Web framework for creating apps using Go in Google AppEngine


Welcome to app.go v3.0

app.go is a simple web framework for use in Google AppEngine. Just copy the app folder to your working folder and import it from your main program. That's it. A web application ready to run in no time. Also, app.go comes with a powerful datastore manager to simplify your interactions with BigTable, making your code cleaner and safer.

Here is the Guestbook example from AppEngine rewritten using app.go

package hello


func init() {
    app.Get ("/index", index)
    app.Post("/sign" , sign )

func index(ctx app.Context) {
    recs := models.GetGreetings(ctx,10)

func sign(ctx app.Context) {
    rec := models.Greeting{
        Author : ctx.User.Nick,
        Content: ctx.GetValue("content"),

As you can see, with app.go we make it really easy to write web apps in go. We welcome your feedback for any special request or bug fix.



  • separation of app and db packages
  • encourage the use of models package for data manipulation
  • added filters to template parsing (soon to be replaced by new template package)


  • implemented regexp router
  • create new instance of DB for every request
  • use nanoseconds in db.sequence
  • on init: if no templates error/notfound generate default templates.
  • cache templates
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  • Bug compile

    Bug compile

    AppEngine - release: "1.6.1"

    Compile error: /google_appengine/demos/helloworld/app/filters.go:16: undefined: template.FormatterMap /google_appengine/demos/helloworld/app/app.go:73: undefined: template.Parse /google_appengine/demos/helloworld/app/app.go:77: undefined: template.Parse /google_appengine/demos/helloworld/app/app.go:88: too many arguments in call to strings.Split /google_appengine/demos/helloworld/app/app.go:98: undefined: http.ParseQuery /google_appengine/demos/helloworld/app/app.go:99: typechecking loop /google_appengine/demos/helloworld/app/app.go:316: undefined: template.MustParseFile

    opened by locky37 0
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