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Resiliency patterns for golang. Based in part on Hystrix, Semian, and others.

Currently implemented patterns include:

  • circuit-breaker (in the breaker directory)
  • semaphore (in the semaphore directory)
  • deadline/timeout (in the deadline directory)
  • batching (in the batcher directory)
  • retriable (in the retrier directory)

Follows semantic versioning using - import from for guaranteed API stability.

  • Protect PRNG against simultaneous access. (Was: Add setter for Retrier random number generator)

    Protect PRNG against simultaneous access. (Was: Add setter for Retrier random number generator)

    Thank you for this project.

    This pull request adds SetRand(Float64er) in order to provides ones own random number generator.

    Uses cases include the following:

    • providing an alternate RNG.
    • providing a thread safe RNG.
    opened by gglachant 5
  • Add RunCtx to retrier

    Add RunCtx to retrier

    Thank you very much for this project. I often use retrier package.

    There are three changes

    • Add retrier.RunCtx(ctx context.Context work func(ctx context.Context) error) error.
    • Add test for retrier.RunCtx
    • Modify travis.yml for supporting only 1.7 and 1.10

    fixes #16

    opened by tukeJonny 4
  • Please release again

    Please release again

    The sole current release is missing years of fixes

    opened by nim-nim 4
  • added leaky bucket rate limiter

    added leaky bucket rate limiter

    First off thanks for the awesome project. Really love your clean style.

    I needed a leaky bucket rate limiter to add to a client i was building and thought that this might be useful to this repo.

    This isn't the final commit as we need to add README to package, just wanting to see if this is something you are interested in?

    opened by kidtronnix 3
  • retrier: support context.Context

    retrier: support context.Context

    Greetings, I'm a user of the retry package, mostly because it's a dependency of the shopify/sarama package - so it's already available in my vendor directory.

    I'm interested to know if you'd be in favor of supporting the context package for retrier -- I imagine the interface to be

    (r *Retrier) RunCtx(context.Context, func() error) error

    This would allow the retrier to exit early if the provided context is cancelled prior to the retry wait period. If the context is cancelled, it could return the error of the last failure, or ctx.Err() - I'm unsure which would be preferred.

    I would imagine the retier struct would need to be extended to include a time.Timer that would be reset upon each call to Run/RunCtx, and each iteration of attempts.

    Exiting early would me a simple matter of having a function such as

    // sleep will return true if the time channel has a message
    // sent on it before the context expires
    // accepts a <-chan time.Time for more deterministic testing
    // no need to rely on the runtime to fire the timer
    func sleep(ctx context.Context, t <-chan time.Time) bool {
        select {
        case <-t:
            return true
        case <-ctx.Done():
            return false

    the call to time.Sleep() could then be replaced with

    if !sleep(ctx, r.timer.C) {
        // return previous error?
        return ctx.Err()

    The implementation of Run could then become

    (r *Retrier) Run(fn func() error) error {
        return r.RunCtx(context.Background(), fn)

    This approach is seen in the standard library, and is a nice way to maintain backwards compatibility.

    Please let me know your thoughts - if this is something you'd approve of, I could likely find the time to do the implementation.

    opened by chrisguiney 3
  • add log for breaker error

    add log for breaker error

    I feel that you should add log when some occur in function func (b *Breaker) doWork(state uint32, work func() error) error, it convenient for us to find error

    opened by Stephan14 2
  • Retry / Backoff

    Retry / Backoff

    As the title says, it might be handy to have a package for retriable actions with different back-off strategies etc.

    opened by eapache 2
  • goroutine leak in Deadline.Run

    goroutine leak in Deadline.Run

    if Run() returns ErrTimeOut, the work function would block on sending to channel result.

    opened by evolsnow 2
  • Please release again!

    Please release again!

    Missing a number of new fixes, including RunCtx :)

    opened by wtachau 2
  • clarify deadline example

    clarify deadline example

    The deadline example says: // check stopper function and give up if timed out What is the stopper function? Stopper is a channel. Perhaps the example can be expanded to show how to do this?

    opened by predmond 2
  • Implements error unwrapping for error checking

    Implements error unwrapping for error checking

    Issue related to #28

    Note: this might need further consideration, since errors.Is was added on Go 1.13, which might be a breaking change for clients.

    I have considered other alternative like using optional parameters & build constraints so this will only be compiled for the correct Go version, but that requires much bigger changes.

    opened by taufik-rama 0
  • Error unwrapping for `retrier/`

    Error unwrapping for `retrier/`

    Hello, I've some feature request regarding the title

    Basically, I propose we use errors.Is() from standard library to check for the blacklisted/whitelisted error types (the err == pass bit)

    The reason is that currently we need to specify exacly what the error kind is, without checking if an error actually contains ("wraps") another error which are actually listed

    Say we've implements a custom type to better handle specific error usecase

    type HTTPError struct {
        host string
        path string
    func (h HTTPError) Error() string { // implements Go's `error` type
        return "failed on HTTP request to " + + h.path + " reason: " + h.error.Error()
    func (h HTTPError) Unwrap() error { // will be called from standard library error unwrapping
        return h.error

    And that the error type wraps context.Canceled, which is defined as a blacklist

    backoff := // ...
    class := retrier.BlacklistClassifier{
    retry := retrier.New(backoff, class)
    // ...
    retry.Run(func() {
        // ...
        return HTTPError{error: context.Cancelled, host: "...", path: "..."}

    The blacklist check would fail, because err == pass won't know what the "internal" value of the error actually is

    opened by taufik-rama 0
  • avoid goroutine leak

    avoid goroutine leak

    opened by 1046102779 1
  • v1.2.0(Jun 14, 2019)

    Note: This release requires Golang at least 1.7, which is higher than the previous release. All the versions being dropped are multiple years old and no longer supported upstream, so I'm not counting this as a breaking change.

    • Add RunCtx method on Retrier to support running with a context.
    • Ensure the Retrier's use of random numbers is concurrency-safe.
    • Bump CI to ensure we support newer Golang versions.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.1.0(Mar 26, 2018)

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