Elastic Key-Value Storage With Strong Consistency and Reliability


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What is Elasticell?

Elasticell is a distributed NoSQL database with strong consistency and reliability.

  • Compatible with Redis protocol Use Elasticell as Redis. You can replace Redis with Elasticell to power your application without changing a single line of code in most cases(unsupport-redis-commands).

  • Horizontal scalability Grow Elasticell as your business grows. You can increase the capacity simply by adding more machines.

  • Strong consistent persistence storage Elasticell put your data on multiple machines as replication without worrying about consistency. Elasticell makes your application use redis as a database and not just only the cache.

  • High availability All of the three components, PD, Cell and Proxy, can tolerate the failure of some instances without impacting the availability of the entire cluster.


Read the Roadmap.

Quick start

Read the Quick Start







Elasticell is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.


  • Thanks etcd for providing the raft implementation.
  • Thanks tidb for providing the multi-raft implementation.
  • Thanks RocksDB for their powerful storage engines.
  • Question about development mode

    Question about development mode

    It's the interesting project that I have tried the same thing before(base on LogCabin and rocksdb, redis-like API), unfortunately, my project is not going on.

    Does it will continue to develop and keep open source by business company(like TiDB or CockroachDB) or use other development mode ?

    opened by zyy17 3
  • 近期也在参考multi-raft实现,想了解下elasticell的现状及相关问题


    Hi,目前我们也在参考multi-raft相关的实现,感觉elasticell这个项目很有参考意义,就是有以下几个问题想了解下: (1)elasticell现在是否有用到过生产环境? (2)近期维护也变的很少了,是有什么原因?项目已经稳定了还是没有时间更新了。 (3)有没有什么已知的性能瓶颈或者是坑?

    opened by dcosmos 2
  • 启动redis_proxy出错


    begin to start redis proxy 2018/09/28 13:57:13.976302 [info] pd-client: connect to pd server succ, addr=<> 2018/09/28 13:57:13.980387 [fatal] bootstrap: get init params failed, errors: rpc error: code = Unimplemented desc = unknown service pdpb.PDService

    opened by linker1119 1
  • 请问cell有没release编译的版本,编译失败,求帮助


    # github.com/deepfabric/c-nemo
    In file included from internal/3rdparty/nemo-rocksdb/rocksdb/util/cf_options.h:13:0,
                     from internal/3rdparty/nemo-rocksdb/rocksdb/db/builder.h:21,
                     from ../../../c-nemo/internal_3rdparty_nemo-rocksdb_rocksdb_db_builder.cc:10:
    internal/3rdparty/nemo-rocksdb/rocksdb/util/compression.h:20:20: 致命错误:snappy.h:没有那个文件或目录
     #include <snappy.h>
    # github.com/deepfabric/elasticell/vendor/github.com/pilosa/pilosa
    ../../vendor/github.com/pilosa/pilosa/frame.go:1040: undefined: sort.Slice
    ../../vendor/github.com/pilosa/pilosa/server.go:208: server.Close undefined (type *http.Server has no field or method Close)```
    opened by sorawa 1
  • [Bug] cell cannot bootstrap successfully in the quick-start example.

    [Bug] cell cannot bootstrap successfully in the quick-start example.

    Info in cell1.log: 2018/01/21 13:00:52.522075 [info] pd-client: connect to pd server succ, addr=<> 2018/01/21 13:00:52.522669 [fatal] bootstrap: get cluster id from pd failure, pd=<[]>, errors:rpc error: code = 2 desc = not leader

    Cell1 cannot bootstrap successfully, resulting in cell2 and cell3 cannot elect a leader. This situation happens occasionally.

    opened by lmsreborn 1
  • 编译cell报错


    go build


    build_version.cc:1:10: fatal error: build_version.h: No such file or directory #include "build_version.h" ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ compilation terminated.

    go version go1.15.6 linux/amd64 ubuntu 18.04

    opened by Leadrive 0
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