The interactive web server



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The interactive web server.

HTTPLabs let you inspect HTTP requests and forge responses.




go get
go install


yaourt httplab


On systems where snap is supported:

snap install httplab

Binary distribution

Each release provides pre-built binaries for different architectures, you can download them here:


Usage of httplab:
  -a, --auto-update       Auto-updates response when fields change. (default true)
  -b, --body string       Specifies the inital response body. (default "Hello, World")
  -c, --config string     Specifies custom config path.
      --cors              Enable CORS.
      --cors-display      Display CORS requests. (default true)
  -d, --delay int         Specifies the initial response delay in ms.
  -H, --headers strings   Specifies the initial response headers. (default [X-Server:HTTPLab])
  -p, --port int          Specifies the port where HTTPLab will bind to. (default 10080)
  -s, --status string     Specifies the initial response status. (default "200")
  -v, --version           Prints current version.

Key Bindings

Key Description
Tab Next Input
Shift+Tab Previous Input
Ctrl+a Apply Response changes
Ctrl+r Resets Request history
Ctrl+s Save Response as
Ctrl+f Save Request as
Ctrl+l Toggle Responses list
Ctrl+t Toggle Response builder
Ctrl+o Open Body file
Ctrl+b Switch Body mode
Ctrl+h Toggle Help
Ctrl+w Toggle line wrapping
q Close popup
PgUp Previous Request
PgDown Next Request
Ctrl+c Quit

HTTPLab uses file to store pre-built responses, it will look for a file called .httplab on the current directory if not found it will fallback to $HOME. A sample file can be found here.

HTTPLab is heavily inspired by wuzz

  • "Save response as" not working

    I tried to do "Save response as", and got the message "open /home/steven/.httplab: permission denied".

    I tried making a directory .httplab (complained that it was a directory), and later a text file (complained permission denied).

    I tried saving using a relative file name, and a full file name, and nothing was saved.

    opened by spemberton 19
  • can not run ?

    can not run ?

    Just git clone the repository and go run main.go, but it show below message

    # command-line-arguments
    ./main.go:13: undefined: UI
    ./main.go:16: undefined: DumpRequest
    ./main.go:42: undefined: NewUI
    opened by qianguozheng 10
  • Text selecting support using mouse

    Text selecting support using mouse

    Unless you're using tmux (or some terminal multiplexer) copying text to the clipboard it's hard, this is mainly because you can't select text using the mouse. This would be a nice to have feature.

    opened by qustavo 8
  • Buffer Request Pane

    Buffer Request Pane

    Would be nice to be able to scroll through previous requests, or support having multiple requests on-screen at once.

    Useful when debugging something that sends multiple different payloads - can just point them all at httplab and understand the flow.

    opened by SikhNerd 7
  • Updates |DumpRequest| to iterate over Header keys alphabetically

    Updates |DumpRequest| to iterate over Header keys alphabetically

    Adds functionality per issue #47 -- simply added a function to sort the request headers alphabetically and call said function prior to iterating over the request header map in DumpRequest

    opened by j-haj 6
  • Add snapcraft yaml to enable builds of snaps

    Add snapcraft yaml to enable builds of snaps


    This PR adds support for building snaps of httplab via snapcraft - see for more information. Hooking this up means that builds of master can be pushed to the store and make latest builds of httplab are immediately available to millions of users.

    To test the build used to make the snap, on an up to date 16.04 machine

    apt install snapcraft

    git clone git checkout add-snapcraft cd httplab snapcraft

    This will build a snap which can be installed via:-

    snap install httplab_0.1.0+git_amd64.snap --dangerous

    (the --dangerous is required as it's an unsigned package being side-loaded, rather than a signed one from the store).

    Test the application as expected.

    Would be great to get this merged, and then hook up the automated builds to land in the store directly, as per Happy to help through that process. We also have an automated system at which could be used to auto-build and push to the store.

