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GitHub's online schema migration for MySQL

gh-ost is a triggerless online schema migration solution for MySQL. It is testable and provides pausability, dynamic control/reconfiguration, auditing, and many operational perks.

gh-ost produces a light workload on the master throughout the migration, decoupled from the existing workload on the migrated table.

It has been designed based on years of experience with existing solutions, and changes the paradigm of table migrations.


All existing online-schema-change tools operate in similar manner: they create a ghost table in the likeness of your original table, migrate that table while empty, slowly and incrementally copy data from your original table to the ghost table, meanwhile propagating ongoing changes (any INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE applied to your table) to the ghost table. Finally, at the right time, they replace your original table with the ghost table.

gh-ost uses the same pattern. However it differs from all existing tools by not using triggers. We have recognized the triggers to be the source of many limitations and risks.

Instead, gh-ost uses the binary log stream to capture table changes, and asynchronously applies them onto the ghost table. gh-ost takes upon itself some tasks that other tools leave for the database to perform. As result, gh-ost has greater control over the migration process; can truly suspend it; can truly decouple the migration's write load from the master's workload.

In addition, it offers many operational perks that make it safer, trustworthy and fun to use.

gh-ost general flow


  • Build your trust in gh-ost by testing it on replicas. gh-ost will issue same flow as it would have on the master, to migrate a table on a replica, without actually replacing the original table, leaving the replica with two tables you can then compare and satisfy yourself that the tool operates correctly. This is how we continuously test gh-ost in production.
  • True pause: when gh-ost throttles, it truly ceases writes on master: no row copies and no ongoing events processing. By throttling, you return your master to its original workload
  • Dynamic control: you can interactively reconfigure gh-ost, even as migration still runs. You may forcibly initiate throttling.
  • Auditing: you may query gh-ost for status. gh-ost listens on unix socket or TCP.
  • Control over cut-over phase: gh-ost can be instructed to postpone what is probably the most critical step: the swap of tables, until such time that you're comfortably available. No need to worry about ETA being outside office hours.
  • External hooks can couple gh-ost with your particular environment.

Please refer to the docs for more information. No, really, read the docs.


The cheatsheet has it all. You may be interested in invoking gh-ost in various modes:

  • a noop migration (merely testing that the migration is valid and good to go)
  • a real migration, utilizing a replica (the migration runs on the master; gh-ost figures out identities of servers involved. Required mode if your master uses Statement Based Replication)
  • a real migration, run directly on the master (but gh-ost prefers the former)
  • a real migration on a replica (master untouched)
  • a test migration on a replica, the way for you to build trust with gh-ost's operation.

Our tips:

  • Testing above all, try out --test-on-replica first few times. Better yet, make it continuous. We have multiple replicas where we iterate our entire fleet of production tables, migrating them one by one, checksumming the results, verifying migration is good.
  • For each master migration, first issue a noop
  • Then issue the real thing via --execute.

More tips:

  • Use --exact-rowcount for accurate progress indication
  • Use --postpone-cut-over-flag-file to gain control over cut-over timing
  • Get familiar with the interactive commands

Also see:

What's in a name?

Originally this was named gh-osc: GitHub Online Schema Change, in the likes of Facebook online schema change and pt-online-schema-change.

But then a rare genetic mutation happened, and the c transformed into t. And that sent us down the path of trying to figure out a new acronym. gh-ost (pronounce: Ghost), stands for GitHub's Online Schema Transmogrifier/Translator/Transformer/Transfigurator


gh-ost is licensed under the MIT license

gh-ost uses 3rd party libraries, each with their own license. These are found here.


gh-ost is released at a stable state, but with mileage to go. We are open to pull requests. Please first discuss your intentions via Issues.

We develop gh-ost at GitHub and for the community. We may have different priorities than others. From time to time we may suggest a contribution that is not on our immediate roadmap but which may appeal to others.

Please see Coding gh-ost for a guide to getting started developing with gh-ost.


gh-ost is now GA and stable.

gh-ost is available in binary format for Linux and Mac OS/X

Download latest release here

gh-ost is a Go project; it is built with Go 1.14 and above. To build on your own, use either:

  • script/build - this is the same build script used by CI hence the authoritative; artifact is ./bin/gh-ost binary.
  • for building tar.gz artifacts in /tmp/gh-ost

Generally speaking, master branch is stable, but only releases are to be used in production.


gh-ost is designed, authored, reviewed and tested by the database infrastructure team at GitHub:

  • 👋 Hey there spelunker. It looks like you've modified some files that we can't accept as contributions. The complete list of files we can't accept are:

    👋 Hey there spelunker. It looks like you've modified some files that we can't accept as contributions. The complete list of files we can't accept are:

        👋 Hey there spelunker. It looks like you've modified some files that we can't accept as contributions. The complete list of files we can't accept are:

    .devcontainer/** .github/actions-scripts/** .github/workflows/** .github/CODEOWNERS assets/fonts/** data/graphql/** Dockerfile* lib/graphql/** lib/redirects/** lib/rest/** lib/webhooks/** package*.json scripts/** translations/** content/actions/deployment/security-hardening-your-deployments/**

    You'll need to revert all of the files you changed in that list using GitHub Desktop or git checkout origin/main <file name>. Once you get those files reverted, we can continue with the review process. :octocat:

    Originally posted by @github-actions[bot] in

    opened by Dwalin-NewYork 0
  • Add Dependabot config file

    Add Dependabot config file

    :wave: Hello from the Product Security Engineering team! As recently announced in our engineering discussion post, we're opening up this PR to enable Dependabot actions updates by adding (or updating) the [Dependabot Config File](

    This is an automatically generated PR and we need your help getting it merged! Service owners are responsible for reviewing and merging this PR.

