An easy to use menu structure for cli applications that prompts users to make choices.


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Package wmenu creates menus for cli programs. It uses wlog for its interface with the command line. It uses os.Stdin, os.Stdout, and os.Stderr with concurrency by default. wmenu allows you to change the color of the different parts of the menu. This package also creates it's own error structure so you can type assert if you need to. wmenu will validate all responses before calling any function. It will also figure out which function should be called so you don't have to.

Watch example


Post Go1.11

import ""

Pre Go1.11

I try and keep up with my tags. To use the version and stable it is recommended to use govendor or another vendoring tool that allows you to build your project for specific tags.

govendor fetch[email protected]

The above will grab the latest v4 at that time and mark it. It will then be stable for you to use.

I will try to support as many versions as possable but please be patient.

V1.0.0 - Major Release Go Report Card GoDoc

V2.0.0 - Allowing an interface to be passed in for options Go Report Card GoDoc

V3.0.0 - Pass in the option to that option's function Go Report Card GoDoc

V4.0.0 - Now have an Action that supports multiple options Go Report Card GoDoc

v5.0.0 - Support Go Mods


  • Force single selection
  • Allow multiple selection
  • Change the delimiter
  • Change the color of different parts of the menu
  • Easily see which option(s) are default
  • Change the symbol used for default option(s)
  • Ask simple yes and no questions
  • Validate all responses before calling any functions
  • With yes and no can accept:
    • yes, Yes, YES, y, Y
    • no, No, NO, n, N
  • Figure out which Action should be called (Options, Default, or Multiple Action)
  • Re-ask question if invalid response up to a certain number of times
  • Can change max number of times to ask before failing output
  • Change reader and writer
  • Clear the screen whenever the menu is brought up
  • Has its own error structure so you can type assert menu errors

V2 - Adds these Features

  • Allowing any interface to be passed through for the options.

V3 - Adds these Features

  • Pass the option chosen to that options function

V4 - Adds these Features

  • Have one function for both single and multiple select. Allowing the user to an easier way of handeling the request.

v5 - Support Go Mods

  • No other change except you should import with the following now
import ""


This is a simple use of the package. (NOTE: THIS IS A V4 SAMPLE)

menu := wmenu.NewMenu("What is your favorite food?")
menu.Action(func (opts []wmenu.Opt) error {fmt.Printf(opts[0].Text + " is your favorite food."); return nil})
menu.Option("Pizza", nil, true, nil)
menu.Option("Ice Cream", nil, false, nil)
menu.Option("Tacos", nil, false, func(opt wmenu.Opt) error {
  fmt.Printf("Tacos are great")
  return nil
err := menu.Run()
if err != nil{

The output would look like this:

1) *Pizza
2) Ice Cream
3) Tacos
What is your favorite food?

If the user just presses [Enter] then the option(s) with the * will be selected. This indicates that it is a default function. If they choose 1 then they would see Ice Cream is your favorite food.. This used the Action's function because the option selected didn't have a function along with it. But if they choose 2 they would see Tacos are great. That option did have a function with it which take precedence over Action.

You can you also use:


This will allow the user to select multiple options. The default delimiter is a [space], but can be changed by using:

menu.SetSeperator("some string")

Another feature is the ability to ask yes or no questions.


This will remove any options previously added options and hide the ones used for the menu. It will simply just ask yes or no. Menu will parse and validate the response for you. This option will always call the Action's function and pass in the option that was selected.

V3+ - Release

Allows the user to pass anything for the value so it can be retrieved later in the function. The following is to show case the power of this.

The following was written in V3 but the concept holds for V4. V4 just changed actFunc to be func([]wmenu.Opt) error instead.

type NameEntity struct {
  FirstName string
  LastName  string

optFunc := func(opt wmenu.Opt) error {
  fmt.Println("Option 1 was chosen.")
  return nil
actFunc := func(opt wmenu.Opt) error {
  name, ok := opt.Value.(NameEntity)
  if !ok {
    log.Fatal("Could not cast option's value to NameEntity")
  fmt.Printf("%s has an id of %d.\n", opt.Text, opt.ID)
  fmt.Printf("Hello, %s %s.\n", name.FirstName, name.LastName)
  return nil
menu := NewMenu("Choose an option.")
menu.ChangeReaderWriter(reader, os.Stdout, os.Stderr)
menu.Option("Option 1", NameEntity{"Bill", "Bob"}, true, optFunc)
menu.Option("Option 2", NameEntity{"John", "Doe"}, false, nil)
menu.Option("Option 3", NameEntity{"Jane", "Doe"}, false, nil)
err := menu.Run()
if err != nil {

The immediate output would be:

1) *Option 1
2) Option 2
3) Option 3
Choose an option.

Now if the user pushes [ENTER] the output would be Options 0 was chosen.. But now if either option 1 or 2 were chosen it would cast the options value to a NameEntity allowing the function to be able to gather both the first name and last name of the NameEntity. If you want though you can just pass in nil as the value or even a string ("hello") since both of these implement the empty interface required by value. Just make sure to cast the values so you can use them appropriately.