    Once published in the store, it can be installed with:-

    snap install httplab --edge

    Later, when pushed to the stable store, it can be installed with:-

    snap insatll httplab

    opened by popey 6
  • Configuration file

    Configuration file

    Would be super neat if the tool could either pick up the .httplab config file from the current directory or via command line argument (similar to the port configuration). That would allow to have different saved requests for different projects and also to version control the saved requests.

    opened by AxelTheGerman 6
  • Added graceful shutdown, closes #66

    Added graceful shutdown, closes #66

    This PR implements Graceful shutdown. The message is shown in log output as opposed to GUI. We might think about changing that, but it would require more of a code structure rewrite. Another improvement could be to add deadline to shutdown operation.

    opened by maciekmm 5
  • Display request headers sorted

    Display request headers sorted

    As request headers are implemented as a map, the order of the keys are not guaranteed. It would be nice to display all the request header sorted alphabetically, so that is easy to identify changes from one request to the other

    Hacktoberfest In Progress 
    opened by qustavo 5
  • Can't load package: package

    Can't load package: package

    I'm not a Go developer, so only following the instruction in the README:

    $ go install
    can't load package: package cannot find package "" in any of:
    	/usr/local/go/src/ (from $GOROOT)
    	/home/user/go/src/ (from $GOPATH)

    There is a remote location to install this package? Do I have to download the sources an place them into the /usr/local/go/ folder to install it? Because /usr/local/go is not a user folder, It shouldn't be required to install an app like this, and isn't specified in the README instructions.

    opened by mrsarm 5
  • Body (Input) is not updated

    Body (Input) is not updated


    maybe I am missing something very obvious, but for me the Editor field for "Body (Input)" is not working.

    Changes, which I make to the Status, Delay or Header Fields take effect. When I load a predefined Reponse body from the .httplab file, the changes take effect. But when I enter a Response Body by hand in the editor field, the body returned does not reflect the change (regardless, whether I stay in the Editor, change to another input field, use Ctrl-A for updating the response or not)

    Any ideas, why this happens? I have tried to locate the issue, but since I do not know go, it is quite hard.

    opened by michaelrommel 5
  • No information returned

    No information returned

    $uri="" $headers=@{ "content-length"= "215" "cache-control"= "max-age=0" "upgrade-insecure-requests"= "1" "user-agent"= "Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 9; LM-G710) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/76.0.3809.132 Mobile Safari/537.36" "sec-fetch-mode"= "navigate" "sec-fetch-user"= "?1" "content-type"= "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" "dnt"= "1" "accept"= "text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,image/apng,/;q=0.8,application/signed-exchange;v=b3" "sec-fetch-site"= "none" "accept-encoding"= "gzip, deflate, br" "accept-language"= "zh-CN,zh;q=0.9,en-US;q=0.8,en;q=0.7" } Invoke-WebRequest $uri -Method Post -Headers $headers

    opened by he852100 1
  • Problems rendering on tmux

    Problems rendering on tmux

    There are some issues when using it inside tmux 2.9a, it renders incorrec t characters and doesn't allow to use arrow keys, neither to use it at all actually, tried in different terminals:

    • Termite
    • rxvt-unicode
    • xterm
    • alacritty

    using both zsh and bash and evertything works fine on it's own, but in tmux it presents this problem (screenshot in link)

    I'm using archlinux and tmux 2.9a

    tried installation from AUR, with golang and from source, problem persists and it's only when inside tmux



    it works when changing TERM variable inside tmux either from tmux-256color to tmux or screen-256color to screen

    opened by mxdevmanuel 1
  • Snap package unavailable

    Snap package unavailable

    Looks like httplab disappeared from Snap

    It's possible to create new snaps automatically in CI

    opened by matrixik 1
  • Create a generic install script

    Create a generic install script

    Projects like brew provides a handy way to install. It would be great to have something similar that depending on your architecture, fetches the righ binary and copies it to some $PATH.

    A simple bash script should be enough to start,

    opened by qustavo 0
  • Customizable keybindings

    Customizable keybindings

    Having configurable key bindings would be a nice addition. I can implement this to store custom key bindings in ~/.httplab, is this a good place for such change?

    opened by maciekmm 1
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