Change the color of console text.


go-colortext package GoSearch

This is a package to change the color of the text and background in the console, working both under Windows and other systems.

Under Windows, the console APIs are used. Otherwise, ANSI texts are output.

Docs: (packages that import ct)


ct.Foreground(Green, false)
fmt.Println("Green text starts here...")
ct.ChangeColor(Red, true, White, false)


BSD/MIT license

  • Tag 1.0.0 please

    Tag 1.0.0 please

    Hello, I am using dep to lock versions and it would be helpful if you could do "git tag 1.0.0; git push --tags" in order to make a tagged release.

    opened by jeffallen 2
  • Usage of your package in mine

    Usage of your package in mine

    I have a package that I feel is quite useful. I am using the MIT License and added a link to this repo in the Readme (before reading your license sorry). I would like to continue using this package as it is a great tool to use for cross platform applications (I couldn't find another color tool that was as simple as this and cross platform). If there are any concerns or problems with this please contact me.

    Thanks, Will Dixon

    opened by dixonwille 1
  • Please pick a license

    Please pick a license

    I have been using go-colortext in a project at work because it works well on Unix and Windows and just noticed that there is no license which means that technically we can't be sure whether we are allowed to use it.

    Please pick and add a license. Thank you.

    opened by hillu 1
  • Is it a mistake of func ansiText in ct_ansi.go?

    Is it a mistake of func ansiText in ct_ansi.go?

    I find that the parameter bgBright(bool) isn't being used in func ansiText.Did you miss it? why not change: if bg != None { s = strconv.AppendUint(append(s, ";"...), 40+(uint64)(bg-Black), 10) } to : if bg != None { s = strconv.AppendUint(append(s, ";"...), 40+(uint64)(bg-Black), 10) if bgBright { s = append(s, ";1"...) } }

    opened by woodpenker 0
  • Changes in the documentation

    Changes in the documentation

    In the examples of usage in

    ct.Foreground(Green, false)
    ct.ChangeColor(Red, true, White, false)

    BUT, it is working with "ct.":

    ct.Foreground(ct.Green,ct. false)
    ct.ChangeColor(ct.Red, true, ct.White, false)

    Thank you and Congratulations! It works very well in both systems, linux and windows.

    opened by odhs 0
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