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demo cast under osx 10.10; Terminal.app; Menlo Regular 12pt.)

termui is a cross-platform and fully-customizable terminal dashboard and widget library built on top of termbox-go. It is inspired by blessed-contrib and tui-rs and written purely in Go.


  • Several premade widgets for common use cases
  • Easily create custom widgets
  • Position widgets either in a relative grid or with absolute coordinates
  • Keyboard, mouse, and terminal resizing events
  • Colors and styling


Go modules

It is not necessary to go get termui, since Go will automatically manage any imported dependencies for you. Do note that you have to include /v3 in the import statements as shown in the 'Hello World' example below.


Add with dep ensure -add github.com/gizak/termui. With Dep, /v3 should not be included in the import statements.

Hello World

package main

import (

	ui "github.com/gizak/termui/v3"

func main() {
	if err := ui.Init(); err != nil {
		log.Fatalf("failed to initialize termui: %v", err)
	defer ui.Close()

	p := widgets.NewParagraph()
	p.Text = "Hello World!"
	p.SetRect(0, 0, 25, 5)


	for e := range ui.PollEvents() {
		if e.Type == ui.KeyboardEvent {


Run an example with go run _examples/{example}.go or run each example consecutively with make run-examples.



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  • Suggestion: plain-text configuration

    Suggestion: plain-text configuration

    This is a surprising and awesome tool, but you need to write Go to use it.

    Reading widgets from a configuration file, in any popular format, would make the tool easier to configure and available to a much larger range of developers.

    opened by slezica 11
  • screen / byobu encoding

    screen / byobu encoding

    termui works perfectly via ssh and on my desktop terminal. But when I try to use via screen or byobu it breaks the window borders.

    How can I fix the strange characters?

    captura de tela 2016-02-08 as 22 53 25

    Is there any way to keep it compatible with screen or byobu screen?

    These screenshot was on screen. Using byobu is even worst because it breaks the window size.

    opened by jonatas 10
  • Flickering render

    Flickering render

    I just upgraded my project (https://github.com/byrnedo/dockdash/tree/feature/new_termui) to the latest termui. Maybe not according to best practices but just to make an easy first port I've done the following:

    I have one main select loop where I hold state ( up/down position, displayable data... ) All my key handlers are signalling to a channel which is read by this select. Any data updates are also sent to a channel which is read by the select as well. Any of these events will trigger a render. I also have a timer (1s) running which signals another channel also read by this select which renders.

    The basic rendering flow I have is the same as before I upgraded ( ie all rendering is done in the same select ).

    I'm experiencing flickering now though with every render.

    Is there a likely cause of this? I see that the rendering in termui is now done in a routine ( perhaps it was before too?)


    I notice it gets worse the larger the size of the terminal window.

    opened by byrnedo 10
  • Tree widget

    Tree widget

    Hello, there. I've created a tree widget for my project. I believe this can be useful for anyone else :) Let me know, please, what you think about that.

    Thanks for the termui project!

    opened by namreg 9
  • go get error

    go get error

    $ go get -u github.com/gizak/termui
    # github.com/gizak/termui
    ../../../github.com/gizak/termui/render.go:107:30: not enough arguments in call to stack.ParseDump
            have (*bytes.Reader, *os.File)
            want (io.Reader, io.Writer, bool)
    ../../../github.com/gizak/termui/render.go:112:10: undefined: stack.Palette
    ../../../github.com/gizak/termui/render.go:113:15: undefined: stack.SortBuckets
    ../../../github.com/gizak/termui/render.go:113:33: undefined: stack.Bucketize
    ../../../github.com/gizak/termui/render.go:114:22: undefined: stack.CalcLengths

    maruel/panicparse API has changed 3 days ago.

    opened by practice 9
  • Colored list #4

    Colored list #4

    Colored lists #4

    Don't merge, yet! The development has not quite finished, yet. This is just a preview.

    screen shot 2015-04-06 at 12 15 21 am

    So, that's what I've done so far:

    • I added the Markdown-flavored renderer (MarkdownTextRenderer) and the Noop renderer (NoopRenderer) as well as abstract interfaces and factories for these two.
    • I implemented these into the list.
    • I wrote a lot of unit tests so nothing will (hopefully) break.

