DipDup Golang SDK



General instruments for DipDup in golang


  • cmdline - parser for default dipdup keys
import "github.com/dipdup-net/go-lib/cmdline"

args := cmdline.Parse()
if args.Help {
  • config
import "github.com/dipdup-net/go-lib/config"

type MyConfig struct {
	config.Config `yaml:",inline"`
    // Custom field here
    Fields Fields `yaml:"fields"`

// Validate - required by Configurable interface
func (c *MyConfig) Validate() error {
    return c.Fields.Validate() // if needed

// Substitute - required by Configurable interface
func (c *MyConfig) Substitute() error {
    return nil

type Fields struct {
    First string `yaml:"first"`

// Validate -
func (f *Fields) Validate() error {
    return nil

var cfg MyConfig
if err := config.Parse("config.yaml", &cfg); err != nil {
  • node - package for accessing to tezos node
import "github.com/dipdup-net/go-lib/node"

rpc := node.NewNodeRPC(url, node.WithTimeout(timeout))
  • state - package with DipDup state model
import "github.com/dipdup-net/go-lib/state"

s := state.State{}

State structure is

// State -
type State struct {
	IndexName string `gorm:"primaryKey"`
	IndexType string
	Hash      string
	Level     uint64
  • tzkt - package with API and Events wrapper for TzKT.

You can find docs on Events wrapper here.

Example usage of events

package main

import (


func main() {
	tzkt := events.NewTzKT(events.BaseURL)
	if err := tzkt.Connect(); err != nil {
	defer tzkt.Close()

	if err := tzkt.SubscribeToBlocks(); err != nil {

	for msg := range tzkt.Listen() {

Example usage of API wrapper

package main

import (


func main() {
    tzkt := api.New("url here")
    head, err := tzkt.GetHead()
    if err != nil {
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