    Why is this happening?

    Your repository has a CodeQL workflow configured. The PSE team would like to assist repository maintainers in keeping their CodeQL workflow up to date, as the CodeQL workflow will be deprecated in December of 2022. This PR will allow Dependabot to keep the action used in the workflow up to date. The current version of the CodeQL workflow will be deprecated in December of 2022. This will also have the additional benefit of using Dependabot to keep other actions up to date as well.

    opened by sentinel 0
  • About adding unique index lost data - There are delete operation scenarios

    About adding unique index lost data - There are delete operation scenarios

    Is it possible to solve this scenario?

    Add two calculators when there is a delete operation.

    1. The deletion times of the original table are recorded in delete1

    2. The deletion times of the new table are recorded in delete2

    When cut-over:

    1. Count the total number of rows in the original table and record it to count1. Get the value of delete1 and calculate: res1=count1-delete1
    2. Count the total number of rows in the new table and record it to count2. Get the value of delete2 and calculate: res2=count2-delete2

    When res1 is equal to res2, no data will be lost.

    opened by suyestyle 2
  • Performance Improvements (Raw Ideas)

    Performance Improvements (Raw Ideas)

    We are looking to improve the performance of gh-ost so that we can safely operate with larger database sizes. Our use case is a bit different to GitHub’s in that we do not use read-replicas. Some of the DBs have very cyclic usage as well (i.e. only busy 9-5 M-F), and may have windows of free capacity.

    I have a few ideas I wanted to run by you since I’m sure some have come up prior:

    | Feature | Context | | ------------- | ------------- | | Use 8.0 ALGORITHM=INSTANT when applicable | Merged, thank you kindly for the review! | | Dynamic Chunk Size | See branch here (and issue comment). Gh-ost can observe the exec time of processing chunks, and dynamically increase the size if it fits below a threshold. For our environment (because we have a lot of replica tolerance) we typically run larger batch sizes, but have varying DB instance sizes. Being able to have this auto-tune is a win for us. | | Multi-threaded applier | Parallel replication apply is much better in MySQL 8.0 – so combined with that we don’t use read-replicas, we can probably push more changes through the binlog than gh-ost currently does. We think we can tolerate a few minutes of replica lag. Our limit is Aurora restricts the relay log to ~1000M, if we exceed that.. we reduce our DR capabilities. (Note: there's an earlier issue on this. It lacks the 8.0 parallel context, and the issue @shlomi-noach probably hit when he said it is slower, is possibly this one? In any case, I've verified I can bulk-parallel insert with improved performance.) | | Defer Binary Log Apply | Currently gh-ost prioritizes applying the binary log ahead of copying rows. I actually think it’s possible to track only the primary keys that were discovered in the binary log in memory + if the last modification was a delete or not (bool). If this is kept in a map, then it can be applied after the copy is done. The benefit of this change is most evident in workloads that tend to update the same rows. Edit: This optimization requires mem-comparable primary keys. So it won't work on varchar primary keys with collations. | | Resume from failure | I know there is a stale PR for this. This doesn’t improve the performance, but it’s semi-related since some of our long running DDLs fail. We also like to use daily pod-cycling on our k8s clusters, so having 2 week long single processes complicates our infra. |

    That's the raw idea list - there is a good chance we will be able to provide patches for some of these too, but I wanted to check-in first so we can discuss. Maybe you have a few of your own ideas too? :-)

    opened by morgo 1
  • Golang localtests

    Golang localtests

    A Pull Request should be associated with an Issue.

    We wish to have discussions in Issues. A single issue may be targeted by multiple PRs. If you're offering a new feature or fixing anything, we'd like to know beforehand in Issues, and potentially we'll be able to point development in a particular direction.

    Related issue:

    Further notes in Thank you! We are open to PRs, but please understand if for technical reasons we are unable to accept each and any PR


    This PR [briefly explain what it does]

    In case this PR introduced Go code changes:

    • [ ] contributed code is using same conventions as original code
    • [ ] script/cibuild returns with no formatting errors, build errors or unit test errors.
    opened by timvaillancourt 0
  • Cut-off transaction is very slow, leading to downtimes in production[Question]

    Cut-off transaction is very slow, leading to downtimes in production[Question]

    MySql v8.0.23

    1. I recently did multiple migrations in production. I noticed for table switch at the end, gh-ost takes a very long time. here are actual logs from production.
    2. The row count in these tables ranged from 15k to 5M. Also, I did not see any correlation between table size and lock duration, which is as expected.
    3. Below are actual logs from production run.

