
    	ps[1][1].Y.Tick.Marker = NoTicks{}
    	for j := 0; j < rows; j++ {
    		for i := 0; i < cols; i++ {
    			if ps[j][i] == nil {
    	w, err := os.Create("rotated-canvas.png")
    	if err != nil {
    	defer w.Close()
    	png := vgimg.PngCanvas{Canvas: img}
    	if _, err := png.WriteTo(w); err != nil {
    // NoTicks implements plot.Ticker but does not display any tick.
    type NoTicks struct{}
    // Ticks returns Ticks in a specified range
    func (NoTicks) Ticks(min, max float64) []plot.Tick {
    	return nil


    opened by sbinet 0
  • plot: test glyphboxes for plain and latex handlers

    plot: test glyphboxes for plain and latex handlers

    working on https://github.com/gonum/plot/pull/708 uncovered a slew of bugs related to plot.GlyphBox{,er}. we should probably test more thoroughly the various modes in which plot.GlyphBoxes are involved:

    • [ ] with a text.Plain handler (the default)
    • [ ] with a text.Latex handler
    • [ ] with and without a plot.Plot.Title
    • [ ] with and without a plot.Plot.{X,Y}.Label
    • [ ] with and without rotated labels, title and legend entries (#722, #724)
    • [ ] with and without a centered plot.Plot.{X,Y}.Label (+ rotated or not?) (#723)
    opened by sbinet 0
  • plot: glyphbox for Legend

    plot: glyphbox for Legend

    plot.Legend doesn't implement plot.GlyphBoxer. It probably should so we don't unadvertantly cut off some of its symbols or glyphs.

    one should check the display of testdata/legend_standalone_golden.png as noted in https://github.com/gonum/plot/pull/708#issuecomment-869558221.

    opened by sbinet 0
  • v0.10.0(Sep 28, 2021)

    Release v0.10.0 is a minor release in the v0.10 branch.

    API breaking changes:

    • d08bae0 vg/{fonts,vgpdf}: remove vg/fonts package
    • 89f8c6d plot: take axis label offset and markers descent into account in axes glyphboxes
    • eacbd7b plotter: refactor Labels.{X,Y}Offset into a vg.Point
    • e25766a vg: remove FontMap, AddFont and MakeFont

    API additions since v0.9.0:

    • ce77c31 vg/vgsvg: add switch to embed fonts to SVG plot
    • 2a53c6f vg: introduce Rectangle.Add
    • 1041289 plot: allow user to specify precision of LogTick markers
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.9.0(Mar 10, 2021)

    Release v0.9.0 is a minor release in the v0.9 branch.

    API breaking changes:

    30748ca plot,plotter: introduce new NewLegend e331c55 all: introduce no-err New plot function 5093fd0 plot,plotter,vg/vgtex: introduce Plot.TextHandler dfecc4a text: extend Handler interface to expose underlying font cache a04713a all: text.TextStyle -> text.Style ecd5c17 all: use text.TextStyle in lieu of draw.TextStyle b87959d text,vg/draw: move TextHandler and TextStyle to text 61a5e05 text,vg/draw: use vg.Canvas in TextHandler interface dc4bbd9 all: define vg.FontExtents.Descent as a positive value to follow x/image/font/sfnt convention 4ebc050 vg: use x/image/font/{sfnt,opentype}

    API changes deprecating functions:

    4dc6e58 font,vg: migrate vg.Length to font.Length

    API additions since v0.8.1

    875edf3 plotter: add FillColor field and logic for BoxPlot b197c4c font{,/liberation}: introduce Font, Collection and Cache 4dc6e58 font,vg: migrate vg.Length to font.Length a636e72 all: introduce a registration mechanism for vg backends d53aaab cmpimg,vg/vggio: implement a YIQ-based image difference 8a64654 cmpimg: add EqualApprox and CheckPlotApprox

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.8.1(Nov 3, 2020)

    Bug fixes since v0.8.0:

    fe6070c plotter: fix volcano example a51a196 plot: fix handling of font descents

    Internal and documentation fixes:

    cad3ccd plotter: incorporate volcano example into package tests de78615 plot,vg/...: make testdata regeneration easier cf58149 cmpimg: don't report errors in helper

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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