    What needs to be done:

    • Fixing the regex (I don't know how to do that correctly. I'd appreciate someone's help.)
    • ~~Adding a ASCII escape code renderer.~~ (Done in a3f1384).
    • Tests under real work scenarios.
    • ~~Writing docs on how to implement it~~ (See: https://github.com/Matt3o12/termui/wiki/Color-Renderers)
    • ~~Refactoring the code (I need some advice from a native speaker here)[2] :)~~ (if you have any feedback, please give it now. Nothing is in the master branch, yet).
    • ~~Adding the renderers to other Bufferer-components?~~ Added in e9e3e40 (Par only).

    How do I use/test the new text renderer? Just do: myList.RendererFactory = termui.MarkdownTextRendererFactory{} :)

    Are these changes backwards compatible? Short: yes, at least when you used NewList() instead of List{} as you're supposed to.

    These changes add a new field to the List: RendererFactory, which generates the TextRenderers. List uses this field for generating the appropriate (colorful) output. If you didn't use the list constructor (NewList()), the compiler will yield an error because of a missing field.
    If you use the constructor, the constructor will set the field to NoopRendererFactory which will not generate any formatted output (as the name states: No Operation).

    If you have any question or feedback, just leave comment.

    [1]: The current regex implementation for finding text sequences that need formatting, doesn't work properly. It will not format: [[ERROR]](red,bold) foo correctly, which should normalize to: [ERROR] foo. Here is the current regex in action with example it should find (https://regex101.com/r/fC0gD1/1). Currently only one expression fails. If you know a regex that will work, please let me know!

    [2]: Everything that formats a text is called TextRenderer. In my dictionary I couldn't find Renderer and I wonder if that is a word, which makes sense. If you find that this word fits properly, let me know. If it doesn't, could you suggest a better one?

    opened by Matt3o12 8
  • Install failed on Go 1.11 with `go mod` turned on

    Install failed on Go 1.11 with `go mod` turned on

    go version

    go version go1.11 darwin/amd64

    go env

    CGO_CFLAGS="-g -O2"
    CGO_CXXFLAGS="-g -O2"
    CGO_FFLAGS="-g -O2"
    CGO_LDFLAGS="-g -O2"

    What have I done

    go get -u github.com/gizak/termui

    What I Got

    # github.com/gizak/termui
    ../../../go/pkg/mod/github.com/gizak/[email protected]+incompatible/render.go:107:30: too many arguments in call to stack.ParseDump
            have (*bytes.Reader, *os.File, bool)
            want (io.Reader, io.Writer)
    ../../../go/pkg/mod/github.com/gizak/[email protected]+incompatible/render.go:112:15: undefined: stack.Aggregate
    ../../../go/pkg/mod/github.com/gizak/[email protected]+incompatible/render.go:112:33: gs.Goroutines undefined (type []stack.Goroutine has no field or method Goroutines)
    opened by cospotato 7
  • Allow to plot datapoints with both coordinates defined. Closes #68

    Allow to plot datapoints with both coordinates defined. Closes #68

    Allows users to define both x and y coordinates for linechart. E.g. this will plot line with three "main" points at (4, 1), (6,4) and (10,2) with linear interpolation in between.

    lc.Data = [1, 4, 2]
    lc.IsXS = true
    lc.XS = [4, 6, 10]

    This closes #68.

    opened by missingdays 7
  • Handle timers

    Handle timers


    how is handling timers supposed to work with new API?

    Initially I thought, Handle("/timer/Ns") or Handle("/timer/200ms") should work, but it works only with 1s timer and it seems to be hardcoded or am I missing something?

    opened by divan 7
  • Max value in sparkline/multivalue chart

    Max value in sparkline/multivalue chart


    i'm using your library for https://github.com/ulrichSchreiner/dockmon. it would be great to have

    • a max value for sparklines. i render the CPU value with sparklines. it would be great to set the maxvalue for sparklines to a specific value because i know the maximal value and so the sparklines would be comparable.
    • another great option would be a chart widget with multiple lines in differen colors. so i could render all cpu-values in one diagram. or should i use a canvas for this?

    thx, your library is great

    opened by ulrichSchreiner 7
  • Run under Tmux ??