    `2022-10-19 07:53:14 INFO Lock & rename duration: 1.017494674s. During this time, queries on entity were blocked

    2022-10-19 07:21:28 INFO Lock & rename duration: 1.042562025s. During this time, queries on entity were blocked

    2022-10-19 07:50:31 INFO Lock & rename duration: 2.022935482s. During this time, queries on entity were blocked

    2022-10-19 07:45:12 INFO Lock & rename duration: 2.020735566s. During this time, queries on entity were blocked

    2022-10-19 07:42:29 INFO Lock & rename duration: 1.01602586s. During this time, queries on entity were blocked`

    1. Such high cut off time means a downtime. I expected some single digit millisecond operation for this transaction. One question here- does this timestamp include any lock wait time also for tx to even acquire a lock? However, these tables almost did not have any traffic.
    opened by Shukla-Ankur 1
  • v1.1.5(Jul 9, 2022)

    Changes since 1.1.4:

    gh-ost v1.1.5 is based on v1.1.4, plus commits cherry-picked from master branch.


    • Cancel any row count queries before attempting to cut over, #846, thanks @ajm188
    • Add context/timeout to HTTP throttle check, #1131, thanks @timvaillancourt
      • Throttler will now throttle migration on HTTP timeouts to throttler source. This may cause a change in behaviour in rare cases (more throttling)
      • New command line flags:
        1. --throttle-http-interval-millis - Number of milliseconds to wait between HTTP throttle checks (default 100)
        2. --throttle-http-timeout-millis - Number of milliseconds to use as an HTTP throttle check timeout (default 1000)
      • HTTP throttler calls now use gh-ost/VERSION-HERE as a User-Agent header
    • Use switch statements for readability, simplify .NewGoMySQLReader(), #1135, thanks @timvaillancourt
    • Ensure mysql rows responses are closed, #1132, thanks @timvaillancourt
    • compound pk tests, #387, thanks @shlomi-noach
    • Fix integer divide by zero panic in migrator, #1140, thanks @timvaillancourt for the PR and @ethankhall for reporting
    • fix: lost data in mysql two-phase commit, #1141, thanks @shaohk
    • Add golangci-lint CI action, fix gosimple, govet + unused lint errors, #1127, thanks @timvaillancourt
    • Check RowsAffected when applying DML events to get more accurate statistics, #844, thanks @ajm188

    Deprecation Notice:

    • --replication-lag-query command line flag will be deprecated in gh-ost release 1.1.7

    This release is not based on the master branch as it contains a known issue that is currently being investigated - please note that the master branch of gh-ost is not considered stable; only releases are considered production-ready.

    Thank you to all contributors!

    Updated 20th July 2022: RPM and deb packages have been updated to correctly include x86-64 binaries instead of arm64 binaries (thanks @Cartman75 for the issue report!)

    $ sha256sum *
    6a9dff3594b60a26422f7192ff7a79a85684b477d453431bedf025bc4023c389  gh-ost
    236a1b9fb8fbb38bb6e27159377bd5af276ba09c3382724b5d88e9da6424dcbd  gh-ost-1.1.5-1.x86_64.rpm
    791ab7fe0e8fe9e754480f4decdba8380c87d5ce70648f8a549060d81f889116  gh-ost-binary-linux-amd64-20220707162303.tar.gz
    48f53683e3c6bf52957ff985c8ccc2c09f8f2484b44da4346f659e019ef69be9  gh-ost-binary-linux-arm64-20220707162303.tar.gz
    1b0d992d03eeba7aa919ca9b40019b92af319dcb3668e0a447db21b35016c5ee  gh-ost-binary-osx-amd64-20220707162303.tar.gz
    16fa1e09d2981e8a9312961337e41693a2e1396fe11abfd5b6a60781f3433795  gh-ost-binary-osx-arm64-20220707162303.tar.gz
    2574da3ffe60f9a662366ca4f6a46edd90b8885acee8047ba0b11544561eb28d  gh-ost_1.1.5_amd64.deb


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost(8.71 MB)
    gh-ost-1.1.5-1.x86_64.rpm(4.65 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-amd64-20220707162303.tar.gz(4.66 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-arm64-20220707162303.tar.gz(4.36 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-amd64-20220707162303.tar.gz(4.60 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-arm64-20220707162303.tar.gz(4.46 MB)
    gh-ost_1.1.5_amd64.deb(4.66 MB)
  • v1.1.4(Feb 9, 2022)

    Changes since 1.1.3:

    gh-ost v1.1.4 is based on v1.1.3, plus commits cherry-picked from master branch.


    • Add flag to customize the interval which the onStatus hook is called, #1083, thanks @tknodell-recurly
    • Add docs for hooks-status-interval, #1090
    • Reduce the minimal chunk size from 100 to 10, #1087, thanks @arthurschreiber

    This release is not based on the master branch as it contains a known issue that is currently being investigated - please note that the master branch of gh-ost is not considered stable; only releases are considered production-ready.

    Thank you to all contributors!

    Updated 25th Feb 2022: Binaries have been re-uploaded to fix an issue where RPMs were being generated with an OS for darwin instead of linux. (thanks @kedarvj for the report!)

    Updated 11th Mar 2022: Added macOS arm64 binary to support M1 Macs (thanks @jecepeda for adding support in #1108!)

