The Terraform Provider for Factorio


Terraform Provider for Factorio

"Infrastructure as Code" for your factory.


Current Status: Barely functional and mostly useless.

Inspired by the likes of:

Only works with factorio multiplayer server, as it depends on remote control via RCON. See ./examples/hello-world for more information on how to use.

Repository Overview

  • examples: Examples using the provider
  • mod: The mod for factorio which provides an API for the provider.
  • provider: The Terraform provider.
  • RPC Re-work

    RPC Re-work

    Makes RPC handling between provider + mod more regular and robust. Errors are now mostly captured and displayed to the Go client / provider.

    opened by efokschaner 0
A pluggable backend API that enforces the Event Sourcing Pattern for persisting & broadcasting application state changes

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