The fastest dork scanner written in Go.



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The fastest dork scanner written in Go.

There are also various search engines supported by go-dork, including Google, Shodan, Bing, Duck, Yahoo and Ask.


  • Download a prebuilt binary from releases page, unpack and run! or
  • If you have Go 1.15+ compiler installed and configured:
> GO111MODULE=on go get -v -u


Basic Usage

It's fairly simple, go-dork can be run with:

> go-dork -q "inurl:'...'"


> go-dork -h

This will display help for the tool. Here are all the switches it supports.

Flag Description
-q/--query Search query (required)
-e/--engine Provide search engine (default: Google)
(options: Google, Shodan, Bing, Duck, Yahoo, Ask)
-p/--page Specify number of pages (default: 1)
-H/--header Pass custom header to search engine
-x/--proxy Use proxy to surfing
-s/--silent Silent mode, prints only results in output


> go-dork -q "inurl:..."

Queries can also be input with stdin

> cat dorks.txt | go-dork -p 5

Defining engine

Search engine can be changed from the available engines: Google, Shodan, Bing, Duck, Yahoo, Ask. However, if the -e flag is not defined, it will use the Google search engine by default.

> go-dork -e bing -q ".php?id="

This will do a search by the Bing engine.


By default, go-dork scrapes the first page, you can customize using the -p flag.

> go-dork -q "intext:'jira'" -p 5

It will search sequentially from pages 1 to 5.

Adding custom headers

Maybe you want to use a search filter on the Shodan engine, you can use custom headers to add cookies or other header parts.

> go-dork -q "org:'Target' http.favicon.hash:116323821" \
  --engine shodan -H "Cookie: ..." -H "User-Agent: ..."

Using proxy

Using a proxy, this can also be useful if Google or other engines meet Captcha.

> go-dork -q "intitle:'BigIP'" -p 2 -x

Chained with other tools

If you want to chain the go-dork results with another tool, use the -s flag.

> cat dorks.txt | go-dork | pwntools
> go-dork -q "inurl:'/secure' intext:'jira' site:org" -s | nuclei -t workflows/jira-exploitaiton-workflow.yaml

Supporting Materials

Help & Bugs

If you are still confused or found a bug, please open the issue. All bug reports are appreciated, some features have not been tested yet due to lack of free time.


  • Fixes Yahoo regexes
  • Fixes Google regexes if using custom User-Agent
  • Stopping if there's no results & page flag was set
  • DuckDuckGo next page


MIT. See LICENSE for more details.

  • Chain with nuclei doesn't work

    Chain with nuclei doesn't work

    when running the command set in the example to chain with other tools like nuclei, for jira, after I debug this is what showed up [WRN] [microstrategy-detect] Could not execute request for : parse "\x1b[32m/\x1b[0m": net/url: invalid control character in URL This doesn't happen if I save the urls into a file and cat those out; nuclei will correctly identify the technologies. So.. is there anyway you could fix the pipe option? I believe it's because your logo still shows up in silent mode. Thank you so much. Let me know if you need more examples

    opened by whitehat92 2
  • input from dorks in stdin is all added into a single query

    input from dorks in stdin is all added into a single query

    if you have in your dorks file like this: "Index of/"

    the script will read and transform in a query as ["Index of"]. All the dorks are added to the query in a single line, which decreases the odds of getting any desirable result. As a workaround, what I'm doing is basically cat dorks | xargs -I {} go-dork -q "{}" -e . Works just fine Because of this, it would be nice to run from stdin and for each line on dorks file adding a new line in the query. So, instead of interpreting each line as new data to be added to a single query, just run it for each line and run as a single query for each line: query "index of/" --> search query " --> search

    Wonderful tool, never the less. Very good job!

    opened by whitehat92 2
  • Problem installing with build

    Problem installing with build

    When trying to build or using get, always this error of some package that is not in GOROOT

    golang_org/x/net/lex/httplex: package golang_org/x/net/lex/httplex is not in GOROOT (/usr/lib/go-1.7/src/golang_org/x/net/lex/httplex)

    I'm not sure if the error is on my side. If possible, please update the release file, in order to reflect

    Thank you very much and great job, once again :)

    opened by whitehat92 1
  • [BUG]


    hello i get log errors and cant run it bcs of them how can i fix them log is imported also i did go get on gits and everything idk help me please



    • Version:
    • Platform:
    • Subsystem:
    opened by SafeMalware 1
  • Update


    Installing executables with "go get" in module mode is deprecated. "go install [email protected]" should be used instead. For more information, see

    opened by adilsoybali 0
  • socket: too many open files

    socket: too many open files

    I executed cat dork.txt | ./go-dork_1.0.0_linux_amd64 -e bing -x socks5:// and expected it to run but instead I get this error [FTL] Get "": socks connect tcp> dial tcp socket: too many open files.

    opened by zer-far 0
  • go-dork: -h command not found

    go-dork: -h command not found

    i have go installed, version : go1.12.2 gcc , ubuntu. and kali

    when i run go-dork -h , i get command not found, even when i run from /go/pkg/mod/[email protected] still same , command not found ? am able to build .go files successfully and run too .

    and with command go run go-dork -h , get package go-dork : cannot find package "go-dork" in any off: /usr/src/go-dork /home/username/go/src/go-dork ( " /root/go/src/go-dork " for kali )

    tested on ubuntu / kali. thanks in advance for help

    opened by catechopy 0
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