    $ sha256sum *
    da2b2a943aaf18fb849b52e19b0828c9878b180546d1adb31ad03b3cf7c50d53  gh-ost
    d626f6ae582ca15c58a387c819c410788a78f64dd7ac7ec946df07f0bf66f7a0  gh-ost-1.1.4-1.x86_64.rpm
    ccc055a9fa2ca080b99aeb58a6aacf557582c317b8f36ee13c551d87cd5eeb30  gh-ost-binary-linux-20220225143506.tar.gz
    9feebe056914335d23127db10de8f20631e0df448b1382f30366a462ab5d5473  gh-ost-binary-osx-20220225143506.tar.gz
    66619ad49fb7a2a13edfe08aee110a554f7174b44453451fee2e532661f1f254  gh-ost-binary-osx-arm64-20220311164158.tar.gz
    1dead2c07b73a8730ec4b923433be143dcb4dc18719e2ad640962e389168a22d  gh-ost_1.1.4_amd64.deb


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost(8.68 MB)
    gh-ost-1.1.4-1.x86_64.rpm(4.66 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20220225143506.tar.gz(4.67 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-amd64-20220225143506.tar.gz(4.61 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-arm64-20220311164158.tar.gz(4.40 MB)
    gh-ost_1.1.4_amd64.deb(4.67 MB)
  • v1.1.3(Jan 31, 2022)

    Changes since 1.1.2:

    gh-ost v1.1.3 is comprised of v1.1.2 with a fix for security vulnerability GHSA-rrp4-2xx3-mv29, plus low-risk documentation updates cherry-picked from master branch.

    This release is not based on the master branch as it contains a known issue that is currently being investigated - please note that the master branch of gh-ost is not considered stable; only releases are considered production-ready.


    • Security vulnerability: Improper Input Validation of -database Parameter, GHSA-rrp4-2xx3-mv29, thanks @dwisiswant0
    • doc/ typo, #1011, thanks @eddroid
    • Document the flag critical-load-hibernate-seconds, improve grammar of flags documentation, #1066, thanks @EagleEyeJohn
    • Update hook environment variable docs, #1076
    • Update build script to generate releases, #1078
    • Remove CGO dependency in go-mysql in Gh-ost v1.1.3, #1079

    Thank you to all contributors!

    Updated 8th Feb 2022: Binaries have been re-uploaded with the correct version number; previously they were incorrectly labelled as v1.1.2 instead of v1.1.3. (thanks @dharnett for notifying us!)

    Updated 25th Feb 2022: Binaries have been re-uploaded to fix an issue where RPMs were being generated with an OS for darwin instead of linux. (thanks @kedarvj for the report!)

    $ sha256sum *
    10255fa8690001d7eb37f51c6d41aba0e55ee9ef4c2b949ca4c0604011b74d71  gh-ost
    496ac03a36738e752ad98668a3bb97eca913039431fdff80732fbb4acfac8991  gh-ost-1.1.3-1.x86_64.rpm
    c432e7d711268117bc8c13cebcf3e3cf3c986557a205cc041e0ea63937700ef5  gh-ost-binary-linux-20220225143057.tar.gz
    e55b3c28c655eab28617a47eefa88fb6a508af506652bafdd226293968bebd8e  gh-ost-binary-osx-20220225143057.tar.gz
    116db1f8f5e4bff6a8903f057dad07e14ad36eea0f3b462a16342b6d3b447d1a  gh-ost_1.1.3_amd64.deb


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost(8.68 MB)
    gh-ost-1.1.3-1.x86_64.rpm(4.66 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20220225143057.tar.gz(4.67 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20220225143057.tar.gz(4.61 MB)
    gh-ost_1.1.3_amd64.deb(4.67 MB)
  • v1.1.2(Jun 17, 2021)

    Changes since 1.1.1:


    • Copy auto increment, #911, thanks @shlomi-noach
    • Cut-over should wait for heartbeat lag to be low enough to succeed, #921, thanks @ccoffey
    • All MySQL DBs limited to max 3 concurrent/idle connections, #931, thanks @shlomi-noach
    • Report GH_OST_ETA_SECONDS ETA as part of migration context, #936, thanks @shlomi-noach
    • Remove build_id files from rpm, #954, thanks @yakirgb
    • Fix bug with -exact-rowcount on MySQL 8.0.2+, #962, thanks @Fanduzi
    • Support enum to varchar, #963, thanks @shlomi-noach
    • Set the ServerName for TLS configuration, #988, thanks @dbussink
    • Use Golang 1.16 and temporarily disable go modules in builds, #966
    • Use matrix build for replica test CI, #968

    Thank you to all contributors!

