Use Redis' MONITOR to draw things in a terminal


Redis Top

Redistop uses MONITOR to watch Redis commands and shows per command and per host statistics.

Because MONITOR streams back all commands, its use comes at a cost.

Redistop uses INFO command too.


Redis Top screenshot


If you have recent golang dev enironment set, you can build it with the Makefile


If you need a Linux compilation, or juste using Docker:

make docker-build


GPL v3

  • Using tcell/tview not termui

    Using tcell/tview not termui

    With termui, redistop use 5% CPU on my laptop, it's huge for a dummy application that write text on a terminal.

    pprof shows the guilty : termui with their signal and syscall.

    Showing top 10 nodes out of 118
          flat  flat%   sum%        cum   cum%
         160ms 20.00% 20.00%      160ms 20.00%  runtime.kevent
         100ms 12.50% 32.50%      100ms 12.50%  runtime.nanotime1
          80ms 10.00% 42.50%       80ms 10.00%  runtime.pthread_cond_signal
          70ms  8.75% 51.25%       70ms  8.75%  runtime.pthread_cond_wait
          70ms  8.75% 60.00%       70ms  8.75%  syscall.Syscall
          60ms  7.50% 67.50%       60ms  7.50%  runtime.madvise
          50ms  6.25% 73.75%       70ms  8.75%  runtime.injectglist
          30ms  3.75% 77.50%      190ms 23.75%  runtime.netpoll
          30ms  3.75% 81.25%       30ms  3.75%  runtime.pthread_kill
          20ms  2.50% 83.75%       20ms  2.50%  syscall.syscall

    Termui has display glitch, too.

    Lets use tcell and tview.

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