    Run under Tmux ??

    On Ubuntu 14.04 - everything looks great in Terminator (xterm).

    But - from Tmux 1.9a the screen looks bad. Anyone have any luck running termui under Tmux??

    help wanted 
    opened by andyl 7
  • termbox-go v1.1.1 incompatibility issues and wide character related issues

    termbox-go v1.1.1 incompatibility issues and wide character related issues

    I've run the examples with utf8(Chinese) characters , but can't see right result in vscode

    My vscode uses the system cmd, which is in UTF-8 format like the system cmd configuration. But when running the sample file, there are two results. There is an extra space in Chinese in vscode, and it occupies the position of other characters. I don’t know if there is a solution or it’s just a problem with my vocode configuration, thanks image

    opened by 404name 2
  • Fix style parser to handle [ or ] in text without style

    Fix style parser to handle [ or ] in text without style

    There is a problem with using [ or ] in text. Style Parser thinks you are going to supply a (style) block after and eats some of the chars:


    This PR re-writes the logic to look for pairs or "](" and only processes style when needed and leaves normal [ or ] in text alone.

    opened by andrewarrow 0
  • Feature Request: add containers for widgets

    Feature Request: add containers for widgets

    The way to set the positions of widgets is through the x1 y1 coordinates in func (*Block) SetRect:

    p := widgets.NewParagraph()
    	p.Title = "Lunar"
    	p.Text = selectedAudio
    	p.SetRect(0, 0, 40, 3)
    	p.TitleStyle.Fg = ui.ColorYellow
    	p.BorderStyle.Fg = ui.ColorCyan
    	c := widgets.NewParagraph()
    	c.Title = "Audio Controls"
    	c.Text = `Pause and play music: [ENTER]
    Volume: [↓ ↑]
    Speed:  [← →]
    Normal Speed: [Ctrl + N]
    Back to menu: [BACKSPACE]
    Quit Lunar: [ESC]
    	c.SetRect(0, 4, 40, 12)
    	c.TitleStyle.Fg = ui.ColorYellow
    	c.BorderStyle.Fg = ui.ColorCyan
    	ui.Render(p, c)

    But this can create overlap over widgets:

    |Playing Charlie Puth                  |
    |Normal Speed: [Ctrl + N]              |
    |Back to menu: [BACKSPACE]             |
    |Quit Lunar: [ESC]                     |

    Preferred output:

    |Playing Charlie Puth                  |
    +-Audio Controls-----------------------+
    |Pause and play music: [ENTER]         |
    |Volume: [↓ ↑]                         |
    |Speed:  [← →]                         |
    |Normal Speed: [Ctrl + N]              |
    |Back to menu: [BACKSPACE]             |
    |Quit Lunar: [ESC]                     |

    My idea is to create a container for the widgets like in the Fyne GUI to position the widgets and avoid widget overlap:

    SetContent(NewVericalBox(c, p))
    opened by gospacedev 0
  • wishlist: support 'Symbols for Legacy Computing' 'Smooth mosaic terminal graphic characters' for graphs

    wishlist: support 'Symbols for Legacy Computing' 'Smooth mosaic terminal graphic characters' for graphs

    The 'Symbols for Legacy Computing' block in Unicode has many symbols in its 'Smooth mosaic terminal graphic characters' section to represent shapes of graphs as text characters. https://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U1FB00.pdf

    Termui could use these and have much smoother looking graphs.

    opened by cogburnd02 0
  • Grid cannot be aligned

    Grid cannot be aligned

    I changed it slightly using the sample file grid.go , the boxes in the grid are not aligned at 1/2 column

    			ui.NewCol(1.0/2, slg),
    			ui.NewCol(1.0/2, lc),
    			ui.NewCol(1.0/4, ls),
    			ui.NewCol(1.0/4, ls),
    			//ui.NewRow(.9/3, gs[0]),
    			//ui.NewRow(.9/3, gs[1]),
    			//ui.NewRow(1.2/3, gs[2]),
    			ui.NewCol(1.0/2, p),


    opened by xhsky 0
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