    $ sha256sum *
    342a7f4760d51dc05154dd1e6663f701bb024868a7f9b0804e8bf38afe67e0ff  gh-ost
    255dbaed5de7c20b1f11c82ed0275e0ecfaa8f8afa4f38fd36705cfac4b6207f  gh-ost-1.1.2-1.x86_64.rpm
    98ebff834bf930a198d3506cda0ee1a6a3ea67f09e9112ca8a2534ef4f74288c  gh-ost-binary-linux-20210617134741.tar.gz
    0b000805894ae5cc6b5ff0aacb67e4273328354f5e559a9ad39b1e7cc617b316  gh-ost-binary-osx-20210617155835.tar.gz
    afaf95ea239b5e473080d0b58592e6449cfc48d936396a8540722c4772741893  gh-ost_1.1.2_amd64.deb


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost(9.40 MB)
    gh-ost-1.1.2-1.x86_64.rpm(4.46 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20210617134741.tar.gz(4.49 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20210617155835.tar.gz(4.96 MB)
    gh-ost_1.1.2_amd64.deb(4.49 MB)
  • v1.1.1(May 3, 2021)

    Changes since 1.1.0:


    • Use sync.Once to avoid dropping cutover sentry table twice, #755, thanks @MOON-CLJ
    • Parsing IPV6 addresses, #640, thanks @shlomi-noach
    • Support Azure Database for MySQL, #807, thanks @elemount
    • Use Golang 1.15 and remove Debian Jessie (end-of-life) tarball build, #906
    • Improved connection type logging, #515, thanks @akshaychhajed
    • Fix: Data loss on tables with binary primary key, #915, thanks @cenkore
    • Add applier and inspector interactive commands to socket/TCP server, #951

    Thank you to all contributors!

    $ sha256sum *
    8e802e8685d4b7d757ae47513b918d6de1d0402511cc3fadb2d961713beb6d89  gh-ost
    6b49bbcf1a985d96fa98954d6aba5b2e8fa9f8b0ac9aee2c10bd47755f986254  gh-ost-1.1.1-1.x86_64.rpm
    1188bb2d4539d25fc8a4b8a96cccb9b56a217124a9d4c8b9faab4534acd9258b  gh-ost-binary-linux-20210503150942.tar.gz
    1ef5585f926af0d93af53007b563c86a34d52bd4c05e1be5c6afaf8064199d3e  gh-ost-binary-osx-20210503171035.tar.gz
    02d39afd96e0b5d69baf6a7259871b664445eaa811ccb6c3928376793b56f997  gh-ost_1.1.1_amd64.deb


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost(9.11 MB)
    gh-ost-1.1.1-1.x86_64.rpm(4.57 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20210503150942.tar.gz(4.60 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20210503171035.tar.gz(4.95 MB)
    gh-ost_1.1.1_amd64.deb(4.60 MB)
  • v1.1.0(Aug 28, 2020)

    Changes since 1.0.49:


    • Support a complete ALTER TABLE statement in --alter, #865 / #878, thanks @shlomi-noach
    • Support --mysql-timeout flag, #824, thanks @shlomi-noach
    • Add a check to rows.Err after processing all rows, #835, thanks @ajm188
    • Update go-sql-driver to latest, #823, thanks @shlomi-noach
    • Update build to Golang 1.14, #861 / #876, thanks @shlomi-noach
    • Add error checking for an err variable that was left unchecked, #810, thanks @yaserazfar
    • Implement a logging interface, #789 / #864, thanks @abeyum and @jfudally
    • Throttle on HTTP error to throttling API, #833, thanks @jfudally
    • Additional testing:
      • Add latin1 tests with TEXT columns, #291 / #455, thanks @shlomi-noach
      • Add BINARY / VARBINARY tests, #655, thanks @shlomi-noach
      • Add NULL-able INT tests, #692, thanks @shlomi-noach

    Thank you to all contributors!

    $ sha256sum *
    e6de44ed76cd7834d7dac5ee4a53459ce18e16fbb482e9ff5d898f7d83444632  gh-ost-1.1.0-1.x86_64.rpm
    2c29184d5b7f1340999680c06ae6796639f195d00907214a9baddc9ca9391ca9  gh-ost-binary-linux-20200828140552.tar.gz
    c1dc2716dd5b843b4ef11b3fa601885f079363ca5545799bdac7037fd132e723  gh-ost-binary-osx-20200828160625.tar.gz
    6ca0c5f0a79e51035e380a00350a535e04381b29ac9bbb847acf31d3b8985390  gh-ost_1.1.0_amd64.deb


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-1.1.0-1.x86_64.rpm(4.88 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20200828140552.tar.gz(4.90 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20200828160625.tar.gz(5.51 MB)
    gh-ost_1.1.0_amd64.deb(4.90 MB)
  • v1.0.49(Feb 9, 2020)

    Changes since 1.0.48:


    • --force-named-panic (on panic command, force table name), named throttle, named no-throttle, #695
    • add --skip-strict-mode option, #712, thank @babinomec
    • Improve SSL support #716, thanks @RafeKettler
    • context, status and hooks: add progressPct and CurrentLag, #788
    • Always use NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO #723
    • tests: test on MySQL 8.0
    • tests: Bump default-retries to 3 #754 , thanks @zmoazeni
    • Support and require go1.12
    • doc updates/fixes, thanks @mohitm15, Tobias Johansson, @jchambers
    $ sha256sum *
    628ad01f4b327ee81f01aee1e4e5d2a966ed681fa391d064424270dbd7b0b0b1  gh-ost-1.0.49-1.x86_64.rpm
    a1d7f72e1119bb8a939204a56acbee09eb52c769183a4649e56d6b3b524cb774  gh-ost-binary-linux-20200209110835.tar.gz
    667f8800654410749b1af6053f26109769992adb813eb9edaa154d537cc86ef3  gh-ost_1.0.49_amd64.deb
    95b3ed74f70ffea9f11f4af06fb6e312f0a857bf4fd3c3ad2da31fc7b3359dd3  gh-ost-binary-osx-20200209114711.tar.gz