Further Reading

This whole package has been documented and has a few examples in:

You should read the docs to find all functions and structures at your finger tips.

  • Add Opt.Value to allow separate menu.Option display text vs. value

    Add Opt.Value to allow separate menu.Option display text vs. value

    This is a breaking change. So completely understand if you reject.

    Just wanted to inform you I forked your package, and added a Value string to the Opt struct, updated the various functions, etc.

    This allows creation of menus with "user friendly" display text (Opt.Text) but underlying long or complicated values (Opt.Value)

    0) NOC
    1) NetOps
    2) Security
    3) SysOps
    // where underlying values could be anything else, for example:
    Opt.ID == 0
    Opt.Text == "NOC"
    Opt.Value == "ou=NOC,ou=People,ou=ACME,dc=example,dc=com"

    My specific case I wanted to prompt the user for LDAP information, but I wanted a "friendlier" Opt.Text, but be able to pass specific value. Probably could have done this with func() call, but I was unable to make that work with a loop iteration to dynamically build my menus

    I have not added specific test cases for Opt.Value, but did updated menu_test to ensure everything passes with new function parameter (value)

    opened by jamesboswell 7
  • how to pass answer from one menu to another

    how to pass answer from one menu to another

    i have a wizard with multiple questions and therefore multiple menus. i want subsequent menus to depend on data from previous menus. how could i achieve this?

    opened by phamdt 4
  • allow setting initial index

    allow setting initial index

    In #20, the code was changed to start Option IDs at 0. This broke existing workflows, as it changed the returned ID to no longer align with indexes on source lists.

    This PR attempts to reconcile both worlds. It sets display index as an option of the menu, and resets backend accounting to use zero-indexing. So, for example, if I take a slice of entries and turn them into options, and the user selects the first entry, it will always have ID 0, to align w/ the index I started with. But if I want the display to start at 0 or 1 or any other integer, I can control that. I set it to default to 1, to align with the current display behavior.

    opened by akerl-unpriv 3
  • add optinoal padding for optionID

    add optinoal padding for optionID

    add the ability to pad the ID of the options so the printed text is aligned.


    9) worker1 -
    10) worker2 -


     9) worker1 -
    10) worker2 -
    opened by jmcampanini 3
  • Convenient Action Handler

    Convenient Action Handler

    Looks like if you are working with a list where It's possible to have multiple selections, you have to provide both handlers - Action and MultipleAction. I had to spend some time to comprehend it.

    Why not just create an action handler, where if a single option is selected it will be a slice with one element only?

    enhancement question 
    opened by NicolasSiver 3
  • Trailing delimiter

    Trailing delimiter

    Looks like a trailing delimiter considered as an invalid response. For example, if space is a delimiter, such response will not be accepted:

    // where underscore _ is a space for clarity
    opened by NicolasSiver 2
  • Error strings should not be capitalized

    Error strings should not be capitalized

    var (
    	//ErrInvalid is returned if a response from user was an invalid option
    	ErrInvalid = errors.New("Invalid response")
    	//ErrTooMany is returned if multiSelect is false and a user tries to select multiple options
    	ErrTooMany = errors.New("Too many responses")
    	//ErrNoResponse is returned if there were no responses and no action to call
    	ErrNoResponse = errors.New("No response")
    	//ErrDuplicate is returned is a user selects an option twice
    	ErrDuplicate = errors.New("Duplicated response")
    opened by voidint 1
  • Screenshot / asciinema?

    Screenshot / asciinema?

    It would be great to show off what this library actually looks like in a terminal :).

    asciinema would be a good choice I think because you can show the full user flow there.

    opened by jojomi 1
  • Fix clear screen function on windows

    Fix clear screen function on windows

    See for more information on why this is needed

    opened by jamesbirtles 1
  • GoVendor for Packages

    GoVendor for Packages

    Govendor is not the best solution for packages as the root project does not pull the proper files. Include the vendor repositories in hope that it will help.

    opened by dixonwille 1
  • Refactor the README to not include godoc as file

    Refactor the README to not include godoc as file

    Currently the README is godoc. This needs to be refactored to not include godoc and instead explain the usage of this package (See if there is a badge I can add for gowalk).

    opened by dixonwille 1
  • v4.0.2(Jan 5, 2018)

  • v3.0.1(Feb 22, 2017)

  • v2.0.0(Jun 6, 2016)

    Allow the user to pass anything through the given options to a function that they can use later. This allows the user to not rely on the string name but instead they can pass a whole model through if they want. A simple string or even nil works as well.

    This is a breaking change Option now requires one more parameter in it that is the value interface. Easy change but is breaking.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.0.0(Jun 6, 2016)

    Completely stable and have test to back that. It is in my best interest to break the API. I will come out with a versioning schema in the future just in case I do need to version this API out.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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