Minecraft Bedrock Edition server software written in Go




Dragonfly is a heavily asynchronous server software for Minecraft Bedrock Edition written in Go. It was written with scalability and simplicity in mind and aims to make the process of setting up a server and modifying it easy. Unlike other Minecraft server software, Dragonfly is generally used as a library to extend.

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Getting started

Running Dragonfly requires at least Go 1.16. After starting the server through one of the methods below, ctrl+c may be used to shut down the server. Also check out the wiki for more detailed info.

Installation as library

go mod init github.com/
go get github.com/df-mc/dragonfly



Installation of the latest commit

git clone https://github.com/df-mc/dragonfly
cd dragonfly
go run main.go


Developer info

Go Reference

Dragonfly features a well-documented codebase with an easy-to-use API. Documentation may be found here and in the subpackages found by clicking Directories.

Publishing your project on GitHub? Consider adding the #df-mc topic to your repository to improve visibility of your project.


Contributions are very welcome! Issues, pull requests and feature requests are highly appreciated. Opening a pull request? Consider joining our Discord server to discuss your changes! Also have a read through the CONTRIBUTING.md for more info.

  • Ghost Block Appears

    Ghost Block Appears

    OS: MacOS Big Sur

    dragonfly: 614691ae18ddbcf96a6ed41171a6c7758c7561a9

    go: go version go1.17.5 darwin/amd64

    Hard to Express, There is a video and a demo code patch for the latest master commit

    At the end of video, I rejoin the server and then ghost block disappears. I express that to avoid misunderstood the action.

    Video: https://streamable.com/xkrzpq

    Sorry for my bad English.

    diff --git a/main.go b/main.go
    index 1ea18b4..ed9ba85 100644
    --- a/main.go
    +++ b/main.go
    @@ -3,7 +3,13 @@ package main
     import (
    +	"github.com/df-mc/dragonfly/server/block/cube"
    +	"github.com/df-mc/dragonfly/server/event"
    +	"github.com/df-mc/dragonfly/server/player"
    +	"github.com/df-mc/dragonfly/server/world"
    +	"github.com/df-mc/dragonfly/server/world/particle"
    +	"github.com/go-gl/mathgl/mgl64"
    @@ -29,8 +35,10 @@ func main() {
     	for {
    -		if _, err := srv.Accept(); err != nil {
    +		if p, err := srv.Accept(); err != nil {
    +		} else {
    +			p.Handle(&Handler{player: p})
    @@ -57,3 +65,20 @@ func readConfig() (server.Config, error) {
     	return c, nil
    +type Handler struct {
    +	player.NopHandler
    +	player *player.Player
    +func (h Handler) HandleMove(ctx *event.Context, newPos mgl64.Vec3, _ float64, _ float64) {
    +	blockPos := newPos.Add(mgl64.Vec3{0, -1, 0})
    +	h.player.SendPopup(fmt.Sprintf("You are standing on %T", h.player.World().Block(cube.PosFromVec3(blockPos))))
    +	h.player.World().AddParticle(blockPos, particle.BlockForceField{})
    +func (h Handler) HandleBlockPlace(ctx *event.Context, pos cube.Pos, b world.Block) {
    +	ctx.After(func(c bool) {
    +		h.player.World().BreakBlock(pos)
    +	})
    opened by Mohamed587100 19
  • Standard for Dragonfly  module

    Standard for Dragonfly module


    Reusing someone else's code is good programming practice.

    It will be great if the Dragonfly developers, who do not want to add their changes to the Dragonfly code (for various reasons), will create their add-ons according to some standard. For example using the "plugin" package.

    My suggestion

    When I want to write a separate module for Dragonfly, I make a separate package with init functions. Then, in main.go, I import the modules I need using the "stub"

    What's you mind about it? Wait for comments

    opened by ghost 12
  • Implement AdventureSettings & PlayerSkin packet & Sandstone

    Implement AdventureSettings & PlayerSkin packet & Sandstone


    • Handle the AdventureSettings packet
    • Flying related functions
    • Added player scaling
    • Added updating player skin
    • Handle the PlayerSkin packet (So other players see when you change your skin ingame)
    • Implemented Sandstone
    opened by Suremeo 8
  • Implement projectiles

    Implement projectiles

    There's no projectile on DF for the moment and.. for servers like mine where pvp is based on splashing potions we're kind of stuck and can't really release my server.

    opened by RestartFU 7
  • Introduce new form API

    Introduce new form API

    This new form API is much easiler to use and simpler than old one



    f := form.NewMenu("Choose an item").
    	WithBody("You can choose an item").
    	Button(form.NewButton("Diamond Sword", "textures/items/diamond_sword.png"), func(s form.Submitter) {
    		s.(*player.Player).Message("You selected diamond sword")
    	Button(form.NewButton("Egg", "textures/items/egg.png"), func(s form.Submitter) {
    		s.(*player.Player).Message("You selected egg")
    	OnClose(func(s form.Submitter) {
    		s.(*player.Player).Message("Why don't choose")



    f := form.NewModal().
    	WithBody("Are you sure?").
    	WithButton1(form.YesButton(), nil).
    	WithButton2(form.NoButton(), func(s form.Submitter) {



    f := form.NewCustom("Feedback").
    		form.NewInput("Reason", "", "reason"),
    		form.NewToggle("???", false),
    	).OnSubmit(func(p form.Submitter, reason string, satisfied bool) {})


    opened by Blackjack200 6
  • Area cloud effect does not behave like vanilla

    Area cloud effect does not behave like vanilla

    Eg: In this implementation the cloud lasts only about 15 seconds, when in fact it should last about 30 seconds.