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-1.0.49-1.x86_64.rpm(4.72 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20200209110835.tar.gz(4.74 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20200209114711.tar.gz(5.38 MB)
    gh-ost_1.0.49_amd64.deb(4.74 MB)
  • v1.0.48(Feb 14, 2019)

    Changes since 1.0.47:

    • Update to latest go-mysql library, which solved multiple issues
    • Fix inspector column types #661, thanks @esnunes
    • inspect: remove redundant join conditions #699, thanks @twotwotwo
    • maintainer email address in .deb package
    • added: --hooks-hint-owner, --hooks-hint-token #703
    • Initial SSL Connection Support #705, thanks @brandonbodnar-wk
    • Fixed DECIMAL datatype #684 (the trigger for updating go-mysql)
    • more... thank you to all contributors!
    $ sha256sum *
    cf1f0999c81f194472b9d3f154c21e0848bd1d61697ce1ca9123368b31d718b2  gh-ost-1.0.48-1.x86_64.rpm
    8d0a518064c5803e1d5e8676031e5a5b5b180e67700d476e19eaf68e4a4a583a  gh-ost-binary-linux-20190214020851.tar.gz
    f57a1361315adba33b51ecd9bf8863722385dbcff741f0a4d467087aaded9bc4  gh-ost-binary-osx-20190214120940.tar.gz
    67bf74f1af6f968a59a2725398ccb5167d97e9b0cd1ab00c867425bf86a0d124  gh-ost_1.0.48_amd64.deb


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-1.0.48-1.x86_64.rpm(3.11 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20190214020851.tar.gz(3.13 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20190214120940.tar.gz(3.66 MB)
    gh-ost_1.0.48_amd64.deb(3.13 MB)
  • v1.0.47(Oct 16, 2018)

    Changes since 1.0.46:

    • Fix to copyRowsFunc hanging issue. Thank you @wfxiang08 #611
    • Support for GCP (Google Cloud Platform) #634
    • Populate the hooks environment with dry run status. Thank you @jacobbednarz #641
    • Integration test updates
    • Minor documentation updates


    $ sha256sum *
    1e2659498d8f2b66cd911e52c8282f03fd2de08eb86d6d77aad0c7ec3e6ff9e0  gh-ost-1.0.47-1.x86_64.rpm
    1b00a14d5b358efd210d5371d63d5c84f3ce35717fbb2c15a24b7248b2dede95  gh-ost-binary-linux-20181016015113.tar.gz
    396964f58cb6a72818437cd1a2cf129523b339b6000dd6443f9399841e0d35d9  gh-ost-binary-osx-20181016015113.tar.gz
    8e98c38d9d4129929a95850aecc50f010443626e5ff0ba7ef85c90f24444e199  gh-ost_1.0.47_amd64.deb


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-1.0.47-1.x86_64.rpm(2.81 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20181016015113.tar.gz(2.84 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20181016015113.tar.gz(2.82 MB)
    gh-ost_1.0.47_amd64.deb(2.84 MB)
  • v1.0.46(May 28, 2018)

    Changes since 1.0.45:

    • Support for GENERATED columns, #595, based on work by @dveeden
    • Support for zero timestamps on MySQL 5.5 #539
    • Sanity: enforcing binlog_row_image=FULL
    • Avoid prepared statements for changelog table #592 @ggunson
    • Community contributions, thanks @SchumacherFM, @atsushi-ishibashi,
    • Release: rpm and deb packages


    $ sha256sum *
    9b0741d1b27aab613cdad12c2bfdd70d6879b116b6d41cef3b58eb21d4f14e62  gh-ost-1.0.46-1.x86_64.rpm
    4222af72f19eadfb6ca7335791c8cc9f628f14c751bc324508cf976fc6dd9feb  gh-ost-binary-linux-20180527215024.tar.gz
    4f069500b7d3a9f1396fc615acd4913fb12783d8e8494aa5656c9355e6b5d8d3  gh-ost-binary-osx-20180527215024.tar.gz
    b6b452c17b44da537f92f29514ab5fdd4dbe795f671c8dd08f5962f31e7ba2ec  gh-ost_1.0.46_amd64.deb


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-1.0.46-1.x86_64.rpm(2.81 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20180527215024.tar.gz(2.84 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20180527215024.tar.gz(2.82 MB)
    gh-ost_1.0.46_amd64.deb(2.84 MB)
  • v1.0.45(Apr 17, 2018)

    Changes since previous release, 10.0.44:


    • Support for Aliyun RDS, contribution by @zhangxiaojian, #541
    • Support gbk Encoding , contribution by @ceshihao, #533
    • Support exponential backoff for cutover attempts, contribution by @kurtzur, #563
    • Fix to long JSON values
    • CI to run migration tests (previously executed manually outside CI flow), #546, blog post
    • Tests for GEOMETRY and POINT data types
    • Avoid printing password in output log

    Thank you to all contributors!

