A framework for building chat interfaces with gioui.org.

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A framework for building chat interfaces with gioui.org.

The canonical copy of this repository is hosted on Sourcehut. We also have:


Work in progress. Expect breaking API changes often.


This repo contains many packages with different goals:

  • list: This package implements logic to allow a Gio list to scroll over arbitrarily large quantities of elements while keeping a fixed number in RAM.
  • layout: This package exposes some layout types and functions helpful for building chat interfaces.
  • ninepatch: A ninepatch image decoder.
  • widget: This package exposes the state types for some helpful chat widgets.
  • widget/material: This package exposes some material-design-themed components for building chat interfaces.
  • example/kitchen: An example of using all of this parts of this module together to build a chat interface.
  • example/ninepatch: An example of the ninepatch decoder.
  • example/unconfigured: A demonstration of the default behavior of the list.Manager if no custom hooks are provided to it.


See the ./example directory for applications showcasing how to use the current API.

In particular ./example/kitchen tries to exercise the full range of this module's features.


Dual Unlicense/MIT, same as Gio

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