    I have described some of these behaviors in: https://github.com/pmmp/PocketMine-MP/pull/5276#issuecomment-1236198936

    opened by IvanCraft623 6
  • Commands are resent after the player leaves

    Commands are resent after the player leaves

    panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
    [signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x1 addr=0x8 pc=0xa153d1]
    goroutine 95 [running]:
    github.com/df-mc/dragonfly/server/cmd.Command.Runnables({{0xc000c4c018, 0x1, 0x1}, {0xc75362, 0x8}, {0xc8b109, 0x26}, {0xc0005f5540, 0x39}, {0x0, ...}}, ...)
            /root/go/pkg/mod/github.com/df-mc/[email protected]/server/cmd/command.go:205 +0xe4
    github.com/df-mc/dragonfly/server/session.(*Session).resendCommands(0xc000a87a00, 0xc0022ef470)
            /root/go/pkg/mod/github.com/df-mc/[email protected]/server/session/command.go:130 +0x198
    github.com/df-mc/dragonfly/server/session.(*Session).sendCommands(0xc0005f6000, 0xc0003bc4e0)
            /root/go/pkg/mod/github.com/df-mc/[email protected]/server/session/session.go:337 +0x179
    created by github.com/df-mc/dragonfly/server/session.(*Session).handlePackets
            /root/go/pkg/mod/github.com/df-mc/[email protected]/server/session/session.go:275 +0x165
    exit status 2
    opened by Prim69 6
  • Rejoining a server crashes the client

    Rejoining a server crashes the client

    Whenever I join my df server, and then disconnect and rejoin my client will crash after a few seconds. This does not seem to happen if I first restart the server before rejoining.

    mc: v1.18.0.2 windows 10 edition df version: commit 355b5b4aa373a4f853d967d675f91bef438ee57c

    opened by AndreasHGK 6
  • add command.Allow() function

    add command.Allow() function

    As mentioned in the documentation of the function, this function essentially checks if the source can use at least one of the Runnables of the command. An important use for this is for example checking whether or not a command should be included in a /help command (if you implement a custom version of this) Another use could be for example if you have a commandSpy feature and you want to exclude commands that the player does not have access to.

    Currently there is already a way to check this that does essentially the same by checking if len(command.Params(source)) == 0 but I do not think that is very intuitive in my opinion.

    opened by AndreasHGK 6
  • Some items are sometimes incorrect in the inventory

    Some items are sometimes incorrect in the inventory

    Sometimes, some of the items displayed in the (creative) inventory are incorrect. In such cases, honeycombs are displayed as a bottle of honey, warped fungus on a sticks are displayed as chains. (Potentially more of such items.)

    This was reproduced both by me and @DaPigGuy. It seems to fix itself automatically when leaving and joining again. Maybe something wrong with the item runtime IDs. I am not sure what could be the cause of this. Item runtime IDs are consistent for as long as the server is running (and technically even afterwards). Multiple players can experience and not experience the bug simultaneously.

    opened by Sandertv 6
  • Keep Inventory

    Keep Inventory

    I would like to control dropContent in Player#kill() when a player dies. I think it is appropriate to add the flag to HandleDeath() like:

    func (h *MyHandler) HandleDeath(drop *bool, src world.DamageSource) {}
    opened by uramnoil 5
  • Implement UpdateQuery

    Implement UpdateQuery

    Not sure how exactly to explain this but, a way to modify the query count of players on the server would be useful, for the people using hubs so they can display count of the full network, as people are less likely to join if it says ‘0/1’

    opened by xKaOz 2
  • implement frosted ice and frost walker

    implement frosted ice and frost walker

    This PR implements frosted ice and frost walker as defined by the linked pages.

    Some features of frost walker are currently impossible to implement:

    • Foxes can pick up boots with frost walker, but foxes do not exist in Dragonfly
    • Frost walker prevents damage from campfires and magma blocks when stepped on, but neither exist in Dragonfly

    Currently, the main function contains code that spawns players with boots enchanted with frost walker one and two, and a bucket of water, for testing purposes.

    opened by curzodo 0
  • Add back single command target

    Add back single command target

    Many commands require a single target such as things like ban, setrank, mute, etc. Having to treat every command as multiple targets is very inconvenient, this was discussed before and I said I would add it but got busy

    discussion needed 
    opened by Prim69 2
  • Implement curse of binding

    Implement curse of binding

    This PR implements the curse of binding enchantment.

    • Items that implement the item.Armour interface can be enchanted with the curse of binding
    • Items with the curse of binding equipped in the armour inventory cannot be removed by inventory interaction
    • Items with the curse of binding cannot have the enchantment removed through the use of a grindstone
    • The cost has been set at 0 because this enchantment is not obtainable through an enchanting table
    • Players in creative mode bypass the curse of binding
    opened by curzodo 0
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