    $ sha256sum *
    c0319eee757e544eb2be298ba115c3a6e6296d3c5ae44929d64009f3f86a62d4  gh-ost-binary-linux-20180417090238.tar.gz
    68fe507863a323e690a9899395314f52925cc173b38272dd91deb29cb5a1005b  gh-ost-binary-osx-20180417090238.tar.gz


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20180417090238.tar.gz(2.82 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20180417090238.tar.gz(2.82 MB)
  • v1.0.44(Feb 11, 2018)

    Changes since 1.0.42:


    • --postpone-cut-over-flag-file implies touching indicated file
    • support for PK column UPDATE (fixes #519)
    • Implement teardown (#479 ), now gh-ost can be embedded as a library -- thanks @nikhilmat !
    • Allow gh-ost to modify the server using extra port (#491 ) -- thanks @zmoazeni !
    • Doc updates -- thanks @druud !
    • Remove plaintext password from log
    • Building via go1.9
    $ sha256 *
    583eb9fe9055b422521a7a60083860248bf5a52226dceb561cb60d8520bfecc0  gh-ost-binary-linux-20180211093207.tar.gz
    6940fde2720179f4b3c4c74b906e746060b18a0a1e3229dcf818cd944a57dfd7  gh-ost-binary-osx-20180211093207.tar.gz


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20180211093207.tar.gz(2.73 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20180211093207.tar.gz(2.73 MB)
  • v1.0.42(Sep 14, 2017)

    Changes since 1.0.40:


    • Support for 5.7 JSON data type
    • Write optimization: client side prepares statements, reduce network traffic overhead,
    • Read optimization: avoid generating temporary tables in read query, thanks @ggunson
    • Using autocommit=1, fixes, thanks @renecannao
    • Added --force-table-names controlling, see, thanks @arthurnn
    • Validating password length (capped at 32, see
    • Stricter data type validation pre-migration
    • more...

    Thank you kindly to all contributors!

    $ md5sum *
    07617a0058396336d0d0686253ae602d  gh-ost-binary-linux-20170914095800.tar.gz
    673574c92bf18921625758a05e0bed98  gh-ost-binary-osx-20170914095800.tar.gz
    $ sha1sum *
    444589e9417653a8636838cb6ecbe7fb908e7609  gh-ost-binary-linux-20170914095800.tar.gz
    9a79e741ea28e1f55d7cf49b9813f151d4b52362  gh-ost-binary-osx-20170914095800.tar.gz
    $ sha256sum *
    297b14ed1efe9b894e27e63f7aff36ceded7334c174f5a8602af9e74beb2f512  gh-ost-binary-linux-20170914095800.tar.gz
    0fd2497b21305dbd420f94d61703a33a70fcf2b0b54bbfb55e178691d061ff2d  gh-ost-binary-osx-20170914095800.tar.gz


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20170914095800.tar.gz(2.62 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20170914095800.tar.gz(2.62 MB)
  • v1.0.40(Jul 21, 2017)

    Changes since 1.0.36:


    • Fix to data integrity issue: corruption in timestamp(6) and datetime(6) microsecond values when smaller than 0.1sec,
    • Fix to data integrity issue: kill on the master connection could cause a premature cut-over without all the rows being copied,
    • Fix to data integrity issue: support for alter table .. change column X where X is a different letter case than original column,
    • supporting tables that reach up to and including max length (64 characters),
    • Hibernate on critical load: when critical-load-hibernate-seconds > 0, then the behavior of critical-load changes. Instead of panicking and bailing out with error, gh-ost enters hibernation.
    • dml-batch-size is dynamic, supported up to 1000
    • http-throttle outputs clearer throttle messahes
    • http-throttle is freno aware and outputs clearer throttle messahes
    • fix to critical-load hibernation check
    • support for drop + add a column of same name (gh-ost will recognize the before/after columns to be unrelated)
    • RDS documentation, thanks @jacobbednarz
    • improved documentation, thanks @jessbreckenridge
    • more...
    55079a0ea0f72bfccf32658f4c6de894  gh-ost-binary-linux-1.0.40-20170721063804.tar.gz
    715309fcd4cd85f974b4ac648f849fa3  gh-ost-binary-osx-1.0.40-20170721063804.tar.gz
    b19b8af996cef57d117a961cdf2c27865e9c5ff6  gh-ost-binary-linux-1.0.40-20170721063804.tar.gz
    d8b3d862e815319ba62c6f55502cdd670f0b4028  gh-ost-binary-osx-1.0.40-20170721063804.tar.gz


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-1.0.40-20170721063804.tar.gz(2.61 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-1.0.40-20170721063804.tar.gz(2.62 MB)
  • v1.0.36(Apr 3, 2017)

    changes since 1.0.35:


    • supporting --throttle-http=<url>: routinely check given URL, throttle when response code is not 200.
    • fixed "close sync with err: sync is been closing..." message

    gh-ost now supports and uses TravisCI. The community will now have visibility into CI tests on both external and internal PRs.


