An easy-to-use unofficial SDK for Feishu and Lark Open Platform




go-lark is an easy-to-use unofficial SDK for Feishu and Lark Open Platform.

go-lark implements messaging APIs, with full-fledged supports on building Chat Bot and Notification Bot.

It is widely used and tested by in-house ~450 developers with over 1.5k Go packages.


  • Notification bot & chat bot supported
  • Send messages (Group, Private, Rich Text, and Card)
  • Quick to build message with MsgBuffer
  • Easy to create incoming message hook
  • Encryption and Token Verification supported
  • Middleware support for Gin web framework
  • Documentation & tests


go get

Quick Start


There are two types of bot that is supported by go-lark. We need to create a bot manually.

Chat Bot:

Notification Bot:

  • Create from group chat.
  • Web Hook URL is required.

Sending Message

Chat Bot:

import ""

func main() {
    bot := lark.NewChatBot("<App ID>", "<App Secret>")
    bot.PostText("hello, world", lark.WithEmail("[email protected]"))

Notification Bot:

import ""

func main() {
    bot := lark.NewNotificationBot("WEB HOOK URL")
    bot.PostNotification("go-lark", "example")

Feishu/Lark API offers more features, please refers to Usage for further documentation.


  • go-lark is tested on Feishu endpoints, which literally compats Lark endpoints, because Feishu and Lark basically shares the same API specification. We do not guarantee all of the APIs work well with Lark, until we have tested it on Lark.
  • go-lark only supports Custom App. Marketplace App is not supported yet.
  • go-lark implements bot and messaging API, other APIs such as Lark Doc, Calendar and so so are not supported.

Switch to Lark Endpoints

The default API endpoints are for Feishu, in order to switch to Lark, we should use SetDomain:

bot := lark.NewChatBot("<App ID>", "<App Secret>")



Auto-renewable authentication:

// initialize a chat bot with appID and appSecret
bot := lark.NewChatBot(appID, appSecret)
// Renew access token periodically
// Stop renewal

Single-pass authentication:

bot := lark.NewChatBot(appID, appSecret)
resp, err := bot.GetTenantAccessTokenInternal(true)
// and we can now access the token value with `bot.tenantAccessToken()`

Example: examples/auth


For Chat Bot, we can send simple messages with the following method:

  • PostText
  • PostTextMention
  • PostTextMentionAll
  • PostImage
  • PostShareChatCard

Basic message examples: examples/basic-message

To build rich messages, we may use Message Buffer (or simply MsgBuffer), which builds message conveniently with chaining methods.


Apart from the general auth and messaging chapter, there are comprehensive examples for almost all APIs. Here is a collection of ready-to-run examples for each part of go-lark:

Message Buffer

We can build message body with MsgBuffer and send with PostMessage, which supports the following message types:

  • MsgText: Text
  • MsgPost: Rich Text
  • MsgImage: Image
  • MsgShareCard: Group Share Card
  • MsgInteractive: Interactive Card

MsgBuffer provides binding functions and content functions.

Binding functions:

Function Usage Comment
BindChatID Bind a chat ID Either OpenID, UserID, Email or ChatID should be present
BindOpenID Bind a user open ID
BindUserID Bind a user ID
BindEmail Bind a user email
BindReply Bind a reply ID Required when reply other message

Content functions pair with message content types. If it mismatched, it would not have sent successfully. Content functions:

Function Message Type Usage Comment
Text MsgText Append plain text May build with TextBuilder
Post MsgPost Append rich text May build with PostBuilder
Image MsgImage Append image Need to upload to Lark server in advance
ShareChat MsgShareCard Append group share card
Card MsgInteractive Append interactive card No InteractiveBuilder yet. You may try Cardbuilder.

Error Handling

Each go-lark API function returns response and err. err is the error from HTTP client, when it was not nil, HTTP might have gone wrong.

While response is HTTP response from Lark API server, in which Code and Ok represent whether it succeeds. The meaning of Code is defined here.


Lark provides a number of events. go-lark now only implements two of them, which are needed for interacting between bot and Lark server:

  • URL Challenge
  • Receiving Messages

We recommend Gin middleware to handle these events.

Gin Middleware

Example: examples/gin-middleware

URL Challenge

r := gin.Default()
middleware := larkgin.NewLarkMiddleware()
middleware.BindURLPrefix("/handle") // suppose URL is

Receiving Message

r := gin.Default()
middleware := larkgin.NewLarkMiddleware()
r.POST("/handle", func(c *gin.Context) {
    if msg, ok := middleware.GetMessage(c); ok && msg != nil {
        text := msg.Event.Text
        // your awesome logic

Security & Encryption

Lark Open Platform offers AES encryption and token verification to ensure security for events.

  • AES Encryption: when switch on, all traffic will be encrypted with AES.
  • Token Verification: simple token verification for incoming messages.

We also recommend Gin middleware to handle encryption.


Lark does not provide messaging API debugger officially. Thus, we have to debug with real Lark conversation. We add PostEvent to simulate message sending to make it easier. PostEvent can also be used to redirect message, which acts like a reverse proxy.

Example: examples/event-forward

Notice: PostEvent does not support AES encryption at the moment.


go-lark is based on Lark API v3 and v4. The compatibility of each API depends on actual implementation. Compatibility table:

API scope Compatibility Migration
auth N/A Lark does not offer v4
messaging v4 only
interactive card v4 only
bot N/A Lark does not offer v4
group partial v3 & v4 WIP


  • I got 99991401 when sending messages
    • remove IP Whitelist from dashboard
  • My bot failed sending messages
    1. check authentication.
    2. not invite to the group.
    3. API permission not applied.
  • Does go-lark support interactive message card?
    • It can send but no card builder provided. You may need to build it manually and send with go-lark.


  • If you think you've found a bug with go-lark, please file an issue.
  • Pull Request is welcomed.


Copyright (c) David Zhang, 2018-2021. Licensed under MIT License.

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  • feat: improve StartHeartbeat

    feat: improve StartHeartbeat

    Hi @crispgm , I also encounterd the #28 issue. The manually GetTenantAccessTokenInternal(true) call can be avoid if we do the first call in blocking mode. It's a common pattern to init and refresh a resource.

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  • BOE服务调用接口返回tls: first record does not look like a TLS handshake

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    GetTenantAccessTokenInternal error: tls: first record does not look like a TLS handshake


    opened by 1170300617 1
  • 调用SDK发送消息报错


    Error 2022-03-25 06:27:10,985 v1(7) logger.go:26 tikcast.union.notice_mint_cron - default - 0 [PostMessage] call failed: unexpect status Bad Request, resp body: {"code":99991661,"msg":"Need a token","data":{}} 调用SDK报错,已经初始化自动授权更新。麻烦同学帮忙看下~飞书:xieruijun

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    • [x] support union ID and check union ID
    • [x] Compat PostMessage
    • [x] GetMessage
    • [x] Replace RecallMessage
    • [x] Compat message v1
    • [x] MsgBuf support ShareUser
    • [x] MsgBuf support File
    • [ ] MsgBuf support Sticker
    • [ ] MsgBuf support Media
    • [ ] MsgBuf support Audio
    opened by crispgm 1
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