GoCondor is a golang web framework with an MVC like architecture, it's based on Gin framework


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What is GoCondor?

GoCondor is a golang web framework with an MVC like architecture, it's based on Gin framework, it features a simple organized directory structure for your next project with a pleasant development experience, made for developing modern APIs and microservices.


  • Router
  • Routing Groups
  • Middlewares
  • JWT tokens
  • ORM (GORM)
  • Sessions
  • Authentication
  • Cache (Redis)
  • TLS
  • Live-Reloading for development
  • Features Control


The architecture is similar to MVC, where there is a routes file http/routes.go in which you can map all your app routes to their handlers. Handlers are simply methods that get executed when the matching request is received, you can think of it like a controller's action in MVC.

The request journey:

Request -> Routing -> Middleware -> Handler -> Middleware -> Json Response

Folder structure 

├── condor
│   ├── config/ ---------------> control what features to turn on
│   ├── httpd/-----------------> http related code
│   │   ├── handlers/ --------------> contains your requests handlers
│   │   ├── middlewares/ -----------> middlewares are defined here
│   ├── routes.go -------------> routes are mapped to their handlers here
│   ├── logs/ -----------------> logs file is here
│   ├── models/ ---------------> database models
│   ├── ssl/ ------------------> ssl certificates goes here
│   ├── .env ------------------> environment variables 
│   ├── .gitignore ------------> .gitignore file
│   ├── go.mod ----------------> Go modules that project depends on
│   ├── LICENSE ---------------> license
│   ├── main.go ---------------> main file
│   ├── README.md -------------> readme file


To create a new GoCondor project you need to install the gocondor cli first

Install GoCondor cli

To install the gocondor cli globally open up your terminal and run the following command:

go get github.com/gocondor/installer/gocondor

Create a new project:

The command for creating a new project is the following:

gocondor new [project-name] [project-location]

where: project-name is the name of your project project-location is the remote repository that will host the project, usually people use github.com

Now let's create a project with the name todo and let's assume it's hosted on the repository github.com/my-organization/todo, here is the command to create that project

gocondor new todo github.com/my-organization/todo

Getting started

Let's add the route /hello, and lets have hello there! as the response. To do that Open the file http/routes.go in your editor, update the function RegisterRoutes(), make sure the it looks like below:

func RegisterRoutes() {
    router := routing.Resolve()

    // Define your routes here
    router.Get("/hello", func(c *gin.Context) {
        message := "hello there!"

        c.JSON(http.StatusOK, gin.H{
            "message": message,

Next cd into the project folder and start the app by running the following command:

go run main.go

or you can start it using Air

air main.go

Finally, open up your browser and navigate to localhost:8000/hello.

To learn how to create handlers files and how to add handlers to them check handlers docs


The framework consists of two main parts, each lives in a separate repository, the first part is the core which contains the framework core packages. the second part is gocondor which has the project folder structure and responsible of gluing everything together.

To contribute you simply need to clone these two repositories locally and create new branches from the develop branch, add your changes, then open up a PR to the develop branch.

Here is how you can clone and set up the development workflow in your local machine:

  1. Create the organization gocondor directory in your workspace, make sure the full path to it looks like below:
  1. clone the repository core inside the organization gocondor directory:
git clone [email protected]:gocondor/core.git
  1. clone the repository gocondor:
git clone [email protected]:gocondor/gocondor.git
  1. cd into the project gocondor and open up go.mod in your editor and add the line github.com/gocondor/gocondor/core => [full-local-path-to-core] to the replacestatement, make sure it looks something like this:
module github.com/gocondor/gocondor

replace (
 github.com/gocondor/core => C:/Users/myname/go/src/github.com/gocondor/core

 github.com/gocondor/gocondor/config => ./config
 github.com/gocondor/gocondor/http => ./http
 github.com/gocondor/gocondor/http/middlewares => ./http/middlewares
 github.com/gocondor/gocondor/handlers => ./http/handlers
 github.com/gocondor/gocondor/models => ./models

Note: this is needed to tell go that instead of using the remote core package use the local copy where we will be making the changes, once you are done, open a PR to develop branch.

  • Where to add Authorization Files?

    Where to add Authorization Files?

    Hey there, your doing great work. I was trying to add casbin policies to work with the db, but i am having some issues since i have to initialize the gorm adapter gormadapter.NewAdapterByDB. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    opened by marijani101 3
  • Sqlite db not found

    Sqlite db not found


    it seems that there is an issue with the env key used to select the sqlite db to be used.

    it is written as. SQLITE_DB instead of SQLITE_FILE

    Also, while there, os.stats references ../../dbName instead of. dbName

    using gocondor version v1.1.0

    opened by marijani101 2
  • Adding Router Groups

    Adding Router Groups

    Is it possible to create router groups?

    ie: v1 := r.Group (v1)

    Then use it as normal for other routes

    ie: v1.Get("/users/all", handlers.UsersGetAll)

    Thanks in advance

    opened by marijani101 2
  • main.go's description is

    main.go's description is "ssl certificates"

    I wonder if you meant to have a different description for main.go

    In the readme it has this listed:

    │   ├── main.go ---------------> ssl certificates

    Would "program entrypoint" be more apt?

    opened by TechplexEngineer 1
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