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20170403125842.tar.gz(2.54 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20170403125842.tar.gz(2.53 MB)
  • v1.0.35(Mar 13, 2017)

    changes since 1.0.34:


    • updated go-mysql library
    • supporting --timestamp-old-table
    • mitigating cut-over/write race condition
    • fixed mediumint unsigned problem
    • added various tests
    • proper documentation for shared key and unique keys requirements -- thanks @ggunson
    • interactive command support question mark (?) as argument, in which case this is a Get operation, gh-ost prints out current value
    • fix to throttle-control-replicas dynamic setting; showing number of throttle control replicas in status
    • added "common questions" doc page
    • cut-over failure on test-on-replica kicks replication running again before reattempt
    • collecting and presenting MySQL versions of applier and inspector
    • migration only starting after first replication lag metric collected
    • more...


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20170313063856.tar.gz(2.16 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20170313063856.tar.gz(2.16 MB)
  • v1.0.34(Jan 9, 2017)

    changes since 1.0.32:


    • Batched writes for applying binlog events onto ghost table: solving, this increases write capacity for gh-ost without introducing delays or stalls. See
    • Only using internal heartbeat mechanism. --replication-lag-query is now deprecated and unused. gh-ost has its own subsecond resolution replication lag measurement which it uses both on the connected server as well as on the control-replicas. See
    • support for --master-user and --master-password, for when master and replicas have different credentials.
    • Add possibility to set server-id as command line flag - contribution by @cypiszzz, see
    • --check-flag is a flag with which one can check if other flags are supported. Used for scripting and testing in lieu of evolving and changing versions. See


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20170109081400.tar.gz(2.14 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20170109081400.tar.gz(2.14 MB)
  • v1.0.32(Dec 14, 2016)

  • v1.0.30(Dec 6, 2016)

    Many additions since 1.0.28. The ultimate breakdown is


    • Fixed cut-over stall: when cut-over happened to start executing even as lag or otherwise a throttling condition also emerged, a race condition would make the cut-over stall until throttling reason went away. The fix is that cut-over does not wait, and at worst, rolls back.
    • fix to cut-over retries -- it didn't throttle properly in between and did not cleanup properly in between.
    • cut-over timeout on "unknown" stalls. An example to "unknown" was the throttling problem described above. I don't know what other unknowns there are, but cut-over is now generically resilient to them.
    • support for --skip-foreign-key-checks - can save inspection time, when one is certain no FKs actually exist
    • Made column-rename detection heuristic more robust (it could wrongly infer a rename by some unfortunate comment or column-name)
    • Reading and reporting replication lag before waiting on initial replication event -- this adds visibility in seemingly-hanging operations where the replica is lagging in the first place
    • changelog table uses same engine as original table
    • on startup, verifying replication works all all the way up to the master.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20161206132017.tar.gz(2.13 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20161206132017.tar.gz(2.13 MB)
  • v1.0.28(Nov 1, 2016)

    Many additions since 1.0.21. The ultimate breakdown is


    • support for DATETIME subsecond resolution
    • user-commanded throttling implies complete silence, not even heartbeat is written
    • fixed log_slave_updates check on --test-on-replica and --migrate-on-replica
    • cleanly closing streamer connection (connection that imposes as a replica) upon completion
    • on --exact-rowcount, --concurrent-rowcount now defaults true
    • added validation to confirm table structure on master & replica is identical (yes, the counter case happened)
    • correct (though suboptimal) behavior on enum being part of the migration key
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20161101125005.tar.gz(2.51 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20161101125005.tar.gz(2.50 MB)
  • v1.0.21(Oct 13, 2016)

    Many additions since 1.0.20. The ultimate breakdown is


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20161013142859.tar.gz(2.50 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20161013142859.tar.gz(2.49 MB)
  • v1.0.20(Sep 13, 2016)

  • v1.0.18-experimental(Sep 8, 2016)

  • v1.0.17(Sep 5, 2016)


    • Support hooks: external processes invoked by gh-ost at specific points in execution
    • Sub-second lag resolution: if you require your replicas to lag within subsecond threshold, this is now supported
    • RDS: this release should work with RDS, see discussion -- we will formalize documentation once behavior is tested more
    • Tungsten: supply --tungsten
    • master-master improved support: explictly specify the master via --allow-master-master See cheatsheet
    • Improved status report (ETA shows estimate even while throttling)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-v1.0.17-20160905104058.tar.gz(2.45 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-v1.0.17-20160905104058.tar.gz(2.44 MB)
  • v1.0.14(Aug 26, 2016)


    • --concurrent-rowcount ( with --exact-rowcount, issue the count(*) concurrently even as row copy takes place (row count gets updated throughout the migration)
    • Using STRICT_ALL_TABLES for all operations, as safety net ()
    • Fixed support for 5.5 (
    • Relaxed config file parser (
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    gh-ost-binary-linux-20160826083132.tar.gz(2.37 MB)
    gh-ost-binary-osx-20160826083132.tar.gz(2.37 MB)
  • v1.0.13(Aug 24, 2016)

  • v1.0.11(Aug 22, 2016)

  • v1.0.10(Aug 18, 2016)

  • v1.0.9(Aug 15, 2016)

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